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From Meadows to Mountains Greenview, Alberta

Summer 2016


Highlights Meet Your Councillors.............................................. 2

Weed Alert................................................................ 9

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Construction Maintenance................................... 10

Upcoming Events..................................................... 4

Operations Department Update......................... 11

Greenview Green Chairs........................................ 4

Important Program Reminder: Snowplowing Of Private Driveways...................... 11

Bag it before you Bin it: Cleaning Up our Transfer Stations........................................................ 5

2016 MD of Greenview Seniors Housing Survey.... 12

Greenview Seeking Members at Large................. 5

Planning & Development...................................... 14

Wolf Harvest Incentive Program............................. 5

FACT SHEET: Development Permits....................... 15

One of the BEST Dinosaur Tracksites in the World............................................................... 6

Business Profile: Crooked Creek Country Store..... 16

Grande Showcase................................................... 7

Greenview Charity Golf Tournament .................. 18

2017 Grant Requests For Non-Profit Organizations.......................................... 7 MD of Greenview’s Top Ten Weeds....................... 8 Alberta Wetland Policy............................................ 8 Greenview Rental Fleet has a Field Sprayer and Plastic Bag Roller available!............................ 9 Problem Wildlife Officer........................................... 9

Ratepayer Barbeques........................................... 17 Council Highlights................................................... 20 Viability Review Update........................................ 22 Evergreen GPREP Emergency Generator Cheque Presentation............................................ 22 Landfill & Transfer Station Hours............................ 23 Lieutenant Governor Visits Grande Prairie Region........................................... 24

Meet Your Councillors Councillor George Delorme WARD 1, Grande Cache

Cell: 780.827.6401 Email:

Reeve Dale Gervais WARD 2, Little Smoky

Cell: 780.524.7714 Email:

Councillor Leslie Urness WARD 3, Valleyview

Home: 780.524.4036 Cell: 780.524.8477 Email:

Councillor Dave Hay WARD 4, Sunset House

Cell: 780.558.9163 Email:

Councillor Dale Smith WARD 5, New Fish Creek

Home: 780.524.2790 Cell: 780.558.9337 Email:

Councillor Tom Burton WARD 6, DeBolt

Home: 780.957.3601 Cell: 780.512.1558 Email:

Councillor Roxie Rutt WARD 7, Crooked Creek

Cell: 780.558.9640 Email:

Councillor Bill Smith WARD 8, Grovedale

Home: 780.831.9533 Cell: 587.343.5463 Email:

Cover Image Credit: “Hayfield at Dusk.” – Photographed along RR. 73 and the Golf Course Road near Grovedale, AB. Courtesy of Cristy Ellen K. Photography.


Summer 2016

Administration Building: 4806 - 36 Ave. Box 1079 Valleyview, AB. T0H 3N0 Ph. 780.524.7600 Fax 780.524.4307 Operations Building: 4802 - 36 Ave., Box 1079 Valleyview, AB. T0H 3N0 Ph. 780.524.7602 Fax 780.524.5237 Engineering & Environmental Services: 4806 - 36 Ave., Box 1079 Valleyview, AB. T0H 3N0 Ph. 780.524.7600 Fax 780.524.4432 Family & Community Support Services: 4707 - 50 Street Box 1079 Valleyview, AB. T0H 3N0 Ph. 780.524.7603 Fax 780.524.4130 Grovedale Sub-Office: Lot 9, Block 1, Plan 0728786, Box 404 Grovedale, AB. T0H 1X0 Ph. 780.539.7337 Fax 780.539.7711 Grande Cache Sub-Office (Eagle’s Nest Hall): 10028 - 99 St., Box 214 Grande Cache, AB. T0E 0Y0 Ph. 780.827.5155 Fax 780.827.5143 Office hours 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Please note that all of our offices are closed from 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. daily.

Reeve’s Message Another beautiful summer has arrived in Greenview. This is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy our campgrounds, lakes and rivers. This year we are upgrading the campgrounds at Kakwa River, Southview and Swan Lake. The Grovedale Fish Pond is also having work done. A new cookhouse and BBQs are being installed in Grovedale with a playground and walking trails proposed for future seasons. At Grande Cache Lake we are waiting for the lease for the recreation area to be assigned to Greenview, once that step is complete we have improvements planned there as well. New work proposed for Grande Cache Lake includes rebuilding the safety barriers, fire pits, picnic tables, signage and dock. In 2017-18 plans are to replace the washrooms and upgrade the beach area. Work continues throughout the summer season for all of our seasonal road construction projects. Quality local roads and bridges are an important service which connects Greenview’s industries and residents. Greenview is responsible for an extensive 2,284 kilometres of paved and gravel roads including maintenance, roadside brushing and mowing. We began the summer by completing calcium application to the entire Forestry Trunk Road to provide a better user experience and cut down the safety risks caused by dusty conditions. With the rainy weather we also had to implement road bans to 75 per cent axle weight on the Forestry Trunk Road and all local gravel roads. The road bans have been removed, but can be reinstated when conditions require, typically in the spring or extremely wet conditions. Greenview appreciates your cooperation in ensuring that our road network is preserved and maintained for the benefit of all road users. Council and Administration are providing ongoing input to the updated Municipal Government Act (MGA) to ensure the province is aware of the unique realities within rural and northern Alberta. The MGA provides the framework for how all municipalities within the province operate. This includes municipal governance matters such as how Council is elected, planning and development mechanisms to assist in the orderly and coordinated development of buildings, agriculture and

industry. It also outlines municipal assessment and taxation provisions that determine how money can be collected from ratepayers and how it can be used. The Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties (AAMDC) has been at the table advocating for rural Albertans in this legislative review. They have prepared guides to understand how the proposed changes may affect our local communities. If you’re interested in learning more go to and I encourage you familiarize yourself with the proposed changes and share your views with the province and our Council to make your voice heard. Regional collaboration is underway to support the Town of Grande Cache’s viability review process. The Town’s request has been accepted by Municipal Affairs and will proceed. Greenview will become part of the Viability Review Committee along with the Town of Grande Cache, AAMDC and staff from Municipal Affairs. The review will take a close look at governance, finances, infrastructure and services to determine whether changes are required for the community to be able to continue to operate as they are currently structured. In a viability review there are opportunities for the community to provide input. We respect the citizens of Grande Cache’s right to determine what they want for their future with information that will be gathered during the viability review. A fact sheet is posted to our website with further information on the Viability Review process. Greenview residents in the Valleyview area will be pleased to learn that we are working with the Town of Valleyview to recruit more doctors in the Valleyview area. Meetings with Alberta Health Services have led to strong prospects for a couple of new physicians who are interested in relocating to Valleyview to supplement the three doctors who are already working out of the Valleyview Medical Clinic. Residents in DeBolt and Grovedale will notice that the Public Services Buildings are nearly complete and we are looking forward to hosting grand openings in each community in the early fall. Details of the Public Service Building Grand Openings will be advertised soon. Best wishes, Reeve Dale Gervais

Greenview, Alberta


Upcoming Events Regular Council Meetings September 13 and 27, 2016

Committee of the Whole September 20, 2016 and October 18, 2016

Municipal Planning Commission September 14, 2016 and October 12, 2016

Green View FCSS September 21, 2016 and October 19, 2016

Agricultural Services Board September 28, 2016 and October 26, 2016 Unless otherwise specified, all meetings take place in the Council Chambers at the Administration Building in Valleyview beginning at 9:00 am. Green View FCSS meetings take place at the Community Resource Centre. ASB and FCSS meetings begin at 9:30 a.m. The public and media are welcome to attend or observe our Council Chambers live stream via the Internet. To view our live feed please visit our website at and click on the Live Stream link.

GREENVIEW is busy creating a comprehensive new TOURISM & RECREATION GUIDE for 2017.

We need YOUR INPUT! • Tour Operators, River Tour Operators • Outfitters, Hunting & Fishing Guides • ATV & Snowmobile, Mountain Bike Clubs • Recreation Site Operators • Restaurants, Museums, U-Pick Gardens • Hotels, B&Bs, Campgrounds If your business relies on tourism, travellers, or recreation dollars - let us know who you are! GREENVIEW is establishing a Promotional Campaign and Brand to spotlight the “opportunities where we live”. LET US HELP YOU PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS. Email information to: or call Kevin at 780.524.7623 with your contact information.

Greenview Green Chairs Visiting a Greenview park this summer? Keep your eyes open for our new Green Chairs. Take a selfie and show us how much you enjoy #greenviewparks!

Greenview Charity Golf Tournament The 16th annual Greenview Charity Golf Tournament was a success. See more on page 18.


Summer 2016

Bag it before you Bin it: Cleaning Up our Transfer Stations care of, the effects of loose garbage being dumped into the bins is having negative effects at the Greenview Regional Landfill.

All waste that is taken to the Transfers Stations is stored there until it can be transferred to the Greenview Regional Landfill or recycled. Metal, tires, electronics, used oil, oil filters and other items collected at the transfer stations are all recycled. The Environmental Service team has been working diligently over the last few months to help resolve the issues of blowing garbage at the Greenview Regional Landfill. While the Environmental Services department greatly appreciates the efforts put into recycling by Greenview residents we are asking all users of the Transfer Stations to please green bag their household garbage before depositing it into the bins. The household garbage that is delivered to the bins ends up in the Regional Landfill. Although the sites are very tidy and well taken

The Environmental Services Department is educating transfer station users on bagging garbage to help minimize Greenview’s loose garbage concerns. Greenview is providing garbage bags to residents that come to a transfer station with loose garbage. All loads brought to the Greenview Regional Landfill will be monitored closely in the future so Greenview may resolve some of these concerns. Greenview appreciates all efforts that are made by residents and Greenview staff to help minimize blowing garbage. In addition Greenview has set up “Take it Or Leave it” sheds at the DeBolt and Sunset House Transfer Stations. These “Take it or Leave it” sheds were set up to offer Greenview residents the chance to leave any items of value for other residents of Greenview to use or to take an item for themselves, which also is a form of recycling. The Environmental Services Department is involved with many recycling programs that are available to the residents of Greenview. Any ideas or suggestions from you, the facility users, are always welcomed. Thank you from the Environmental Services Management Team.

GREENVIEW SEEKING MEMBERS AT LARGE Greenview is currently seeking Members at Large for the following communities. Should you be interested in serving on one of these committees, or would like more information, please contact Lianne Kruger at 780.524.7600 or BOARD/COMMITTEE


Grovedale Cemetery Committee Little Smoky Cemetery Committee New Fish Creek Cemetery Committee Sunset House Cemetery Committee Subdivision & Development Appeal Board Agriculture Appeal Committee

1 1 3 1 1 1

Wolf Harvest Incentive Program The 2016 Wolf Harvest Incentive Program is now fully subscribed. The incentive program will cease for the remainder of 2016.

Greenview, Alberta


One of the BEST Dinosaur Tracksites in the World... …Located in our Backyard! By Tara Zeller, Community Coordinator – Grande Cache There was a time when dinosaurs ruled the earth, and thankfully, these pre-historic creatures left their footprints behind…. Right here in Greenview. The vast array of tracks were originally uncovered by local coal mining activities approximately 20 km north of Grande Cache during the late 1980’s. They were discovered by staff as coal-mining operations exposed the rocks in which the tracks were preserved. There are over a dozen sites containing tracks in a 25 square kilometre area, proven to be the only large-scale exposure of dinosaur tracks known in Canada, making it one of the best dinosaur track sites in the world.

THANKS TO OPEN PIT COAL MINING, DINOSAUR TRACKS WERE EXPOSED NEAR GRANDE CACHE UNCOVERING ALBERTA’S PRE-HISTORIC HISTORY. The Grande Cache dinosaur tracks were made by several species of dinosaurs and birds, with well over 10,000 footprints found at the site. This exciting history represents information about dinosaur biology and behaviour not available from skeletal remains. Through the study of dinosaur trackways we can learn how dinosaurs moved, how they interacted with their environment, and with other dinosaurs. The trackways are all located on steeply angled (between 40º and 60º) footwalls exposed during open pit mining activities. Some of the footwalls are over 60 meters high and nearly a kilometer long. Over time, there have been some slope failures


Summer 2016

which has resulted in the partial or complete loss of some trackways, however in many cases this has revealed new trackways to be discovered. Alongside the dinosaur tracks, Photo by: Adam Esch, MD of Greenview an abundance of fossilized plant material (petrified stumps, log impressions, and leaf impressions) have also been found preserved. Not only do these fossils tell us about the environment in which the dinosaurs lived, but they also provide information on fossils from an otherwise poorly represented time in Alberta’s pre-history. In 2006, Photo: Town of Grande Cache the Grande Cache dinosaur track sites were designated a a sustainable, low impact, world class protected Provincial Historical Site by the tourism experience at the dinosaur track Province of Alberta. site. Combining eco-tourism and industrial history may lead to a unique diversified Currently, public access to the trackways opportunity for the region. is restricted as they are located in an area leased by Grande Cache Coal Corporation. In an effort to try and share this Historical Site with the public, a meeting was organized in Grande Cache in April 2016 with a number of interested parties and stakeholders. Guest speakers during the meeting included Jim Kincaid, President of the Tumbler Rider Museum Foundation and Dr. Richard McCrea, Ph.D, the Director and Curator for the Peace Region Paleontology Research Centre. Greenview is very excited to work with the Town of Grande Cache, Grande Cache Coal, and a number of other significant partners to try and develop

In 2002, a single long latex mold was made of the trackway and was cast. Until this Historical Tracksite becomes available to the public, copies of the mold can be viewed at the Grande Cache Tourism & Interpretive Centre, the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller, and the Philip J Currie Dinosaur Museum in Grande Prairie. View a short video on the site courtesy of People & Peaks Productions at Resources: Town of Grande Cache; Alberta Heritage Resources Management Information System

Grande Showcase Featuring ART BY LEISSA Meet Leissa McDonald, a 20 year old artist from Grande Cache Lake. Inspired by nature and animals in her backyard, she creates awe-inspiring images using simple coloured pencils. Stimulated by her surroundings, Leissa speaks of ravens as her favourite animal. She feeds them out her back door, and smiles as she shares the story of the babies coming to visit her one summer afternoon. She describes the ravens as playful and enjoys their company and interacting with them. Self-taught, Leissa has been drawing all her life. She loves to draw animals, especially owls, because of their eyes. You can see in her prints, the expressive and dynamic detail found in each animal’s eye. Uniquely, you can find Leissa’s authentic signature inside the eye of the animal portrait of her recent drawings. This quiet and modest young lady is talented beyond her years and showcases her work through her Facebook Page: Art by Leissa. One of Leissa’s favourite drawings – a 14”x 17” Coloured Pencil Drawing of a Eurasian Eagle Owl

Article & photos by: Tara Zeller, Community Coordinator Grande Cache

Leissa McDonald, Artist

2017 Grant Requests For Non-Profit Organizations Greenview provides grants to non-profit organizations to assist with operational and/or capital projects that will enhance and support the needs of the municipal residents. Please submit your completed grant applications prior to the October 14, 2016 deadline, the applications are available for pickup or mail delivery upon request from the Greenview Administration Offices in Valleyview, Grovedale and Grande Cache: • •

Valleyview 780.524.7600 Grande Cache 780.827.5155

• •

Grovedale 780.539.7337 Toll-free 1.888.524.7601

Grant application forms are also available on the Greenview website by selecting Programs & Services > Community Grants. If your organization requires additional information or assistance in completing the grant application, please contact Dennis Mueller, General Manager, Community Services at 780.524.7343.

Greenview, Alberta


MD of Greenview’s Top Ten Weeds Canada Thistle

Perennial Sow Thistle

Purplish flower with distinctive fluff in late summer. Leaves are prickly.

Prickly leaves, hollow stems with milky juice. Flowers are yellow that turn to fluff.

Scentless Chamomile

Yellow Toadflax

Multiple daisy flowers. Leaves are fine and feathery.

Flowers resemble snapdragons. Reproduce by seed and roots.

Ox-eye Daisy

Common Tansy

Single flowers on long slender stems. Shallow roots and wide glossy leaves.

Cluster of yellow “button” heads and deeply-toothed leaves.

Tall Buttercup

White Cockle

Glossy yellow flowers in clusters. Hairy leaves, deeply-lobed into three to five segments.

Five white, deeply-notched flower petals, prominent oval leaves.

Orange Hawkweed

Spotted Knapweed

Multiple flower heads with red orange petals. Leaves are spatula-shaped, narrow and hairy.

Single purpleish flowers with several “eyelash” type bracts at the bottom of the flower. Deeply-lobed leaves.

Alberta Wetland Policy The new Alberta Wetland Policy has been released and the Green Zone portion being implemented as of July 4th, 2016. The policy can be found at


Summer 2016

Greenview Rental Fleet has a Field Sprayer and Plastic Bag Roller available!

Problem Wildlife Officer Greenview Agriculture Services now has a Problem Wildlife Officer on staff to deal with a host of vertebrate pest problems. The Problem Wildlife Officer is available to help producers with predation problems on their operations. Greenview producers and residents can contact Terrence Peever by calling our main office number at 780.524.7600 or our toll free number at 1.888.524.7601 to be put through to the Agriculture office.

Weed Alert The MD of Greenview is working in collaboration with the government of Alberta to identify a plant discovered along the highway. The plant appears to be a form of phragmites. Labs are investigating whether the plant is native or invasive.

Greenview, Alberta


Construction Maintenance Construction and Maintenance is underway with capital projects for 2016. These projects include three separate jobs on the Forestry Trunk Road, local road construction including DeBolt Fire Hall Access Road and the Grovedale Firehall Access Road. Greenview has one connector road in the budget that is located near the Hamlet of Little Smoky, east of Range Road 214 connecting to Range Road 211 leading to the Greenview Regional Waste Facility. Intersection upgrades were completed at the intersection of Township Road 714 and Range Road 215 North of Valleyview. Greenview also tendered out a paving project for the Ridgevalley area Township Road 713 and North on Range Road 260 leading to Highway 43. Please watch for workers and equipment on the roadways in your areas.


Range Road 64 - Grovedale Fire Hall Road

Twp. Rd 672 – Connector Road

Forestry Trunk Road - Simonette Hill

Twp. Rd 714 – Intersection upgrade

KM 63 – Forestry Trunk Road – installing Paradox Cellular Confinement Neoweb

Ridgevalley Connector Paving Project – Township Road 713 and North on RR 260

Summer 2016

Operations Department Update •  Greenview recently experienced heavy rainfall and the road maintenance crews have been busy repairing multiple culverts and roads. •  The residential calcium program is completed. Greenview is currently applying calcium to the entire length of the Forestry Trunk road. This year in total the operations department will be applying approximately 10 million litres of calcium in the MD of Greenview.

Range Road 215

• Currently there are six gravel crushing contracts awarded in the MD of Greenview.

• The local road gravelling program has started and will include the Forestry Trunk Road from kilometre 70 to 170.

•  Greenview has purchased new equipment this summer that included light trucks, JCB tractor backhoes, brush chipper, rotary mower, and skid steer.

•  Greenview’s mowing and brushing program continues to maintain Greenview’s roadside ditches with additional brushing that is in progress due to the heavy snow received during the May long weekend.

Young’s Point North

Range Road 704

Important Program Reminder: Snowplowing Of Private Driveways As winter is approaching, the MD of Greenview wishes to remind citizens of the private driveway snowplowing program.

If you have an existing agreement a new agreement is not required.

This program is intended for residential sites only. In order to avoid the last minute ‘blizzard rush’ please come down to your local MD of Greenview office to sign a snowplow agreement form and receive your sign, or your flag, depending on your area.

Service will not commence until an agreement has been completed and signed. For more information on this program, please call 780-524-7602 (toll free at 1-888-524-7601) or visit our website at You can fill out a snowplow agreement at our offices in Valleyview (Operations Building), Grovedale and Grande Cache. Our staff will be happy to assist you with your application. Our offices are open Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 pm.

Greenview, Alberta


2016 MD OF GREENVIEW SENIORS HOUSING SURVEY The 2016 Municipal District of Greenview Seniors Housing Survey provides a snapshot into seniors housing needs within different areas of the MD. In total 251 individuals completed the survey. The majority of respondents were from the DeBolt, Grovedale and Valleyview areas. 1.2%

AGE 91-100

AGE 81-90

AGE 71-80

AGE 61-70

AGE 50-60





New Fish Creek

15.1% DeBolt





Sunset House







Little Smoky


Fox Creek area

4% 0. 6% 5. % .7 18 % .3 30 % .5 21 % .5 23


Grande Cache area


Summer 2016



43.3% Somewhat knowledgeable

69.9% Married

15% Very knowledgeable

18.9% Single

41.7% Poor

11.2% Other



47.5% Required urgently

84.3% Over 10 Years

37.5% Required somewhat urgent

12.9% 5-10 Years

12.1% Required not urgent

2.8% Less than 3

2.9% Not required







22.7% LODGE 3.2%


CURRENT LIVING STATUS 85.7% Home owner 6.0% Renting 3.2% Living with relatives 2.4% Living in subsidized housing 1.6% Living in a senior facility 1.2% Other

COMMUNITY SENIOR SERVICES RANKED MOST IMPORTANT Home Support Medical Services Meals on Wheels Transportation Access to 24/7 nursing aid Meal Preparation Covered Parking Other LOWEST RANK


Greenview, Alberta


Planning & Development Keeping Our Public Spaces Beautiful The natural environments found in Greenview are as beautiful as they are diverse. Conveniently, they are available to be enjoyed. As Greenview would like to ensure everyone can continue to enjoy our public spaces, we would like to remind you that you are free to utilize public spaces for your enjoyment but should refrain from altering or modifying these spaces. Areas such as the banks and shores of our waterways are a part of a sensitive riparian environment and can be irreversibly damaged by unapproved brushing, clearcutting, or the storage of foreign matter. If you notice that any area of our natural environment is in danger or in need of maintenance, please contact Planning & Development Staff at 780.524.7600.

Thinking of Developing? Thinking of developing your property this summer? Just as you have to ‘Call Before You Dig’, developers are responsible for ensuring they have all the proper permits before they commence development. Planning and Development Staff are available to assist you with any questions you may have and provide insight prior to commencing your development. A development permit is required to ensure that you adhere to the regulation requirements of Greenview’s Land Use Bylaw and other municipal and provincial legislation. For example it makes sure: 1. That your development meets the minimum setback distance from the municipal road and/or highway to address traffic safety, dust, noise for your overall enjoyment of your property without future issues; 2.  That any physical site constraints are met, i.e. minimum separation distance from upper bank of a watercourse or water source; adequate spacing between you and another existing development such as intensive livestock - confined feeding operation, industrial wellsite or pipeline; 3. That your development meets provincial requirements such as the Alberta Electrical, Gas, Plumbing and Building & Safety Code;


Summer 2016

4. That your development meets the current land use designation (zoning). For example: No business larger than a major home occupation is allowed on a parcel zoned Country Residential One (CR-1); 5. That you are not developing on a wetland in accordance with the new Wetland Policy that came into effect on June 1, 2016; 6. That you are developing in accordance with any Area Structure Plans in effect, i.e. Grovedale Area Structure Plan or Sturgeon Lake Area Structure Plan; 7. That if you have a Restrictive Covenant registered on your title, you are bound by the restrictions and building guidelines of this document. 8. That as a buyer, be aware of what you are purchasing and check with our Planning Staff to ensure that your proposal meets the requirements of Greenview’s Land Use Bylaw.

What does “development” mean? i.

an excavation or stockpile and the creation of either of them,

ii. a building or an addition to or replacement or repair of a building and the construction or placing of any of them on, in, over or under land, iii. a change of use of land or a building or an act done in relation to land or a building that results in or is likely to result in a change in the use of the land or building, or iv. a change in the intensity of use of land or a building or an act done in relation to land or a building that results in or is likely to result in a change in the intensity of use of the land or building; If you are uncertain if you require a Development Permit or you are having trouble interpreting the Land Use Bylaw or any other regulations, we encourage you to contact one of our Development Officers who will be happy to assist you. Leona Dixon, Development Officer Direct Line: 780.524.7639 Lindsey Lemieux, Development Officer Direct Line: 780.524.7643 Demetri Prevatt, Development Officer Direct Line: 780.524.6078

FACT SHEET: Development Permits Myth:



As a property owner, I have development rights and can develop my property how I see fit. The right to develop any property is regulated by the Land Use Bylaw and requires landowners to obtain a valid development permit.



Any earth moving or work on site qualifies as development. All developers will need to wait 14 days after you receive your written approval by the Development Authority before you are allowed to commence the work that has been proposed. If the permit is a Discretionary Use, it must be advertised and you will need to wait 14 days from the date the permit is advertised.


A development permit isn’t required if a building is on skids or is a ‘temporary dwelling’.


A development permit is required for any form of development be it temporary, permanent or on skids.


I live on a farm, so all buildings are exempt from development permits.




An accessory building 160 square feet or larger requires a permit. The only exception is farm buildings completely dedicated to agricultural pursuits on property classified as Agriculture (A).

I don’t need a permit until the house or structure is built. Myth:


My building is small so it shouldn’t require a development permit.

On parcels that are designated as Agriculture (A) Districts, only farm buildings completely dedicated to agricultural pursuits are exempt from Development Permits. However, all other uses such as residences, along with accessory buildings such as shops and garages require a permit.







Recreation properties or cabins don’t require a development permit. This only applies to recreational vehicles which are on wheels such as RVs or fifth wheel trailers. Changes proposed in the new Land Use Bylaw will restrict the number of recreational vehicles allowed on a lot. Campgrounds require a development permit and are not allowed in all Districts.


Outbuildings, sheds, or development permits.




These buildings require permits.

My house is old and I didn’t acquire a permit. I shouldn’t have to request a permit for any changes to my house. Buildings that were built prior to the current Land Use Bylaw being adopted are typically grandfathered in but considered non-conforming. However, landowners are still required to obtain a new development permit to replace, make structural changes or place additions onto the existing home to conform to the current Land Use Bylaw. I can bring my future manufactured/mobile home/ cabins/sheds onto my property and store them while I apply for a development permit. Structures cannot be stored on any property prior to obtaining a valid development permit. I can replace my manufactured home or residence and tie-in to existing services without a development permit. The manufactured home or residence is considered new development and you are required to obtain a current development permit.

Greenview, Alberta


Business Profile: Crooked Creek Country Store A Greenview based entrepreneur has redefined the almost forgotten 1880’s saying “Dollars to Donuts” and has built her business by selling donuts - a lot of donuts. After purchasing the Crooked Creek Country Store in April 2012, owner Linda Thiessen was looking for new ways to draw people in to her small country business. “My husband and I were talking and we thought fresh baking might be the answer. People love homemade products,” Thiessen said. With some proven family recipes in hand and the idea in her mind, Thiessen acquired the proper health permitting she needed to operate a bakery through Alberta Health Services. As a pilot Thiessen prepared and hand fried seven dozen vanilla glazed donuts to sell on Canada Day. “They were a hit and we sold out. In the second week we sold 14 dozen and in the third week, 21 (dozen) - it was amazing,” she said.

even folks from as far away as Germany. Somehow they’ve all heard about our treats,” she said.

Between the store, bakery and ice cream booth Crooked Creek Country Store employs seven individuals.

Always looking to her customers for feedback, Thiessen has recently started to offer cinnamon sugar donuts, in-store made sandwiches, popcorn balls and cinnamon rolls as part of her line-up of baked goods. The Crooked Creek Country Store also displays and sells a selection of giftware, fireworks and meat products from local producers.

“They’re a special team and they work hard,” she said. “I really couldn’t do this without them or the community’s support.”

“More than the products I carry, much of my business success is a result of my staff,” Thiessen added.

Article and Photos by Dale Tiedemann

The Crooked Creek Country Store is located on Hwy. 43 between Valleyview and Grande Prairie. For more information ‘like’ their page on Facebook ( crookedcreekstore) or call 780.957.3782.

The demand for Crooked Creek Donuts hasn’t slowed down with production ranging between 1,400 and 2,800 donuts per day, six days a week. “We start making dough at 5 a.m. so that the first batch (of donuts) is warm and ready when the store opens at 8 a.m.” Thiessen said. “We bake nonstop until close.”

Linda Thiessen, owner and proprietor of the Crooked Creek Country Store, proudly displays a batch of freshly baked Crooked Creek donuts.

On busier days, it’s not uncommon to see lineups and people happily browsing the store while they wait for Thiessen’s freshly baked confectionaries. “People come from all over for donuts,” Thiessen chuckled. “We’ve had quite a few American travellers stop in and


Summer 2016

Karen Krahn, an employee at Crooked Creek Country Store, tends to a batch of homemade donuts.

A box of Crooked Creek Store Donuts packaged and ready for sale.

Ratepayer Barbeques Here are some photos from our four Ratepayer Barbecues of 2016 (Valleyview, Grande Cache, Grovedale and DeBolt).

Greenview, Alberta


Greenview Charity Golf Tournament On June 22, The Muncipal District of Greenview hosted its 16th annual Charity Golf Tournament at the picturesque Grande Cache Golf and Country Club. In total, more than $20,500 was raised to support the Grande Cache Food Bank.


Summer 2016

Greenview’s Council and staff would like to express their sincere appreciation to the many sponsors and participants who supported this year’s event.

ATB Financial • Brandt • Pembina

Greenview, Alberta


Council Highlights May-July 2016

bylaw is approved annually based on terms outlined in the Municipal Government Act.


Kakwa and Southview Recreation Areas

Bylaw 16-765 Parks & Recreation Protection has been approved by Council. The bylaw will govern use of parks which are owned or managed by Greenview.

Recreation Services staff provided a presentation to Council regarding the Kakwa and Southview Recreation Areas. Based on Council’s direction, staff will start the process of entering into a lease agreement with the Government of Alberta for the Kakwa and Southview Recreation Areas.

I Want Wireless provided a presentation to Council regarding their work in the MD of Greenview to enhance access to high speed Internet. So far $900,000 has been invested in infrastructure within the MD of Greenview under the Connecting Canadians program. Alberta Environment and Parks provided a presentation to Council on the Caribou Range Plan Mediator’s Report and Draft Plan. Greenview will be providing comments to the Government of Alberta on the draft plan to ensure industry is guaranteed direct and continued involvement in implementing the plan. Associated Engineering provided a presentation to Council on the Valleyview Rural Water Line Loop Study. The costs are estimated at up to $14.5 million for the full pressure system or $15 million for the combined full pressure and trickle fill system.

Bylaws Bylaw 16-763 to re-designate land within SE 1 69 6 W6 from Agriculture District to Industrial District received first reading. A public hearing will be held on August 23, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. regarding this bylaw. Little Smoky Utility Installation (Bylaw 16762) was approved by Council following second and third readings. The bylaw allows for the installation of service lines as an incentive for Little Smoky residents to connect to the new water distribution system that is being constructed. The 2016 Schedule of Fees was also approved by Council. Details on the Schedule of Fees can be found on the MD website or by contacting our offices. The 2016 Operating Line of Credit Bylaw 16-764 was also approved by Council. This


Summer 2016

Bylaw 16-766 (Weiss) received a public hearing on July 26, 2016 and was approved by Council. The bylaw returns land within SW 5 71 24 W5 from Country Residential One (CR-1) District to Agriculture (A) District and rezones another area within the same section to CR-1 District from A District. Bylaw 16-767 to re-designate lands within the Big Mountain Industrial Park (SE-1-69-6-W6, Plan 882286, Lot 2), in the Grovedale Area, from Agriculture District (A) to Industrial (I) passed first reading. A Public Hearing concerning Bylaw 16-767, for the Big Mountain Industrial Park Area Structure Plan, has been scheduled for August 23, 2016 at 10 a.m. in Greenview Council Chambers. Bylaw 16-759 (NE 20 72 1 W6) and Bylaw 16-770 (SW 8 70 7 W6) passed first reading. The bylaws are regarding redesignating lands from from Agriculture (A) District to Country Residential One (CR-1) District. Public hearings for these bylaws will be held on September 13, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. in Council Chambers.

Greenview Recreation Master Plan McElhanney Consulting Services of Edmonton received the contract for the Greenview Recreation Master Plan for the price of $62,623.

Recreation Agreements Greenview will enter into Recreation Agreements with the Towns of Fox Creek and Grande Cache respectively with funds to come from the Community Services Budget.

Fox Creek Area Development Study The March 2016 Fox Creek Area Rural Development Site Identification Study was accepted for information as presented.

Municipal Development Plan The draft Municipal Development Plan (MDP) was accepted as information by Council following a public hearing. The hearing was an opportunity for ratepayers to speak with Council regarding changes to the MDP which was last revised in 2003.

Sustainability Report Greenview Council will recommend to the Town of Grande Cache that they initiate the viability review process in response to Grande Cache’s letter dated May 12, 2016.

Old Sunset House Water Point Council has authorized Administration to transfer the ownership of the old Sunset House non potable well and water point building, as is, to the Sunset Hall Community Hall Society.

Victor Lake & Grande Cache Source Water Protection Plan Administration will investigate a bylaw regarding recreation use in the Victor Lake area following requests from Greenview residents. The bylaw will support the Grande Cache Source Water Protection Plan around the air strip, Victor Lake and the Town of Grande Cache.

Tax Recovery Public Sale of Land

Grande Cache Medical Clinic

Council set the terms and conditions that apply to the 2016 public sale of land for properties with unpaid taxes. The public auction will take place on September 15, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. in the Council Chambers.

Greenview Council has voted against making a funding decision regarding a proposed new Medical Centre in Grande Cache because there was not enough information provided by the Town of Grande Cache to make an informed decision. A discussion guide has been provided to the Town of Grande Cache to assist in addressing these questions.

Greenview Recreation Master Plan Advisory Committee Terms of Reference for the Greenview Recreation Master Plan Advisory Committee were adopted. The Advisory Committee will provide input to recreation activities, programs and services.

Municipal Government Act Review – Solid Waste Administration will investigate the concerns identified by the Alberta Association of Independent Landfill Operators regarding the Municipal Government Act.

Iosegun Lake Road Council accepted a recommendation that the Iosegun Lake Road base paving project be awarded to Knelsen Sand and Gravel Ltd. Greenview will provide a onetime lump sum payment to the Town of Fox Creek, a partner in the project, in the amount of $2,946,584.39.

Sign Management Policy Council discussed the management of signs within the MD. Administration has been asked to develop a Standalone Sign Management Strategy and Bylaw. This will be brought forward to Council at a later date for further review.

Letter of Support for Northern Gateway Pipeline Project Council has directed Administration to send a letter of support to the National Energy Board advocating for the extension application submitted by Northern Gateway Inc. for the Northern Gateway Pipeline project.

Lagoon Treated Wastewater for Industrial Fracturing Council has approved the sale of effluent from Greenview wastewater lagoons for the purpose of industrial fracturing.

Grants Sunset House Cemetery will receive $12,390 for the purchase and installation of a columbarium at the Sunset House Cemetery. Teepee Creek Stampede received $25,000 for their Centennial Celebration. Grande Prairie River Rats Association 2016 Capstan Hauling Rat 200 Jet River Race $5,000 Title Race Sponsorship. Grovedale Agricultural Society received $1,000 for fireworks at the 35th Annual Grovedale Fair. East Smoky Recreation Board Heritage Day Festival was provided $3,000. The Cranberry Lake Rodeo Association was authorized to reallocate $15,000 in unused 2016 grant funds to purchase a 50-horsepower tractor.

Board Appointments Councillor Roxie Rutt - PACE Board of Directors Doug Vandemark - Agriculture Appeal Committee

Marvin Moore - Subdivision Development Appeal Board.


Rennie Fournier - Little Smoky Cemetery Committee.

Appointments Sean Allen, Dennis Haglund, Maureen Bly, Hazel Edwards, Amy Cymbaluk, Jennifer Hammel, Jesslyn Alguire, and Hayden Grotkowski have been appointed as Weed Inspectors and Pest Inspectors for Greenview under the Agricultural Pests Act.

Land Acquisition Council authorized Administration to purchase a five acre parcel of land located south of Grovedale at SW 21 69 6 W6 for $95,000.00. The land will be used for the Grovedale water system expansion.

AAMDC Resolutions Greenview will submit two resolutions to AAMDC Zone 4 requesting the Government of Alberta: 1)  Complete an overall socio-economic impact assessment based on the species at risk recovery and retention plans currently affecting the reduction of the forestry industry’s allocable annual cut. 2) Allow industry to continue using coal fired power generation stations while encouraging industry research and development to explore alternate uses and markets for coal.

Foothills Forest Products Letter of Support Greenview will provide a letter of support to Foothills Forest Products Inc. in support of the continued operation of Foothills’ beehive burner for an additional 24 months.

Greenview, Alberta


Viability Review Update The Town of Grande Cache’s request for a viability review has been accepted by Alberta Municipal Affairs. A viability review takes a close look at a municipality’s governance, finances, infrastructure and services to determine whether changes are required for the community to be able to continue to operate as they are currently structured. Now that confirmation of the review has been received, a Viability Review Team will be formed with representatives from Municipal Affairs, the Town of Grande Cache, Municipal District of Greenview and municipal associations such as the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties.

The Municipal District of Greenview is open to whatever outcome is determined through the Viability Review. The Review Team will develop a Viability Plan and make a recommendation regarding the town’s viability after thorough analysis. Information regarding the viability review will be posted to Greenview’s website as the review progresses. Go to for more information.

Evergreen GPREP Emergency Generator Cheque Presentation On July 18th, The MD of Greenview and the County of Grande Prairie each presented a cheque to Evergreen Park for an emergency backup generator. Both municipalities are proud to support this item of purchase as Evergreen Park has been designated as an evacuation centre in the event of an emergency in the County and City of Grande Prairie, MD of Greenview and area. The Emergency Backup Generator, with a total cost of $360,000, will be used at Evergreen Park in the event of a power failure. Greenview contributed $125,000 towards the cost of the new emergency generator. Photo courtesy of Eric Good.


Summer 2016

Landfill & Transfer Station Hours of Operation SITE NAME



Little Smoky Transfer Station NW 13-66-22-W5M

Monday, Thursday, Saturday

11:00 am to 6:00 pm


Household Waste Metal

Sturgeon Heights Transfer Station NW 13-70-25-W5M

Monday, Wednesday, Sunday

11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Wire Cable Wire Fencing Appliances

South Wapiti Landfill SW 34-69-08-W6M

Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Wood Tires Cement

Sunset House Transfer Station NW 23-70-21-W5M Grovedale Transfer Station SW 22-69-06-W6M

Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

DeBolt Transfer Station SE 02-72-01-W6M

Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

New Fish Creek Transfer Station NW 16-72-21-W5M

Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

11:00 am to 6:00 pm

11:00 am to 6:00 pm

11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Batteries Household & Vehicle Electronics Computers, Printers & TV’s Paint Household Hazardous Waste Containers Only the sites highlighted in yellow accept:

11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Waste Oil Containers & the Used Oil Old Oil Filters

Puskwaskau Landfill NE 36-74-26-W5M

Thursday, Saturday

11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Sweathouse Transfer Station SW 04-70-19-W5M

Friday, Sunday

11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Sandy Bay Transfer Station NW 09-71-23-W5M Greenview Regional Landfill SW 18-67-20-W5M

Only the sites highlighted in blue accept: Empty Pesticide Containers

Walk-in access available all hours

Monday to Friday

8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Household Waste Only Class IV Commercial Industrial Users Only

All locations are closed on statutory holidays. Consult our website for more information: Greenview, Alberta


Lieutenant Governor Visits Grande Prairie Region On June 1, 2016 Greenview Reeve Dale Gervais and Chief Administrative Officer Mike Haugen were pleased to join neighbouring municipalities and Grande Prairie Regional Tourism as they hosted the Honourable Lois Mitchell, Lieutenant of Alberta, and His Honour Doug Mitchell for the very first planning meeting for the Canada’s 150th Birthday celebration that will be taking place next year. We look forward to a spectacular celebration!

Top row from left to right: Town of Beaverlodge Mayor Leona Hanson, Village of Hythe CAO Greg Gayton, Town of Wembley Mayor Chris Turnmire, Town of Sexsmith Mayor Claude Lagace, Grande Prairie Regional Tourism Executive Director Ainsley Lamontagne, MD of Greenview CAO Mike Haugen, MD of Greenview Reeve Dale Gervais, Saddle Hills County Reeve Alvin Hubert, City of Grande Prairie Director of Community Living Gary Roth, Saddle Hills County Acting CAO Faye Kary, and County of Grande Prairie Economic Development Coordinator Hetti Huls. Bottom row from left to right: County of Grande Prairie Reeve Leanne Beaupre, Her Honour Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Lois Mitchell, His Honour Doug Mitchell, and County of Grande Prairie Deputy Reeve Ross Sutherland.

Greenview, Alberta, Canada


From Meadows to Mountains - Summer 2016  

Summer 2016 Edition of Greenview's From Meadows to Mountains Newsletter.

From Meadows to Mountains - Summer 2016  

Summer 2016 Edition of Greenview's From Meadows to Mountains Newsletter.