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An Interview with R-Health:

INSIGHT INTO A NEW PRACTICE MODEL AND THE FUTURE DIRECTION OF PRIMARY CARE Interviewed by Catherine Williams and Maria Falca-Dodson Recently, Mason Reiner, Chief Executive Officer of R-Health, responded to questions posed by MDAdvisor, sharing his insights into the R-Health practice model, relationship-centered care and the future direction of primary care. MDAdvisor: Where and how was R-Health originally conceived? R-Health: R-Health was founded in 2013 with a vision to transform primary care from the legacy model, which is transactional and volume-based and focused on treating discrete illnesses, to a refreshing new model which is continuous and relationship-based and focused on helping patients achieve their optimum health. Our vision is to firmly establish primary care at the nexus of our healthcare delivery system. We put our core values right on the wall in our reception area in every practice. This is something that our physicians and our health guides embrace; it demonstrates how we go above and beyond to deliver more for our patients.


MDADVISOR | Winter 2018

MDAdvisor: What is it about the existing primary care delivery system that you are trying to improve upon? R-Health: One of the things that our healthcare system has done so effectively in the last 20 years is to break the relationship that people used to have with their primary care doctor, which has led to a tremendous fragmentation of care where people are going to an urgent care center or to the ER, or they are self-referring to a specialist. The result is a tremendous amount of waste and redundancy and, frankly, less-effective care. The best way to deliver care is to empower an enduring relationship between a patient and a primary care doctor who knows the patient, knows the full picture, knows his or her

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MDAdvisor Winter 2018  

MDAdvisor Winter 2018  

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