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Growing Opportunities for Thailand’s Retail Food Market The Foreign Agriculture Service of the United States Department of Agriculture released a report last month on the retail foods sector in Thailand, indicating that "Thailand boasts one of the most attractive food and drink markets in the Asia Pacific Region‌food and beverage expenditures expected to grow by about 26 percent by 2015." The report notes that Thailand's retail food sector has been among the fastest growing in the world over the past ten years, with the growth of modern retail food stores that "utilize standardized management systems, point of sale displays, state of the art technology, and are situated in densely populated and more affluent areas." The report also indicates the expansion of retail food operators into online shopping and the use of social networks, which is facilitated by the greater access achieved through mobile devices and reliable online-payment service providers. While BOI does not promote retail food outlets, the growth of this industry does highlight the opportunity that exists in the manufacture of food and beverages. The manufacture or preservation of ready-to-eat or semi-ready-to-eat food is classified as a priority activity of special importance and benefits to the country, which means attractive incentives from BOI for those who qualify.

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