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This is the work of Profesional students of

Lengua Extranjera Remedial English 5 and

Remedial English 4


THE FOOTBALL PLAYER Verónica Trujillo Pariente It was a cloudy morning of October and Marcos Wolosky was in the stadium playing football with a ball. Marcos was running with the ball in his arms and then, he fell down and broke his legs. Marcos was screaming and crying because of the pain of the broken leg and he started to feel very bad, but his parents and friends decided to call an ambulance. Marcos didn’t want to go to the hospital because he was playing the final of football and he was the star, so he said that he could play. His parents said that he was crazy, but he didn’t understand and he stood up and walked very slowly and painfully because he wanted to win the final. He took the ball and started to walk again. The ball was very wet and he cannot catch the ball. Marcos started to cry because he was unable to play. So he accepted to go to the hospital to check his leg. When he was at the hospital, the doctor said to his family that he couldn’t play again because the leg was very bad and he tried to move a long time, which hurt him more. Marcos didn’t want to accept that resolution, so he go to another doctor, but the doctor said the same as the other doctor. Marcos feel very bad but he accepted that decision and started to go to recovering because he wanted to play football again. Sun Sep 30 2007

UNTITLED José Alvarez Hernández, Once upon a time, a knight was holding a sword while he was entering in a castle. He was holding the sword with great strength. A great warrior with a shining armor and a great self-esteem entered a dangerous castle protected by a dragon. How could he be so relax? Knowing that he can die in any second. He started to walk, searching for the princess that was trapped by the dragon. He stopped when he found the skeletons of ancients knights burned. He remembered the last time he saw a place like that, he started to feel fear. If he couldn’t rescue the princes soon, the princes will surely die. Fifteen minutes later, he was really worried for the security of the princes. He entered to the last place in the castle, a great tower in the north entrance of the castle. “The princess should be here”, he said, while he entered in the tower.

Tue Sep 25 2007

UNTITLED Ana López Pulido Five years ago a girl bought a car in Calgary, Alberta, because it was her birthday gift. The girl was driving fast in the seventeenth avenue in downtown. She crash accidentally into a little boy that was walking towards the avenue. She couldn’t believe what had happened, the car was destroyed and the boy died at the moment of the crash. She tried to help the family’s boy with some money, but she was in jail. She talked with a lawyer and she explained him everything that happened in the horrible accident. She hadn’t the intention to kill the boy but she couldn’t avoid him. She accepted the custody of the jury and the car was sent to the agency. She didn't care about the car, because her main purpose was to help the family's boy. She thought that she had to remain all her live in jail. In front of the jury, the parents of the boy forgave what the girl did. At the next day, the girl was in freedom and she had a new purpose: to create an Institute, which will help the families who lost a son or daughter. She thought that with this Institute she could make something for the society, in honor of the boy that she killed. Few years later, the Institute was in several cities of the country. She was really happy, because she did one good thing to compensate the accident. Tue Sep 25 2007

UNTITLED César Díaz Morales In October 26 of 1945, John was a good boy, he used to play in the park with his toys. One of this toys was a gun, but it was a magical gun. John used to play with this gun more than with the other toys, he had many toys, but his favorite was his gun. And one day he felt down to the floor and the toy shot a real bullet out! John was very scared and amazed, so he started running to his room. John was so exited because of the bullet and worried about the girl he killed with the gun, so he thought in throwing out the gun if the cops arrived his home, but then he thought he wont have to do that whether or not the cops get on his home because it was just a toy. John, even it was a toy, decided to hide that dangerous weapon under his bed. Then he thought in assault a bank with his little toy, but his conscience was too good to make that horrible thing! So he thought again in destroying the gun and forget that problem. So he did that and forgot all the past with his wonderful toy.

Tue Sep 25 2007

UNTITLED Janeth Espinosa Toledo One year ago, a man sat at the entrance of a church with a ring on his hand. He threw the ring while he was crying, but then he picked it up. He was very sad because his girlfriend never appeared at the church for their marriage. How she could do this to me? He asked himself. “Supposedly, she loved me” he thought. “I look very stupid, sitting here, crying. I will forget her; she does not deserve all my love.” He went home, changed his clothes and called a travel agency. While he was looking for the ring, he decided to go to Italy for a month in order to forget his girlfriend. He still felt sad, really bad about his unsuccessful wedding. “I can live without her, I can forget her and I will be the happiest man in the world. Yes I can” he repeated to himself. So when he got to Italy he started to meet a lot of people and he went to touristy places, discos and to the beach. I do not understand how I could lose my time with her! He whispered. Suddenly, when he was on the beach, he could see his ex-girlfriend with another boy. Wed Sep 26 2007

UNTITLED Joshua Gibrael González Vázquez A long long time ago, in a far away place from here, there were dark times were evil was the law in all the kingdom, but there was a girl, holding in her right hand a long, silver sword, lost in the forest. While she was learning how use the sword, it started to shine. That shine was a signal, a signal for a hero whose destiny was writing before she was born. The girl was thin, tall and her eyes were brown like forest's wood, she was pretty smart and brave, the only thing that she was scared about was her mother's sickness. One day she was recollecting wood in the forest when she found the sword. She was wondering what should she do with the sword... she didn't have the necessity of sell it because her family has lot of money but she know that his father was a bad-heart man, he was a loyal friend of the king who was a bad man. Once she got the sword she knew that it was too heavy, it would be too hard to hold, then she took the sword with her two hands and when she raised it was lightweight like a leaf. Now she knew what she must do with the sword, train with the sword and beat the king who was a powerful, evil man. But how would a girl beat the king and all their men? "Yes I can do it" she was thinking, "I just need the perfect plan and the perfect situation" This will be the adventure of a girl whose travel became her a woman...

Wed Sep 26 2007

1800 Edwin Láscarez Salas On September 24 at 2 o’clock, Emmanuel walks in the main street of Berriozabal and he finds a note. He reads the note and it says, “You will die tomorrow, be careful little Emmanuel.” He does not know where the note comes from and he is scared about the situation, but he just thinks it is a friend’s joke. He starts to sweat and becomes thirsty so he goes to his grandma’s house to drink something. He walks in other street and he arrives to his grandma’s house, he drinks something and then he sits on a chair. He reads again the note and he notices that in the corner there is a number that says “1800” He begins to analyze the situation and he thinks that the number is a code for something valuable. Suddenly he thinks that the number written in the note is the hour he is going to be killed. He decides to go home and notices that the clock on the wall says “5:30” He thinks that there is no time and he runs as fast as he can moving toward his house. He gets to his house and he becomes scared, while he is opening the door a loud sound makes him more scared; suddenly, he sees a man sitting in front of him. Wed Sep 26 2007

POISON RAIN Shantall Lozano Carbajal It was a rainy winter day in a lonely park; a solitary woman was holding a poison bottle. The woman was holding the bottle in her hands, waiting. She was a really pretty woman and she knew it, that’s why she couldn’t get why he didn’t love her. She was a little scared, but at the same time she was sure about what was going to happen. Suddenly a couple appeared in the park so she followed them through their walk. She knew that the only way to make him love her was killing the other woman. She could see how much they loved each other, their smiling faces. She remembered the feelings she had when she was with him and how much she loved him. Suddenly, she regretted about killing that woman, after all if he loves her she couldn’t do anything. But she knew that she wouldn’t be able to live without him. She drinks the poison and look at him until she passed out.

Thu Sep 27 2007

UNTITLED Marcos Hernández Nucamendi Two men sat at the bar in a pub. One man was tall and blonde, and the other was short and dark. In front of them sat matching pints of lager and a ruptured bag of salt and vinegar crisps. "I was once cursed by an old gypsy woman," said the tall, blonde man, poking his glasses back into place. "She took an instant dislike to me and hexed me." "What happened?" asked the darker man. "She cursed me so that I would never be able to find my way home." he supped his beer. "And it's true. It's metaphorical, or psychological or whatever, but it's true. When I'm lying in bed at night I feel totally lost, and I know that no matter how hard I try I won't be able to get back to where I once was." "Hmmm," hummed the shorter man. "It's funny you should say that. I was also cursed by an old gypsy woman." "What did she do to you?" "She cursed me so that I would always find my way back home. And it's also true. No matter where I go, I can feel home calling me back." "Is that a curse?" mused blondie. "It seems more like a blessing." "No. It's definitely a curse." Mon Oct 01 2007

UNTITLED Ana María Gómez Coutiño During a perfect night with a beautiful full moon on Cancun, Carlos was having dinner dressed with his common snickers. The snickers started to move. Carlos told to his partner Andrea what his snickers are doing and they both freaked out. They start to think in what to do. Andrea tried to pull the snickers off without making it. He was desperate and began to run. He noticed that he run as fast as superman. Carlos had yelled as loud as he can, every single people that were out there could hear him. Then he found a weird guy that promised to help him. If he could help him, he will do whatever the guy asked for. The guy told Carlos to buy him a ship, because he had to go away, to Europe. Seconds later he run to the bank and gave him the money he needed to go to Europe. Finally the guy, took him the snickers off, and both of them were really happy.

Mon Oct 01 2007

UNTITLED Adrián Colinas Cruz During the afternoon in Sancris with a lot of cold, Adrian and Zita were having coffee at the kiosk. The coffee was very cold and Adrian call the waiter. The waiter ignored Adrian and he began to get angry. Adrian was very angry and Zita was very scared because Adrian was transform. Adrian started to shout and hit the waiter and Zita began to cry. Adrian wants that the waiter give back his money. The waiter was very bleeding and the police arrive. Adrian was very scared because of the police, and he started to run with Zita. Adrian was regretful and he return to the kiosk. Adrian ask for sorry and he paid all the hospital expenses. Adrian wants her coffee, and he drank one to reflect for everything that pass. Adrian was very sadden about the situation and Zita too. Fri Oct 05 2007

UNTITLED Juan Macías Pulido During a morning charged of good vibrations was a boy named Juanito, he was playing soccer with his friends. A bunch of bully boys appeared and started to ask violently to the Juanito’s friends to give them the field. Juanito put his face in front of that bunch of boys and told them that they weren’t going to get back. The bigger boy of the bullies, named Jorge, hit Juanito in the nose, and fall down to the ground. He stood up and punch the bully back. A fight started and everybody ran to their houses. Juanito ran away too. While he was running, he was thinking about how many stupid people are in this world. When he entered to his house, Juanito took a home-made bomb and go directly to Jorge’s place. He threw the bomb in the biggest window, then the bomb exploited and cause the destruction of that house. Juanito walk away slowly, and he thought that from now on, he will be the anti-bully hero. While he was thinking about it, he felt so relieved, and came back to the field to play soccer alone.

Tue Oct 02 2007

UNTITLED María del Pino Bañuelos It was a sunny day when Juanita was taking the sun laying in an inflatable bed in her deep pool with her best friend Panchita. Suddenly, she started feeling how her bed was deflating. Juanita asked Panchita for help because she didn’t know how to swim. Panchita started screaming in order to get some help while Juanita was begging for more time on the inflatable bed. Panchita was very scared because nobody could hear her and Juanita was trying to save her life. Panchita ran into the house so that she could tell Juanita’s mom that her daughter was drowning. Juanita’s mom ran and put her bathing suit so she could get into the pool and save her daughter’s life. Panchita stayed outside the pool with a towel and saw how her friend was being saved. Later, Juanita was crying because she was very scared…she said she “saw the light at the end of the tunnel”. Her mom hugged her and told how much she loved her. Finally, she decided to start going to swimming classes. Thu Oct 04 2007

UNTITLED Sergio Rodrigo Zuart Gris During the afternoon of the final of the Soccer World Cup there was the fragrant stadium filled with incessant noise of the crowd supporting his soccer crack Hugo. Hugo was warming in the pitch all this to get ready for the big match. The crack was really nervous but he knew that all his country and teammates were counting on him, so he must be in great form to the match. When Hugo saw all the crowd in the stadium he got shocked but he knew in that moment that he must win the final. The match started and at the 5 minute mark Hugo’s Team was losing 0-1. The crack was disappointed and then he saw the crowd screaming for his team. In that moment he knew that the final of the World Cup must be won by his team, all this to give something back to the supporters. But all this time, the player was thinking in the crowd, his time had been wasted for nothing. So the crack of the soccer Hugo, knew that he must score two goals to win the final. So he started to play as never in his career and score two goals to be over the other team. Then Hugo understood that the only thing that a man needs to accomplish a dream is to believe in it.

Tue Oct 02 2007

UNTITLED Fernando Aparicio Gómez We were playing our match, it was the last we had have, rams vs. bears the final of the season!!! we were in the table with the best score, but things in the stadium didn't were as everybody thought. the bears scored the firsts 6 point doing a fumble and carrying the ball to our 0 yard, they failed the conversion. The things were like that almost finishing the second quarter, but they did a safety that gave them 2 more points so. We were disappointed but the words that the coach said were perfects for the moment so it gave us a new hope, we were excited for the third quarter and our playing rhythm change a lot, I did a magnificent career that was almost a touchdown, but it was completed by "piernas locas" in the next play, we tried to do a 2 points conversion deuce the match but we failed, it was the turn of the bears to move the ball, but we were like dogs in the defensive so we didn’t let them make anything. The match was almost finishing but after that Julio Torres The QB threw a pass that was completed in the touchdown zone by Edwin Lascarez who was named the hero of the team... Tue Oct 02 2007

UNTITLED Memo Besné It was a sunny day at Milestone HS, Emilio was kissing his girl Marie. He puts his hands on her waist and started to kiss her passionately. He was nervous, because that was his first kiss. Suddenly, Marie moved away from him and walked towards Chris. As soon as she was at his side they started to tongue-kissing. Emilio could not believe what was happening. Full of anger he got close to were Marie and Chris were making out. He started to cry, but neither Marie nor Chris would care. His stood there alone, until Karo offered him her shoulder. Emilio fell in love with her and they moved to Monterrey. Years later, Emilio realized that it was best that Marie and Chris got together. So one day, he phoned her. As soon as Marie knew it was Emilio she hung up.

Sun Sep 30 2007

MINI FRIENDSHIP Alejandra Escobar Pérez During a sunny Saturday, in the city of Kushiage, a little black ant named Pit was walking to the park with his best friend Elmo, who was an ant too. Both were carefully walking, watching people’s feet and moving if some feet fell close to them. They didn’t want to die that day. Well, I don’t know if Elmo didn’t care to die, but Pit didn’t because that Saturday was his birthday. They were a happy couple of ants, both liked to eat sugar and candies. They lived together because neither of them knew his family. However, they took care of each other. Pit and Elmo had planned all Friday the activities for Pit’s birthday, like going to the park in the morning to have a picnic then going to the movies to see “Finding Nemo”. Finally, they wanted to have a dinner at Pit’s house and eat a piece of chocolate cake. The couple of friends woke up early, took showers and went out. They were excited so they walked to the park as fast as they could to continue with the next activities. At the park, Pit ate a little jam sandwich and drank an orange juice drop, Elmo had a little piece of bread and a drop of coffee. They talked about ant stuff and ate for 3 hours, they were having a lot of fun but the activities had to continue. At the movies, “Finding Nemo” was being projected in room 12, it was so far (for an ant) so the little friends decided to see “Hairspray” in room 1. Each ant ate popcorn and enjoyed the movie music; also they became Zac Efron fans. Finally at Pit’s they ate chocolate cake like they planned and continued talking and laughing about the things that happened during the day. Elmo and Pit were ants but ate like elephants. Pit asked Elmo his opinion about that day, Elmo really had fun and said -We must do the same activities on my birthday. Pit smiled and thought that it was his best birthday ever. Before they fell asleep, both ants promised to have more fun together. Pit wondered to himself, a little bit sad –Do my family miss me? Do they know today is my birthday?. Suddenly, Elmo said –Good night brother. In this moment Pit understood that his family knew when his birthday was, also that his family didn’t miss him because “his family” was sleeping in the next bed. Pit smiled and said to Elmo – Good night brother and thanks for today.

Mon Oct 01 2007

ASSASSIN (MISSION NO. 47) Esteban Cruz Silva In a sloppy night of December 31, Jonathan was located at the central park graving a black, leather bound briefcase. The briefcase was trembling as he shook it with his naked hand. He was waiting for the worst in that precisely moment, because in the past days, here have been happening strong conflicts between the Forlipopoli’s and Bertinotti’s houses. The conflict began by a misunderstanding between the houses caused by the city’s prosecutor, which decided to cut the incomings for the houses, so they began to fight for territorial conquest. He was just an intermediary, but things were not going well. He was just waiting for both representatives to give the territorial selection for the houses and stop this nonsense fight for all. Jonathan wanted to open the briefcase to discover which decision took the prosecutor referent to the territories, but he was ordered to open the briefcase only in front of the representatives. Still, he wanted to open it, to know the truth about the prosecutor’s control over the city. He thought that maybe, there was nothing wrong about opening the briefcase. Two months later he will notice the territorial selection, but even like that, he wanted to know. Jonathan… he said to himself, there’s nothing wrong to open this Pandora’s Box, and no one’s going to see you. He opened silently the box, and he didn’t like what he saw… anger, depression and frustration, hate, disappointment and sorrow. Then, he felt sorrow and disappointment to himself; he felt a painful angel’s touch in his warm heart, a cold-blooded object entering trough his body, and instantly, he fell. Rise and fall… Rise and fall, were the last words from number 47, before packing his M40A1 sniper rifle into his black-leather briefcase. PD: The city’s prosecutor sends him to be killed by a hit man called no. 47 because he had too much information. Everything was a lie.

Sun Oct 07 2007

UNTITLED José Luis Madrigal Flores Two woman were talking about politics. One of them was tall, thin, and her face was like a horse. The second one was short, chubby and looked like a big frog. "I don't know what's going on with this city... everybody is crazy, too many criminals around here." "Yes I know, but that’s the importance of the vote." Then the frog woman shook her head. "I try, but nobody does anything to make this city better." Then near there, in a small store, a little man screamed, "Stop, thief!" Everybody looked around; a man with a green and horrible mask was running with a big box in front of his chest. "Look, that was what I was talking about." "But if we use our vote we can change that." "OK, let’s go and vote for a better city."

REMEDIAL 5 Thu Sep 20 2007

TOP MODEL Adalys Montesinos Maza The last summer an international top model went to work on a runway in Paris to promote a car. She felt in love with the car and she bought it. She was really happy and she decided to go to the mall, there someone hit her car and she got crazy, but suddenly she realized that it was not a big deal so she decided to call the insurance and they fixed everything. After the accident she went to a party, there she apologized in public about her reaction and she compromised her self to go to an angry dealing section. Days later she was the official image of the campaign and she started to help people. The owner of the cars agency gave her a car because she was helping a lot of people. She was so happy that she couldn’t touched the car, and she started to remember all the things and she realized that she was really lucky. So she started to work for social causes just to feel that she could make a little change in the world but she got a disease. Thu Sep 20 2007

LUIS AND HIS LETTER José Leonel Hernández Hernández Luis wrote a letter yesterday in Paris. Luis was closing the letter Luis was sending the letter when a robber appeared and stole his letter and his things so he started to shout "police police”, and he felt scared. Luis started to run away and thought about escaping and asking for help. Luis found a policeman in the street and he told all the things that happened to him. Luis started to cry and the police recommended writing a new letter. Luis started to write the letter again. Luis was writing the letter when a hurricane started and took the letter away. Luis proposed writing a new letter. Luis bought a new paper writing a new letter. In the place where he bought it an ancient woman told him, "If you write on this paper, amazing things will happen." Luis was writing a new letter, and when he started to write the letter a light suddenly went on.

Fri Sep 21 2007

A SUMMER... Eugenia Arrieta Gutiérrez Last summer a man wrote a letter in the park. He put the letter close to his heart because in this letter he had expressed his love for a woman, but she had broken with him that day. He planned to send the letter and get her love one more time, for that he searched an inbox and sent his letter but the girl didn’t answer quickly. Then, he decided to go to his ex-girlfriend’s house, where he discovered that his letter was in the inbox and he hope to have an opportunity to come back with her. He came back very happy to his house. Suddenly he saw a lot of policemen, he thought he was in trouble because he had a very strange roommate so he didn’t continue walking. He decided to go to the park and when he arrived he sat in the same place where he wrote the letter, he was so romantic, then a shadow blocked the sun, the shadow was the girl, his ex-girlfriend who had a very sad face, she was crying, she just hugged him and said –Forgive me, I was so silly. The boy smiled and then came back. They were talking, when a policeman arrived and said that he needed to talk to the boy. The girl just watched the conversation, it finished, the boy came back with the girl but he didn’t talk about it, he just said –Lets go back home. The next day, the boy didn’t go to school, the girl was worried but no one of the boy’s friends knew what happened to him. The couple never saw each other again. Sat Sep 22 2007

THE MAN AND HIS FEELINGS Mariana Palacios Aguilar In London, two years ago a man who was working with books. He imagined the books obtained life. When the books attack he, he felt scare and saw hits in his body. He ran to escape. When he run, wasn't advance, due to the fear. This reaction happened because the books attacked again. He had the necessity to open a door, the door stay in front of he, but he can't. He think how can the books getting life and attack him, when he escaped. The man stay finally in the exit but he feeling the necessity to destroy the books. The man thought since he might fight to the books. He remembered that the feeling that had when he was working with books had annoyance for that the things were not going out for him well. Would it be this feeling what gave to him life to the books?

Fri Sep 21 2007

PEPITO DE CLOWN Damayanti Padilla Castro Once upon a time in a very funny city one clown had a magic pen. This clown had bought the pen in a store of old things. This pen had magic power. The owner only had to think of one thing and when he quit the tap this thing would appear. One day Pepito the clown who had many friends, was in the park wasting the time and took out his pen to show it to his friends And with this the clown tried to get many jobs and many parties, all this to save money; but he didn’t. And he didn’t have money to eat so he remembered that he had the magic pen so he thought of a lemonade stand, and it appeared. Suddenly the clown have a job he have many friends whose like the lemonade and he sold many lemonades in a day Day by day the clown have had many clients and his company grew up. One day Pepito proposed to him make franquicias of his company and left to be a clown. His friends talked with him and told that if he wanted to make a franquicia he will be rich. because that is a good business he can make a fuente de sodas like a Baskin Robbins and put ice cream and many new things. Finally they have many PEPO´s, that’s the name of his fuente de sodas, and now he shares his money with his friends for give to him that advice. END Pepito never be a clown never again. Sun Sep 23 2007

SUSAN AND JAMES Andrea Guízar Bermúdez Last year, Susan went to Asia to promoted a film. The film was Margarita’s where she felt in love of James, after Susan propose herself that she gets married with James. When they finished the film, Susan invited James to dinner and to the beach. After this Susan worked alone and returned to New York, where she adopted her first son, his name is Richard. Then James divorced of Caroline and he went to NY to life with Susan after they had a daughter, her names is Sirloh, she is a beautiful baby, after they adopter other son, his name is Tom and finally they adopter other baby, her name is Sarah. Other formed them family, they had to participated in a new film. James proposed to Susan, that they need to buy a new house bigger for the kids; she accepted and bought the house near to the beach.

Mon Sep 24 2007

MAN vs. RATS Christian Alan Gordillo Velasco Once upon at time, in the forest, a man got in to the Merion’s house. For buy poison. The men use the poison for kill rats in the city. The poison have a lot of thing, plants and chemical ingredients but the one thing god is that you can kill Rats, hamsters too. The man have careful because is dangerous. He come back home and saw a lot of Rats and run for the poison (on the desk) for kill the Rats. He tried killing the rats but there were a lot, he need more help!!! He fought with the Rats two days and two nights, finally he won, he used hundreds bottles of poison (on the desk). He smells that the rats smell stinky and the man vomit! In his clothes. The man think, how can enter in the house (the rats)?, and the lucky for have poison in the desk (a lot of). Now the man is fixing his house and put tramps in the hole of the wall, sometimes the man use a few poison and kill warms….ja ja. The rats rarely come back to the man’s house; they are scared. Thu Sep 27 2007

JUAN AND THE FOREST José Víctor Arriaga Benavente Two years ago, at the river, Juan wanted to swim, so he watched an dead animal. Juan moved the dead animal. Juan had been in some situations like that, he didn’t do anything. When he moved the body, he started to swim. He can accomplished his goal and he return to his camping. When he came to the camping, he had very hungry, so he took the pan and he ignited the fire with his lighter. When he was eating a fish, he listened a noise, it was an animal of the forest, he took his razor and he scare the animal. He thinks two things: the first was die the animal and the second was start to run. He took the decision of start to run. He was thinking since he ran, that it was just a rabbit. He remember all about that day.

Thu Sep 27 2007

BENITO, THE DRUNK José Luis Jiménez García Last summer Benito bought a car. Benito crashed his car with a tree. Benito felt very lucky because his car was destroyed and he survived. He bought a new car and he promised to himself never to drink again. Benito would never be drunk again. He drove his new car on the boulevard. One day when he was driving his new car, he remembered his old car and he started to cry. He thought about the dangers of alcohol. Benito started to tell his friends the importance of living without alcohol. Since that day, he realized that his mission in this world is to prevent accidents by car. Now, he is a very happy person and he never drank alcohol in his life again. Sun Sep 30 2007

RABBIT HUNTER Jorge Ernesto Méndez Pozo The man was walking in the forest, looking for rabbits, he was listening to every sound in the forest and was quiet. Suddenly the hunter heard something, it was a snake near, so he noticed and then he moved on far from the snake. In that moment he saw a rabbit jumping so he tried to shoot his gun rapidly but he couldn’t reach the rabbit. The hunting got more interesting, the hunter started to run behind the rabbit. The hunter shot his gun for the third time when the rabbit received the bullet, so the hunter walked to the dead rabbit to check, if the rabbit was completely dead. The hunter started to think how he was going to cook the rabbit, maybe he was going to cook the animal with potatoes. He really wanted to eat rabbit, so he felt happier to be saved with the dead rabbit as a good result of the hunting. Later he was walking to his house as fast as his steps could go. The minutes passed and he got home in half an hour.

Wed Oct 03 2007

MARIO’S VACATION Jonathan Gutiérrez Hernández Last September Mario went to Las Vegas to celebrate his birthday. Mario went to many casinos to play but he didn’t win anything. He felt sad because he couldn’t win anything. But the next day he came back again to the same casino and this time he won a one billion dollar. After he won the money he was very happy. After making the money, some men’s kidnapped it. The police immediately began the search to find him, but without result. They spent the days and Mario results and her family was sad. Finally the police locates him and they rescued him safe. Their family to the knowledge of the news filled of happiness to see it out of danger. And this it was the end of the adventure of Mario in its last vacations that remembered them by always. Thu Sep 27 2007

SUSI’S MAGIC BOOK Luzana Rothschuh Aguilar Last summer, Susi Blue bought a nice book. When she read it, she realized that the book was magic. She felt so lucky and very happy for having the book. The book was read every day by her. She always said that when she was reading the book she could feel that she was in the book. So she called the book Susi’s Magic Book. One day, when she was reading the Magic Book, her brother took the book and ran to his best friend’s home. Now, Susi couldn’t live without her book; she missed it a lot. She decided to write a book with her memories. She thought that she could do it; she could do whatever she wanted. Nowadays, she is the most famous writer in the whole world and she is happy for that.

REMEDIAL 4 Mon Sep 24 2007

UNTITLED Adriana Isabel Ramírez Vásquez The last year, Maria have been buying a house in the beach, this summer made a celebration for its friends in the house, after the celebration she was very tired but she was very contented, from the celebration she had the idea to put its business, and as it were very well informed as far as the celebrations, she had to put its own business of the organizer of events: social and enterprise. To buy the house did that it generates the rent greater and that I help him much, but as resulting from this she worked much and began much to neglect much the house and this one is being deteriorated with greater rapidity by the deficiency of the attention. Therefore it had in working less and dedicating themselves to her so that this stress, on the other hand to give more maintenance to the house with this would improve its mental health as much as physical and also would more improve the aspect of the house, since as much work has cost to him to obtain it. In fact we will not know if this ended its business, hopefully that if, since a house in the beach is symbol of pace and the tranquility. Wed Oct 03 2007

UNTITLED Julio Alberto Bello Brito Few days ago, an angel came to hunt all the condemned in the world, with his hands and sword. That day, he thought was going to be easy, and he sheathed his sword. When he stood on the ground, he felt an evil presence, but he also felt protected, he was calm. He thought that he had to catch that evil presence. He began to run as faster he can do, trying to follow that presence, little by little he felt that the presence was getting harder, then he arrived to a place full of condemned, like 21,000. He withdrew his sword and begun to kill all the condemned. Little by little he felt his sword heavier. He thought that he was sent to earth to die, he in fact begun to felt tired. Anyway he continued fighting against the condemned, them one of those strap a sword on the angel chest. While he was massacred, he stopped to feel pain. His last words were – I really were sent here to die…-.

Sun Sep 30 2007

UNTITLED Yesenia Carrillo NatarĂŠn During the beautiful evening of yesterday the unusual voice of my mother was listened from the suburbs of my house, saying "daughter do you listen to the voice of my father? " When in this moment I see my darling grandfather sat in her favorite armchair, and faint away. My grandfather was an indomitable, compassionate, affectionate, but arrogant person; she had a corporal strong formation, expensive semibreve cleans, eyes green; but always she hated the children, for what she was saying to myself " if you want to be a part of my family, you will have to be loyal with me, because if you make yourself something that does not please me you will have to go to living to the street. Since her granddaughter I do not remain any more than it to agree, for what every day were an affectionate, obedient and incomparable girl for what always she was seeking to realize everything to the perfection. But slightly hard the obedience, since when my grandfather was making me indecorous things I was opposed and I decided, to tell the actions malhechoras from my grandfather to my mother. But very innocent she did not believe me, and traversed me; with this reaction I did not have another exit any more that to do the inevitable thing, and offender. Since if she could not convince my mother, she might look for the way of making fall my grandfather in her indisputable behavior until I spend the unexpected thing, When my grandfather was discovered and for the surprise of the unusual lie, she died of a shot that received of my 2-year-old small brother. And she was when she asks what family is she? Since every person I put to weep, for what she was happening, since though she hated my grandfather, not can to believe that it was dead. Then I thought that my life was the most odious, desperate and had to a completely mad family, went mad and died in life since any step in a second, and my life I change.

Mon Oct 01 2007


THE LACANDONA FOREST Aldo Alí Trujillo León Once upon a time in the Lacandona Forest a genius boy that lived there was making a prototype to detect when the trees had been cut down. He had been working on this prototype for many weeks. The Genius boy decided to prove if the scanner prototype was really working and he saw that in that moment too many trees were being cut down, he felt so sad and began to run to save the life of those trees. After he had run several minutes, he finally arrived to the town and told the success to all Lacandona Society and he proposed them to catch the bandits. The Genius boy called to the forest police and told them about the situation. Then he played the scanner to search for the cutters down and discovered that there were more trees falling in that moment. He was too surprised of the number of trees that were cutting down and he wished the scanner was wrong. He thought if all continued in the same way, Lacandona Forest would disappear in a few years. If he could not rescue all the trees, he thought of seeding so many trees that through the time would grow and renew the Lacandona Forest. Two days later, he had already gotten the trees, he was scared, he didn’t want that other persons cut down the trees that he was going to seed. When he finally finished seeding the trees, he sat, looked around him, saw the trees and thought, “Why can’t we live in peace?!!”


2007 Fall semester (part 2). The work of Profesional students from Lengua Extranjera, Remedial 5, and Remedial 4

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