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USB LED Watch: The Perfect School Gift from MetroDeal As my students are going to be college next year, and the school year concludes, I wanted to give my best students a gift to remember me by. At first, I thought of giving them something traditional, like a souvenir figurine or a stuffed toy. But I realized that these kids, though they still act like children, wouldn’t like these kinds of tokens anymore. Books were also a good option, but I do not know what their preferred books are and I might end up buying something they’d never read. These kids would want something more useful. Something that can be of great use. And it has to be something that can be useful in school too.

I was running out of ideas when I saw this discount voucher in Metrodeal for an LED Watch. Though the watch is a useful item, what really caught my attention was how the watch was also a 4 GB USB flash drive. This is something that is really practical and convenient especially for students. My students often complain to me about forgetting their flash drives losing them. Sometimes they always getting into an arguement with each other because their document or report is saved in the USB drive that is currently missing. Because it's also a watch, it will be easy to miss in case that it gets left in a computer unit when reporting or in a net shop when printing documents. And since it has a 4GB capacity, they’d be able to save a lot of their files, from small documents to big presentations, and even music and photos. I’m sure they do have a lot of files to save when they go to college that is why I know they will appreciate this token. I immediately ordered 4 of these, one for me and three for my top three students in class. And since I only paid P2600 for all four since I used the Metrodeal voucher.

My students might not have made it as valedictorian or salutatorian. They still did their best even though might not have graduated with the highest honors and for that, deserves a reward for their dedication. I know that they will continue to do their best in college, and hopefully, I will get to see them soar high in their chosen career path in the future. Hailed as the biggest group buying sites in the Philippines, Metrodeal offers wonderful discounts on spas, restaurants, cinemas, salons, travel and tours, activities and many more. Purchase your vouchers today at Metrodeal for more discount offers!

USB LED Watch: The Perfect School Gift from MetroDeal  
USB LED Watch: The Perfect School Gift from MetroDeal  

USB LED Watch: The Perfect School Gift from MetroDeal - Review article from Metrodeal