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A NOTE TO THE READER At this point in my career at Tec de Monterrey, I have taught English for ten semesters to students at various levels in Prepa and in Profesional. Unfortunately, I do not have on hand any structured Creative Writing efforts from my first three semesters there during the period from January 2002 through May 2003. I began collecting students’ fiction writing during the 2003 Fall semester and put it together to form TECinglés Number 01. It would have suited my purposes to issue one magazine per semester, but even as time went on there were occasionally times when the groups I led did not have fiction writing on the agenda, and so they were spared the dreaded assignment of having to write Microfiction. “Oh, no, teacher! Not another microfiction!” This issue, Number 10, serves as a retrospective of some of my favorite pieces from the previous nine. I have taken the liberty to correct some minor spelling and syntax errors so these stories shine a little brighter, but the uncorrected originals can be found in the issues cited. All the contributing students have a great gift of creativity, but most seem to find editing anything once-written anathema. In any case. To you who are reading through this issue: I hope you will take a few moments to look through the earlier issues and enjoy the work of these bright young minds.

CONTENTS An episode of “The Unnamed Hotel”....................................Jorge Benítez Toledo Three Short Pieces. .José Antonio Díaz, Alejandro Gabutti, and Montserrat Brunet Murder at Midnight..................Karina Irais Rosete and Roger Antonio Velázquez The First Thing That Came to My Mind.....................Diego Emilio Cuesy Edgar The Smell of Fish................................................María Fernanda Alvídrez Falconer Old Letter...............................................................................Paulina Díaz Valencia "Castaway"....................................................................Heriberto Saldivar Massimi Bad Luck Pepito..............................................................Angélica Sánchez Cázares First Trip to China............................................................Shantall Lozano Carbajal The Makeover.......................................................Carolina Elizabeth Meza Aguilar Micro-Fiction......................................................................Cielo Zu-lym Puón Díaz Story.....................................................................................Octavio Gutiérrez Oliva Short Story........................................................................Gabriela Zacarías Aguirre The Shrimp Boy......................................................................Rafael Zarazúa Ojeda Untitled.....................................................................Andrés Eduardo Arias Pastrana Untitled.............................................................Fabían Francisco Torres Montesinos Bomb...................................................................................Kathia Salazar Camacho My Story......................................................................Cinthya Isabel Díaz Valencia Untitled.......................................................................Juan Antonio López Chapital, Untitled.................................................................................Sergio Gamboa Serrano The Fly.................................................................................Israel Meneses Enríquez Untitled...................................................................Alejandra Pamela Tecún Gómez Top Model..........................................................................Adalys Montesinos Maza Untitled..................................................................................................Memo Besné

from TECinglés 01

An episode of “THE UNNAMED HOTEL” Jorge Benítez Toledo The truth is that Sarah and Ivan had discovered a map with a treasure and they didn't want to show it to other people. The moment the captain started to interrogate them, they were very nervous and the captain suspected it, but didn't say anything. After they arrived at the port, they got a boat and went to look for the treasure. The captain was watching them and he followed them. As soon as they arrived on the strange island, they looked for the treasure. It was underground, so they dug it up. They opened the chest and it had some gold in it. When they were sure about the treasure, the captain appeared. He said, "Give me the treasure right now!" Ivan said, "No!" Then they were fighting until the captain killed Ivan with a rock. In that moment, Sarah took a bat and hit the captain in the head. He fell unconscious. Sarah got Ivan in the boat together with the treasure. She left the island and went to the police. Now, ten years later, Sarah has millions of dollars. She lives in a big house, but she still feels sad because her boyfriend is dead. She doesn't know where the captain is and that's why she feels scared. But wait a moment, somebody is at the door and that's why Sarah is going to open it. Surprise! It's the captain, and he has a… (to be continued.)

from TECinglés 02

THREE SHORT PIECES José Antonio Díaz It is believed that children want to have a lot of friends. However, James is a twelve-yearold kid who doesn’t like people’s company and even less to have friends. Assuming James did like having friends, would he have time to read and use the computer twenty-four hours a day?

Alejandro Gabutti A long time ago, John was believed to be the best detective in town but with Mary dead, things have totally changed. John wasn’t an ordinary detective. He used to use special machines to solve crimes.

Montserrat Brunet Zöe is considered to be a beautiful, nice, honest person. She likes to help people in New York City. Assuming that Zöe is honest, nice and beautiful, why would she steal money and why would she lie to her friends?

MURDER AT MIDNIGHT Karina Irais Rosete and Roger Antonio Velázquez Margaret, a 25 year old dancer in a cabaret in downtown Paris, has a boyfriend named Luis, a drinker, who hits her all the time when she finishes working at night. One day, Margaret was making up in her dressing room. If she made up her face, she would do a show. If she turned her face, she would see a strange man, 40 year old Icaro. If she began an erotic dance, he would get excited. If she took off his glasses, she would recognize the face of murder. She would dance in the club all night. She never used to feel fear. The dressing room had a bed for the actress, and there was a mirror. And on one wall a portrait of a very famous actress in the history of the theater. The dressing room always contained what ever the current actress desired. In the case of Margaret, there was much fruit in water. Everyone admired Margaret because she was an excellent actress and was always preparing for her performances. Meanwhile, Margaret was putting her wardrobe in order for her next participation in the show.

from TECinglés 03

THE FIRST THING THAT CAME TO MY MIND Diego Emilio Cuesy Edgar Damn! You know nothing, you hear nothing, you are laid down in a black space with no beginning and no end. You ask yourself what has happened but your mind is blank. Then, a sudden beat. What was it?.. again, another beat. Now you know something, it is your heart beating, you feel the air, your lungs get full and your heart continues beating. You scream and wake up. Two nights before. You start getting bored. Looking around, inhaling the smoke, people talk to you but you just don’t care, you begin to get annoyed and just want to get away. I’m feeling dizzy you tell your friends. All those faces you keep watching, smiles, people dancing with lights that just make you mad. You don’t know why but you feel the need to go, it’s something you cannot explain. You must get out of there. You stand up and without saying good bye, you just walk away. Your friends make a bad face to you, they don’t know what happened but the truth is you don’t either. You walk, and walk. Without a path you just walk. The music is fading; then you stop hearing it. The street has no end. The night gets cold; you get more and more calmed. There is no sound but your steps in the wet pavement. You have walked for hours and already lost the sense of time and space. Ring.... ring.... You look around and don’t see a thing. When the will to keep walking comes to you, a red phone cabin is there. How didn’t you see it before? How stupid. It keeps ringing. – Hello? – Yeah, it’s me. Huh? Minutes have passed and you keep talking. It’s a strong voice. A voice you have known since you were born but have never heard. Never talked to it. You clean up your sweat with your shirt. It’s hot and your face and body is covered in cold sweat. You see the mist outside, and the wet glass. – See you later. – I always see you. – Bye. You hung up and get out. You feel tense, confused. But in a certain way you feel a relief, finally it happened. It’s the thing you’ve always wanted to hear. Excitement fills your body but confusion consumes you. You turn back your head and the cabin is gone, you just see mist there, you laugh. You look at your watch and you realize it has stopped. Also you realize you haven’t seen a single person in the time you’ve been out. You keep walking, and walking. Your legs start feeling heavy, you can’t walk anymore. You feel tired, anxious... It’s about to happen. You sit down and look to the sky. It’s completely black without a single cloud.

You take off your shoes, your jacket and your shirt. You lay down in the middle of the wet street. When you close your eyes you make a deep breath. And everything stops. It’s all black. It’s all nonsense. You don’t exist anymore. Two nights after. Your own scream awakes you. Was it yours?. No it was mine. Ours. We see a blurry shadow walking away. It turns his head back and it is you. It was you. We stand up and look around. A bark we hear. A black dog is starring at us showing his harmful teeth. Look at him – Why? – You are me now. The dog receives our sight. He backs up and cries. How? – Idiot, we need to continue. A dove appears, a white beautiful dove that you find disgusting. We find it disgusting. We just want to kill it, listening to me carefully. It dies. This is what you wanted – No I didn’t – Now you want because you are me – I do. Let’s go, there’s no time. We keep going. There’s a tunnel. We enter there and you feel rush. Its a rush you’ve never felt before. You have felt something since you woke up. You feel in the air, pleased. Happy. Your eyes start to itch. You laugh. I am still with you, don’t worry... I’ll always be there, I’ve always been there. There’s a window. You see a city, with no people. There’s a door; you can’t enter, its locked. There’s a hole. You see through it and see your own completely white eye. Has this tunnel an end? Shut up! It does have an end. The place where everyone goes. A baby cries. A child plays the ball. A young man hangs out with his friends. He dies. And the story repeats. You get annoyed. All those voices. Shut up! Shut up! – Get used to them, they are you, you are me now. This is your path, your home. I’m tired of you, you are scum, We will stop being one, But we will someday, again. You start feeling awful, your body hurts, your skin is burning, you have a headache and you think your head is about to explode, your muscles don’t work, you start moving nowhere, running, screaming. You can’t breath, you are choking yourself. I didn’t want this, get out, get out! – I will keep an eye on you, as I’ve always been. Is that you are not prepared now. You open your eyes and you find yourself in a tunnel, there are cars around you, faces you know. You stand up and you see a red cabin next to you. The phone rings and you answer. Hello? – It’s me again. – The first thing that came to my mind was you. Was it really you? – Look around, it’s always me. You are yourself again. People call you, they hug you. They shake your shoulders. You just smile and a little girl tells you. “It’s always you, it has always been you and it will be always you”.

from TECinglés 04

THE SMELL OF FISH María Fernanda Alvídrez Falconer It was a time of revenge, blood spill and massacre, in an ice-cold and windy land, not so far from here, one hundred years ago, a land and time that would not spare the life that came in contradiction with the lords of fish. The little boy struggled to find a place to sleep, begged the people in the crowded market for a piece of bread. All his instincts called for was survival. He had lost his parents during the last gang visit to his father... in their effort to control the fish and supplies distribution from the nearby shore, they kept their threat to him. But the father had never ceased to provide for his family, the only way he knew... fishing. With the his big bright brown eyes, his now long hair gave his sight a new light; his skin broken by the cold breeze, lips dry, face sunken... no soup, no bread. He was decided to live. He wanted to become the man his father would have wanted him to be, and though his little boat was no where to be found, he knew he would have to find a way to grow. He would have to buy his way into the cold and indifferent society he lived at. The faith his mother inspired on him, the simple thought of a God in him, kept him going... always looking ahead. He would usually ask women to carry their bags, to help through their walk on the market; to speak to dealers and unload carriages with carrots, fish and bread. His heart did not carry any revenge. His clean soul and heart allowed him to deal with the fish gangs. He just wanted to live and extend forward. He carried no dust, no chains on his soul. Often he would hear in his head the sound of a violin. He would then recall the big smile of his uncle, his strong arms and his inspiring _expression of joy when he was near him. The dreams of past times. The constant smile of his uncle on his head, and then he realized. He had to find his uncle. There was no better way, no other. The thoughts of distance, a feeling of an infinite separation. The distance, the sea, the hurdles, but no other thought could inspire more a little eight year old boy. And one day, it hit him. The time came. He got a job helping unload a fish boat in the docks. His presence and attitude always appealed to this fisherman, member the distribution lords in town. Unloaded the boat and, suddenly, took a step into it. No one knew. He would wait. The boat sailed away. His journey, had begun.

OLD LETTER Paulina DĂ­az Valencia Last December, Miranda was starring at her brother's letter as she walked down to the basement. She had kept the letter since the last goodbye. Seven years later, she was now 17 and had no word from him. Her mother was dying so, she felt it was about time to open it. Sometimes people get so scared of what could be a mystery that you refuse to find it out. She sat at the old green couch, and started to read the letter. In her sight you could feel sadness and alleviation. She had finally understand why he has gone. But he was not coming back. Miranda got in her mother's room. She told her not to worry, that he will come soon. Her mother died two weeks after. Miranda thought it was better to say one little lie and make a person to believe; believe in her son, believe in faith.

"CASTAWAY" Heriberto Saldivar Massimi In November, Antares was still on the island, trying to escape with the boat. The blade of his machete was a razor and cut the coconut palm to finish the boat. He was 17 years old and desperate about his status; alone on an island. He had been building the boat for 3 months without sleeping safely; he was tired and now he wanted to leave. He pushed the boat down to the sea. He took control of it and feeling the coconut palm pieces under him, he started to move it. The sea was choppy but he continued. As he thought about this being his last chance, he moved toward the Unknown sea. When he realized it, he focused on surviving. He had left his hometown because he was sick of his loony parents, but now he missed them. When his time came, having loony parents with him wouldn’t matter so much.

From TECinglés 05

BAD LUCK PEPITO Angélica Sánchez Cázares In the morning Pepito was walking on the main street of his colony. He was holding a heavy black bag. Later, Pepito found in his way a strange person. He started to talk with him and gave him the black bag. The next day Pepito did the same thing, but this time he gave a black bag to a woman who was very ugly. On the third day, Pepito was holding another black bag and he was waiting for someone, but nobody showed up. Pepito's Mom was very afraid because of Pepito's actions. For that reason she started to investigate what her son was doing. One day, Pepito was with the same black bag and suddenly a big old man appeared. Pepito gave him the black bag, which was very heavy, and the man gave Pepito a big box. When Pepito went to his home, his mother was very angry. She thought that Pepito was a bad boy, but when Pepito explained to his mother that he was selling apples to earn some money to buy his Mom's present, she started to cry.

FIRST TRIP TO CHINA Shantall Lozano Carbajal Last summer my friend went to China to deliver a gift. She checked that everything was OK, before she went to the airport. She had the gift and all the things she needed. My friend was really happy, everybody could tell, because she was going to meet her grandma. When the airplane finally arrived, she started to get really nervous. She started walking and after a few minutes she saw a paper that said: “Wai Man.” It was her grandma, and she felt like she wanted to cry. Her grandma hugged her, and finally she felt that everything was fine. They went to their home, and after dinner Wai gave the gift to her grandma, who was very happy with it; it was a photo album. The days went by quickly, and it was time to go home. But she had met this guy and she did not want to leave. When she was in the airplane to Mexico she thought about all the good moments she’d had. Then she arrived at Tuxtla’s airport and with a huge surprise she saw her Chinese boyfriend waiting for her with a bunch of roses.

THE MAKEOVER Carolina Elizabeth Meza Aguilar The day before school started, Elle decided which hair cut she would pick form the hundreds of magazines that were in the Hair Salon called “In Style”. She wanted to be the number one, the revelation of the year; she wanted to come with a new look. After looking through 15 magazines and finally deciding, with the stylist’s opinion of course, she went for a classic cut, a cut of the 60’s. Elle feelings were regret, confusion, doubt about the decisions she made. Elle convinced herself that she had made the right choice and that the result would be magnificent because the stylist was really an expert. She looked at herself carefully in the mirror while her hair was being cut. As the hair was falling, she was horrified at the way the stylist was cutting her hair so she asked her to stop, and begged God for it to be a dream, Elle closed her eyes . When she opened her eyes she thought the stylist had fixed her hair when she asked her to stop but soon she realized that she never did anything to stop her, she had asked her to stop, but only in her mind. When the stylist showed her the final result, Elle, without anything to do, said, “OK, yeah, it’s fine.” The words coming out of her mouth sounded with some accent of tormenting herself for choosing that cut. Her hair was a mess. It looked like if she had had an insanity moment and cut her hair by pulling it out of her head. Elle realized she would have to go with a hat or something on her hair and she would also have to buy some amazing outfit and make-up as if she were a runway model. She just needed to put more effort if she still wanted to achieve her goal. At first she was all down, but this “incident” gave her an opportunity to improve other aspects. Of course, the hair cut was free and also the next 12.

from TECinglés 06

MICRO-FICTION Cielo Zu-lym Puón Díaz Frequently in the library an intelligent man carries a coat. He often puts the coat on a chair. He likes to put his things in order before he starts reading because he is a passionate reader, and he wants to concentrate. He is looking for the book that he chose a week ago, but he realizes that the book isn’t there. He is angry and tells the library man that his book isn’t there. The library man knows that he lent the book to someone else but he is very scared because the intelligent man is very furious. The library man does nothing and the man return to his place and throws the coat because he is really upset. The man stops and wonders if it is a good idea to pick up his coat and leave the library for a while or wait until someone appears with the book. Suddenly a beautiful woman appears with THE BOOK. He stands up very quickly and goes to her to obtain his book. But he is so mad that he acts without thinking and when he realizes it he already is in front of the beautiful woman. The beautiful woman turns to see the intelligent man and smiles. Then, the woman says “Do you want this book?” and the man also smiles and says “Yes, but if you want to read it, I can wait.”

THE SHRIMP BOY Rafael Zarazúa Ojeda Last summer, a boy was on a beach eating shrimps. Jose Magdaleno was that boy, and he liked a lot that food, so he bought a lot and ate them. He was a very intelligent boy, but he liked to eat a lot, overall seafood. After he ate one ton of shrimp, he fell asleep. While he was sleeping, his belly started to grow, and grow. When he woke up, his belly was extremely big and kept growing. He screamed when he saw his belly at the border of exploding. Magdaleno freaked out and tired to buy products to lose weight, but he couldn’t reduce his belly. Finally, one day his belly exploded, and the shrimps returned to the sea. Magdaleno died, but his shrimps returned to the sea and lived happily ever.

STORY Octavio GutiĂŠrrez Oliva Last vacation a crazy-looking woman at the mall was holding a bunch of globe yellow grapes. She was eating them and she offered them to me. She seemed to be enjoying them. I saw inside her open mouth and it was like rubbish inside it. When I looked away and then back at her, she threw me a grape, pointing it at my mouth but it was closed. She walked closer but I walked into a shop. She kept them in her handbag and followed me into the shop. I touched my pocket and I felt a grape. I took it out and smelled it, it was like candy. I looked at her and she stopped thinking what to do. I saw her walk to another guy and offer him a globe yellow grape. He just laughed and threw the grape. I think the woman gave up because I saw her leaving the mall.

SHORT STORY Gabriela ZacarĂ­as Aguirre Yesterday, a mysterious boy at Tec de Monterrey was carrying a little black box. The mysterious boy noticed that from the box came a strange annoying sound. He was very upset because the noise was getting louder and he looked as if he were going to explode. He decided to destroy the box because the noise was driving him crazy. He started to look for an artifact to break the box, and he found an axe in the storage room. The mysterious boy broke the box and the noise stopped, but a bright light came out of the broken box. He instantly closed his eyes because the light was affecting his sight. The mysterious boy remained with his eyes closed and thought about whether he should run away or stay there and find out what was in the box. He decided to put on his sunglasses and he tried to find out what was in the black box. When he found out that the box had been completely destroyed, he realized that the black box would always be a mystery. He walked away and tried to forget the incident, but the black box would always remain in his mind.

from TECinglés 07

UNTITLED Andrés Eduardo Arias Pastrana On July 21, Alejandro Cristiano discovered something really interesting in his house. In his basement, he found a door. It was not common door; the door would open a portal to another dimension. He was anxious in thinking where the portal should lead, so he started thinking about entering. The door was the most exciting thing in his life, so he refused to be scared and proposed to enter the door. Alejandro, being so decided, entered the door and millions of lights started to shine. A long time passed and Alejandro arrived in an unknown world all because of that strange door. Alejandro discovered that he was alone in that new dimension, but he was so interested in having discovered it, and looked for life. A day passed since he arrived in that world. The first thing he thought about was food. He began searching for food; he was so hungry that he could barely walk. Another day passed and the food hadn’t appeared yet, but his determination made him keep looking for food. Finally his claims were heard; he discovered a banana tree, but suddenly a monster appeared and ate Alejandro.

UNTITLED Fabían Francisco Torres Montesinos It was Friday night. John was alone in his room with his pen in his hand. He had to finish what he had started months ago. He took the pen and started writing. Not even the ambiance could calm him down; the ending was the problem. He was going nuts trying to figure an ending for the story. It was the third night straight he was awake thinking of that. Someday, somehow it had to end. The story was really similar to his own life, and indeed, had to finish as he would. After a while he was ready. “A bloody end it should have,” he thought. He took the pen and smashed it into his veins. Blood was running out, the end was near for him and for the story. He wrote in words full of blood, “Romeo found the best end for both. He had to die so she could be happy...” He signed it with his name. “Finally the end is ready,” he thought.

BOMB Kathia Salazar Camacho In October of 2005, the family Suarez found an object, which they hadn’t seen before, in their garden. The family, ignoring what it was, approached the object and started moving it. When they realized it was a bomb, they were really nervous and scared. The poor kids started crying and the parents couldn’t avoid yelling, until they stopped to think and decided to call 911 in order to find somebody to come and deactivate the bomb. As the parents walked away from the bomb, the little kid went and kicked the bomb. The parents observed how the bomb started ticking. For some minutes, which to them seemed like hours, the Suarez family sat in garden chairs, staring at the ticking bomb. The specialists from 911 came in, and the father guided them to the bomb. Then, he took his family and went away, trying to take them to a safe place. Where they were going was unknown and for a while silence invaded the car. After an hour on the road, the family, who hadn’t said anything for hours, started talking about how you must enjoy every second of your life and how every member of a family should always support each other. Suddenly, the mother’s telephone started ringing, she answered it and burst out crying. Nobody knew what was happening. They tried to calm her down but it was impossible, and after some minutes she said, “I must go for a while, but don’t worry, I’ll be OK.”

MY STORY [reinterpreting El muelle de San Blas] Cinthya Isabel Díaz Valencia Three years ago, I heard a story. It was beautiful, but a little sad. It was about a girl named Lucy. She was beautiful. She had brown hair, and the deepest blue eyes. She had a boyfriend, but he had to study in another country, and he told her that maybe he wouldn't come back. She told him that she would never forget him and would wait for him. At the airport, he told her that he loved her but he had to go, so he gave her a rose, a red rose, and then he left. She always remembered him and waited a long time at the airport hoping that he would come back, but she waited and waited a long, long time. She didn't eat or even take a shower, so she was stinky and very thin. She was always there, holding her rose, and always remembered him when she looked at it. But one day when she was sleeping someone was looking at her. It was a man named Peter, who was a very good man. He saw her and fell in love with her when she opened her eyes. She was very tired from waiting, but she was in love so she didn't mind. Peter tried to help her forget all the pain and win her over. It was very difficult because she was very loyal and she was very much in love, but after a time she could love Peter and he loved her so much. Actually, she lived a happy life with Peter, her hero.

UNTITLED Juan Antonio López Chapital, The first light of the rising sun reflected on Savion's sword, Its blade perfectly fit as a key to unlock the abandoned house’s rusty door so he could count on a shelter for that night. Although he was tired from his long journey, his face had a happy expression drawn on it. He realized that it was just about the time to meet her, at the usual spot, her castle’s courtyard. Holding his sword, Savion walked a mile until he saw that the road was totally covered by tall grass. Cutting down the herb, it seemed to him the castle appeared closer and closer every time, powered by the idea that he would soon be holding his beloved Lyla in his arms. Suddenly he felt that some sort of animal had hurt him, while his feet were losing their strength forcing him to fall beside the snake that had bitten him. He tried not to fall over his aggressor but his weakness didn’t let him and he only got a terrible pain for the effort he had to make. Unable to move his feet, he took his sword and started carving a grave, if it was to die, then it would at least have a funeral. His enormous wish to see her, fed by his great will, gave him the necessary energy not to give up because of that or any obstacle. While a life comes to an end, a man looks for his beloved, and she waits impatiently for her knight.

from TECinglés 08

UNTITLED Sergio Gamboa Serrano During a sunset when the light of the day began to disappear, in the middle of a battle field, a mysterious knight was playing circles with his sword on the top of a skull. The blade cut the wind and sounded like whispers because of the perfect moving of his hands. His master noticed he was so powerful and wise, and governed by envy, he tried to kill his pupil while he was distracted. The mysterious knight knew the intention of his master. He was only playing with him. He lay down and avoided his master’s deadly sword. He took out his sword, too. With a smile on his face he took his master’s life It really did not matter for the mysterious knight. At that time, he wasn’t necessary for him. He would continue his journey making his own path and will. He would be free, acting in accordance with what he thought was right and wrong. Leaving behind the corpse of his old master, he ventured into a new world, alone. With a tear in his eye because of the happiness, he mounted his horse and started his new destiny.

THE FLY Israel Meneses Enríquez This morning the fly woke up in his banana skin. He began sweeping his banana skin because it was dusty. The fly was very happy living in his banana skin, but when it went to the grocery store, the trash truck took the trashcan where the fly's banana skin was. When the fly returned and saw that his banana skin was gone, he decided to look for a new house to live in. First, he tried to live in an old shoe but it was too big and stinky. Then, he tried to live in a Coke can, but kids used to smash Coke cans and one day the fly almost died. After that, the fly decided to go to a safer place to look for a new house, where nobody kicked it or took it to another place; he went to look for a new house in the peaceful alley. There the fly found the perfect house; it was a tuna can with a bed made from a matchbox inside. It was big enough and the fly was very happy again.

UNTITLED Alejandra Pamela Tecún Gómez One dark night with heavy rain a young woman was driving home with nothing else than her cell phone. Parking at a corner, she opened her cell phone. The woman was trembling and speechless, she didn’t know where she was going. She had to get back home. The woman looked outside the window searching for some traffic signs. Desperately, she sought answers on her cell phone. The “bip” of the cell phone echoed in her ears as wise words. Something she learned from her stepsister; “If one day you get lost you must follow your instincts.” Perhaps she didn’t want to go home at all. An hour later, with her mind clearer than just few hours ago, she remembered the last words she had heard: “If you dare to leave the house, forget about me.” She went to the gas station, filled the tank, and headed for the interstate.

from TECinglés 09

TOP MODEL Adalys Montesinos Maza Last summer an international top model went to work on a runway in Paris to promote a car. She fell in love with the car and she bought it. She was really happy and she decided to go to the mall. There, someone hit her car and she got crazy, but suddenly she realized that it was not a big deal, so she decided to call the insurance and they fixed everything. After the accident she went to a party where she apologized in public about her reaction, and she compromised herself to go to an anger-dealing section. Days later, she was the official image of the campaign and she started to help people. The owner of the car agency gave her a car because she was helping a lot of people. She was so happy that she couldn’t touch the car, and she started to remember all the things and she realized that she was really lucky. So she started to work for social causes just to feel that she could make a little change in the world, but then she got a disease.

UNTITLED Memo Besné It was a sunny day at Milestone HS, Emilio was kissing his girl Marie. He put his hands on her waist and started to kiss her passionately. He was nervous, because that was his first kiss. Suddenly, Marie moved away from him and walked towards Chris. As soon as she was at his side they started tongue-kissing. Emilio could not believe what was happening. Full of anger he got close to where Marie and Chris were making out. He started to cry, but neither Marie nor Chris would care. His stood there alone, until Karo offered him her shoulder. Emilio fell in love with her and they moved to Monterrey. Years later, Emilio realized that it was best that Marie and Chris got together. So one day, he phoned her. As soon as Marie knew it was Emilio, she hung up.


2007 Winter. Retrospective issue, gathering together some of my favorite stories from the first nine, covering the period from 2003 thru 200...