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NAUTICAL AFFAIR Rosechelle Aguon is caught between two lovers in our maritime photo shoot

THINK LIKE A MILLIONAIRE Finance 101 to take you from slum to secure


From post-club grub to dining at dawn, eat on the cheap at local mom ‘n pops


for our photo shoot French noir classic “Purple Noon” subtly inspired our love triangle photo plot. Released in 1960, the film tells the tale of a wealthy American, Philippe Greenleaf, vacationing in Europe with his beautiful fiancé, Marge. Tom Ripley, who is sent to Europe by Philippe’s father to fetch the spoiled playboy, is lured by a reward and becomes a thorn in Philippe’s side. Becoming more frustrated at the prospect of losing the $5,000, Tom desperately plots to kill Philippe, assume his identity and woo his beau. The most suspenseful scenes were shot aboard a boat where the murder eventually takes place. This nuanced vintage film was remade as the U.S. release, “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” starring Jude Law, Matt Damon, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

INTRODUCING OUR NEW MALE MODELS Gregory Monk, 21, was born in California, but raised on Guam since age three. He’s African American and Chamorro and enjoys working out, playing basketball, hanging out with friends, and relaxing at home. His most recent achievement was placing first in the middleweight division for the 2010 Guam National Bodybuilding Competition. While working for TSA for the past three years, he was also pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Guam. This is Monk’s first modeling gig, but undoubtedly there will be many more.

Steven McCollum is also a first-timer… when it comes to modeling, that is. The 20-year-old was born and raised on Guam and graduated from John F. Kennedy High School. He is a self-proclaimed music addict, which he says runs in the family. Perhaps that’s why he was a perfect fit to play the sensitive lothario in our romantic photo shoot. McCollum plays guitar, piano, and sings. He even mustered up the courage to perform live with his band, Seductive Rhythm. (Anyone see a theme here?) He hopes to be either a music teacher or art teacher. As for modeling? “Everybody freaked out when I told them I was modeling. It was fun. I was nervous at first because it was my first time, but I could get used to it.”

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On the cover: Macy’s: Grass silk romper ($49), Kenneth Cole gold earrings ($38) This page: Basic Fit jade bikini top ($58) and bottom ($74)

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Macy’s: Coco Rave ruffle bikini ($54), Alfani silver/gold bracelets ($30), Fossil silver hoop earrings ($32)


A high-society siren sails the seas while navigating the troubling territory of her heart. Caught between her wealthy boy Featuring Rosechelle Aguon, Gregory Monk, and Steven McCollum.


yfriend and the sensitive anti-hero, a deckhand, what is a girl to do?

Rosechelle Aguon, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Latin hottie Jessica Alba, is one of the youngest MDM cover girls. But at 18, she has already traveled the world, (“I loved Amsterdam”) performing in front of hundreds at cultural dance shows in Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines. Of Holland, she says, “It’s so fascinating, the way they live their life and the way they eat. It’s so different compared to Guam. It’s beautiful.” Her trip yielded the kind of bonds a person treasures for a lifetime. “I miss the people I got to know. They’re like family to me. I love dancing and getting to know people. They’re like my parents and my brothers and sisters. I really love traveling with my group,” says Aguon of the Guam Visitors Bureau dance troupe with which she performs. What’s next for this demure beauty? “I am finally breaking out of my shell and singing in front of a crowd of people,” says Aguon, who is noticeably shy. The 5’3” Inarajan native may be a knockout, but she doesn’t know it. “I always loved singing, but I never thought I could until my cousins showed me and told me I could. I get kind of nervous. I love Chamorro songs. My dad always played the music, so I like singing to it. They express everything,” says the unabashed romantic who loves a good romance novel or a classic movie like “The Sound of Music.” Aguon recently lost her father. “Modeling is a good experience,” she says. “At the [MDM cover girl] competition I was freaked out and nervous because I’ve never done this before. I may perform in front of a lot of people, but though it’s interesting, it’s also hard. I didn’t expect so many people.” Though she has been dancing since eighth grade, Aguon is still warming up to the idea of being noticed, of taking the spotlight. She is a true family person and a genuine Chamorita. Her face beams when she relates, “My family is so proud of me.” She has dreams of one day owning a salon. She plans to attend school for cosmetology and just maybe, marry her longtime boyfriend and start her own family. She and Josh Mondia have been dating for a year and five months (eons in teenage years). “He’s someone I was looking for and I finally found him,” says Aguon quite sincerely about her chef beau. “My mom loves him.” Well, that seals the deal.

BON VOYAGE Two lovers set sail, but with all eyes on the girl, whose hand is on the wheel?

Macy’s: On Steven: Tommy Hilfiger Davis chambray shirt ($59.50), Club Room shorts with conductor stripe belt ($34.50). On Rosechelle: XOXO sweetheart pencil dress ($34), Sydney Diva straw hat ($38), Ralph Lauren sunglasses ($124.95). On Gregory: INC linen blazer ($99) and pants ($49), American Rag t-shirt ($9.98), Geoffrey Beene leather belt ($39.50), American Rag ribbon fedora ($19.50).

 / MAY 2011

BREATHLESS A solitary moment onboard her private vessel gives this sunbathing beauty time for contemplation. Is her pictureperfect life all it seems?

MAY 2011 / 

SHAKEN AND STIRRED A glance, a connection, a jolt… How will she conceal magnetism for a guy from the wrong side of the tracks?

Opposite page: Macy’s: On Rosechelle: INC ombré dress ($59.40), Style & Co belt ($19.98), Kenneth Cole bead drop earrings ($32). On Steven: Tommy Hilfiger button-down shirt ($59.50)

MAKING WAVES The society girl isn’t as unaffected as she pretends. His earnest confession unhinges her cool façade.

NAVIGATING THE DEEP Her intended questions whether he can forgive her dalliance. She wonders if the lure of the sea seduced her into a mistake she will always regret.

12 / MAY 2011

VESSEL OF THE HEART His tender embrace indicates forgiveness. Will she return to the safety of his arms and her manicured and charmed life?

Macy’s: On Rosechelle: Rampage Garden Party dress ($59), Style & Co belt ($19.98), Kenneth Cole bead drop earrings ($32). On Gregory: INC linen blazer ($99) and pants ($49), Alfani t-shirt ($19.50), Geoffrey Beene leather belt ($39.50)


banking 101 The Basics Savings Account: An account where money can be set aside for future purchases or act as reserves for unforeseen financial hardship.

Money Matters: simple financial tips to benefit your future For some young adults, the word “sacrifice” doesn’t roll off of the tongue when it comes to developing substantial savings and achieving financial stability. Saving money helps deflect stress brought by unforeseen emergencies, gives people something to fall back on during tough times and allows them the chance to get back on their feet more quickly. Being imprudent with finances can force people to overextend themselves by taking out more loans, and can prevent them from qualifying for important financing for the purchase of a home or new car. Jonathan M. Salumbides, mortgage loan originator with Community First Guam Federal Credit Union, assisted MDM in reviewing the basics of sharp wealth management. Here’s what he had to say. How does building credit factor into becoming a good money manager? Building credit enables you to start planning for your future. By maintaining a good credit score it means that you’ve probably developed some good spending habits and are well aware of what you can and cannot afford. What are some of the important ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ for building credit? Do ask questions in regards to any loans you are interested in. Always read further into advertisements with such “attractive” rates. You have to read the fine print because sometimes that rate is only good for a certain amount of time before it reverts back to the standard rate that institution has for that type of loan. Don’t focus solely on the rate. When you start off looking at loans or credit cards the rates

may not be as attractive because you probably don’t have any credit history. Always know what you can afford. What is the best way to separate individual wants and needs? Developing a budget that you can follow will make spending decisions much easier. You’ll already know what you can and cannot afford to take a risk on. Knowing how much breathing room you have financially will help you reason and weigh between your want and need and help provide justification for purchasing an item. When should people start considering developing their own 401(k)? What are some of the features of a 401(k) that young adults need to understand? 401(k), or saving for retirement, should be done as soon as

you start working. Ask your HR department whether they offer 401(k) and the requirements to take advantage of it. Find out how your employers’ 401(k) plan works and how you can achieve the maximum benefits from it. Starting early and keeping up with it throughout your working life will help to ensure that you will be able to maintain your preferred lifestyle when you finally stop working. If your employer does not offer some kind of 401(k) plan think about opening an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) with a financial institution. Once again, get information on the various types, find out the benefits, and how much you can afford to contribute and the contribution limits for the year.

Checking Account: Your day-to-day activity account where you’ll probably be making the bulk of your purchases and transactions. Credit Card(s): A way to help build your credit with small revolving balances, which can also quickly hurt your credit to if you don’t practice good spending habits.

The Next Step 401(k): Usually offered from your employer. Young adults new to the workforce should take advantage of this as soon as possible to gain the maximum benefit from having a 401(k) once retirement comes around. CDs: Once your savings account has been established and you’ve gotten into the habit of maintaining it look at ways to have your money start earning for you. Certificate Deposits/Time Certificate Deposits (CD/TCD) usually offer higher rates than normal savings accounts, however a CD “locks up” your money for a specific amount of time. This gives you the opportunity to earn more on what you have already been saving but always keep in mind that those funds are not readily available until the CD/TCD matures. Most institutions will have a penalty charged to the account if the CD/TCD is closed before maturity.

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There are more diets out there than a person could shake a weight at. All of them claim to help you lose weight; some are more outrageous than others, and none of them are easy. So which diet is the best? That is a very tricky question. Every person is different and the way each body responds to diets is different. It also depends on such factors as dietary history, overall health, and resistance to change. Factor in the goal of each person and you have a stew of options, results, and possibilities. For these reasons, I never pick one diet and tell someone it will work for them. For most of my clients, I prefer to write a personalized diet for them. But here are some tips about choosing a diet and a consideration of the red flags. Losing weight is quite simply a matter of burning more calories than you consume. So, no matter

22 / MAY 2011

what you eat as long as you burn more total calories, you will lose weight. I even saw a researcher conduct a junk food diet, where the participants ate chips, candy bars and snack cakes and actually lost weight. At the same time, the participants’ overall health deteriorated as a result of the high sugar and low vitamin and mineral intake. So, I feel safer suggesting diets that offer a variety of foods, in smaller portions. That way the dieter gets all the nutrients they need. I would steer clear of diets that have you living on one food. For example, I have heard of a diet based on consuming large amounts of grapefruit. Not only would that much acid be harmful to your gastro-intestinal tract, you would be neglecting other key nutrients and risking overall health. Low fat diets are my personal favorite for those who have no

problem getting exercise. If you can cut the fat out, the carbohydrates are burned during exercise and weight loss is achieved in this manner. I also find that people can engage in higher calorie burning exercises when they are not carbohydrate depleted. On some “low carb” diets the fat intake increases substantially. This should be a red flag. Science has repeatedly proven that high fat intake is very unhealthy and causes problems for many organ systems throughout the body. Another common claim of diets is that you can simply do the diet and you won’t need to exercise to lose weight. At a basic calories in vs. calories out level, this can be true. But it is not a good idea. First, you can lose weight faster if you combine a change in diet with a change in exercise. Second, if you simply lose weight and do not exercise

you are likely to look sickly and unhealthy. Third, exercise is good for the body and will be a critical habit that will help you to maintain the weight loss. In general, a good diet will have a well-rounded meal plan with appropriate amounts of all the food groups, and incorporate exercise. From there, the options are endless for success in diets. They will in large part depend on your commitment to change, and ability to withstand the discomfort of feeling hungry. Your doctor is an excellent reference when choosing the diet for you. Any diet is going to rely on change, and change is often uncomfortable at first. Any diet that tells you otherwise is probably not worth its weight in celery.

Carmen’s guide to popular diets

South Beach Diet Diet:



I love that this diet incorporates lots of fruits and veggies from day one. And the updated version of the diet reintroduces healthy carbs after a few weeks, which will decrease the risks of becoming carbohydrate sensitive. The only drawback is that the lack of carbs in the beginning can make a person feel sluggish and tired — thereby making exercise difficult and extremely draining.



Online there are some exercise tips and even a “Fitness Club.” But the focus of this diet is the low to no carbohydrate approach. Exercise is more of a bonus for this diet and not an integral part of the weight loss process.


Master Cleanse


For most people this diet is effective and does produce results. The recent modifications have adjusted the carbohydrate issues that people were having with the original diet. The exercise inclusions are a plus for the program, but not stressed as important.


This sounds rather risky to me, and would not be something I would recommend to most of my clients. The lack of protein and other important vitamins and minerals would concern me. I don’t know how anyone would have enough energy to exercise or get out of bed in the morning!



Exercise is non-existent in this plan. How could you? There are not nearly enough carbohydrates or other nutrients to allow you to exercise and recover from exercise. Again, I shy away from diets and programs that do not allow sufficient nutrients for regular exercise, and I do not see how this diet does that.


Temporary Fix

The extreme diet and lack of exercise would put up a red flag for me I am not saying that this diet does not work, but I think if it was recommended that you consume nothing but broccoli juice with chocolate syrup, and achote’ seeds, you would lose weight doing that too. What’s driving this is the imbalance of calories in vs. calories out. But there are far more healthy ways of creating this imbalance.

Eat Right for your Blood Type Diet:


I love the idea of personalization that is found in this diet. It is refreshing for a diet to address the fact that everyone is different and diets that work for one person may not work for another. However, I am not convinced that blood type alone is the way to categorize the type of diet that is appropriate. I think that factors such as age, weight, and possibly even race and/or culture should be considered in addition to blood type.



Exercise is mentioned and even customized for blood type. But again, the lack of considering or allowing other key factors is concerning to me as a personal trainer. The good thing is that this diet does give enough of the key nutritional elements to allow for exercise and recovery.


On the right track

This diet is a good start at customizing diets and exercise plans based on genetic factors. It does lead to the quandary of nature vs. nurture and which is the biggest contributor to weight gain and weight loss. I would have fewer concerns about possible harm with this diet, but would encourage realistic expectations of results.


Above L-R: Winning team, Robert Vasquez and Albert Padrones received $500 and a free Samsung phone and one month of free service from Docomo; runner-up team, Jake Blas and Bruce Estrada received a free Samsung phone and one month of free service from Docomo and two goodie bags from DNA Evolution; participants each recieved a $20 gas card from 76 to fuel up their ride before the car rally began. Below L-R: The winners were announced at the final stop at Subway Agat, where participants also recieved cash cards for a free lunch, compliments of Subway; 2011 MDM cover models Alison Ferris, Cassie Kelley and Demiella Joya; car rally participants at various stops, answering trivia and completing tasks to recieve clues to the next checkpoints.


search mdmguam MAY 2011 / 25

Linda’s Coffee Shop

Vons Chicken

Location: Hagåtña (next to Bob’s Whispering Palm and across from Uttam’s Plasma City) Contact: 472-6117 Hours: 24 hours Price range: $2.50 to $16

Location: Harmon Industrial Park (Hamburger Road) Contact: 646-3300 Hours: 11 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. Price range: $5.50 to $20

Serving the people of Guam since 1957, Linda’s Coffee Shop is one of the few centrally located eateries serving breakfast to dinner menu items the entire day. With a recent extension almost doubling its size, Linda’s is perfect for going solo or eating with a group of family or friends. From classic burgers and sandwiches to a variety of omelets and fried rice (including the popular beef fried rice), Linda’s provides a timeless diner feel complete with a juke box playing ‘90s hits to local tunes. With an à la carte menu serving local favorites such as chicken kadu to fried tilapia, you’re likely to meet a friendly face or two at this Hagåtña hub.

Vons oven chicken is popular for its tender texture and light taste primed in a 24-hour marinade. Although situated in a construction-heavy neighborhood, Vons Chicken stands out with its bright orange and green interiors complete with cushioned booths good for a quick lunch meeting or late night dinner date. The main menu features five signature chicken items — roasted barbeque chicken, garlic flavored roasted chicken, sour chicken marinated with black vinegar and soy sauce, fried chicken wings (mild or spicy) and its original Vons chicken, complete

with five natural dipping sauces: barbeque honey mustard, rainbow gold, hot volcano, sweet sauce or garlic and carrot. In addition to chicken, Vons also serves garlic chicken or spicy chicken fried rice, short ribs, tofu salad and fried shrimp.

Whether you’re just getting off a late shift fun with friends doesn’t have to end as th more than a handful of restaurants open, moon in sight or greet the rising sun with the drive-thru and try these mom ‘n pops

Ben N’ Yan’s BBQ Place Location: Manhattan Building in Harmon (across from Micronesia Mall) Contact: 649-3869/646-3889 Hours: 24 hours (closed on Sundays at 10 p.m.) Price range: $4 to $22 Ben N’ Yan’s has been open on Guam for many years and features one of the largest selections of Filipino food on-island. With nearly 100 menu items — from sizzling plate specials to vegetable, noodles, chicken, beef, pork or seafood and fish

26 / MAY 2011

dishes — it’s unlikely that you’ll have a taste of everything in one day’s visit. The casual setting and family atmosphere is perfect whether you’ve just landed on a red-eye or are craving a special meal under the stars. House favorites include Sinampalukang manok (simmered chicken with eggplant, long beans and tamarind leaves), sizzling pork chop and kare kare oxtail (complete with beef stripe and oxtail, bokchoy, eggplant and long bean sautéed with onions in garlic and peanut butter sauce). Additionally, Ben N’ Yan’s features fresh chicken and pork skewers fresh off the outdoor grill. Top off your meal with a delicious dessert such as homemade cassava cake, leche flan or the halo halo special. The place for Filipino food is definitely Ben N’ Yan’s BBQ Place.

OB Chinese Restaurant Location: 2nd Floor of Park Arcade in Tumon (across from Hyatt) Contact: 646-5019/687-1611 Hours: Monday - Thursday 11 a.m. to 3 a.m. Friday - Sunday 11 a.m. to 5 a.m. Price range: $5 to $10 OB Chinese Restaurant features popular Chinese food items for when you get the midnight munchies. From the popular 10-piece honey walnut shrimp to orange chicken and salt and pepper pork, OB is one of the few late-night eateries to offer free delivery and meals at a very affordable price. Located in the busy Tumon area adjacent to several bars and dance clubs, OB Chinese Restaurant provides spacious seating good enough for a group of friends to share food on a Lazy Suzan or smaller tables for an intimate date.

Chung Suk Gol Restaurant and Lounge Location: East-West Business Center in Upper Tumon (next to Magic Stix) Contact: 647-1554 Hours: 5 p.m. - 4 a.m. Price range: $10 to $16 Whether you’re coming from one of the adjacent pool halls or karaoke lounges or just looking to try some new Asian cuisine, Chung Suk Gol Restaurant and Lounge is the perfect place. Featuring well-known Korean cuisine such as Kalbi, Bulgogi and Kimchee fried rice, the restaurant also features unique items not common amongst typical late night restaurants on Guam. In addition to sizzling plates, Chung Suk Gol serves a spicy rice cake that mixes well with the restaurant’s other Korean cuisine. Although Chung Suk Gol is known for its food, its also known for its “art” — guests can literally create lasting memories as they are encouraged to write on the walls, chairs and partitions which has since become part of the décor and design of the place.

Tau Bay Pho Vietnamese Restaurant

By: Kenneth V. Quintanilla • Photos by Kenneth Quintanilla and Vikki Fong

t at work or looking for post-club grub, he music fades and last call goes out. With you can enjoy a late night meal with the h a hot breakfast, all on the cheap. Skip to satisfy any late night craving.

Papa G’s Noodles Station

Location: Tumon (across from Pacific Bay Hotel) Contact: 649-0413/649-0342 Hours: Sunday - Thursday 11 a.m. to 3 a.m. | Friday - Saturday 11 a.m. to 5 a.m. Price range: $5.50 to $15 With more than 50 appetizers such as traditional chicken, pork, beef and seafood items, Tau Bay Pho is bound to have at least one of your favorite Vietnamese treats. The restaurant’s focus on traditional vegetarian dishes and fresh ingredients is evident in its variety of soups and fried noodles. No Vietnamese restaurant is complete without its wraps and rolls and Tau Bay Pho doesn’t fail to serve up signature fresh and fried lumpia complete with lettuce, bean sprouts and dipping fish sauce. In addition to its array of Vietnamese menu items, Tau Bay Pho also serves an Asian mixture of more than a dozen Chinese cuisine items. Such items include fried wonton, salt and pepper chicken wings, honey walnut shrimp and shrimp cold noodle.

Location: Tumon (across from Grand Plaza Hotel) Contact: 646-7272/647-2888 Hours: 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. then 5 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. Price range: $6.95 to $12 Since opening a second location with extended hours, Papa G’s Noodles Station has seen a stream of customers return to try different noodle soup or fried noodle dishes. The menu features predominantly noodle items that are all fresh and made by hand including the

popular seafood Laksa noodles and chicken and shrimp pad Thai. The restaurant’s unique take on noodles is evident through its large portions popular with big families and groups of friends. A sauce station is also available featuring spices and seasoning that can be mixed to make your dish more flavorful. Although noodles are their specialty, Papa G’s Noodle Station also provides barbeque chicken sticks and corn that is prepared near its outdoor patio seating providing walking patrons an aroma of the restaurant’s other offerings.

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28 / MAY 2011


Swimming can keep you feeling cool & fit

By Jude V. Lizama

Here in Guam, whether you’re a newly arrived visitor or a longtime resident, there are two constants: Guam is surrounded by water and really hot! So, naturally, taking an occasional dip in the ocean or in a pool seems like a no-brainer. These days, however, it’s also beneficial to assess how simple leisure can provide healthy activity. When practicing proper techniques and preparations, swimming is no walk in the park, but it’s a common activity that can prove both fun and healthy. MDM linked up to talk aquatics with longtime Guam swimmer and former Olympian, Dan O’Keeffe.

Should people with health concerns obtain clearance from a medical professional before deciding to take up swimming?

I think the label always indicates checking with your physician before engaging in an exercise program. Swimming does not have very many health drawbacks. What type of ‘core’ strength and endurance is developed by learning to swim properly and over the long term?

Core strength is vital to the competitive swimmer. Abdominal and back exercises benefit swimmers significantly. People can learn to swim without core strength and they will likely develop some in the course of their program. People looking to participate in longer distance swimming will likely benefit from adding core exercises to their regiment because extended periods in the prone position without much core strength can lead to a sore lower back.

fashion due to the nature of the kick. The breastroke kick can be awkward, but allows you to breathe and look forward, which is typically easier for adults who are learning to swim and breathe. Rotary breathing (breathing to the side) can be difficult (at first) to the novice adult. What should the mindset be for a person who wants to ultimately become a high level competitor?

Like many things in life, if you want to reach a high level of success it takes several years of complete dedication. For most, it is a lifestyle. Setting seasonal goals can make the journey more realistic, and allows time to assess the next level. What should the mindset be for a person who wants to swim for recreation and good health?

Learn proper technique, basic water safety, and find the areas that you enjoy so you continue in the ways of good health.

How much does cross-training and/or weight training help improve a person’s ability to swim?

Weight training can decrease your range of motion, unless you stretch adequately. At the same time, proper weight training can strength core and shoulder muscles which are used a lot in swimming. A lot depends upon what level you are at and what your goals are.

Things to Consider: Pre-Swim Preparation •


Allow your food to digest.


Constantly hydrate!


Swim with a buddy! Know your limits (Deep water? Ocean or Pool?)

How important is technique in swimming?

The most important! It can prevent injury for those who choose to swim competitively. It is more efficient for those just learning for health and recreational purposes. What are some of the easiest and hardest forms of swimming?

Most youths learn freestyle and backstroke in a simultaneous

Is the price right? Swim cap (If you’ve got lots of hair): $5 Good quality goggles: $15 Proper swim suit (more expensive for females): $30-$75

MAY 2011 / 29



Time of the Season: Baby Deer and Rotten Easter Eggs Hafa Adai and welcome to May, people of Guam! If we were living on the mainland or in television commercial land, we would be right in the middle of the season known as spring. Baby deer would be popping up everywhere, flowers would be blooming and we would all be getting our tax refunds. However, that is not the case here on Guam. People eat deer, flowers bloom all the time and I haven’t seen a tax refund since I started filing my taxes. So how can we tell that it is spring here on Guam? It is with that question in mind that I present: The Planet Kyle Real Life Guide to Telling It’s Spring on the Beautiful Island of Guam that Otherwise Only Has Two Seasons, Neither of Which Are Spring!

NO FAIR YELLING The first sign that it is spring on Guam is not a matter of announcement. It isn’t a matter of a huge party — no, it’s a matter of total silence! You can tell it’s spring on Guam when Lent rolls around and you aren’t allowed to make noise. Growing up, we use to hang out at the ranch with my cousins and my Nina Boba (Bertha Pangelinan, who is single by the way) during “Spring Break.” Let’s clear something up, people are probably confused since “Spring Break” is what the people in the States call it, but here on Guam we call it “Holy Week.” Anyway, during “Holy Week” we were told not to make noise or a pig would come out of the jungle and chow our faces! Meanwhile, in the States during this time, girls were going wild on a beach in Mexico making videos they would never be able to show their grandchildren.

ALL THE JACKETS GO ON SALE Another way to tell it’s spring on Guam is to look at the shelves of the stores. All the big chain stores get huge shipments of winter wear during the winter months. Then just like in the States, they go on sale when winter is over. Which means... spring is here when all the jackets go on sale! So to all the people like me who sport outerwear in the 88-degree weather, buckle up and buy in bulk!

THE LAST LEG OF SCHOOL Finally, this last one is for the kids and parents. You can tell it’s spring when your teachers start telling you to turn in all your work or you’ll fail! That’s right, guys, the end of third quarter and the start of the fourth quarter signals you are right in the middle of spring. So my suggestion is when you start seeing all those television commercials that say, “Ohhhh, it’s springtime and it’s hot, hot, hot,” etc. during “American Idol” then you know it’s time to actually study when you tell your parents you are studying and to feed your dog so it doesn’t chow your homework, if you get my drift.

Overall, spring on Guam is beautiful. If you are new to the island, get out there and enjoy it. If you live on Guam then I have a favor to ask — please make sure your kids find all the eggs that you hide next Easter, because two days after Easter this year, the Guam spring sun made my grandma’s house smell like a volcanic eruption… ewwww. Until next month, be safe everyone and I will see you on the radio! Shoooooots!

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INDIE GOES OLD SCHOOL By Jessica Peterson the go! team rOLLING BLACKOUTS HHHHH Are you feeling depressed? Perhaps by the last Radiohead album (see March issue of MDM)? The Go! Team, a Brighton, England based sextet, are the cure for even the most dogged blues. The band’s musical intent is equivalent to a Red Bull bender. Put Rolling Blackouts on repeat and practically feel a rainbow form over your head. The songs are that upbeat. With a leaning towards ‘60s femme pop, Rolling Blackouts is a mish-mash of indie guitars, hip hop, and retro soul. It’s easy to play “Spot the Influence” on The Go! Team’s third album. The band’s sound isn’t particularly new, but it is masterfully executed with an unapologetic worship of all things old school. Rolling Blackouts is in

fact more than the sum of its influences and a bright, highly listenable indie gem. Like electronic band, The Avalanches, The Go! Team sample to high heaven. No wonder songwriter Ian Parton calls his style “schizo music.” Anthems like “Back Like 8 Track” recall the in-your-face vocals of Scottish band Bis. There’s a very satisfying hint of ‘90s Lush-like girl vocals on the title track. “Headache in My Heart” is a straight up ‘60s ballad that sounds a whole lot like the obscure cult indie band Adventures in Stereo, also from Scotland. “Secretary Song” has a decidedly Japanese pop feel with fat organ hooks and singsong vocals by Kaori Tsuchida. The Go! Team take “old school” literally with lyrics and sounds that evoke idyllic adolescent themes. Retro static makes “Headache” sounds like it was recorded on vinyl then played live in a dance hall during senior prom. Listen to “Ready to Go Steady” and you’ll be whisked to bygone days where romance and courtship were just that virtuous. “Bust Out Brigade” sounds like the school marching band opening the homecoming game, complete with whistles, glockenspiel, and handclaps. On the flip side, “T.O.R.N.A.D.O.” is a trumpet blast hip hop song featuring MC Ninja, whom you might mistake for the long gone “Left Eye” from American R&B group, TLC. Ninja sings on the “Apollo Throwdown” with its team theme chants and psychedelic samples. If you’re a sucker for old school melodies and a bygone era of sweetness, I dare you not to sing along to “Buy Nothing Day” or just about any track on Rolling Blackouts.

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