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Chill-down memoirs with affogato and gelato from Caffe Ti-Amo! (Thanks to MetroDeal of course!) It’s vacation time and I just can’t get enough of the outrageously hot condition here in the country. It’s a good thing that I’m now enjoying the advantages of having a job here in one of the prestigious offices here in Makati, loving the air conditioning while working my ass off. Crazy as it seems but my work here is becoming more untolerable, thanks to my impossible supervisor who doesn't give a damn. (well except for his money lol!) For now, both of my work and the humid weather in the office is uncontrollable as ever, added to that is my lack of sleep because of my after-office house chores and the traffic as I got home. I just wanted to chill out and relax. Instead of going home after my shift, I’d rather loiter around our nearby mall and look for a place to eat. After dining out at the Vietnamese restaurant to have myself a bowlful of Pho, I went to the nearby Greenbelt and saw this quaint little gelato place Caffe Ti-Amo. The place looks peaceful as I set my foot in. I immediately craving for affogato in an instant! And I also remember at that point that they had a promo posted on a group buying site, Metrodeal. I made it to the point that I’ll grab their offer while it’s still posted and try their much-delightful affogato, and I did! :D

The next day, I went to their website and their deal is still there! I bought 2 discount coupons for me and went back to Caffe Ti-Amo. The staff accommodated me with my vouchers that I bought earlier from them and bought my much-loved affogato and gelato for a big discount. I never thought that I could save so much on my purchase from Metrodeal, oh such joy!

While I’m at the Caffe Ti-Amo, I bought my favorite cheesecake and green tea gelato, and their combo was a perfect match. The sweetness of the cheesecake and The bitterness of the green tea balances each other. I went to finish this one first before having my yummy serving on the affogato.

I was giddy as my pre-ordered affogato arrived. Just like my gelato picks, the bitter coffee cream mixed on the vanilla-flavored gelato compliments each other very well. It was creamy and refreshing at the same time, that’s why I absolutely love the cool and sweet-bitter concoctions from them. I am happy that Metrodeal offers vast selections on their food choices that makes me and their subscribers coming back for more. It helps me save a lot of money while enjoying its perks, till the next purchase! :)

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Chill-down memoirs with affogato and gelato from Caffe Ti-Amo! (Thanks to MetroDeal of course!)  

Chill-down memoirs with affogato and gelato from Caffe Ti-Amo! (Thanks to MetroDeal of course!) - Review article from Metrodeal

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