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3/2010 issue 159

MISS EXOTIC IN THE TROPICS Jonel Feliciano suits up for her sizzling spread in the tropical heat


A Dossier on Lesbianism

MODERN MODA Fashion and culture collide paying homage to our island





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Bruce girls are still hot but starting to look like a fashion mag bring that island feeling!!!!..:D

Eileen Everytime I want to get a magazine, they’re all gone?!

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Joe Mmm...wished I still lived on Guam so I can get a copy!

Gina At one time MDM asked my business to support it...I flat out Photos 2 of 16 albums

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2010 MDM Cover Girl Search

said, “No thanks.” simply because back then they would pose their models in bikinis squatting and it looked a bit raunchy for my taste...I’m glad to say that as time has gone by, MDM has matured and shown more class and sophistication in its publication and projection of women. Congratulations, MDM... you’ve come a long way!

Serena The style of the magazine has improved tremendously;

seeing it evolve through the years. Nice way to do the cover too... something different and unique. Keep up the great work!

Donna Need to put variety of models in terms of slim/plus size women. It’ll only be fair, “Big is beautiful”... “Haute Kuttura”: March StyleMix

Dina You can still do haute fashion in a tropical background, just find a good stylist for your shoot AND it wouldn’t hurt to put eye candy for the ladies on there too...sheesh

Sonido Rep up our island pride & vibe more please. Our number one March Cover Girl: Jonel Feliciano

model should be Guam. Use her!!! She’s beautiful :) Whether it’s the beach, ranch, or whatever as a back drop, don’t take us away from the island feeling. I’d like to see more brown island girls too. I’m looking at the covers & they’re not reminiscent of home anymore.

Marine Drive Magazine - Before we forget, special thanks to Hotel Santa Fe for accommodating us in this month’s cover shoot. Also, big-ups to our photographer extraordinaire, Myong Hong — for two amazing photo shoots and to Greenlight Media Productions for their help in this month’s style mix. *These are just a few comments from the MDM Fan Page on Facebook. Tell us what you think, you know you want to. Names and photos have been changed. 

On the cover: Gorgeous girl + Sweet Sunset = Stunning Shot! We’re bringing back that island feeling that you all have been craving for as Jonel turns up the heat in a vibrant purple top and accessories from Chase & Flight Boutique.

March 2010

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My mom is Filipina and Puerto Rican and my father is Jamaican.

Top and accessories all from Chase & Flight Boutique. Orange two piece, from Loco Boutique, model’s own.

M iss




in th e

Photography by: Myong Hong of Prodigy Studios Hair and make-up by: Cherry Aiken and Katherine Shambach of Rosy Rouge Hair and Make-up Salon


Styling by: Rayjai S. Babauta Clothing provided by: Chase & Flight Boutique Special Thanks to: Hotel Santa Fe for the location


iss Feliciano is one exotic head turner with that mocha skin and brilliant set of pearly whites. Our former dream girl turned cover model talks to us about her trials and tribulations as a mother and model. On the set of her cover shoot at the Hotel Santa Fe, a group of tourists interrupted asking to take a picture with Miss March. She didn’t mind one bit and besides, we were already running late. Ask and she’ll tell you — as gorgeous and vibrant as Jonel is — she has some issues with time. Known for being late in almost every shoot, she does, however, deliver when under pressure. MDM: So where’re you from? JF: I’m from Agat but I was born in San Francisco

that, I get to know them and the guy has to be really funny! Of course, he should have something to offer — have some direction, dreams, motivation to get up in the morning.

MDM: You’ve been in other national publications before, but this is your first cover right? JF: Yes, this is my first cover!

MDM: Alright, what do you think is the sexiest part on a man? JF: Oh gosh, arms, chest and abs, but I like my men with tight butts!

MDM: So we know you’re a mixed mama… JF: Oh yes! Well, my mom is actually Filipina and Puerto Rican and my father is Jamaican. MDM: Nice, so that would make you… JF: Feisty! MDM: What are some of your hobbies or interests? JF: Right now, it’s mainly working out — that’s my thing. I go to the gym pretty much five times a week. It’s not because I want to be the sexiest girl or whatever, it’s more because it keeps me sane. It keeps me on track. If I’m stressed I just go work out and get my mind off of stuff and at the same time you get sexier and feel great about yourself. MDM: Do you like doing squats? JF: Ha-ha squats all the way baby! MDM: Ha-ha, why? JF: Well, it makes your butt toned; nice legs…don’t guys like that? I’m pretty sure they do. MDM: Let’s talk about that, do you think you know what guys like? JF: I would hope so! They probably like personality, of course looks, body…gosh, sometimes big ass and big boobs?? But confidence overall! MDM: So what kind of guys do you look for? JF: Hmm. See I go by looks and I think that’s what kind of gets me in trouble. But after

MDM: What are some of the turn offs? JF: I guess being a dental assistant you tend to look at people’s mouths — so bad teeth! Oh, and guys that think that they have it all. MDM: Okay so for the record, you are in a relationship right? JF: Yes, I am. MDM: If you were single, how should a guy approach you? JF: Hmm, with a cute smile! Have something smart to say and be funny! MDM: So tell us more what Jonel is about… JF: Well, I’m very secretive. MDM: Okay then, how does someone get to find out about secretive Jonel? JF: Well, first you really have to get to know me and I have to trust you. MDM: Trust is a big thing for you? JF: It’s a big thing because I have been betrayed before. Been lied to, been cheated on and it’s kind of hard to just trust anyone — relationship-wise. I’m not saying it’s only in relationships. It can also be in friendships or even among family. Trust is a huge factor, especially in my life. MDM: Do you believe in second chances? JF: I do, I do believe in second chances and hopefully [second time around] things would change.

MDM: Well I can tell this is a hard subject for you to talk about, but we’ve got to ask, how does a girl like you find herself in that type of predicament? JF: Gosh, a lot of people ask me that question and (long pause) I don’t know. You know sometimes when you’re in love you’re just dumb. I’m just being honest, you know a lot of people say well you should just move on, but sometimes you want to give that person a chance and hope that things would change and take it from there.

Accessories all from Chase & Flight Boutique. Cutout swimsuit, model’s own.

MDM: On a lighter note, what do you enjoy? JF: I love spending time with my son, that’s a priority for me. I love hanging out with the girls every now and then, but spending time with my son is everything to me. MDM: What about the cover girl search? JF: I was kind of scared because I was competing with girls who were a little bit younger. Of course you get kind of insecure about your body. You know, I’m a mom and look at all these young girls, but I said I’ll give it a shot and have fun. And I did!

I was kind of scared because I was competing with girls who were a little bit younger...I’m a mom and look at all these young girls, but I said I’ll give it a shot and have fun. And I did! 

MDM: What are your thoughts about being a mom and model? JF: I mean if you got it, show it. That’s how I feel! MDM: You excited to work with the girls again? JF: OH YES! MDM: So are you nervous for your shoot? JF: No, I’m not! MDM: Why? JF: Well, I’m working with you guys right? Ha-ha. I’ve seen your work so I know this cover is going to come nice. Jonel’s Thanks: Marietta and Julio Feliciano. My son, Christopher Feliciano. My boyfriend, Joshua Bess and my co-workers at Pacific Smiles.




t’s March…the Saints took home the Lombardi Trophy, and my prediction was off a bit. But, just remember, if Payton had not thrown that interception we could’ve had a tied game at the end of the fourth. Well…whoop tee freakin’ doo. I still think that the Eagles should have been there…and…I KNOW THEY LOST TO THE COW GIRLS IN THE WILD CARD GAME! So what can we do to substitute our NFL fix? I mean…what LOCAL sport can possibly supply us with the thrills of bone crunching hits, perfect passes, and pounding running games? Look no further because it’s here! First things first…MDM Sports has to give our deepest regards and a tip of the hat to the late great Hal Shiroma….the Godfather of football on the Island. His contributions to Youth and Varsity (the one year it was in existence) Football and to the MFL are infinite and cannot be overlooked.

His teams and gutsy play calling defined how football was played on Guam for a very long time.

Who else has had a football field dedicated in their name? We’ve heard about the teams –– Shell Hal’s Angels, The Docomo Chargers,

The Cars Plus Rams, and The Pepsi Warriors. But the real question is “why should we go watch a game?” Honestly the last time I watched an MFL game was when my brother played for the now Shell Hal’s Angels. So other than watching family members get nailed (sorry bro), what’s the draw? MDM Sports went knee deep into the blood, guts, and glory of the MFL to find out. On my drive up I noticed a considerable amount of cars leading up to the field. I was even more surprised on my walk up to the field. It was almost like reliving my Guam Youth Football League days over again. The smell of the barbeque in the air, the people yelling at anything they can from the sidelines and the stacks of empty beer cans made me want to put the pads back on, but then I looked at the field and saw how much bigger everyone was compared to me.

I almost didn’t get anything done that day. It was a good game and the Chargers let one slip away. I got caught up watching the game and almost forgot why I was there. My goal was to find out why everyone spent their hard earned $2 watching a football game rather than barbequing at the beach. The first and only group of people I talked to that day was barbequing next to their 4X4 pick up truck. Two of them were on the grill (not a hibachi, a full sized Weber), one of them was sitting on a blue cooler and the rest of them were sitting on the edge of the truck’s tail gate cheering on the Chargers. They invited me into their circle and almost kicked me out just as fast when I asked them why they were there. They boys on the grill were with their families and both of them were watching their brother and brother-in-law playing. The “cooler guy” was just there to be there. He was half into the game and half looking for a woman to hit on. And the boys sitting in the back of the truck were actually there to watch the game. It was kind of hard to conduct an interview because every time the crowd cheered, we turned our attention towards the field and it took us a few minutes to get back into our conversation. Before I left the Chargers Warriors game we were all laughing and cheering for the Chargers…and I made six new friends that day. The next day, Feb. 15, I came back to watch the long awaited Shell Hal’s Angels and Cars Plus Rams game. It was the battle of the undefeated teams and the crowd was unbelievable. This time the side I was cheering for took their first loss of the season and no one saw it coming. It was a bit easier for me to walk around and to ask a few questions but I didn’t want to get into their faces too much because the Angels were losing and people were not in the best of moods. Like the day before I looked for a group of people next to the cooler. Unlike the day before, the Feb. 15 spectators were not as receptive. One gentleman (and that’s being nice), walked up to me with his backwards hat, blue quick-dries, and Scott’s and told me to take my interview somewhere else. So I did. I made my way to the bleachers and asked a couple of people the same question. The first lady I talked to was with her son and was watching her husband (common-law) playing for the Angels. Most of the time she was yelling at the field, but when she had the time she told me that she enjoys the game.

I thought that this was an interesting point of view. The second person I talked to was an old football team mate of mine. We both played for the Guam Eagles (all four Championship years) and he too was a bit intimidated by the size of everyone on the field. He was there to watch the game, had no relations to anyone and was adamant about supporting the MFL.

He made a point by saying that we need more professional level sports like this for the youth of the island. Playing with guys that are bigger and faster than you is the only way to up your game. It will better prepare everyone to play off-island. By the time we were done with our conversation the game was almost over and people were already making their way out of the field. Was I able to figure out why everyone was out there? Nope, I cannot pin it down to one particular reason. The only thing that I can say is the MFL is something you need to experience for yourself. Everyone’s reason for making their way to the UOG field every weekend was different and compelling. From families watching their loved ones pound the grid iron, to MFL fans being there to get their football fix. The Miller Football League is hopefully here to stay, but it is going to need the outstanding support of our island. It’s only a $2 fee for an afternoon full of amazing action. The Championship game is sometime this month so keep an eye peeled for a date. I can guarantee that it will be a game to remember. It will be the first MFL title won in more than five years. There isn’t much missing from the MFL experience. The only thing missing?–– cheer-leaders!

She said that she would rather catch a live MFL game with her family than sit in front of a television watching an NFL game.


i r s l i s o B Like


n overrated topic or not, Lesbianism sparks attention and I hate to say it, seems to be more accepted by society. In the adult film industry, lesbian pornography is reputedly one of the leading genres viewed by both sexes and as I discovered in my last dossier interview with *Jen, the exotic dancer, married women make up a significant amount of visitors looking for girl-on-girl thrill.



“My mother on the other hand was a different story. I’m sure she felt as if she was slapped across her face by her oldest child, but that wasn’t the case...when [it] came down to it, she wanted nothing to do with me. My mother only spoke to me when she

wanted something done — other than that, nothing from her.


omosexuality is attention catching everywhere both in a positive and negative way,” *Jean, 21, tells me in a one-on-one. Tequila and Lohan have staked their claim to fame because of their sexual orientations, not their professions (or lack there of). “In my opinion they’re doing it for attention. I know some people who act on the urges to lip-lock with another female and claim they are a lesbian; [however], they sleep with [men].”

In another conversation with *Keri, 22, she says that girls such as Tila and ‘Li-lo’ are camera hungry and “they make relationships like Ellen and Portia’s or Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michael’s hold no value in the media. In actuality those relationships should be the epitome of what a [lesbian] relationship should be in Hollywood.” I thought there were only two types of lesbians — butch or lipstick — but Keri quickly explained the diverse classifications used. Some individuals take offense to being called butch, Keri says. “It [sounds] ugly and I have no other explanation as to why I dislike the word, but a female is beautiful and should stay beautiful in any word that describes them.” Boi is another term equivalent to butch and there are lipsticks and chapsticks. The list is actually quite extensive, and some terms can be sensitive regarding pre-op and post-op transgender women, who classify themselves as gay women, or surgically augmented straight men. Keri and Jean both classify themselves as chapsticks, but the difference between the two is Keri is in the closet and Jean is out. “My friends knew about [me] before my family did,” says Jean when she came out in 2003. “The person I feared the most was my grandmother and when I finally [told] her, [the] response was like no other.” Acceptance by her grandmother left Jean elated, but the tribulations lasted much longer with her mother. “My mother on the other hand was a different story. I’m sure she felt as if she was slapped across her face by her oldest child, but that wasn’t the case,” she says. Her mother always assured her that she’d be there, but Jean felt “when [it] came down to it, she wanted nothing to do with me. My mother only spoke to me when she wanted something done — other than that, nothing from her.” Jean couldn’t contain herself during the interview and she broke down telling her story. She found a confidant in her high school partner’s mother during that time, but after several years, Jean’s mom came to terms with her daughter’s sexuality. “She has learned to accept me for who I am, what I do and what I stand for,” she says. “Don’t get it twisted, it’s been hell and back for my mother and me, but she has become more open- minded about the gay [lifestyle].” Suppressing your feelings in order to maintain peace in the family is something that many gay individuals face. Keri has made the decision to come out to her parents before she graduates from college. “I’ve been out with my friends and co-workers and some siblings, but not the rest of my family. I haven’t come out yet because at first I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t just a phase,” she says. “I wanted to be sure that I was comfortable with myself, the person I’m with, and the actions that I carry.” Keri does admit to being with men more times than she desired to ensure that she was no longer straight. “Sorry guys, I used you.” For a heterosexual woman to be turned on by another female is a very subjective issue. Keri thinks it’s because men can be boring and Jean feels some women are just in it for the thrill. The theory that women can sexually satisfy each other better than men is completely skewed. But a common thread ran through my interviews — relationships homo- or heterosexual, must maintain a balance of emotional and physical needs. It’s not so much about what sex your partner is, but more about whether the individual can fulfill. …Rayjai S. Babauta

Butch: a term generally used to describe the masculinity of a lesbian. Other terms include the word dyke. Boi: another term equivalent to butch — commonly used to describe a younger person who looks and acts like a young, heterosexual male. Bois may not identify as butch, regarding butches as a more “man in the relationship” role Lipstick: used to describe a feminine lesbian who would, without hesitation, be viewed as a heterosexual female. Typically lipsticks are the types seen as attractive by males. Chapstick: a female being classified between both a boi and lipstick. Carrying traits both masculine, yet will still display feminine traits. In the closet: a homosexual that has not announced their sexual orientation Out: to refer to a homosexual that is ‘out of the closet’ or is open about their orientation Lesbianism: a term generally used to describe the romantic desire between two women

*All names have been changed for privacy and confidentiality of the interviewee. Dossier is a feature to bring taboo topics to real life. There’s truth and meaning behind every story as you’ll see with upcoming Dossier. 11


Irwin Tumbucon’s

Specs YEAR: 1997 MODEL: Integra MAKE: Acura COLOR: Championship White ENGINE:

• LSVTEC motor with Type R head • blox 68mm throttlebody • Toda Racing lightened flywheel • Toda Racing street and track clutch • Spoon axle back exhaust with custom midpipe 2.5 • AEM cold air intake • AEM fuel rail • Vortech fuel pressure regulator • Skunk2 intake manifold • Skunk2 camgears • DC strut bar • Spoon carbon kevlar spark plug wire cover • 4-1 header


• Type R front conversion • Js racing airduct • db8 window visors • Type R db8 wing • 16 inch Volks te37


• Type R gauge cluster • Type R shift boot • Type R clock delete • Type R recaro seats • Type R armrest delete • Spoon steering wheel • Spoon shift knob • Valor double din dvd player • flipdown monitor • BOSS steering wheel hub • NRG thin quick release


Acura Integra

Photos by: Troy Sagun





Fact & Fiction B

About Those Fabulous Legs

By: Carmen Rojas • Personal Trainer for 6 years • Bachelor of Arts degree in Exercise Science • Master of Science in Business Administration • Former member of U.S. Track and Field Team

ack and badder than ever — it’s the truth about how to get the legs you want. Separate fact from fiction and learn the truth about how to get the hams you have always wanted. No if ’s or and’s, but definitely some butt!


Intermediate: Experienced:

FACT: FACT: FACT: The legs house the largest muscles in the body. Getting these massive muscles moving will help you burn more calories than any other exercise using just the upper body. It does not take much to get the legs moving and the calories melting. Start with a walk and work your way up to a run. The journey to better legs begins with a single step!

: N O I FICT Doing lunges is the best way to work your butt. This is mostly fiction because lunges by themselves will only do so much for so long. Lunges, when done properly, will work the quads, core, hips and rear in one simple exercise. But it works best when combined with diet and other lower body exercises like squats and dead lifts.


Plateaus suck. It happens to legs just like any other part of the body. Just when you are losing inches and gaining cuts, it suddenly stops. What gives? My friend, your body is bored. You have to find some way to wake up your legs and keep them interested in what you are doing. If you have been squatting, vary your depth. If you have been lunging with a front lunge, work a reverse lunge. The key to breaking through your plateau is patience and variation. Keep at it and you will get through it.

F : N IC



Consuming quality protein after a workout is a good way to encourage growth and repair of the legs. This is ABSOLUTELY true. The body absorbs proteins best in the 20-40 minutes post exercise. Getting in whey and or soy protein, glutamine, amino acids and the like are a great way to help your legs recover and get stronger. And as an added benefit you will notice that you are less sore after your workouts if you consume the proteins, stretch and get plenty of water.

You have to work legs every day to get results. WRONG!! Working the same muscle groups with the same exercises day after day is the best way to end up fatigued, over worked and potentially injured. Periodically alternating exercises, routines, and days is the best way to protect you against injuries and keep those results coming.



Bigger is better. How many of you have seen someone walking around in shorts with massive quads, and puny arms? I have seen it and believe me it is truly hilarious. Balanced is better. Your legs should be well proportioned with your chest, back and upper body. To get the look that you want the abs need to be in good shape too.

Lazy Sundays with Rock Bottom at Santa Fe That’s the skinny on the legs! We’ve talked nutrition, exercises, and fact and fiction. On to the upper body. Go forth and get ripped!

The Grille at Santa Fe is the place to be seen, heard and jump start your liquid diet in preparation for the next party weekend (or week). The Grille at Santa Fe is the choice for a Sunday night watering hole with live music from local reggae-rock band, Rock Bottom. Drink up with pitchers of cold draft beer or celebrate with kamikaze shots from the bar all while enjoying the fresh cool breeze from Agana Bay. “It’s about supporting local artists and their music and spending lazy Sundays on the beach,” Jo Martinez, restaurant manager at Hotel Santa Fe tells MDM. The kitchen is open till 10 p.m., so catch the sunset in the cool evening and chill as Rock Bottom starts playing their sets of originals and cover tracks around 8 p.m. MDM spoke to band manager and lyricist, Cedric Diaz about Lazy Sundays. He tells us “it’s chill and all about good vibes.” Cedric is accompanied by band mates Danton Cruz on bass (and his baby bro); CT and Frankie McJohn (also bros) with CT as lead vocals and Frankie as a guitarist; Chauncy Colbert and Willis Cannon both guitarists; Fred Bordallo on drums and Nate Rios as the band’s sound tech. The crowd starts pouring in by 10 p.m. with about four hours left before last call. But come on, by 2 a.m. you should either be finding your designated driver or figuring out if you’re pushing back your Monday morning meeting. “We have the best sunsets [and] a beautiful open venue directly on the beach,” Jo says. “We just provide great food (pupu’s especially), great service, beer specials, fun energy and original music by Rock Bottom — a place to enjoy the good things in life.” Check it out on Camp Watkins Road located next to Shirley’s Coffee Shop in Tamuning.

Photo by: Allan Cadawas

Photo by: Myong Hong


Planet Kyle Real Life Guide tO GUAM What’s up MDM-Maniacs! Hope you had an awesome

Valentine’s Day and a great February! It’s March now, and for a lot of us out there, that means only one thing, CHAMORRO MONTH! It’s within this month that we celebrate the culture and history of the people of Guam. With that in mind that I present: The Planet Kyle Real Life Guide to my favorite Chamorro practices on Guam! Okay, first and foremost, I have traveled around and if there is anything that I appreciate about our culture, it is that we take off our shoes before entering someone’s house! If you don’t appreciate this from a ‘taker offer’ point of view, you will really appreciate it from a ‘person who doesn’t want dirt all over their house’ point of view! Oooh one thing though, if you are going to practice this aspect of our culture please remember: first, wear clean socks! I don’t know how many times my brother has come over to my house and I have wanted to kick him out just because his feet smelled like a baby pig wrapped in wet dog fur and then marinated in vinegar and ajinomoto! Secondly, if you are going to take off your shoes and go barefoot, make sure your feet are clean. Seriously, if you are going to be considerate by taking off your shoes, only to reveal that your feet are covered in red dirt, because you just got done helping your Grandma harvest her sweet potato, maybe you should reconsider your thoughtfulness. Another aspect of our island culture that I love is what I call the – you’re gonna be hungry I promise – law. Maybe this

is just my family, but we always have food with us! No matter what the occasion, if we are meeting up with the rest of the clan, we always look like we’re having a party. If someone comes to visit, you’re going to offer them food. If you go to someone else’s house because they are having a meeting, you’re going to bring food. I know my family is not the only family on Guam who potluck on All Soul’s Day before the mass at the cemetery! Finally, this is probably the best thing about our culture that everyone can enjoy. I love that Hafa adai spirit! Seriously, I think the people of Guam are way cooler than the people in some other places. You can ask for directions and not worry about being turned away. If you need the bathroom, chances are someone will point you in the right direction. People can go to parties and don’t have to worry about invitations... AND YOU CAN BALUTAN TOOO!!!!!!!!!! Can it really get any better than that? All in all, every month should be Chamorro Month, because I think the people of Guam are worth celebrating 365 days a year! We should have a party every weekend, and only people with clean socks and feet can come inside! If you have any thoughts feel free to hit me up at and don’t forget to tune in to THE MORNING BLENDER on POWER 98! See you next month! OOOHH and don’t forget to check out the MDM Fan Page on FACEBOOK, it’s freaking swweeeet. PUES SHOOOTS!!!! 15

Sponsored by: Grand op ening par ty of edc Esprit in by Tumon, Fe bruary 10 .

Happ y Bd ay Jo We l yce! ove & (Mar miss .6) you! -Mat t, Ch ar, G avin & Val erie t, Beas , d r Mary Howa Ned, , Nelson, g y rin t, Am t o gathe c l l S e farew t House of at a a cott, S r o f s. Brutu


Anjelah Johnson and opening act Nate Bargatze at a press

conference at Hyatt on February 12.

la a-Co c o C o with hance t p i h c k. rs rtne nners a the Par a p i in w in nds MDM ix lucky e g e s eL M gave Regga r MD inu h o c w on wat our ons i d t e s k e qu pic sted ge and o p a We ok p se who vey. o b e Fac rom tho ort sur f sh ners red our e answ

oint ty at The P r a p y a d Kai’s birth . Music ebruary 12 F n o n to g at Shera nd, Crossin a b l a c lo by provided Lanes.

Submit your photo! Send high-resolution photos with captions to with “On the Road” in the subject line, to have them printed in our April issue. We do our best to include as many photos as we can. 17

MDM Cover Models on the Prowl. Coca-Cola sent our cover girls to hang with concert goers at the Reggae Legends in the Park on Feb. 5 at the Yigo Amusement Park.

Wine Tasting of Banfi Wines February 10 @ the Hyatt R egency Guam.


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Photography by: Myong Hong of Prodigy Studios Hair and make-up by: Cherry Aiken and Katherine Shambach of Rosy Rouge Stylist: Rayjai S. Babauta Assistant Stylist/Wardrobe Assistant: Reggie Bocatija Clothing and accessories provided by: Macy’s, Iridescent Boutique, Coconut Villa Gift Shop, The Guam Museum and Jacqueline Sablan of The Beadhive Special thanks to: Greenlight Media Productions



From L-R: Melody: Free People knitted vest and MIA lace front wedges, both from Macy’s. Woven work shorts archives from the Guam Museum. Shell choker (worn as bracelet), coconut bra and necklace from the Coconut Villa Gift Shop. Arm band and beaded bracelet by Jacqueline Sablan of The Beadhive. Earrings from Iridescent Boutique. Shena: Lace top, military carmagnole and all jewelry from Iridescent Boutique. Rampage ivory trousers and MIA strapped platform wedges both from Macy’s. Jadine: Sequined vest and jewelry from Iridescent Boutique. Linen dress pants archives from the Guam Museum and MIA lace front wedges from Macy’s. Aleta: Lace head scarf archives from the Guam Museum. INC. top and MIA strapped platform wedges both from Macy’s. Jewelry by Jacqueline Sablan of The Beadhive. Red skirt, model’s own.


Shena: Hand woven grass skirt, choker (worn on ankle) and coconut bra from www. Red skirt and BCBG heels from Macy’s. Jewelry from Iridescent Boutique and by Jacqueline Sablan of The Beadhive.


Melody: Sequined mestiza archived from the Guam Museum. Free People top and Steve Madden pumps from Macy’s. Turqouise jewelry by Jacqueline Sablan of The Beadhive and all metallic accessories from Iridescent Boutique.


Jadine: Turqouise beaded cardigan, patterned viscose blouse, red skirt and BCBG heels all from Macy’s. Bracelets by Jacquline Sablan of The Beadhive. Earrings and rings from Iridescent Boutique and sinahi from the collection of Jeff Blas.


Aleta: XOXO ruffle front romper and Jessica Simpson heels from Macy’s. Earrings and rings from Iridescent Boutique. All other jewelry by Jacqueline Sablan of The Beadhive.


Timeless Tradition

Jadine: Mestiza dress, archives from the Guam Museum. Melody: Floral skirt (worn as asymmetrical dress), archives from the Guam Museum. Aleta: Mestiza and woven skirt, archives from the Guam Museum. INC. ruffle neck top from Macy’s. Shena: Mestiza dress, archives from the Guam Museum. All jewelry shown from Iridescent Boutique and by Jacqueline Sablan of The Beadhive.







By: Raymond Limuaco • Gamer Tag: raz3rz3dg3

ey MDM gamers and “Girl-Gamers.” Little did I know that that the “Gamer-Girl” tag would get such heat. Is there really something wrong with that? I didn’t think so, but Khiersty-Ahn and her friends thought that it took away from the gamer persona in general. So this month we continued our conversation. Not like the ribbing will ever end because it is funny seeing people get mad and then end up sucking hard at a game because you teased them. Just roll with it, right?

Ray: Right. Let’s talk about something else shall we? Mass Effect 2, like or dislike?

Ray: So what did you think of that picture that MDM put up? Khiersty-Ahn: Maybe we can have our Xbox avatars or something that doesn’t make me look so silly. I mean I am silly, I know. I’m just in denial. I don’t really care, I was just being dumb.

Ray: If it were up to me, it would be you, your friends, bikinis, baby chickens…kidding (had a flash back to “Breakin’ all the Rules”). So any who, let’s get just get straight to it — why don’t you and your friends want to be labeled as “Gamer-Girls?” Khiersty-Ahn: It is more the nagging the girls that shout it all over the place just for attention.

It should basically not matter if you are a girl or a boy or whatever. This goes for labeling, playing and speaking on the mic. 28

Khiersty-Ahn: Mass Effect 2 had something I was very pleasantly surprised with. I didn’t exactly pull out the gamer mag or go to their site to read up on it. By the way, did you know they have a wiki? Spoilers included so be wary if you’re the type that likes to be surprised. Anyways, as I was saying, I LOVED the fact that you could transport your character from the previous Mass Effect into the newer one.

Ray: I know. I tripped when I saw my version of Sheppard on the screen…scar and all. And again BioWare. Khiersty-Ahn: What was more intriguing was that you weren’t just transferring the look of the previous character. Your new world revolves around the choices made by that character as well. It made me feel so complete and as if it was a true continuation with this new option — as if

BioWare actually put true thought and heart into character development and the environment. Some previous characters from the first part was brought in and recruited... which made my gamer emotions go up and down, but I refuse to say who, why and how heart dropping it was when some were... different. You’ll see why when you pick it up and go actually play it. Stop peeking at my notes and go figure it out yourself, silly!

Ray: Again you manage to make me feel like less of a gamer…a “Guy-Gamer!” Ha-ha! You know that I can’t argue with you on this one. I played the ME for almost eight hours straight for almost five days in a row. Unbeknownst to my girlfriend at the time…yes, it was the reason we didn’t watch “He’s Just Not That Into You” and thank God!

Thanks Khiersty-Ahn for your time and your input on Mass Effect 2. We will get around to doing some real reviews again, and she has told me that her friends want to play a game or two of MW2. Until then, stay frosty and stay ADDICTED!




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MDM March 2010  

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