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T wo Cars, One Night - T ranscript Ed That girl's looking at us. Romeo Having a good jack? Hey don't look over here. Your ugly face might damage my paintwork. Hey, ugly! Oi ugly. Hey girl. Hey, ugly girl. Hey, uuuugly! Uuugly! Uuugly! Polly Hey dick, I mean, hey, boy. Hey, look over here. Eh, come on man. I've got something to show you. It's choice as. Romeo What is it? Polly This. Sucker, sucker lucker. Romeo Grow up, you baby. Polly Sucker lucker! Kia Ora. Tēnā kōrua. Romeo Baa! Do you know why I pulled you over, Miss? Probably can't even drive anyway. Polly As if you can, egg. Romeo Yes, I'm driving us home. Polly Whatever. Romeo Yes, I'm allowed. Polly Doubt it. Romeo True, man, because our olds will be wasted. Eh, Ed! Eddy, eh, Ed, I am driving us home, aye, bro? Ed No. Romeo Eh, you don't know. Oh, he doesn't know. So what's your handle, girl? Polly Polly. Romeo Polly, eh, that's a flash name, are you rich or something? Polly No. What's yours, then? Romeo Romeo. Romeo Shut up. It's not funny! Polly Who's that? Juliet? Romeo No, that's my brother, Eddy boy, he's a gay. Polly What? Romeo Eh bro, you're one of them gays, aye? Polly Probably. Romeo Yeah, see, he's a gay, he likes boys. Eh bro, who's your favorite boy? Johnny Depp? Ed Yeah. Romeo Johnny Depp's a gay too. Bet you don't know any gays. Polly Yes, my aunty's a gay. Romeo Eh, whatever. Polly Yes, she's got a girlfriend. Romeo Bet you don't know any boy gays like me. Polly No. Romeo Yeah, see, I do and he's brainy as, he's going to be a rich man when he grows up. Eh bro, you're gonna be a lawyer, aye. Ed Yeah.

Romeo You're allowed to be gay when you are lawyer aye! Aye, aye, aye bro, should be alright aye bro. Should be sweet as. Polly How old are you, then? Romeo Ah, 16. Polly As if. Romeo Eh, say it Ed, I'm 16 aye, bro. Ed He's nine. Romeo No, I'm 16 ... remember? Ed Shut up man, I'm reading. Romeo Yeah, he's reading. Brainy all right. Eh, bro what are you reading? A book, aye. What is it about, bro? Ed Crazy horse. Romeo Che, crazy horses.... all right. How old are you, then? Polly Twelve. Romeo Twelve? Too much girl, too much. Romeo What's that? Polly It's my ring. Romeo Giz a look. Polly No, you might steal it. Romeo Nah, man, I won't ... just want to see it. Polly OK, but you better not nick it. Romeo Relax man, I won't. Far ... are these diamonds or something? Polly Yes. Romeo How come you got it? Eh, you are rich! Man, I wish I had one of these. Polly What would you do with it? Romeo I don't know. Keep it. Polly Bull, you'll sell it. Romeo Nah, man, I'd keep this. Polly You wouldn't sell it? Romeo Nope. Polly Why not? Romeo Cause then I wouldn't have diamond ring. Well, I guess this is it. Polly Yeah, guess so. Romeo Don't you want it? Polly No, you can have it. Romeo Eh, really? Can I have it? What for? Polly So you remember me. Romeo Far ... diamond ring. Polly It's only plastic. Romeo I know. Polly And we're not getting married. Romeo I know. Probably see you later. Polly Yeah, probably.

Two cars, one night  

The transcript of a short film from New Zealand