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Table of contents How MD Anderson can meet your needs .........................................................................2 Ten steps to ease your journey through our halls:...............................................................

Step One:

Get answers to your questions..........................................................5

Step Two:

Request an appointment ..................................................................5

Step Three: Understand your insurance coverage...............................................6 Step Four: Become an MD Anderson patient ...................................................7

Step Five: Find out more about cancer .............................................................8

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Step Seven: Know about clinical trials ..............................................................10

Navigate from outpatient to inpatient to community ....................9

Step Eight: Keep quality in your life . ...............................................................11 Step Nine: Use the services available to you ....................................................12 Step Ten:

Connect with us...............................................................................13

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If you are … • newly diagnosed or have recurrent cancer, • the parent of a child diagnosed with cancer, • a cancer survivor, • a person concerned about your risk of developing cancer, or • someone who wants to know more about cancer screening and prevention,

we are here for you. Throughout this booklet you’ll see images of life and art familiar to MD Anderson patients.



If you are newly diagnosed or have recurrent cancer The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center is the largest, most technologically advanced cancer treatment center in the world, offering unparallelled expertise in patient care, research, prevention and education. MD Anderson is a leader in knowledge-driven patient care, taking findings from laboratory studies and translating them into new treatments for patients with all types of cancer. We also established the multidisciplinary approach, in which a team of health care professionals from different disciplines (medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists and others) work together to customize each patient’s treatment plan. With our emphasis on quality patient care, MD Anderson is: •

a recipient of consistently high scores in patient satisfaction;

distinguished as a comprehensive cancer center by the National Cancer Institute;

ranked in 2009 as the top hospital in the nation for cancer care, according to the U.S. News & World Report annual “America’s Best Hospitals” survey;

a recipient of more National Cancer Institute research grants than any other institution;

a recipient of 12 NCI Specialized Programs of Research Excellence grants;

designated as a Magnet Nursing organization by the American Nurses Credentialing Center;

accredited by the Joint Commission, the nation’s oldest organization charged with improving the quality of health care; and

an institution where researchers and physicians have achieved a level of excellence that has led to new treatment standards.

If you are a parent whose child has been diagnosed with cancer Children’s Cancer Hospital and the pediatric program If your child has been diagnosed with cancer, you want an experienced team in a world-class institution. Using a family-centered care approach, our skilled pediatric oncologists, surgeons, nurses and other experts assure that your child receives the best care available for pediatric cancer.


MD Anderson Cancer Center

In addition, we provide an atmosphere where kids can be kids. They can have fun, continue their education and receive support from child life specialists, educators and behavioral scientists. For more information, call the Children’s Cancer Hospital at 713-792-5410 or visit its website at

If you are a cancer survivor Cancer Survivorship website You can learn more about cancer, cancer treatments, side effects and survivorship through our website at The site has facts and resources for every stage of survivorship: living with cancer, living through cancer and living beyond cancer. It addresses the impacts of cancer, including:

physical side effects of cancer treatment,

late or long-term side effects,

guidelines for long-term follow-up care,

health and well-being after cancer, and

legal and financial implications of cancer.

Through links to such services as the Anderson Network, a patient and caregiver support organization, the site also connects patients to other survivors who can share their experiences and provide support.

If you are concerned about your risk of developing cancer MD Anderson offers several options: •

Cancer risk assessment to help you understand your cancer risk. Genetic counseling is available if you are concerned about your family history of cancer.

Cancer risk reduction, which involves counseling about a healthful lifestyle, as well as the use of medications to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

Cancer screening tests, which are performed before you have symptoms to rule out cancer, or to identify it at the earliest, most treatable stages.



If you want more information about cancer screening and prevention:

Call the Cancer Prevention Center at 713-745-8040 or toll free at 800-438-6434.



If you have a concern about your family cancer history or the possibility of an inherited predisposition to cancer: • • •

Call the Clinical Cancer Genetics Program at 713-745-7391, or toll free at 877-641-0979. Visit Visit and click on “Genetic Testing and Counseling.”

You’re number one with us Do not be overwhelmed by our size. Patient care, safety and customer service are our top priorities. In fact, MD Anderson wants to make it easy for you to be a partner in your treatment, including having access to your electronic medical record through

Here are 10 steps to ease your journey through our halls.


MD Anderson Cancer Center

step one

When dealing with cancer, information is critical. Health information specialists with the askMDAnderson service can help you: • make an appointment,

understand your treatment options,

learn about clinical trials,

navigate the MD Anderson website,

find information about patient amenities,

access prevention and screening services,

find current, accurate cancer information, and

locate cancer resources in your community.

Call 877-MDA-6789 (877-632-6789) or visit For an overview of our campus, services and people, take an e-tour at

2 step two


Get answers to your questions

Request an appointment Appointments may be made by:


an immediate family member, or

your physician.

To make an appointment, either: •

call us Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Central Standard Time, toll free at 877-MDA-6789; or

complete an online self-referral form at

Our online referral form site is secure and your personal information is privacy-protected. When you contact MD Anderson, a patient access specialist will walk you through the referral steps and provide information needed for your first visit.



your contact information (telephone numbers, home address, e-mail address),

details of your diagnosis (official diagnosis — if determined, date of diagnosis, how the diagnosis was made),

treatment, if any, that already has taken place and time period of treatment,

insurance information, and

your referring physician’s contact information.


We will protect your privacy and keep your personal information confidential.

Understand your insurance coverage

step three


Have the following information available when you contact us:

If you don’t have insurance, MD Anderson provides financial counseling. This includes information about charge estimates,

Your patient access specialist will work with you to answer questions about insurance and prepayment requirements. Before you arrive for your first appointment, please complete these steps:

Verify insurance coverage: If you are enrolled in a managed care program (HMO, PPO or POS), verify that our services are covered by your plan. More than 70 managed care companies offer MD Anderson as a choice for cancer care.

Learn about treatment costs: Contact your insurance representative to determine your financial responsibilities for visits at MD Anderson, such as co-payments, deductibles and co-insurance.

If your insurance does not cover treatment at MD Anderson, ask your employee benefits specialist or your insurance agent what you can do to obtain this coverage.

Learn about prescription costs: Contact your insurance company to ensure your prescriptions will be covered at our pharmacy. Some prescription benefit plans require you to use certain pharmacies. Get help with your prescription insurance coverage by calling our pharmacy automated call-in system at 713-792-6125 and pressing 2 to speak to a pharmacy financial adviser.

deposit requirements and payment options, as well as Texas Resident Supplemental Financial Assistance Applications.


MD Anderson Cancer Center

step four


Become an MD Anderson patient What to consider as you prepare for your initial appointment First visit: A patient access specialist will make your appointment after medical information has been reviewed and insurance/financial clearance has been obtained. Please bring any additional medical information when you come. Through the secure myMDAnderson portal, patients may view their MD Anderson medical records online — from vital signs to medication listings to laboratory reports. It’s as easy as clicking “Personal Health Record” on

Directions and checklist: This brochure is sent to you in a packet containing information to help you plan your visit. Read the checklist for your care center, then review the maps that direct you to MD Anderson in the Texas Medical Center. If you have any questions, contact your patient access specialist or visit

Dress: Dress for comfort. Wear casual clothing, comfortable shoes and bring a sweater, as room temperatures may be cool any time of year. Outside, be prepared for average summer afternoon temperatures of more than 90 degrees Fahrenheit and average winter temperatures of 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Children: Because of the complexity of cancer care, there are many areas where visits from children are not permitted. To protect our patients and for your children’s health, please make every effort to leave children in the care of friends or relatives. If you must bring them, ask about our Child Visitation Rooms that provide free, short-term child care Monday through Friday for children ages 2 months to 12 years. For more information, call 713-745-0577 or 713-563-6545.

Parking: Valet and garage parking are available near the clinic buildings. For maps, visit

Finding your way, once inside: Your patient access specialist will give you directions on where to report for registration on your first day. Look for Access kiosks around MD Anderson for directions from one point to another.

Registration: During registration, you’ll be asked to sign several forms. If you have a power of attorney or advance directives, please bring copies for our records.



outpatient care center that specializes in your type of cancer. Most patients are evaluated with outpatient visits and do not require being admitted to the hospital. The length of your evaluation will depend on any additional tests and consultations needed to assess your condition and plan your treatment. The evaluation varies from three to 10 days; on average, it takes about a week.

Tests: If your physician orders additional tests, your patient access specialist will work with your insurance company to obtain authorization. If you do not have insurance or your insurance company will not cover the ordered tests, you will be asked to pay in advance.

Smoking: The entire campus of the Texas Medical Center, which includes MD Anderson, is smoke-free.

step five


Care center: Your first appointment will be in an


Find out more about cancer The Learning Center — 713-745-8063 and 713-563-8010, The Learning Center provides the latest information about health, cancer and cancer prevention. Available resources include: • journals, consumer health magazines and newsletters; • online journals, electronic books and databases; • free booklets; • topic-specific binders; and • books, audio tapes, videos and DVDs. The Learning Center also provides skilled and personalized service to all visitors. Staff will assist you in obtaining current and reliable information to help answer your medical questions. Other sources of information:

American Cancer Society 800-227-2345,

National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Information Service 800-4-CANCER (422-6237),

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship 877-622-7937, 8

MD Anderson Cancer Center

step six


Navigate from outpatient to inpatient to community The following groups work closely with your treatment team to provide a seamless continuum of care.

Patient Services Upon arrival, you will be assigned to a patient access specialist who will coordinate and help you with the financial clearance process of all services you receive within MD Anderson. This includes:

Chaplains of several denominations are available 24 hours a day, ministering to the spiritual needs of patients and families, and helping them cope with their illnesses. MD Anderson chaplains: •

visit any patient or family upon request prior to surgery,

verifying insurance benefits,

respond to referrals or special needs, and

obtaining referrals/authorizations,

providing estimates,

provide opportunities for worship, meditation, prayer and support groups.

making acceptable financial arrangements, and

processing applications for financial assistance.

Case Management Case managers are responsible for coordinating services for you from the time of admission throughout the hospital stay, in preparation for discharge and in the outpatient settings as needed. Case managers: • advocate on your behalf with insurance providers for services/benefits available; • review your medical record to justify payment for services; and


arrange for discharge planning needs, such as: w home health care services, w medical equipment, and w transfers to other health care settings.

Patients and family may visit our interfaith chapels, meditation rooms or Muslim prayer room. To reach a chaplain, call 713-792-7184 or visit For additional support, visit Spiritual Pathways, the Department of Chaplaincy blog, at spiritualpathways.

Patient Advocacy At registration, you will be assigned a patient advocate who serves as a liaison between you and MD Anderson. Patient advocates provide: • an opportunity in a confidential setting for you to voice a complaint, concern or problem, or to request a resolution; •

information about resources and services available to you and your family; and

education about patient rights and responsibilities.



Contact the Patient Advocacy office at 713-792-7776, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Call 713-792-7090 after hours and on weekends.

Social Work


step seven


Social work counselors help with the psychosocial aspects of your care, providing:

• Individual and family counseling to help handle: w w w w

challenges of cancer, transitions back into the home community, talking to children, and end-of-life issues;

assistance with resources and referrals;

programs on:

w w w w

support groups;

advance directives:

w w w

bereavement, self-hypnosis, relaxation, and intimacy and relationship issues;

medical power of attorney, living will, and out-of-hospital do-not-resuscitate orders.

To reach the Department of Social Work, call 713-792-6195 or visit www.mdanderson. org/socialwork.


MD Anderson Cancer Center

Know about clinical trials Clinical trials are research studies that involve people. The purpose of a clinical trial is to find a better way to prevent, diagnose or treat a disease. The safety of study participants is our top priority. All clinical trials must first be approved by MD Anderson’s Institutional Review Board, which is made up of doctors, administrators, ethicists, patients and members of the general public. If you are eligible for a clinical trial, your doctor will tell you about the trial’s purpose, procedures, benefits and risks. If you want to participate, you will sign an informed consent form. All patients who participate in clinical trials are volunteers. You can withdraw from a trial at any time, if you change your mind. Before signing an informed consent form, consider issues such as:



time commitment, and


For many, research studies offer new treatment possibilities. Consider discussing clinical trials with your MD Anderson doctor.

step eight


Keep quality in your life We care about the quality of your life once you are diagnosed with cancer. Two important resources to help you maintain quality of life are the Anderson Network and the Integrative Medicine Program.

Anderson Network — 713-792-2553 or toll free at 800-345-6324 Anderson Network is MD Anderson’s patient and caregiver support organization. As part of the Department of Volunteer Services, it offers many programs that share hope and understanding on a patient-to-patient and caregiver-to-caregiver level. They include: •

telephone support lines (for patients and caregivers, pediatric caregivers);

onsite hospitality centers;

Day Away trips and adult patient camp;

annual cancer survivorship conference;

online programs: Ask the Expert, Cancer Survivor Message Board and WarmNet;

community outreach groups; and

a quarterly newsletter.

Integrative Medicine Program MD Anderson’s Integrative Medicine Program offers complementary medicines that may be used in concert with mainstream care to manage symptoms, relieve stress and enhance quality of life. The Integrative Medicine Program offers:

Place ... of wellness — 713-794-4700 Place ... of wellness is a center where anyone touched by cancer, whether or not they were treated at MD Anderson, can enhance their quality of life through programs that complement medical care and focus on the mind, body and spirit. Most programs are free except acupuncture and full-body massage, which are provided for a nominal fee.

Integrative Medicine Clinic — 713-794-4700 The Integrative Medicine Clinic helps you obtain reliable information on natural products and complementary medicine. Requests for consultations are required from your primary physician. There’s also information available through a complementary and integrative medicine education resource website:

caregiver programs and frequent presentations on aspects of cancer (PIKNIC);




In addition, MD Anderson offers the following services: •

child life specialists and school teachers for pediatric patients;

clinical dietitians to help with diet and nutrition;

Kim’s Place, a recreation center for adolescents and young adults;

pain management specialists;

palliative care and symptom control specialists;

patient education resources and self- care training/classes;

psychiatric services for patients and their families; and

rehabilitation center and therapists.

step nine

9 12

Use the services available to you

Jesse H. Jones Rotary House International — 713-790-1600 or toll free at 800-847-5783 or fax at 713-795-4362 Patient/family hotel connected by a bridge to MD Anderson’s Main Building.

Information about other hotels — toll free at 877-MDA-6789 or at www.mdanderson. org/ask

Patient Travel Services — 713-745-2300 or toll free at 888-848-9992 Available weekdays, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., for airline and hotel reservations and car rentals, often at a discount.

Volunteer Services — 713-792-7180 More than 70 programs and 1,300 volunteers supporting patients and caregivers.

Other services:

Appearances (a shop offering breast forms, bras and specialty items for cancer patients);

Cyber Center (computers with Internet and e-mail access, faxes and phones, as well as DVDs and DVD players);

Patient/Family Center for relaxation;

Language Assistance — 713-792-7930

Beauty/Barber Shop; and

For interpreters, translation services and sign language.

gift and flower shops and more.

Services include:

International Center — 713-745-0450

Assists international patients

MD Anderson Cancer Center

The brochure “We’re Here for You” gives locations, hours of operation and phone numbers for a wide variety of services available to you at MD Anderson. Copies can be found in waiting rooms or at the Concierge/ Information Centers.

step ten


Connect with us Share your stories, ask questions, tell us what you need. Join the conversation with MD Anderson via Facebook or Twitter or follow our YouTube channel, Cancerwise blog or other publications.

Chaplaincy 713-792-7184 Social Work 713-792-6195 Patient Business Services 713-792-2991 800-527-2318

Patient Advocacy 713-792-7776

Important phone numbers and websites: MD Anderson Cancer Center askMDAnderson 877- MDA-6789 (877-632-6789) MD Anderson Switchboard 713-792-2121 800-889-2094 Anderson Network 713-792-2553 800-345-6324

Place ‌ of wellness 713-794-4700 The Learning Center 713-745-8063 or 713-563-8010 Information about finding your way An interactive video tour Access to your medical records



mission The mission of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center is to eliminate cancer in Texas, the nation, and the world through outstanding programs that integrate patient care, research and prevention, and through education for undergraduate and graduate students, trainees, professionals, employees and the public.

vision We shall be the premier cancer center in the world, based on the excellence of our people, our research-driven patient care and our science. We are Making Cancer History®.

core values caring By our words and actions, we create a caring environment for everyone.

integrity We work together to merit the trust of our colleagues and those we serve.

discovery We embrace creativity and seek new knowledge.

1515 Holcombe Boulevard • Texas Medical Center • Houston, Texas 77030-4009 Produced by the MD Anderson Communications Office 5/10 gr | mb | 35k


MD Anderson Cancer Center

Welcome to MD Anderson Booklet  
Welcome to MD Anderson Booklet  

The Welcome to MD Anderson booklet provides helpful information for adult cancer patients, parents of pediatric patients, cancer survivors a...