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Title: Demand of CCVP Certification Exams

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Summary: CCVP can be acknowledged as Cisco Certified Voice Professional. This certification validates the skills as well as information that are required to integrate network architectures and validates the skills in working, configuring, troubleshooting and implementing converged IP network. With CCVP certification the certificate holders can learn Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Quality of Service (Quos), Gateways, Gatekeepers, IP Phones, Voice Applications, Utilities on Cisco routers and Cisco Catalyst switches.

Content: Cisco, the networking enormous in the field of information technology, is a organizer in offering world class certifications that assist millions of people worldwide in attaining their career goals. A world wide known certification specialized by Cisco is CCVP who installs , execute, configure, preserve repair as well as operate the converged internet protocol networking concepts even trouble shoot IP network related issues. The knowledge of various voice processing software and applications, gatekeepers, gateways, communication management systems from Cisco and IP concepts for telephones are all uniqueness of a CCVP certified. Due to the rising demand for certified professionals for voice networks, an increasing number of people are taking up this certification. This is well known that Cisco CCVP certification is experiencing a great command in IT Professional industry part. Cisco certified voice professional is the Cisco's certification where professionals can expand advance level knowledge in supporting of networking architectures. Prospectus of CCVP mainly focuses on quality of service, gatekeepers, gateways, voice applications, IP phones and utilities on Cisco analyst as well as Cisco routers switches. With a CCVP certification, a network professional can help generate a telephony solution that is apparent, scalable, and controllable. Further discussion about CCVP Examination. For obtaining CCVP certification, an entity has to take part one examination. Examination shall be classified in to two routes. Candidates can opt any one route in participating the examinations. The following are the exams: Route 1:

1) CVOICE (Cisco voice over the IP) and CVF (Cisco voice over fundamentals of IP) (642-436) 2) CIPT1 (Implementation of Cisco Unified Communication Manager-part 1 ( 642-446) 3) QOS (Quality of service) (642-642 ). 4) CIPT2 (Implementation of Cisco Unified Communication Manager-part 2 (642-456 ) 5) TUC (Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communication systems (642-426 ) Route 2: 1) CVOICE-version 5 (Cisco voice over the IP) or CVF-version 6 (Cisco voice over fundamentals of IP) or 642-436 CVOICE and (Cisco voice over fundamentals of IP). 2) QOS (Quality of service) (642-642) 3) TUC (Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communication systems (642-426) 4) CIPT1 (Cisco IP telephony- part1) and Cisco IP telephony- part 2 (642-444) 5) GWGK (implementation of Cisco voice gatekeepers as well as gateways) (642-453 ). This certificate will definitely improve your resume and enable you to compete your peers and colleagues in order to get victory and achievements in the field of IT. In addition, the amalgamation and troubleshooting of Cisco Unified Communications applications are now enclosed in the CCNP Voice, exclusively the Cisco Unity Connection and Cisco Unified Presence applications. According to some researches done by us with the new courses and exams allow voice professionals to present easy to use mobile voice and global call contact services for end users. TestsExpert is well known IT certification PDF material provider in terms of questions and answers for tests like <a href="">ccvp-certification</a> and <a href="">cisco-specialistscertification</a> with money back pass guarantee. Visit us to read more details. TestsExpert is well known IT certification PDF material provider in terms of questions and answers for tests like ccvp-certification and cisco-specialists-certification with money back pass guarantee. Visit us to read more details.