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This group, Lengua Extranjera (Fall 2005) is also represented in an online "newspaper" format which can be viewed by clicking on Tec Times. They wrote a lot! Included here are some short fictions (Some are edited versions.) that didn't make it into the newspaper.

MICROFICTION OLD LETTER Paulina Díaz Valencia Last December, Miranda was starring at her brother's letter as she walked down to the basement. She had kept the letter since the last goodbye. Seven years later, she was now 17 and had no word from him. Her mother was dying so, she felt it was about time to open it. Sometimes people get so scared of what could be a mystery that you refuse to find it out. She sat at the old green couch, and started to read the letter. In her sight you could feel sadness and alleviation. She had finally understand why he has gone. But he was not coming back. Miranda got in her mother's room. She told her not to worry, that he will come soon. Her mother died two weeks after. Miranda thought it was better to say one little lie and make a person to believe; believe in her son, believe in faith. SHIPWRECK Sergio Adrián Torres Cruz John woke up on the beach the morning after the storm and his first view was his silver compass on a rock. His instinct made him seek his friends; nevertheless there was nobody but him and a chipped wood plank on that lost beach. Being a shipwreck got him frightened. The strong light of the sun coming through a palm brought him back to reality; he reached his compass and kept it like the last memory from humanity he had been left. He realized hadn’t drunk since the last morning and he would had kill for a suck of water. He walked across the island and found a small lagoon where he could satisfy his thirst. Suddenly, he listened what he thought were voices. He took out his compass and followed the north, from where he had come. He felt lucky of having the compass. He thought he would be rescued and would see his wife again. But there were no people at the beach. Somebody will come eventually -he believed- “until then I must keep my self alive”. BLACK BUTTERFLY Jorge Alonso Molina González Yesterday when Tomas was working in his house studio, he looked a black butterfly at the roof. He was ten years old and he had heard at his mother said that black butterflies has signals of death people and that they can advise us when someone is dying. He was really scared and that’s why he ran after his mother and he start crying in her stomach. After that he decided to return at his studio to look if the butterfly was black, because he wasn’t sure. The butterfly flew towards the boy’s head and he snapped at the insect. It died after the hit. Tomas was regretful and he went at his bedroom to think about it. Boy’s proposed was try to understand what relation does butterflies have with death people?

Two days after Tomas’s grandfather died and his mother and he were so sad that they were 40 days in their house without going out. Those days Tomas understood that the butterfly that he had killed was his grandfather’s soul who was saying to him good bye. “A NIGHTMARE OF REFLECTION” Sergio Penagos Lobato Last month an old man was working on his farm, collecting bunches of carrots from the cultivars of the last season. His self-esteem was so great that he picked up a carrot, and thought about all the effort invested. In fact, he was 60 years old and spent 30 years of his life in “cultive techniques”. He couldn’t believe that he had the best production of his life. But he was so amazing that decided to take a break time. Set himself a place at his bed, and sleep much time. In his dream he received a lot of money from selling the carrots and he’ll become a rich man. As he was spending all that money, he never saw when he had not enough resources to continue his modest type of life. The problem was, when he couldn’t believe the event of his eyes show us. “A real disorder”. He was worried about that, when suddenly woke up almost crying, imagining that situation was his end on agriculture. Fortunately it was just a dream, and he learned to be organized and modest, so he’ll never have problems like that in the future. DAY AFTER THE FUNERAL Mara Rincón On the cold, damp day after the funeral... later, the old man was behind the church. Mr. Juan felt that maybe he was guilty of that murder Mr. Juan was a poor man, full of mental problems, he was always repressed, alone, and with bad feeling... he knew that he was a key on that murder. He cry every week, he really knows that he was guilty. He ignored admonitions to confess that feeling that was killing him, was for that the wrong feeling that maybe expose him with the authorities. In disappointment, he try to suicide. He was trying to give the end of his life, but he can’t... He knew that the end was really closest. Now his new goal was die alone but with peace At that moment he thought that maybe he could regret all the pain that he caused, and he could change his destiny, he could be one better person, and plans its life. He felt so bad… he was there, alone like always… the rain falls on his face.. He was dead.

ROBERTO'S DREAM Diana GutiĂŠrrez Yesterday in the morning Roberto a thin young man and of white skin, went out of his house course to the school. He was going very happily because he received the news that he had been accepted in the University of Sports that he wanted. His father, who was the most important person for Roberto, was a famous sportsman but now he was an elderly person, and his mother. His mother a major person always taking care that everything was in order. Both glided to make a party for Roberto and feast that he would enter to the University. But nobody they were imagining what would happen this day. While Roberto was crossing the street, an intoxicated young man was coming to speeding in his car, the young man knock down Roberto destroying him one of his legs. Everything happened so rapidly and Roberto woke up in the hospital with his mother was crying because the doctors had amputated the leg to Roberto. Roberto's dream had ended, because already he might not realize his dream of being a famous sportsman as his father. This demonstrates that we do not have the bought life and that any thing can happen and change drastically our plans THE SMELL OF FISH MarĂ­a Fernanda AlvĂ­drez Falconer It was a time of revenge. Blood spill and massacre. On an ice-cold and windy land, not so far from here, 10 decades ago. A land and time that would not spare the life that came in contradiction with the lords of fish. The little boy struggled to find a place to sleep, begged to the people on the crowded market for a piece of bread. All his instincts called for was survival. He had lost his parents during the last gang visit to his father... in their effort to control the fish and supplies distribution from the nearby shore, they kept their threat to him. But the father had never ceased to provide to his family, the only way he knew... fishing. With the His big bright brown eyes and a now long hair gave his sight a new light; his skin broken by the cold breeze, lips dry, face sunken... no soup, no bread. He was decided to live. He wanted to become the man his father would have wanted him to be, and though his little boat was no where to be found, he knew he would have to find a way to grow. He would have to buy his way into the cold and indifferent society he lived at. The faith his mother inspired on him, the simple thought of a God in him, kept him going... always looking ahead. He would usually ask women to carry their bags, to help through their walk on the market; to speak to dealers and unload carriages with carrots, fish and bread. His heart did not carry any revenge. His clean soul and heart allowed him to deal with the fish gangs. He just wanted to live and extend forward. He carried no dust, no chains on his soul. Often he would hear in his head the sound of a violin. He would then recall the big smile of his uncle, his strong arms and his inspiring _expression of joy when he was near him. The dreams of past times. The constant smile of his uncle on his head, and then he realized.

He had to find his uncle. There was no better way, no other. The thoughts of distance, a feeling of an infinite separation. The distance, the sea, the hurdles, but no other thought could inspire more a little eight year old boy. And one day, it hit him. The time came. He got a job helping unload a fish boat in the docks. His presence and attitude always appealed to this fisherman, member the distribution lords in town. Unloaded the boat and, suddenly, took a step into it. No one knew. He would wait. The boat sailed away. His journey, had begun. MR. WILSON'S REFLECT Manuel Iván Villalobos Solis … Time passed down… Maybe the nightmare has already finished… Ready to sleep, J. Wilson entered his bedroom, it was a cold night, but before going directly to the bed, like usually, he needed to see his face in a big and wooden framed mirror located at one of the corners of the room, near the left of the bedroom’s unique exterior window. In fact, it was for him like a before-sleep custom. So he walked to it… One, two, four, five steps and the mirror was in front of him. But that night his face looked something strange, his eyes showed more fatigue and he found more wrinkles on it. The man in the mirror wasn’t him, it looked older and tired. –Why? - He said. -Is this really me? No, it’s you… again!-- Effectively he had returned. That man who, J. Wilson thought was disappeared, that man that had the same physical appearance of him but with the difference that he showed in his face the running of the years and a life of excesses was there, in his bedroom, in the mirror. Thinking all these questions J. Wilson had a suddenly idea, an idea that will definitively finish the strange meetings with that man… -Kill him... Yes!With his eyes looking at him and the man looking his eyes, Wilson went back the five usually steps and there, under the bed and axe was waiting him. Taking it, he encouraged himself and slowly walked to the mirror again. The big object with the man’s silhouette was there, like a big monster waiting for his food and the moon as the unique witness between it and Wilson. - Who is he? Why is this happening again? Why does he look like me? How did he get into my bedroom? Wilson’s mind was confused and nervous. Lots of questions without answers, like a storm, was falling into his mind – Yes, I will hide the body before the murder? Nobody will suspect… But if the discover me? – “No evidence” was the new J. Wilson’s motto while advancing. It appeared like his body was being divided into two pieces, sweat started running in his face… He took the broken axe; pieces of mirror fell to the floor… J. Wilson has killed himself!

POOR LISA!!!! José Rodríguez Sánchez In year 2584 Lisa a smart and pretty girl, lives in a peaceful and modern island names Hanes located in the Mexican gulf. One day she was going to the school, just like always, when se noticed there was a new girl in her neighborhood. Monica, who was Lisa’s best friend, told her just one week before that a new girl was going to move in front of her house. Monica always talks with Lisa about every topic that her ears catch. Lisa thought that it was a great idea inviting the new girl to a party that was going to take place in her house that night, juts to meet her. Nevertheless Lisa’s idea seemed to be perfect, she didn’t imagine who the new girl was. Her name was Erika and she was the ex girlfriend of Lisa’s boyfriend, who met Erika last summer in Holland. Lisa had not idea so she invited her to the party and Erika accepted happily. When the night arrived all Lisa’s friends were in the party, including Monica. Everything was in order and the new girl met everyone in the party. Suddenly Lisa’s boyfriend appeared and everything became a mess, because the new girl got really exited and ran kissing him. At the end of the kiss Lisa take off of her house both her boyfriend and the new girl. That demonstrated that we never know what someone have done before we meet him. WHEN A DREAM BECAME TRUE Luis Gerardo Zuarth Gómez Fifteen years ago, Oliver Kron bought an expensive white ball at the sports store. He played with the ball for two hours with his older brother. He was only fourteen years old back then, but he was a very smart kid who had seen a lot of soccer games in the TV. That day, he decided to become the greatest soccer player ever just as his idol Pele had done. To achieve that goal, he began his training with his new ball. He blasted the ball back and forward and he began running like hell. Soon he was so tired that he needed to rest for a little while. But then, looking at the cloudy sky, he thought that becoming the greatest soccer player was nearly impossible, so he decided to be just an average soccer player. Ten years later, he wondered about the significance of his decision, but when he won the English Premiership League, he understood that decision had the been the best one ever. He looked at his son's blue eyes and he smiled... ZERO'S DREAM... Raúl Ernesto Trujillo Aguilar Once upon a time, there was a group of friends that had a band, called "ZERO". The had started being a group of pals interested about playing their own music to earn some money performing at bars. One day, the had the chance to enter into a Band's Challenge, called TecFest. Surprisingly they got the first place. A couple of producers were interested in them, so they recorded their first album. Quickly they began to travel all around the world, earning a lot of money, living inside of a world of excess, forgetting their reasons of why they were a band. Fastly their popularity looked reduced, their fans lost the interest in the band.

One day, a hurricane called "Conchita" destroyed the village of Puerto Arista. The band was trying to recover their popularity, so they organized a concert to help the people affected by the hurricanes. The gave to the people all the money they earned with the concert. Their fans were happy. The band was acting just exactly in the same way they used to be when they started the group. They finally learned that being humble was better and that being always thinking of money, was going to carry them to the end of their career. Now they are normal people, that continue playing their music, making the fans happy, and always helping unfortunate people. "CASTAWAY" Heriberto Saldivar Massimi On November Antares was still on the island, trying to escape with the boat. The blade of his machete was razor and cut the coconut palm to finish the boat. He was 17 years old and desperate about his status. Alone in an island. He had been building the boat now for 3 month without sleeping safe, he was tired and now he wanted to leave. He pushed the boat down to the sea. He took control of it and feeling the coconut palm pieces under him, he started to move it. The sea was choppy but he continued. As he taught about being his last chance, he moved toward the Unknown sea. When he realized it, he focused on surviving. He had leaved his hometown because he was sick of his loony parents, but now he missed them. When his time came, having loony parents with him wouldn’t matters so much. THE BURNED HOUSE Daniel Eduardo Arévalo Pérez During a cloudy night in a desert street, the brave fireman took out a long hose from his truck. The water flowed by the hose that he supported. Even though the fireman was fearless and self-confident, he looked astonish the kid inside of the house on flames. The fireman understood that the kid could die. He prepared himself in order to enter to the house. He went to his truck and took out his fire protections. He sprayed some water with the hose and he entered to the house. he took the kid and went out with him. He was grateful with god because he had took care of him. He saw the house and understood that he could not save the house. However he would try to put out the fire in order to not permit that the fire expands. If he could put out the fire, he would carry out his job. He continued spraying water while he asked himself why he continued in that dangerous work...

NFL Ana Paniagua Mena Throughout the last three years, There was a little child that spend his time thinking about his mathematics problems, he always tried to answer the worse problems, meaning on the difficult of level, he wants to know about everything, but there was a little topic where he felt not secure, Sports. The other kids always laughs him and made it him feel as an dump, The genius kid got furious and felt the pleasure of the vengeance came; he tried with lot sports, Tennis, Soccer, Swimming, but he got nothing, He felt really bad from those sports, even when the coaches tell him that he was good. He tried with an other sport and he felt so good, this sport was Football. This game made it him feel as a fierce, as a Bull… and he got the respect of the guys of his team, then when they had a game, the guys whose laughed him, sew his courage and the effort in his expressions and they began to respected. He felt comfortable and with lot of proud. And Now… Since this discovery, the little kid is one of the best players in NFL. MARÍA AND HER PENCIL Mónica Bustamante Vidal Last week María was in Paris with a pencil. She was drawing the view of the Eiffel Tower. She would participate in an exposition in a famous museum. She was very excited and nervous. She had been imagining what would be her inspiration to make her paint. She thought in what monument admire, then she bought a pencil and started drawing. Her pencil was too gross so she couldn’t make good details, and she thought in buy a new one and visit Paris to obtain a better draw. She did her goal and arrived to Paris. She thought that she should make an excellent paint for all the efforts of her parents to pay the trip. When she finished her paint she thought that it would be the best. THE BLACK AND THE PAN Juan Orantes Coello Yesterday morning, an old black man was in his kitchen holding a pan. He put the pan on the top of the stove. He was preparing his 75° birthday meal, spaghetti. He started to cry and decided to call his sons. He left the pan on the stove and went to the living room to make the call. Before he could made the call the fire alarm went off, because the spaghetti was burning so he took the pan to the sink. He Started cursing when the hot pan burned his hand. He was in too much pain to make the call, so he decided to search the first aid kit. he was pissed off because he was in so much pain and he could not turn on the TV to watch Oprah.

THE SADNESS OF THE RAM Victor Zanoni Chamarro Sáenz In 2050, a space sheep named Joanna landed on the ITESM Campus Chiapas to visit the statue of the ram. Joanna saw the statue damaged because of the weather and loneliness. So, she felt guilty, a little angry with herself because in 45 years she hadn’t visited the statue. The space sheep, trying to fix her error, sent someone to clean up the ram, but it still being sad. She didn’t understand yet why the statue still in this way, she wanted to see a happy ram, powerful. Joanna started to investigate the reasons why the ram was this way and finally arrived to a conclusion. When she knew the reason, she began to talk the ram, explaining that it’s just a bad period but the next year, they will improve their goals. The statue of the ram understood the situation and really appreciates the advice. Joanna finally felt satisfied and returned to her land. The next season, the football team won the championship that they hadn’t obtained in 47 years. THIRST QUENCHER José Alejandro García Rentería Once upon a time, there was this guy named Michael White, who lived in the US. He had a football; it was brand new, and shiny as the sun. He was 25 years old, tall, thin, white skin, blue eyes and a very singular way to talk… He was sweaty because he had been playing with his football all day long, so now he wanted a “Gatorade”, so he took his way to the nearest seven eleven and bought one He drunk it as fast as he could, and you could see in his face relief, that Gatorade sure tasted his as heaven!. So remember guys, if anytime you feel as thirsty as Michael, do not doubt about drinking a Gatorade, the best thirst quencher in the world. THE THREE LITTLE GIRLS Sandra Irene Izquierdo Ruiz Once upon a time, there were three little beautiful girls named Dzidziela, Monica and Sandra; they lived on the deepest part of the city, were the criminals and psychotics live. But they all had different personalities, Dzidziela was very super ultra mega lazy, Monica was very super ultra mega hyper critic, and Sandra was very super ultra mega hyper hard worker. Once, the criminals and psychotics planned an attack to take this girls out of their territory, and they were serious about this; so they took down Dzidziela's house, that was made out of wood sticks, then they took down Monica’s that was made out of straw, and finally they tried and tried over and over again with Sandra’s one, but they failed, because Sandra was a hard worker, so her house was made out of hard concrete super enforced. And after that, Dzidziela and Monica learned a big lesson, “if you want to improve yourself you have to work hard for it”, things will not happened by their selves.

FIGHT BY THE BALL Oliverio Palacios Farrera Once a boy, call Pancho, went to the supermarket with his mother, the boy fell in love with a soccer ball, he was so excited with that ball that he started crying, his mother where seeing that his son really wanted it, put themselves to think, and he said to him that he was dangerous so that there was not much space in his house, also had many windows and things of value, in addition that the neighbors would bother themselves by the noise that would do. But her mother although did not want to buy it, the gift, but she warned to him of the problems and the consequences, and Pancho accepted so with having his new ball, when in fact he had not listened his mother. When happening the days Pancho it enjoyed playing his new ball, but a day when he was single and boring, it thought about inviting his friends, Juan, Pablo and their Oliverio cousin, they arrived and began to play, but to Pablo they did not pass the ball to him, then angered, I take hold the ball and I send it without seeing, then, Oliverio was across of the room, and the ball crashed with a window of the room and hurt to Oliverio, he star to ran by all the house throwing things and destroying everything. Pancho when seeing that his cousin did not stop to cry, and its house was made a disaster, called to his mother, his mother took to Oliverio and carry to Oliverio's house, while it took Pablo to it and Pancho began to fight so that they had hurt to Oliverio, when the Pancho's mother arrived saw Pancho and Pablo crying and hurt by the fight, and its breast was but annoying. Then the Pablo’s mother, began to protest, and she remembered Pancho to him of which she had said to him and of which had done with its house, for that reason, they do not leave to its children and care when they are playing. "SHICK IN U2" Ramón Alejandro Parres Ramírez In a far place of the Universe, into of the Galaxy Maroon 5, in the planet U2, a hostile and desert place in where looks that doesn’t live anybody and the life looks doesn’t have arrived never, it lives an ET called Shick, Shick doesn’t have a pas, present or future; he arrived to U2 when he was a little protozoa, he comes of a near planet which exploded and his parents sent to U2 when he has new born, the objective, it was that he dominated this world and to conserve his race Qatar. But it had a little problem, U2 was a desert planet, it didn’t have nothing and nobody. Shick was growing and with the time, he was seeing that he really was alone in the World, and how as his fathers wanted he dominated the world, but not for his abilities or his force, but he was the only one in U2, and he was very frustrated and he had a bid sexual repression, because the Qatar’s race have his cycle of reproduction each month and Every night Shick dreamed with to have a partner with whom to reproduce and populate his world, but he always that wake up, he saw his sad reality, he was alone in this awful planet in where his parents had condemned to live. Shick a good day decided take a long trip init looks for his partner or maybe something new in U2. He began his trip and he was five years searching in the world, he crossed the world many times, but he didn’t find anything, until one day like a miracle appeared

Trident, a beauty Shiita arrived of HSBC, a neighbor planet of U2, which had problems of inundation. Shick and Trident had a great friendship. And with help of time, they felt in love with each other and how result of his love, born Dannete and Danone, two little protozoa Qatar and Shiita and they lived happy for ever. Moral: If you search, you find THE GOAL OF MY LIFE María Carolina Pedrero Segura This is the story of a color man that wanted to work at a famous center price of economics. He wasn’t smart enough to approve the test of admission and he felt sad because of that. He had a friend that was a scientist that wanted to prove an experimental drug in a person and he offered himself to be the candidate of the experiment. The reactions of the experiments were that he got super powers improving his sense, like super smelling, super vision, super hearing, and other abilities like playing very well sports, etc., with this powers he pass the first exam by cheating. After he pass he first exam he realize that he was making a big mistake because the cheating. So he studied a lot of time for his final exam because he wanted to do this exam without making cheating and doing this by honestly way. In the final exam he responds correctly all the questions and all his friends and family was proud of him. He confessed all the things that he made to get that place, but he also said that he studied a lot to pass the final exam, the judges got surprised and they decided not to give the junior economist position, never the less they decided to give a under position for start in the firm and in a year maybe he could have a better position in a constant way. He gets in a year a better position and he was the happiest man in the world because he realizes his goals. LOST IN THE TIME Juan Pablo Chablé Gómez It’s the fourth day since Angel went out from his house, is walking in the rain across little park far away of home, looking the time in his small watch pushing the button of the light to see the hour. It’s so late completely wet and freezing he is afraid of the darkness scare, he star screaming the name of his mom, he's moving to a construction next to the park looking in ever hole, in every space were a person could stay. While he is moving between the walls, he press the alarm of his watch to make noise, that is so sharpness that gave him goose bumps. It has past more time than he expects, now he is going back to his house trying to remember his steps, and star "should I came back or not, would somebody helped me with my duties". The salty drop star running over his face, he shout with all his force.... What happen my little boy, it just a nightmare.

ONCE UPON A TIME... Brenda Michel Rodríguez Espinoza Once upon a time, there was a group of friends that had a team of football. They started being a teem of only 8, but they was very interested about playing on their own teem . One day, a knew integrant comes to the teem .they started to win . they got the first place. A couple of companies were interested in them. Quickly they began to travel all around the world, .they win all the games or that year .one day one of the integrate brook his leg so they stared to lost all the games. Then they star to lost popularity , and that was the End of this great team their was the intocables. ANA'S BICYCLE Mirza Andrea Martínez Pérez One day a young girl bought a new bicycle to have some fun with her friends. She was always riding her bicycle and going to all the places she knew to explore and to have more adventures. Her name was Ana, and she was a very kind person, she always like to smile, and to see the positive side of all the things and with her new present, nobody could make her sad. As the time passed, her emotion about her bicycle had changed, and she started to have new interests, like her school and also she was getting a mad and stressed person, so she realized that she needed to spend some time alone in order to be that fun and nice girl she was. Ana started to pay more attention to her friends, and to her family, to the funny life she used to live. And suddenly her bicycle appeared and a lot of memories passed through her head, so Ana realized that what she needed was in front of her eyes!, to remember the little girl that was inside of her. She didn’t think it twice, and ride again her old bicycle which one day, brought her a lot of fun. Again she spent her time going to the woods, and to the mountains, and to all the places she used to visit and propose herself that she will never leave her bicycle separated form her anymore. The days again were peacefully and she felt a strange nice feeling. She was happy again in her school, with her family and with her friends. YOU WILL RUIN YOUR LIVES... Margarita Olivos Morales Becky had never, in her sixteen years, actually met with more than the rumor of her father. In recent years her mother had drifted in and out of bars and rehab centers. Becky lived with her grandmother, who didn’t liked Joe, the boy she was in love with. "Watch out for that one," her grandmother whispered from deep of the only comfortable chair in the room. "He will ruin your life." Joe's parent were afraid she might get pregnant and force their son to ruin his life by marrying her.

During Joe's second year of college and Becky's last year of high school, Becky found that she was pregnant. She first talked to her grandmother who said she was like her mother. Joe's roommate told her he had been instructed by Joe's parents to tell her that Joe was not there, and he wasn't. Becky was really angry and sad so she picked up her grandmother's car keys, and drove south fast straight into a tree and she died. AMNESIA'S HAIR Braulio Martínez Marín Long time ago there was a little girl named Amnesia, she lived in a small country house with her family three miles from here and she used to have a pink comb on her mess up hair. Every night before taking a bat Amnesia always put her pink comb on the stool. She have always done the same procedure since she remember because her mother have always told her that one day Amnesia would lose her head because she was very forgetful. One day Amnesia got sick, so that day she did not took her daily bath for not make worse her health condition. Next day in the morning she was recovered, so as in a common day she went to the town to bough some things for her mother, but in the town the people stared asking her about her characteristic comb. When she came back to her home she immediately looks her self on the mirror and she stared crying because she has loosed her comb. All day she cried and tried to remember what happen with her comb. Later she took her usual night bath and she got in to bet all sad. In the morning the first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was her pink comb, so she asked her mom if she knew something, and her mother told her that during night she went in to Amnesia’s room to look for the comb but she did not find it, so she look in to Amnesia’s hair and there was the comb in the middle of the mess up hair. Amnesias said tank you to her mother and since that moment she became more careful with her actions. STRENGTH THAT YOU NEED Mariana Moguel Delarbre On April Louise was still on the city, trying to escape with the policeman. The gun that she played in her hands remembered the family that she had. Se was only 21 years old and was a unhappy person. She file alone in the city. She had been trying to enjoy all the things that she had with her family, but she was tired and now she wanted to leave. Because she feel that she could have another kind of life in a different place She pushed the principal door of her house, and she beginning to walk and go out to the city. She thought that was the beginning of a new life, she decided took the control of her life and enjoy every step that she give and feeling. She knows that the strength she desires was in her. The street was lonely but she continued. As she taught about being her last chance, she moved to another city. When she realized it, she focused on have everything that she wants. She had change and knows that that moment was so important for her because she was sick of her lonely life, but now she missed her family.

MICROFICTION Georgina Hipólito Ojeda a day a girl wanted to visit the sky but she said that but late the haria, when happening the time step the age which the children had who went to the sky, a day she thought in going to the moon but he said that another haria day li, realized that let make the things not to do them now. you do not leave for morning which you can do today. I ROBOT Heriberto Saldivar Massimi During a smoggy gray day of November, under the ZH-09 tower, the robotic man turned on. his coal skin shined like the sun itself. The energy passed trough the robot’s body as he touched the E-cell camps. ZH-09 had threatened Robot with sending it to the trash deposit if it continued burning the neon circuits. Robot was sure that ZH-09 hadn’t bought new neon circuits. It tried to tell him. Robot carried the Neon circuits from the market, trying to save his CPU. It was unsure if they work properly. When it discover that they all were burned, it cried oil, nobody was going to save it. In disappointment, it threw itself to the petrol river. Those robots who didn’t believe in the divine creator were stupefied because the robot man started to float. We all know that robots do not float. Robot man was stunted. The creator was true and he, a simple robot man was able to discover it. Whit this new power he saw a world of possibilities for punishment to the other robots. He was a rusty hart robot, with no good emotions, and then suddenly he started to drown. Thirty minutes later the robot man was in the bottom of the petrol river, he used to think that life was unfair with him, but at the end he realize that the one unfair was it. “That’s why we can not be creators“, it thought “because we are just machines” felling less machines. MR. WILSON'S REFLECT (THE SECOND AND CORRECT EDITION) Manuel Iván Villalobos Solis It is believed that the strange man disappeared last summer, many saw him walking without a specific road, and one day nobody saw him again. Ready to sleep, J. Wilson entered his bedroom, it was a cold night, but before he went to the bed, he needed to see his face in the big and wooden framed mirror located in one of the corners of the room, near a unique window. So he walked to it…One, two, four, five, steps and the mirror was in front of him. But that night his face looked strange, his eyes, which used to be full of energy, were showing more fatigue and his face, which used to be smooth, now was covered by wrinkles. “Man is used to becoming older” he thought. But this reasoning suddenly changed. In fact the man in the mirror wasn’t him, he looked carefully to his reflection again and he discovered the terrible truth… -But you disappeared, didn’t you? J. Wilson said. Effectively that man, who had almost the same physical appearance as Wilson but showing a greater running of the years and a life full of excesses in his face,

had returned. Meanwhile looking at his eyes, J. Wilson had an awful sudden idea… -Kill him… Yes! With this objective in mind, Wilson went back the five steps he walked before and under his bed an axe was waiting for him. –If only this weren’t happening, I wouldn’t do such a crazy act- He thought angrily, meanwhile taking the sharp object. Then he encouraged himself and slowly advanced to the mirror again. The big object with the man’s silhouette was there, like a big monster waiting for his food and the moon as the unique witness between it and Wilson. –Who is he? - -Why is this happening again? - -Why does he look like me? - -How did he get into my bedroom? - The more he was asking himself, the bigger the storm in his mind was. –Yes, I will murder him and hide the body; nobody will suspect – The other man was just stopped there but without seeing anything more than Wilson’s eyes… -May you have a slow death – Wilson whispered while he was one step before the mirror. – But if someone discovers the crime? - If he wanted to cover up all signs, he should be very careful. Now the mirror was in front of him, the man was in front of him! It appeared like his body was being divided into two pieces, not only will it crash but his soul too, sweat started running in his face. He took the broken axe, pieces of glass fell to the floor... J. Wilson had killed himself! MARIA AND HER PENCIL (2) Mónica Bustamante Vidal It is believed that when somebody have a goal it doesn’t matter the obstacles you can do it if you want. Last week María was in Paris with a pencil. The view of the Eiffel Tower has been drawn by her. She would participate in an exposition in a famous museum, so she used to be excited and nervous in this kind of contests. She had been imagining what would be her inspiration to make her paint. She thought in what monument admire who was the Eiffel Tower, then she thought that if she bought a pencil and started drawing she would have more time to do it. Her pencil was too gross unlike the pencils with she usually works so she couldn’t make good details, and she prefer to buy a new one and visit Paris to obtain a better draw. She did her goal and arrived to Paris. She thought that if she wanted to recognize the all the efforts of her parents to pay the trip, she’d only have to apply her creativity make an excellent paint. When she finished her paint she thought that it would be the best. JUST A DREAM Juan Pablo Chablé Gómez It’s believed that in the second day of been walking in the rain across the park out of his house Angel still looking for his dog, pushing the button of the light to see the time he was. He used to play until sunshine so he was afraid of darkness but now he is used to stay late, he start screaming the name of his dog. He is moving to a construction, which has stop one month ago, looking in every hole, in every space where a dog could stay.

Walking trough the construction, he think, "If I would choose another place to look I would take it, but I want to find my dog", so he press the button alarm of his watch to make noise he don’t want to do it but he have too. The noise of his watch is like the noise of a canine whistle, he dislike it, the less he tries to get out of the construction, betters places he found where his dog would be. He couldn’t find his dog so his mom demand that he must be in the house immediately. If he wanted to have dinner he only has to come back. Not only could had dinner, but he would buy a new dog. He didn’t like that idea so he started crying and suddenly his mom say to him; "What happen my baby?, it just a nightmare". THE MAN OF THE CUT FINGER Victor Zanoni Chamarro Sáenz In this small town, lost and moved away of the big cities, it is often said that the children do not have to sleep alone in their houses that’s because the man of the cut finger can scare them. One day, the parents of Evelino had to attend the wedding of its older niece, for that reason, the boy had to sleep alone. Evelino was very nervous since he remembered that the man of the cut finger could scare him at night, so, he went to sleep with dingo his little dog as he used to sleep when he was just 5. At half night, sounds the telephone, Evelino answers: -Hello? - And a man with tenebrous voice responds him: - I am the man of the cut finger and I’m soon arriving at your house -. Evelino very scared hangs the telephone and went away to hide in his closet. The man of the cut finger, which towards minutes had spoken to Evelino on the telephone, arrived at his house and begins to knock the door with much desperation shouting: "if you don’t open to me right now, I am going to enter by the window". Evelino did not want to go out the closet but by curiosity to see the man of the cut finger went to open the door to him. - What you want? - Evelino asked. - I want a bandage and one for my finger - The man responded. Evelino felt a great lightening to know that the man of the cut finger was not someone bad and he only wanted aid. THE RUNNING TURTLE José Alejandro García Rentería There once was a turtle named Joe, he loved to run but he was to slow to compete against the other animals, and there was one in special that was always making fun of turtle Joe, his name was Ramon the rabbit Once, Joe fill himself with courage and bet Ramon the rabbit to a race. At the next day Ramon the rabbit was receiving a formal invitation to run against turtle Joe from the central park of Tuxtla to Teran, he signed it with a big nasty smile on his face. The day arrived and both competitors were early on the central park of Tuxtla. Ramon the rabbit used to wear pants, no shoes and a small muscle shirt; by the other side was Joe the turtle using only a super slim shell and two pairs of Nike shoes. Turtle Joe was used to loose, but this time, he was decided to win, no matter what. The race started and a whole crowd was watching them and inside them was a beautiful turtle Grace who was in love with Joe.

The race was going on, the Joe was giving out all what he had, he didn’t even stop to drink water; but Ramon was very trusty on his abilities, and he stopped every time he started sweating, he thought – if I run for the last five blocks I would sure win. Joe prefers to do everything with consistency and enforcement, and the Rabbit was very good but too lazy, that’s why Joe was likely to win the match. The laziest Ramon would be, the most chance Joe gets to win. The rabbit stopped near to the finish line to get a bear with some of his friends, while Joe kept running. The time passed and Joe was getting close to the finish line and Ramon was already drunk, but he saw Joe coming thru and stand up hardly walking. Ramon felt down unconscious while Joe won the match. If Ramon truly wanted to win the match, he had only have to take it seriously and “never underestimate the enemy”. FAMILY WORKER Sandra Irene Izquierdo Ruiz There once was a girl named Sandra who had no mother, and she had to help her father to take care of his little brother Peter. It was said that the mother left them because of another man, but no one knows. Sandra used to do all the home labor, so she didn’t have time to parties and boyfriends, and she was all ready used to it. But there was this guy named Alex that always visited her at noon’s who was deeply in love with her. But Sandra never showed loved to him, because if she became her girlfriend, she wouldn’t had time for little peter or for the home labor. The only thing she always had time to do was reading, she enjoyed reading and transporting herself to the books dreams world. His father was a good father and a good worker, hi had work on a shoe maker fabric for the last 5 years, and finally now he was likely to get a rise to be the fabric boss. Then, he got it, and the more time he spent on the fabric, the less he spent with Sandra and Peter. Both of them demanded him to left the fabric and spend more time with them, but he was obsessed with work. Then her father realized that the family was much more important than his work, and he left the management to be more with his family. BLACK BUTTERFLY Jorge Alonso Molina González Yesterday when Tomas was working in his house studio, he looked a black butterfly at the roof. He was ten years old; his mother had been talking to him about mysteries. She told him: Tomas it is believed that black butterflies have signals of death people and that they can advise us when someone is dying, so you most be sat here and do your homework. The butterfly was looked again by Tomas while her mother was finished to wash the dishes in the kitchen. When he was a child he used to run after his mother if he was scared and that is why these days he is used to doing it frequently. He had proposed to go to see if the butterfly was really black, because he wasn’t sure. When he came, the butterfly which was

stationary in the roof flew towards the boy’s head and he snapped at the insect. If he didn’t hit so hard at the butterfly, the insect would survive. He was going to go to see his mother in order to tell her that he had killed the insect, but he had felt so bad like when he was 5 years old and he killed a roach and he passed two days having nightmares. Tomas was regretful and he went at his bedroom to think about his actions. The biggest answer and the most important solution for them feelings never come. Boy’s proposed was to try to understand what relation does butterflies have with death people? And he went to see his mom to ask her, but she answered that she doesn’t know something about it, because that is only a belief. Two days after Tomas’s grandfather died, his mom and he were so sad that they were 40 days in their house without going out. When the 40 days passed Tomas understood that the butterfly which he had killed was his grandfather’s soul that was saying to him good bye. He fell in a psychological crisis, couldn’t he fall, but with the pass of the years he could come back to tell me his story. A DREAM* Mara Guadalupe Rincón Kobeh On a cold dark night of September, the brakes were slammed on by her as the car speed down hill. Her car has been damaged, so the breaks did not worked well, she was really terrified because she used to drive the car in good conditions, but she didn't used to drive her car without brakes, she thought to call her boyfriend who just had seen earlier so he could help her. She used to call him always to his cell phone but in this moment she was trying and trying and nothing today will be an exception he doesn't answer her, when she was calling him she saw a deer on the road. She thought that there were only two options, one could be hit the deer or try to avoid it and probably crash with something else. Scared she was scared really scared because she could die so she decided to go over the deer because the car could resist the crash and she would have fewer probabilities to get injured. She closed her eyes just as soon as she was going to hit the deer and they started to screaming, after the impact she tried to calm down and get control again of the car that was really unstable. So she thought what would happen if she had a really hard accident would her boyfriend stay with her? She took the phone and called him asking for help when suddenly the cell phone started ringing and she woke up.

THE BOOK Juan Orantes Coello The book is being read by the new skinny and mysterious student on a lonely spot on the courtyard in a chili afternoon. “This book is magic” he said the book was really old and estrange you could see there was something wrong with it. You could see that the new student is a really shine person that is used to read a lot of books but he is not used to read that kind of book he was so interested and excited that it was unusual to see him like that. The new student, who is reading the book, started to get scared when he saw how the words in the book begin to change. But he decided to continue reading, he was afraid but he was willing to continue no matter what, but suddenly it started to rain, and if the weather were better, he would stay. But the rain was really hard so he had to stop reading and find some shelter, He closed the book and started running he sow a big tree were he could get under but the chances that a lighting could strike it were really hi so he continue running to find a safer place and he sow the old garden house which was really a lot safer than the tree, he enter and he felt really relief because he thought he was safe there and he started reading again, he didn’t remember a lot what he was reading about, when suddenly he started to get nervous and impatient, he felt some pain on his chest, so he thought that if he was an adult, and he found the book , would he be reading it? Knowing he found it on a graveyard. The pain went much harder and spread to all of his body so he knew the book was causing that, so he wanted to closed it, but it was to late a light enter to the room and then it went of and to only think left was the book, the student disappeared and a new page was added to the book SOCCER DREAM Oliverio Palacios Farrera In 2045, in California, there was a boy who liked soccer, his name is Santiago, his father gave him a ball of soccer, which with he played every day in his garden with his cousin Rivaldo, a day he went to the park and visitor saw him play and it liked, then the gentleman gave him a card and he asked Santiago to call him if he would like to play in a professional league of soccer, but Santiago’s father didn’t want him play, and his father though that was better than studied, but Santiago wished more to play to soccer that to study, then Santiago decided to study and to train hard in order to be able to better play and thus to fulfill with which his father wanted. For Santiago it was not easy to do, so he trained with his cousin and he can’t do just like Santiago, for that reason was difficult for Santiago to fulfill the objectives that he had proposed to himself, so one day he decided to call to the gentleman and he gave him an appointment to train with the team, his father didn’t want but in the end he acceded because Santiago was good boy. Until Santiago could be a professional, and his dream became real, with the passage of time Santiago was the figure of soccer but great of his time, being first the second best player of soccer in history; then, if you have a Don and something pleases you to do you must to fight by you want it, since it is important that always you follow your dream,

although you have obstacles, you must surpass them, so one never knows what can happen. MEN: LONELINESS Sergio Adrián Torres Cruz The hot night after the beach party He could feel the sand touching his sore feet while he walked, and his bold head was shining like gold reflecting the tough sunlight. It is believed that when a lonely man finds his true love, recovers his soul, but for him there was nothing but warm sand that ran off from his hands. His memories came to him as a brief whisper in front of his eyes, almost like if she were there watching him, watching him crying. He dried out his empty eyes and looked up at the sun, some voice called him and suddenly the noise stopped. He felt the need of walk toward the voice. He could feel the dry wind as he was walking. Strangely, as he was moving, the sand was getting thicken, and the more he walked harder was to him to move. The man got anxious, but the voice tranquilized him, he felt a heat in the heart that grew as he advanced. His time it had finished and knew that soon his hour would arrive, but no longer feared. The sound of that voice was surrounding him with a warm light and his mind just continued telling him to stop. He knew everything was going to be fine at the moment he saw her, coming out of the sand. A drop felt down from her eyes, he took her soft hand and leaved the grown, he was finally complete. OLIVER KRON AND HIS DREAM Luis Gerardo Zuarth Gómez It is often said that dreams are impossible to achieve… Well, I wonder if that’s true. The story that is about to unfold, reveals the mystery… Oliver Kron lived in London, England. Fifteen years ago, he bought an expensive golden ball at the sports store. The ball was kicked by Oliver for two hours. Oliver was tall, he had blue eyes and he was blonde. He was only fourteen years old back then and he used to play with his older brother at the beach. He wasn’t worried about getting injured or anything. He already knew the sensation of playing with older guys because, as a brave soccer player who was used to competing with older soccer players, he wasn’t scared. One afternoon his older brother, who was like a hero for John, got hurt badly. Then, Oliver decided to become the greatest soccer player just as his brother had wished. To achieve that goal, he began his training with his new ball. If he had had enough time, he wouldn’t have been worried. He blasted the ball back and forward, but he preferred to run like hell along the shore of the beach. Soon, he was so tired that he felt he was going to vanish, but unlike other people, he didn’t give up and he continued playing. He looked at the cloudy sky and he thought: “Mmm… the more I train, the better soccer player I become”, so he demanded an opportunity to play soccer in a good European team. He signed a contract with an English Club named Chelsea.

Ten years later, Oliver wondered about the significance of his decision, didn’t he? Of course he did. His life had changed forever, with his new team, not only did Oliver win championships and money, but he also fulfilled his dream. He remembered every moment in his life, he felt nostalgic and looking a little shape kicking the soccer ball, he looked his son’s blue eyes and he smiled… OUR DREAM Sergio Penagos Lobato It’s often said that in an old town, 30 years ago, near of the mountains, was located a little community called "our dream", thus it was a paradise, where every child or any other people used to be really happy. But in the outskirts of the town lived an old man who never spoke with anybody. Since he arrived there, he used to have few friends, but someday, he was looking for wood, and decided to walk in the forest, when suddenly he was being followed by a shadow, that never appeared again. He was scared; He felt that his troubles were his full mental problems, because he was always repressed, alone and with bad feelings, but he thought that the less effort to do something new is the better way to begin something. He concluded that his life needed to change drastically, and that was the reason to create in himself a new goal, in which he hoped to construct a new life; but it didn’t happen, because if he tries to complete a family, he would fall again in the same sensitive situation that was his greatest fear since long time ago. One day, he understood that if we are living it’s because we have a mission or probably a special objective in our lives, and he thought about his experiences, and all the adventures that he knew. Well, he preferred to do histories and then talk about them with the kids that in a short time would became a success. Likely, this was a good way to change a routine, and with the passing of time, it would demand that he be the best narrator of histories, and of course, the person most remembered in the entire town. The principal problem was his routine, wasn’t it? But finally, he decided to take the best way, change his bad habits about his own style, and be sure that it could function. By Sergio Penagos. 972745 NAUTILIUS´S DREAM José Antonio Rodríguez Sánchez, In one far, far, far galaxy there was a 17 years boy named Nautilius who lived in a really small planet known as Maximuz. This planet was beautiful, it was hot, it had water and it had nice plants and animals that covered it with beauty. Everything in Nautilius was almost perfect; its own sun always was shining, the nights were calm and peaceful and nobody used to be sad. Nautilius was a successful, smart and dynamic worker, everyone in his family was proud of him because he used to get all the money to the house. Nevertheless, Maximuz was an excellent place to live, it had only one complication, there were just 13 Maximilianz. One day Nautilius was walking to his house and saw a mystic but attractive mushroom, he didn’t touch it because he though it could be dangerous. As every night Nautilius was

ready to get in bed, so he got sleep. That night Nautilius had an extreme dream… he saw himself walking in Maximuz and suddenly a dwarf that said: Nautilius Dominic Van-dera, I have a message for you; you are the chosen one who will reach this planet to the never ending happiness. Tomorrow you will be walking to your house, as always, 5 minutes before you get home, you will see a mushroom, Nautilius you ought to eat it, that would be the key… that would be the key… that would be the key. Nooooooouuuuuuuuoooooo!!! Screamed Nautilius, he didn’t understand what did the dwarf said; he just knew that tomorrow he will eat that mushroom. The next morning Nautilius fallowed the instructions and picked up the mushroom, he has convinced that he was the chosen one, so the mushroom had been eaten by him! Suddenly he woke up, everything was a dream… That showed Nautilius that dreams are more powerful that we think, some times could be as real as reality. LOVE LOVE LOVE Margarita Olivos Morales Along long time ago in a , there was a girl named Giovanna who was a poor girl no, she had five little brothers and she had to help her mother to take care of them. It was said that the mother was a daughter of a rich man; I mean she was used to have everything, but because of Peter, her husband, she lost everything. Giovanna used to do all the home labor; she didn’t have time to school, parties and all that stuffs. But instead of that, one time when she went to the market with her little brother she felt in love with a very rich man. This boy named Joseph always met her at the market, she was afraid of becoming his girlfriend because she knew that if that happened her parents wont approve it and they will try to move her apart. Her father was a good man, he had worked on a chocolate fabric for 20 years, and now finally he was likely to get a rise. All the family was really happy because of it. As the time passed, everything started to change, and the more time she spent with Joseph, the less she was afraid of talk about it with her parents. Finally the couple decided to talk with her parents; they didn’t accept it fist, but as the time passed and their loved grew up, her parents accepted it. They realized that love was much more important than the social position, and he remembered when he was young and felt in love with his wife.

CLARA ET MOI Paulina DĂ­az Valencia It was already late and Antoine couldn't find a place in the subway. Monday morning has always been a busy day, especially in the early autumn. One place had been vacated so he rapidly had a seat. Antoine was a 33 year old man, he was an actor and he was seeking for someone in his life. He sat right in front of a woman. Sometimes words are very unnecessary, you could tell how much they felt attracted to at the moment they cross their looks. She was very pretty; skinny lady short brown hair and beautiful eyes. She appeared to be single; she was not wearing a ring. It was a game of sights, and at the moment it was just too obvious Antoine started writing. The note is showed to her: Wanna go out with me?? and three answers below: "Yes, No, Maybe?". The subway stopped and people began to move across the hallway. She picked up her stuff and took Antoine's pen to write something. "5596384, Clara". They first met at Mantle's coffee. She was delayed for 15 minutes but if she had not looked that nice, maybe Antoine would have got upset about it. They were talking for hours until they finally sat by the river to see the lights of the city. She surcharge on his arm and took a deep breath. Early in the morning Antoine woke up and found a note in the kitchen: "I had to go, it was a terrific evening. Your coffee maker is not working and I never found a pan. How do you do it? Clara". He read it twice before he got ready to go out for work, he was late again. They dated for six months, and Antoine wishes of having a family made him want to take a test. He waited for both results, and Clara have a conversation in private with the doctor. One hour later, she walked out there with a long face. She told him she needed to take the test again to make sure it was ok. Her eyes had this sad look, the shine was over. Clara was a Cree positive (HIV). Antoine did not now how to handle the situation. He has always been so selfish that he could only think about his job and his decadent career as an average actor. Clara did not have a choice bout to think about herself, and left Antoine after 2 weeks from then. The love between them was so special and apparently strong, but not always too strong to let you have some hopes on someone and aloud you see trough a sickness. After one year, Antoine went to Clara's apartment. He realized he failed to her love, but now it was too late for that regret. Clara was leaving to Argentina that night, and even his desperate and honest words made her change her mind. "It's too late now Antoine. You hurt me in a bad way and I forgive you, but we can't stay together anymore. I'm sorry". She went back her apartment and close the door forever for Antoine.

PROBLEMS Ana Paniagua Mena Through the last years a little child was thought in his room about his was his mathematics. It is believed that only genius prefers math problems but that is not true. The worse problems was tried always to be respond by the child. He always used to be thinking in how his life will change if he try to do something more than study. The next week will be the big exam. The teacher, who is his friend, tell him ones, that he doesn’t have nothing to be worried. If he wasn’t study the all week, he would be worry, but he was very calm. The child enjoy-doing his problems, there is not other human being in the world more happy than he. The big day is here, the exam. Like in others exams he is concentrate and calmed. He remember how to resolve the math problems it is the same in the exam. He was studying more than the others kids its suppose that he know everything. He is the best student he thought and he like it. He will always try to do the number one, because he like it and he deserved it, after all he is the best student. LOVE IS ALL AROUND YOU María Fernanda Alvídrez Falconer There are moments I remember. But this one is unique, that was such a wonderful day. The sun was shinning and the birds were singing. Everything was so perfect. An I remember it like this. I'm sitting by my room's window. Thinking about love, wondering if I’ll be a loved women, trying to discover the mystery around him, because I need to know if he is or is going to love me. Then I saw him standing there, wanting more from me and all I can do is try, just try because I can't get more closer than I usually do. I feel so stupid, wishing to hug him and kiss him to make him know how much I love him. He is staring at me. But I really feel that I am losing my best friend, I can't believe this could be the end. I stop crying. Walking toward to him I say loud and clear... Hey! you! stop and kiss me. I don't know if I am wrong or right but the only think I am sure about is that I don't want to loose my only chance. He wants to get away from me because he doesn't want to result damaged then I think, Oh my God! he is so curel. I really try to make it up, I wish I understood, it used to be so nice, it use to be so good. Knowing that he was not the man for me I said to him, "love is all around you", love is knocking outside your door, waiting for you, is this love made just for two. Holding my hands he says, "Keep and open heart and you'll find love again" In that moment I decided to look for another person to love. Now I am keeping a open heart, to find love again, or maybe for the first time.

HERITAGE Heriberto Saldivar Massimi One dreary, rainy day as I lay in my bed thinking of all my problems, I looked over at the gold framed picture of Farinole. I started to remember about Farinole, my ancestors land. My heart started to beat really fast, I’m an athletic man but remembering the past shakes my feelings. I tried to stay calm and when I did it. I decided to found a way to go there. I called the Travel Agency and I bought my plane Tickets. I woke up and took the picture out of the frame I didn’t care about getting lost but I needed the picture to remind me my goal. After a nasty travel when I lost my backpack I arrived to Farinole. Now is time to find my ancestors. I know that it’s hard to find bones of 100 years old but it’s not impossible. When I have founded my family, at least my soul will be in peace. A MAN FINALLY Sergio Adrián Torres Cruz On dreary, rainy day as I lay on my bed thinking of all of my problems, I looked over at the gold frames picture of my dead dog. It was the morning of my 18th birthday. I look at my brand new computer, which was on my wooded desk. I turned it on and set up a videogame in it. I have been a child for enough time, but now, I was finally a man and the light beard on my face indicated it. The game finally started. It was an alien shooter game. I decided to kill as much aliens as possible. I took the joystick and flew toward the mother ship, on my way I destroyed some enemy ships. I could feel the power of my computer coming out of the screen as I blown up space ships. Suddenly, the alien commander appeared and scared the hell out of me, but I recovered the calm. I used the gamma ray cannon to blow his head off. After I saved the galaxy, I decided it was time to go downstairs and have a breakfast. I walked out of my room trying not to wake up my parents. But at the moment I saw my mother carrying a birthday cake I realized I’ll always be a kid by inside. THE RING Ramón Alejandro Parres Ramírez During the middle age, in a far country called Liechtenstein from the East of Europe, a boy was born in the time of the big war against the Turks; this baby already had marked his destiny, which was save and release his country of the constant dominion from the Turks. This baby was born in a farmer family who had a farm in the borders of Liechtenstein and always had suffered constant holdups by the Turks during the fights. The little boy grew up and between the villagers he was known like Random, Random was an anxious young in search of adventure and he was always put in problems. One day, he was in the forest and saw a cave with shape of a bird, which attracted much to him, and he decided enter to investigate. The cave was very dark, but in the bottom of

the cave it was possible to be observed a very brilliant light, so he followed walking until arrive to the light. After of walk for many time, he arrived to a place like a room which was illuminated due to ray of light which entered for a little hole in the ceiling and this ray illuminated a rock which was in the middle of the room. Random intrigued put his hand in the rock and when he did this the rock began to move and appeared a coffer; the coffer was opened by Random and into it had a ring. Random really surprised took the ring and he put it, and when he did it, the cave began to shake. Random scared exited of the cave, already outside he felt a great power in him, it was a sensation that he had never felt. Random, who always had had the dream to release to his nation of the repression of the Turks, and he thought: “If I can use this ring to guide to my town to fight against the Turks, we would have a better chance to win”. So he comes back to his village and he began the rebellion against the Turks and he promised the victory. The war began and lasted around 5 years and how he promised; they had the victory, thanks to the efforts and leadership of Random and also by the mysterious and powerful ring. A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN... Daniel Eduardo Arévalo Pérez In a dark cloudy evening, I were driven my car in a empty street. I passed in front of a closed store and I saw a beautiful woman. I stopped my car; the beautiful woman got into my car. I didn’t know what to do, I thought that maybe she wanted to steal me. I asked her who is she, and she answered me if I didn’t remembered her, and she slapped me. I couldn’t believed, the person on the right, who is a unknown persons for me, she had hit me. I tried to remember her; but I couldn’t, after she said me that I were talking with her last night in a bar. After she said that I knew what happened. I told her that she probably talked with my brother, because he is like me. She didn’t believe me, but I showed her a picture of us; and she saw it amazed. I proposed her that we could take a coffee in order to clarify the situation….she accepted and…. Today, the beautiful woman of that nigh and I are married. We resolved the problem and we fall in love in the act. I am grateful to my brother for that fact.

THE BAR Juan Pablo Orantes Coello On a sunny afternoon, I was alone, wondering all my friends were as I looked at the car my grandmother had given me. I decided to take a ride into town and find my friends. I was very angry because I couldn’t find them and I was really bored. Suddenly I saw Mauricio walking into a bar so I decided to join him. I started searching for a parking place but I couldn’t find one. Right away I saw a car living so I decided to park there. I was so happy that I had found a parking place that I lit a cigarette. But I remember that I didn’t tell my mother I was going out. So my priority was to get a phone and call her so I don’t get punish. I got down from the car and walk to a phone booth and called her. I was finally ready to get into the bar when Mauricio and all my friends where leaving. THE TWIN SOULS María Carolina Pedrero Segura It is believed that every person have their other part, their twin soul in some part of the world. One day of the autumnal November the beautiful Lissa was reading a book of her favorite author who finished leaving on sale, the book treated on a girl whom it loved to discover the gift that each person have inside and be able to find to her twin soul, to obtain this had to begin in questions of magic which did not mean that diabolic or something similar. The book was read for her very fast, because she wanted to be with her twin soul the soon possible. She learned that if you see a light in the right shoulder of a man or a woman for men, it means that you find your twin soul, and he going to see too the light in your right shoulder. She thought that was a lie, but she continued trying to find to her man until she saw a light into the person who was seated in a cafeteria and she was walking outside suddenly she decided to enter in the cafeteria and speak with he, and he saw too the light in her shoulder he didn’t know why has been saw a light in her shoulder so she explain all the story, their were so happy and with the time they show that the story in the book was truth because they were in love forever. LOVE IS ALL AROUND YOU II María Fernanda Alvídrez Falconer There are moments I remember. But this one is unique, that was such a wonderful day. The sun was shinning and the birds were singing. Everything was so perfect. An I remember it like this. I'm sitting by my room's window. Thinking about love, wondering if I'll be a loved woman, trying to discover the mystery around him, because I need to know if he is or is going to be in love with me.

Then I saw him standing there, wanting more from me and all I can do is try, just try because I can't get more closer than I usually do. I feel so stupid, wishing to hug him and kiss him to make him know how much I love him. He is staring at me. But I really feel that I am loosing my best friend, I can't believe this could be the end. I stop crying. Walking toward to him I say loud and clear... Hey! you! stop and kiss me. I don't know. what is right? what is wrong? Just give me a sign. But the only think I am sure about is that I don't want to loose my only chance. He wants to get away from me because he doesn't want to result damaged. Then I think, Oh my God! he is so cruel. I really try to make it up, I wish I understood, it used to be so nice, it used to be so good. Knowing that he was not the man for me I said to him, "love is all around you, love is knocking outside your door, waiting for you, is this love made just for two". Holding my hands he says, "Keep and open heart and you'll find love again" In that moment I decided to look for another person to love. Now I am keeping an open heart, to find love again, or maybe for to fall in love for the first time. A LOVE STORY Mirza Andrea Martínez Pérez There is two kinds of party days, the ones that you come out of the dress room and look yourself in the mirror and you say – you definitely look hot today girl, go and get some boys; and in the other kind of days you say – you look like a witch today girl, don’t even try to go out, you should stay at home. But this was the kind of days that you look good; it was a cold night, with lots of shiny stars and a big ready moon that seemed to follow me everywhere I went. Me and all my friends were going to go to Zhio. I was coming out of my house ready to party, dressed up with a white mini skirt, a pair of red high hills and a red blouse. I wasn’t used to use high hills, but that didn’t matter to me that night, because I really wanted to look good for Rafa, who was coming out of a relationship with Maria, but I liked him since the last week, that he asked me out to the cinema. The night went on, me and Rafa were having so much fun that we lost the notion of time, when I checked out the hour it was already 3:00 AM and Rafa was a little drunk, so If Rafa didn’t pass the alcoholmeter I would have to drive him home, and that’s exactly what happened; I drove him to his home, then he stared at me and kissed me, after that I went back to my home in a taxi. I went to bed but I couldn’t sleep, the more I would try, the more I turned and turned all around by bed, I couldn’t stop thinking about Rafa The morning arrived and I realized that I was in love with Rafa. We kept dating for a week and then he asked me to be his girlfriend. Now we are happily married. I think it is all about destiny. Like we say in México, he is my “media naranja”.

WHEN YOU WANT SOMETHING, YOU CAN GET IT Mariana Moguel Delarbre Few years ago, Monika Baez bought an expensive white book at the Amazon store. She read the book for two hours with his husband. She was only seven years old, when she read that book for first time but she was a very smart girl who had seen a lot of fantasy cartoons. That day, she decided write stories. To achieve that write, she began his training with her old book. She started to read that story and tell the history to Jon his son. After some pages read she was so tired and she needed to rest for a little while. But then, looking at the cloudy sky, she thought that becoming an excellent writer was nearly impossible, so she decided to be just an average writer. Ten years later, she wondered about the significance of her decision, but when she won the Nobel Literature, she understood that decision had the been the best one ever. She looked at his son's blue eyes and she smiled... ZERO`S DREAM RELOADED Raúl Ernesto Trujillo Aguilar Once upon a time, there was a group of friends that had a band, it is often said that bands are always formed by friends but this is special, the band is called "ZERO". The band had started being a group of pals interested about playing their own music and some money was earned by the band performing at bars. They used to play instruments as an entertainment but now they use to play for the love of music. One day, the band had the chance to enter into a Band's Challenge, called TecFest. Surprisingly they got the first place. Couple of people in the back, who was producers, was interested in them so they recorded their first album. Quickly they began to travel all around the world, earning a lot of money, living inside of a world of excess, forgetting their reasons of why they were a band, but if they continued lived like that they would reduced their popularity between people; their fans lost the interest in the band. One day, the biggest and destructive hurricane called "Conchita" destroyed the village of Puerto Arista. The band was trying to recover their popularity, so they prefer to organize a concert to help the people affected by the hurricanes more than continue just playing to earn money. They gave to the people all the money they earned with the concert. Their fans were happy. The band was acting just exactly in the same way they used to be when they started the group, like in the beginning. They finally learned that being humble was better and that being always thinking of money was going to carry them to the end of their career. Now they are normal people that continue playing their music, making the fans happy, and always helping unfortunate people. If they wanted to have their career in the right way, they’d only have to play their music could their play, and do the things thy like.

PARTIAL HISTORY Diana Natividad Guti茅rrez Barr贸n When I was a girl I seemed to see to the world as a dream, where any desire could be fulfilled, where the freedom existed. But I was growing, and without realizing my hands were chained, my mouth was sealed. I had to keep silent, and though initially I was not bothering, soon I stopped seeing to the world as a dream, woke up, but I did not wake up completely, so the wonderful dream transformed in a nightmare, a prisoner was feeling me in my own life. I began to see the people with something of scorn, and despised more my me itself when I realized that I was one of them. I did not support such a weight in my shoulders, I was a coward initially, tried to deny the reality, as many others deny it, but I already had seen it once, for what me it would be impossible to remove it from me. My affliction was more powerful than my hope, one day I tried myself to commit suicide, but I lived, not because I had wanted it, but because it was my destiny. From the time that I tried to commit suicide I did not return to see to the mirror, I was giving to see my eyes, I was giving thought the one who was. But this afternoon, while I was walking absent in my house, I looked at a wall, do not be the one who had put that mirror, but soon my image turned out to be reflected, I got out of order for a moment, since I was looking alike to see a stranger, I walked towards the mirror and met, already many years had happened, my look was not that of that dreamy child, but they were not also the eyes of the debilitated teenager that I saw, but it was a hard look, that still was guarding a bit of light in the bottom. I had passed years in the shade hoping that there was coming someone who understood himself, that was fighting to change what some day had tried me to kill, and without realizing this someone was to another side of the mirror, I was, I was who had to tackle this struggle. Then I decided to take my words to the people, to become convinced to me of my ideas. I do not have idea of which will be the destiny that waits for me, but if I can exhale my last sigh thinking that I died fighting against all the demons of the humanity, this way it is conquered in the first combat, I will know that I have won.

FER María Fernanda Alvídrez Falconer The sun was rising, starting to illuminate every part of that forgotten town. As the light reached every corner, every last piece of brick, day time started to overcome night time; and every sin committed during night time was starting to be part of that river of sins known as Memory. As Susan opened her eyes, she realized it was “the day”. That big important day she had waited for such a long time had finally been touched by the sunshine. Today, her father would finally be released from jail. No longer would Derry, that creepy town her mother used to call Home be the loneliest place in earth. Tonight, she would finally have dinner with her father; and every night for the rest of her father’s days. After she had chosen her finest clothes to wear, she went downstairs and sat all alone, waiting for her mother to come. Ten minutes passed and nobody, even a lost soul had came downstairs. She went to her mother’s room (she had not realized that after tonight, her mother’s room would remain with that name for the rest of the days) and saw her mother still sleeping. She though it was good for her to sleep, so she didn’t wake her up, instead she went downstairs and started to cook for herself and her mother. Two hours later, mother and daughter were waiting in the living room; sitting, all quiet, just waiting for the bell to ring. The world was about to change; and they had waited thirty years for this day. Susan was remembering how much she had cried that sad day on October 24th, when a group of people had taken her father away and they didn’t let him come back until today. As she was remembering, her mother was sitting also thinking, but most of all, wondering how changed was her husband. One more hour melted as cheese and all of the sudden, when both women were swimming in their memories, they heard the bell ringing. It was him; finally, the so waited bell rang twice, and Susan took a deep breath, stood up and walked, firmly convinced of whom was in the other side of that door. Susan had lived those last thirty years in a very different world as her father had lived that same period of time. Susan had had somebody to cry with: her mother, Susan had had somebody to fight with, somebody to share with, and somebody to love. Susan had had such a different life than her father, but she was not able to see that, she was involved in herself. Her father had had a very different life. He had not had somebody to cry with, he had had somebody to obey from and somebody to hide from. He had had somebody to trust, and that only person had had his only friend during those thirty years. Susan’s father was really used to live in jail; after that much time, that dirty place becomes your home, your life and your memory. Finally Susan opened the door and time flew back. All of the sudden she was starting again at her father when she was only 9 years old; her father at that time seemed as the best person in the world, but now, Susan was standing right before and unknown father for her. She knew it was her father, so she did not hesitate and gave him a big hug. That strange new father for her hugged her back. And then hugged her wife and they all

entered to that house alive again with the presence of a strange never forgotten member of that family. As the had dinner, no conversion really took place. They talked about how they had been. Mother and daughter had been good for the last three hours, so they answered “good” but that answer said anything about the last thirty years of hard work and hard nights all by themselves. Susan’s father also said “good” but only referring to those last 25 years when he had met his really good friends, he only was saying “good” to agree with those two strange girls but deep inside, he wanted that sad dinner to end. Susan’s father was waiting for some bell to ring; it never rang. He was waiting for some official to call at loud “Everyone return to their dormitories” but it never came. He wanted, he needed those voices, and he needed that control. He was really scared; he didn’t know what to do next. He finished eating. Silence was the only and best company in that table full of joy. He looked at the girls and gave them a sincere smile, but it was all fake, if he had really given them his sincere smile, both girls would have stopped him from what he was about to do. His really sincere smile was sadness and hopes of death. Dinner was finally over. That torture was finally part of the past. Susan’s father did not know what to do next. Jail had been his life for the lat thirty years and now, he was free, unknowing what to do. Unaware of how things worked in that house, he stood up and left the kitchen. He said nothing to the girls sitting right next to him. Those girls were strangers to him. He went to what looked like his wife’s room. It was not his room; it was his wife’s room. His room was fifty miles away, but as he sat in bed, he already knew his thirty year old room was now been decontaminated and washed away, so other lucky man could live in it for another bunch of years. Now, he was another craved name in the wall of that small, but comfortable room. The two girls had no clued what to do next also. Susan was trying to understand her father’s reaction. Where was her father? Who was that strange men that looked a lot like her father? Why was he so changed? Those were some questions running thru Susan’s mind. They didn’t know what to do, so they started to clean the kitchen, to wash the dishes. After fifteen minutes of washing and cleaning, they went downstairs; they wanted to talk with that strange person to see if they could find the long lost father and husband once they knew. As Susan’s reality broke down like a hurricane, she was only able to hear her mother’s screams. She could not believe what she had just seen. Was that body hanging from the ceiling her father? If so, then why was the body hanging whispering the sound of death? She could not understand it; and she never would understand it; not even in 5 years when she would face death again, but this time death will be taking her. She helped her mother out; she took her out of that room and called the police. For some strange reason, she remained calmed, but clueless of why that strange person had hanged himself of the ceiling. Still, she remained calm, like if she totally understood that reaction. Susan now will live clueless of what happened that so long waited day. She will die unaware that the person who appeared that day was in fact her father, only that he had gotten so involved with jail prison that once he found himself free he had no idea what to

do next. Sometimes, Susan thinks about that person and still remembers him with some affect. Her mother is now sleeping and more new sins are coming to the darkness of the night, only with the purpose of being discovered the next day, to change the life of some lucky person.


2005 Fall semester (part 1). Work of students of Lengua Extranjera.