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By Jonr Jony - If you need a sewing machine with power and flexibility but don't want to waste space or money, check out compact sewing machines. These downsized powerhouses pack the capability and flexibility of fullsized machines into a small and very portable package, with downsized price tags to match. Smaller and less expensive than standard models but larger and more powerful than mini-machines, compact machines are the perfect compromise between power and price. When portability, convenience, and cost are important but you also need lots of capability, a compact model can be the perfect choice. Learn More About Small Sewing Machine

Almost all compact sewing machines operate on electricity and are controlled by a foot pedal. If you need cordless capability, a mini-machine may be a better choice. But because most compact machines are electric powered, they can handle much bigger sewing projects than cordless mini machines. Compact machines are generally considerably lighter and smaller than standard sewing machines, with a small footprint and ultra-light construction that offers maximum portability.

Almost every leading sewing machine manufacturer offers several compact models, so no matter what your sewing needs you can find one that's right for you. It's a matter of matching features, price, and intended use. The most basic and inexpensive models are fine for simple construction with medium weight fabrics, sewing-related crafts, and repairs. But for just a bit more investment, you can buy compact machines that will easily complete complex projects or construction using super-heavy fabric..

You can count on a compact model to be lighter and smaller in all dimensions than the large standard models, but how much smaller they are depends on the manufacturer. There may even be significant size variations among different compact models in the same brand line. But a good rule of thumb is that the more features, the heavier and larger the machine will be.

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