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You told us you wanted to help build yourself a motorcycle. Why do you want to do that?

I enjoy learning about mechanics. Growing up, my uncle first taught me how to change my tires, and then change the oil and the brakes. I love getting my hands dirty and the satisfaction of knowing that I can do these things on my own. I’ve always wanted a bike, so my boyfriend promised to teach me how to build one from scratch when I get out of the military. Would you describe yourself as an adrenaline junkie?

Don’t know about being an adrenaline junkie but I’m an active person and love doing exciting things like skydiving,

snowboarding, motorcycles, cliff jumping, diving, etc. Since I’ve been on island I’ve jumped from an 80-foot waterfall and ran into a shark while spear fishing. I’ve got a whole bucket list of things I want to do before I die. Bungee jumping, hang gliding, and base jumping are just a few of the things I’d like to check off the list before I get too old. What are some of your other hobbies?

I love playing pool! Growing up in Vegas, me and my friends used to hang out at the pool hall quite often, so I picked up a few tricks along the way. My dad’s pretty great at pool too so when we get a chance we’ll play a couple of rounds. I’m pretty good at beating most guys I play, but I have yet to beat him. What are some of your plans after you get out of the military later this year?

I plan on going back to college and finishing my degree in Criminal

Justice. I majored in Architecture when I went to University of Las Vegas, so I’ve toyed with the idea of falling back into that also.  Mostly, I’d like to travel the world for a bit before settling down and starting a family. There’s still so much to see and do! Do you have any exciting stories about your job in the military you can share with us?

My favorite is when I thought I was going to be kidnapped on a mission in Egypt. I had been separated from my group one night in a market place and this creepy man, who barely spoke English, kept following me the whole night and asking if I needed a ride. Every time I walked to a new area he’d follow me and stand at the corner watching me while smoking his cigarette.  I got so frustrated at one point that I yelled at him to leave me alone. I kept in public areas while trying to avoid him when finally I found my friends. I was so freaked out and told the guys that there was

some crazy man following me and trying to get me to ride with him, and I pointed him out to them. One of my friends looked over and told me he was the driver assigned to him to shuttle him around town! I felt like such a jerk and apologized all the way back to the hotel, even though he couldn’t understand a word I was saying. You have an interest in the arts, like music (the piano) and painting. Can you tell us a little more about that?

I was very quiet and kept to myself when I was younger, so I enjoyed piano and art. Drawing was my passion though! In school the other kids sometimes paid me to draw pictures for them which I would use as lunch money, haha! Business was good. Today I use my talent to design shirt logos or coins for each place I’ve been attached/assigned to or personal art for friends, like tattoos or skateboards.  It feels good knowing I’ve left my mark somehow at every place I’ve been to.

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By Stephanie Lundberg

After the birth of her son in June 2009, LaShawna Jenkins struggled with her weight and high blood pressure. “I was 274 pounds after I had him, and I was so depressed and I didn’t feel like doing anything. I went back to work very quickly, and so I had no time to work out.” Jenkins says a friend kept encouraging her to try a Zumba class, and she eventually agreed to try it. “I had never heard of it before. You know, I was really nervous that everyone would laugh at me, and my body didn’t feel like itself. But after that first class, I was addicted. I would go three times a week, and the weight just started coming off.” Jenkins describes Zumba as an upbeat aerobic workout that incorporates Latin dance rhythms and international beats. She also

16 / JANUARY 2012

incorporates other dance styles in her class’ routines, such as Toca, Bollywood, Hip-Hop and Pop moves. Since starting Zumba in 2009, Jenkins has lost more than 120 pounds, first as a student and then as an instructor. “Not only is it a lot fun, it’s a great workout. A lot of the dance steps incorporate fitness moves like squatting and lunges, which target a lot of the major muscle groups, which in turn helps burn a lot of fat. And I am a walking testimony that you can lose a lot of weight doing it and really improve your physical health as well,” Jenkins says. Her Zumba classes, which she offers at Synergy Studios and Andersen Air Force Base’s Coral Reef Fitness Center, are open to people of all ages and health goals. Students as young as 16

and all the way through 65 years and beyond participate in the dance fitness classes. “It’s a good introductory fitness class,” Jenkins says. “Like I said, it’s open to all levels. A lot of the time you can modify steps to intensify [the workout] or make it easier. It depends on each individual’s exertion level. There are moves that can range from just the step-touch to a jump to more based on a person’s fitness level.” What’s important, she says, is that the student understands his or her motivations for starting Zumba. Some students may simply want to join the class as a hobby, while others are seeking to lose weight. “I have both crowds – I have some who come to class and participate just to get a little ‘me

time’ away from the family and just have fun and dance. And then I have others who are trying to lose weight, who have goals they want to meet. It works well for goals – those who may have a difficult time sticking to a workout and staying intense, it keeps them coming. They visualize it as fun and they don’t really feel as if they’re getting a workout until they wake up the next day and they’re sore,” Jenkins says. Whatever the motivation, Zumba, as with most fitness programs, is the most effective when it is used regularly and consistently, and when students work with their instructors to achieve their desired level of activity. “Really, you want to do something that you’re going to enjoy doing and you want to stick to it. You’re not going to see the results you want if you’re doing

fad diets or working out once a month or not sticking with a consistent program,” says Jenkins. “From there I would be able to give them guidance and work with them to figure out where they want to go.” Because Zumba is a fun, lively workout, getting down the routine may take some time. It may take several classes to learn the steps, so Jenkins advises patience. “Usually the first class, you’ll find that you won’t really be able to feel the music and enjoy it until you get used to the steps. And

“So I try to connect with them and let them know where I’ve been, and how I have the same struggles and how much weight that I’ve lost, and about how in the beginning you may feel that way. But I encourage them to keep going, and let them know that [time] is the only way you’ll experience weight loss, you’ll experience confidence with yourself and you’ll be able to catch on with the moves a little bit more naturally.” So what should students look for in a good Zumba class? In a word: energy.

So what should students look for in a good Zumba class? In a word: energy.

usually by maybe the fourth or fifth class you’ll have the basic steps down so it’s easier for you to actually move and catch on and have fun with it.” Another common issue Jenkins has observed is that students may feel self-conscious when they first begin the workout. “I notice this especially with those who have weight concerns, not necessarily just with being rhythmic and being able to dance, sometimes it’s their body that they’re uncomfortable with,” she says.

“What’s most important in a class is the energy,” Jenkins says. “A lot of students look to the instructor for the energy, and I hear a lot from them that they want someone who is going to be interactive with them and engage with the class. Because anyone can come in front a class and dance, but sometimes it takes someone who can get one-onone and motivate and encourage them to push themselves harder, to open up more. I think that’s more important than the music, or the routine, or even if the person can dance.”


By Carmen Rojas It’s that magical time of year that most of us personal trainers love. It’s the time when people are vowing that this year they are going to lose weight. They will set a goal and they will stick with it and they will achieve the goal that has eluded them for more than five years. If this sounds like you, you may need some help. Here are some tips for how you can make this year’s new year’s resolution stick! First, take a self inventory. Ask yourself, in terms of fitness, what do I like and what do I not like? And go a step further and ask yourself what you could use less of and what you need more of. Be honest and specific with yourself

and if you really want to score some points, write the results of your personal assessment down. Next, take your list and on the right side prioritize which things are most important to your health. Some of them will be pretty easy. If quitting smoking is on your list this should be one of the top things. On the left side use an alphabetical list and prioritize those things that sound like the most fun to you. Giving an “A” for the thing you like the most, and so on. Then take a look at your list. The

thing that is the most important to your health should be the first goal you go after.

Third, make yourself accountable by doing both of the following. Tell someone about your list. A friend, spouse, relative whomever you trust and will support your efforts. Tell them about your goals, and ask them to hold you accountable to not just the goal but the timeline as well. The extra credit step is to tape

your list to a mirror that you see everyday. Now, one thing I try to make people aware of is that January 1st is just another day to your body. Temper your enthusiasm for a change with the reality of where you are physically right now and challenge yourself appropriately. Take advantage of this day for change and set yourself up for success! Start planning for the realization of your goals. Start saving for that shopping trip, vacation, or evening out as a way to reward yourself for all your hard work. Plan for success, and failure is less likely. See you in 2012!

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JANUARY 2012 / 23



Brains, Beauty and Bushcutting Hafa adai and what’s up to my peep squad! Dang homies, it was an awesome year, and now it’s over. Welcome to 2012 and cheers to a new year of possibilities and hopes. If last year sucked for you, no worries, this year is going to be bombtastic! Think about the things you want to accomplish this year and make it happen. Last year I noticed huge strides I made as a father, as a radio personality and as a person, but there was one thing that was missing – a partner. Over these past couple of weeks I have been thinking, maybe it’s time for this old cowboy to saddle up and hit the dusty trail again. It is time to get out there and look for the next and hopefully last Mrs. Kyle Mandapat. What am I looking for a in a woman? Obviously, she has to be cool with my kids, and the fact that I have them. She has to know how to cook rice, and can’t want to fist fight my Mom, Nina or Grandma, but what other qualities would make my Mrs. Right?  I started thinking about it and it is with that thought process in mind that I present The Planet Kyle Real Life Guide to what would make the perfect woman for me.




The first thing that I would greatly appreciate in my new better half is if she wasn’t scared to get chaudy with me. If she was down to rock the bush cutter while I machete’d my grandma’s tangan-tangan tree in our shorts and zoris, while working up a sweat. Even if she is not down to actually bush cut, she would earn necessary points if she was standing by with a glass of Diet Coke and ice and a plate of fried pork chops and rice to help me replenish my strength following the strenuous task. She could be the oasis in my desert of manual labor.

The second thing that would make a girl super attractive to me would be if she was down to let me help her with stuff. I am not suggesting that she be lazy, that’s not what I am looking for. I am also not on the lookout for a lady who is going to want me to do all her chores. I am looking for a girl who is okay with having me assist her when I think she needs it, like changing a tire, or carrying big stuff.

This last one is optional, but would be great to have. If a woman ever gave me a recap of the previous night’s Monday Night Raw or Friday Night Smackdown that I missed, there is a good chance that I would propose marriage on the spot. Ladies, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Well, there you go friends. If you have any questions or want to tell me that the chances of me finding a woman that adheres to these standards is one in a gazillion, please feel free to holler at me on my email, on my facebook at http://facebook. com/kyle.mandapat or on twitter @kylemandapat. Have a great year everyone, let’s take care of each other and keep Guam as amazing as we can. Until next month, see you on the radio every weekday morning on Power 98. Shoot!

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