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‘I don’t want to paint just pretty pictures. I want them to mean more.’ — Elizabeth Gordon, creator of The Windows of Wisdom

Inspiration through art

Elizabeth Gordon wants to help others heal through her craft By Davia L. Mosley

ith a little bit of paint, a lot of creativity and mounds of courage, Elizabeth Gordon of Marietta has used her artistic talents to provide inspiration for herself and others. Gordon, 22, has always had a love of art, but a personal challenge was the impetus for her to help others through her craft. A little more than a year ago, Gordon was in Pennsylvania with family when her mother noticed a “giant lump” on her neck. Gordon said she thought weight gain was the reason for the change in her neck. However, “My mom said, ‘You have got to get in and have that looked at.’” Her doctor said it could be a fluid-filled mass, but suggested Gordon see a specialist to make sure it wasn’t cancer. Just the word had Gordon reeling because the disease had touched their family before. “My dad’s mom died of breast cancer,” she said. Gordon underwent tests at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center. A golf-ball sized tumor was wrapped around her thyroid gland. It was a solid mass and couldn’t be drained, and Gordon


had to have a biopsy. She said the experience was painful, emotionally and physically. “Getting a shot in your neck is so uncomfortable. The needles were huge, and they had to numb the area with needles,” she said. “You could hear the needle break through the tumor.” Unfortunately, her fears were confirmed when Gordon was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer. Although she said the cancer is treatable, her form was more aggressive and spread to her lymph nodes. Gordon underwent radiation therapy and surgery, both of which took a physical and emotional toll on her. Her diet was restricted, and she had to be isolated at times. “It was such an outof-body experience,” she said. “I thought, ‘I’m 21 years old. How is this possible?’” Not being able to see Anslie, her 4-year-old daughter, was highly emotional. However, Gordon was able to find support through the medical team, which she describes as “amazing.” A nonprofit organization — Thon, the

Elizabeth Gordon utilizes old windows and acrylic paint to create her artwork called ‘The Windows of Wisdom,’ which she began painting as a source of therapy and income after being diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer in July 2010. She kept a quote book during her treatment for inspiration. She now uses the phrases in her art to inspire others. 

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