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ABC’s Of

Florida By Jacob Getlan


A is for Ala-

bama. One of the border states of Florida. All the border states are north of Florida. The highest point in Florida is near Alabama. Â


B is for Bay

Area. There is a bay in Florida called Tampa Bay. The bay is in Tampa. It is near the gulf coast.


C is for

Cape Canaveral. Cape Canaveral has a cool space station called The John F. Kennedy Space Center. The space center is where spaceships carry astronauts from NASA into orbit. Â


D is for

DeFuniak. Lake DeFuniak. It is a Geological treasure that is almost perfectly round!


E is for EP-

COT. It is an acronym of Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow. It is in a theme park. EPCOT has sooooooooooooo much games and fun except for meeting Disney characters.


F is for Florida

Keys. It is at the very southern tip of Florida. A highway connects the islands. The keys never had frost. The keys have some key deer.


G is for Georgia.

Western Georgia is called the panhandle. Creek Indians from Georgia came to live in the area.Â


H is for hurricanes.

When hurricane Wilma swept through in October 2005. Wind damage left some property in ruins. Â


I is for Immokalee.

Today more than 2000 Seminole live on reservations. They lived in Immokalee and other cities.Â


J is for Jack-

sonville. The French attempted to settle near modern-day Jacksonville. Jacksonville is located in the northeastern part of Florida. It is the biggest city in Florida. Many colleges are located in Jacksonville, including the University of North Florida. The Jacksonville area is home to many major businesses, as well as several military bases. Â


K is for Key West.

The Overseas Highway is a 128-mile road that goes out across the ocean. They connect the islands of the Florida Keys and ending at Key West.


L is for Lake

Buena Vista. Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Lake Buena Vista offers fun activities featuring Disney characters. This is for those who like Disney characters.


M is for mocking-

bird. The Mockingbird is Florida’s state bird.


N is for NAACP.

The NAACP stands for National Association Advancement Colored People. The organization helper is Moore.Â


O is for Okeechobee.

Lake Okeechobee. It is the largest lake in Florida. It is northwest of Miami, in the southern part if the state. The lake covers about 730 square miles, but only has an average depth of 9 feet. The mayaimi may be a reference to nearby Lake Okeechobee.


P is for Pensacola.

An American pilot lived in Pensacola. She was in races in Pensacola and was really fast.Â


Q is for Tequesta

tribe. The Tequesta Indians first inhabited the area. They called it mayaimi, which may mean “big water”.


R is for railroads. A

great deal of this land went to railroad companies. Flagler decided to focus his time and money on developing hotels, as well as purchasing railroads, so that tourists could get to Florida faster and easier. He began building a railroad that would give people access to the southern half of Florida. Henry Flagler built numerous hotels and expanded his railways in all directions. He even extended a railway across the water, all the way to Key West. Â


S is for St. Augus-

tine. A Spanish explorer named Juan Ponce De Leon landed on Florida’s east coast, near today’s of the city St. Augustine. The city of St. Augustine, Florida, is the oldest nonNative American city in the United States. St. Augustine has seen its share of battles. Today, St. Augustine has a population of 12,284. St. Augustine, Florida, has many old buildings and cemeteries.


T is for Tallahassee.

The state capital. Tallahassee has a population of 168,979. Tallahassee is both an agricultural center, as well as a home to many engineering and legal firms. Â


U is for Universal

Studios. At Universal Studios, visitors can see how movies are made, and go on interesting rides. The place in Lake Buena Vista offers


V is for vizcaya. The

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami was once the home of American industrialist John Deering. After his death in 1925, the


W is for Walt Disney

World. Thousands of people visit Florida’s resorts and theme parks every day. Walt Disney World near Orlando is one of the biggest tourist stops in the United States. It has


X is for exciting

space program. The John F. Kennedy Space Canter is a very popular stop for visitors. The space center at Cape Canaveral employs many Florida residents. It is also a popular spot for people to visit. Many tourists come to



Y is for Ybor City.

One businessman who helped Florida grow was Vicente Ybor. He later moved to Tampa and built a factory called Ybor City. In 1896, Ybor died, but his business continued. By



Z is for Agitized

Coral. Agitized Coral is the state stone.Â