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Escape from the Canyon Cove - thanks to amazing discounts from MetroDeal The weather this summer was intolerable and the workload is so stressful. It stresses me out and just now, I just want to feeling the tranquil warm waters, to run barefoot on the chilly sandy beach, explore the scenic countryside and just simply relax. a perfect vacation is all i needed to beat all the work-related stress. All of the summer places that I checked was either fully booked, expensive or lacks the amenities that I am looking for. as much as possible, I want to have fun and relax at the same time. I can't think of other places where I can have all at once, until I checked on this deal from MetroDeal.

As I read all the blog post about the Canyon Cove on the internet, I was really excited on its features and it's only a 2-hr journey from the city, talk about convenience! I think it really has everything that I needed. and MetroDeal's offer from their website hits my wallet, that is why I bought one so that I can bring my friends with me for a whole night of fun! We made up our itinerary for our trip to the Canyon Cove we set sail to a 2-hr drive to Batangas. And as we arrived we are thrilled by the beautiful view on the place. The amazing white sand beaches as well as the view of the ocean was very calming and inviting. my friends made use of the resort's amenities and the free kayak that is included in the MetroDeal discount coupon. And as for me, I just wanna sit down, relax, swim all day around and enjoy the scenic view of the beach. It was relazing, fulfilling and majestic at the same time.

One thing that also surprises me is the Canyon Cove's friendly service and hospitality, and also the cozy room reserved for us. The whole day of fun and relaxation makes me wants to sleep soundly, and I did! My Canyon Cove experience makes my travel experience a fulfilling one, especially that I'm with my friends. I would love to go back for another adventure in Nasugbu. And thanks to Metrodeal, my Canyon Cove adventure is all worth it! :) Hailed as the biggest group buying sites in the Philippines, Metrodeal offers wonderful discounts on spas, restaurants, cinemas, salons, travel and tours, activities and many more. Purchase your vouchers today at Metrodeal for more discount offers!

Escape from the Canyon Cove - thanks to amazing discounts from MetroDeal  

Escape from the Canyon Cove - thanks to amazing discounts from MetroDeal - review article from Metrodeal

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