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THE ROCK SOCK In order to more fully understand the relationship between energy and camping I tracked the movement of energy while on a camping trip. I found that there were a variety of activities and objects that consumed or re-purposed energy. I also found the places where there was excess energy that could perhaps be reused. Through this research I found an opp0rtunity to reuse energy from a campfire to heat personal spaces.


A heat bag or pouch that safely and comfortably hold rocks

pulled from the fire to heat a campers personal space. Reuse energy from a campfire to heat personal spaces.



Problem Statement

Intermediate level campers don’t have the funds to devote to high end camping gear, including cold temperature sleeping bags and tents. These campers need an affordable WARM HEAT FIRE means to stay warm without packing along extra blankets. CAMPER BAG

Product Summary The Rock Sock is a simple safe solution for holding a hot rock pulled from the fire. Just a 1 pound hot rock will release half as much heat as the human body over a six hour period. Perfect for some added warmth in your sleeping bag.

Use Diagram 1

Build a Fire 5

Pull Rock Out




Find a Rock

Hook Wire to Rock


Put Rock In Bag

Put Rock in Fire


Put In Sleeping Bag

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The Rock Sock  
The Rock Sock  

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