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From Meadows to Mountains Greenview, Alberta

Summer 2017


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Meet Your Councillors Councillor George Delorme WARD 1, Grande Cache

Cell: 780.827.6401 Email:

Reeve Dale Gervais WARD 2, Little Smoky

Cell: 780.524.7714 Email:

Councillor Leslie Urness WARD 3, Valleyview

Home: 780.524.4036 Cell: 780.524.8477 Email:

Councillor Dave Hay WARD 4, Sunset House

Cell: 780.558.9163 Email:

Cover Image Credit: Tara Zeller Grande Cache Lake


Summer 2017

Councillor Dale Smith WARD 5, New Fish Creek

Home: 780.524.2790 Cell: 780.558.9337 Email:

Administration Building: 4806 - 36 Ave. Box 1079 Valleyview, AB. T0H 3N0 Ph. 780.524.7600 Fax 780.524.4307 Operations Building: 4802 - 36 Ave., Box 1079 Valleyview, AB. T0H 3N0 Ph. 780.524.7602 Fax 780.524.5237 Engineering & Environmental Services: 4806 - 36 Ave., Box 1079 Valleyview, AB. T0H 3N0 Ph. 780.524.7600 Fax 780.524.4432 Family & Community Support Services: 4707 - 50 Street Box 1079 Valleyview, AB. T0H 3N0 Ph. 780.524.7603 Fax 780.524.4130

Councillor Tom Burton WARD 6, DeBolt

Grovedale Sub-Office: Lot 9, Block 1, Plan 0728786, Box 404 Grovedale, AB. T0H 1X0 Ph. 780.539.7337 Fax 780.539.7711

Councillor Roxie Rutt WARD 7, Crooked Creek

Grande Cache Sub-Office (Eagle’s Nest Hall): 10028 - 99 St., Box 214 Grande Cache, AB. T0E 0Y0 Ph. 780.827.5155 Fax 780.827.5143

Home: 780.957.3601 Cell: 780.512.1558 Email:

Cell: 780.558.9640 Email:

Councillor Bill Smith WARD 8, Grovedale

Home: 780.831.9533 Cell: 587.343.5463 Email:

Office hours 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Please note that all of our offices are closed from 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. daily.

Reeve’s Message Greenview was happy to host this summer’s Ratepayer Barbeques in June and July. It’s an important time for Councillors and Staff, as we look forward to getting together with ratepayers, discussing upcoming projects and hearing your feedback in person. Greenview’s Youth Squads had the opportunity to present their final projects to Council at the end of the school year. The Youth Squad (or Y-Squad) is a project that Greenview embarked on with the aim of supporting and fostering young leaders. Each of Greenview’s elementary schools was invited to provide a team of four students to participate. Delegations from Grovedale, Ridgevalley and Valleyview showed the outcomes of the last year’s efforts in front of council and management. This was a fantastic opportunity for these young leaders to show off what they learned and test out their presentation skills in a real setting. They were questioned by myself and the rest of Council on their projects, the outcomes and how they used their budgets just like we do with any delegation. Then the tables were turned and they had the opportunity to have a question and answer session with senior management. Greenview is commemorating the anniversary of confederation with the Greenview Canada 150 Community Grant program. A total of $150,000 in grants were approved. Organisations that are benefiting from the grants are from across the Greenview, from the Fox Creek Library to the Cranberry Lake Rodeo and the Mountain Métis Native Association in the Grande Cache area. We are looking forward to seeing the grant enhanced projects and celebrations that are planned, such as DeBolt’s Heritage Day and Valleyview’s History Preservation Project. The geothermal potential of Greenview is an important topic Council is following right now. In the spring, Dr. Jonathan Banks from the University of Alberta reported to Council on the Deep Dive Geothermal Analysis which Greenview helped fund. Greenview is identified as an ideal location for large scale geothermal development in the study due to the geothermal reservoirs and the number of existing wells that could be retrofitted from oil and gas for geothermal use. There is a lot of geothermal potential in our area and although Grande Cache wasn’t part of the formal study, the researchers noticed the geology is promising and similar to the Edson area which was in the study. This

is a great opportunity to explore for us and although a lot of planning remains we are looking forward to future discussions on the topic. Ongoing maintenance on the Forestry Trunk Road is moving along steadily and Greenview recently received funding from the Government of Alberta Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program (STIP) totaling $3 million. The Tri-municipal Partnership in the Gold Creek area of Greenview in partnership with the City of Grande Prairie and County of Grande Prairie is progressing with Terms of Reference being adopted and hiring of a contracted project manager planned to be complete in Summer 2017. The Greenview Regional Multiplex in Valleyview is moving forward quickly, the targeted completion date is fall 2017 and the anticipation is apparent. As the finishing touches are being taken care of we are all looking forward to the grand opening. Pictures of the work in progress are available on page 9. The night before our Committee of the Whole meeting and Ratepayer Barbeque, Council and I also met with our counterparts from the Town of Grande Cache. We had a productive meeting over supper to discuss matters of interest to both councils including medical services and waste management. To learn about other upcoming events in Greenview, check out the events calendar on our website, sign up for our website e-news, or follow on LinkedIn and @MDofGreenview on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Best wishes, Reeve Dale Gervais

Grovedale Gets a New Fire Truck

Reeve Gervais addresses an audience at this year’s Stompede.

Greenview, Alberta


Upcoming Events Regular Council Meetings

Agricultural Services Board

August 22, 2017 September 12 & 26, 2017 October 10 & 24, 2017

August 23, 2017 September 27, 2017 October 25, 2017

Committee of the Whole September 19, 2017 October 17, 2017

Green View FCSS August 16, 2017 September 20, 2017 October 18, 2017

Unless otherwise specified, all meetings take place in the Council Chambers at the Administration Building in Valleyview beginning at 9:00 am. Green View FCSS meetings take place at the Community Resource Centre. ASB and FCSS meetings begin at 9:30 a.m. The public and media are welcome to attend in person or view Council agendas and minutes online.

Did you know? Green View FCSS provides employment search support services to job seekers. Stop by their office at 4707 50 Street in Valleyview to use the computers and Internet, work on your resume or consult the job board. Call FCSS at 780-524-7603.

Expand Your Vision – Greenview Launches a New Economic Development and Tourism Brand This June Greenview launched its new economic development and tourism brand. Greenview is one of Canada’s fastest growing economic regions and the brand showcases its new focus on economic development. The concept is based on survey results from business and tourism stakeholders, who cited “diversity” as one of Greenview’s greatest qualities. With that in mind, the campaign is aimed at helping promote the vast untapped opportunity for investors, businesses and tourists in and around our communities. Kevin Keller, Greenview’s Economic Development Officer explains “Greenview is embarking on a new marketing strategy to promote the diversity of economic opportunities and tourist experiences that set us apart from anywhere else”.


Summer 2017

Reeve Dale Gervais adds “We want to increase our profile to attract new businesses and create recreation and tourism opportunities. Greenview is not just a place to work. Once people have seen what we have to offer we’re sure they will become repeat visitors and they may even choose to call Greenview home.” The new brand features a lowercase “g” in shades of blue and green. The logo includes a map place marker shape on the top corner of the “g,” to emphasize that Greenview is a destination in and of itself. The tagline “Expand Your Vision” highlights opportunity and invites businesses and tourists to see more than meets the eye.

As our residents know, Greenview has a lot to offer and the tourism and economic development brand invites people to see that for themselves. The new brand will be used only in economic development and tourism marketing. Greenview will continue to use the existing corporate brand for all other marketing, with the possibility of updating it in future based on input from ratepayers and stakeholders.

FireSmart Last year’s devastating fire in Fort McMurray was an eye-opener for Albertans. Although not a new program, FireSmart has taken on greater importance in the development of our communities. A set of principles intended to address the threat of wildfires in our municipalities, this program provides manuals for local government and decision-makers as well as homeowners. Local governments are given recommendations related to planning and development, legislation, vegetation management and public education, while residents receive information about construction materials, maintenance and landscaping design. But how do these wildfires happen? The basic ingredients for wildfires are fire and fuel. The more combustible or flammable materials present in the fire’s path, the greater the fire’s intensity. Complications arise when sparks and embers can be carried up to two kilometres away in strong winds. Once these embers or sparks land on other combustible or flammable materials such as tree tops, roofs, etc., a new fire is ignited. So what can we do to help prevent wildfires and limit their effect on our homes? We can first address the home and the materials used. When dealing with the roof, we can look to use clay or concrete tile, metal or asphalt shingles as these are the most fire resistant roofing materials. For the siding, it is recommended that you use stucco, brick, fibre cement boards or panels, or poured concrete. As opposed to logs, heavy timber or vinyl siding, these materials offer superior resistance to wildfire. Tempered, thermal or double-pane windows are the ideal options for windows and doors.

to continue thinning and pruning, and creating space between trees and other flammable materials. When it comes to overall landscaping and maintenance, homeowners are encouraged to follow these guidelines: • Space apart trees so that the crowns or tops are at least 3 meters from each other. • Consider planting deciduous (leafy) trees over coniferous/ evergreens as the latter have high flammability rates. • Prune branches less than two meters from the ground. • Mow your grass as this will reduce the amount of flammable material available. • Clean your roof and eavestrough as leaves, twigs and debris that collect in the eaves will be fire hazards. These FireSmart principles are available online at and we encourage you to take the time to read them. FireSmart is a collaboration between the individuals and organizations involved, and we hope you play your part. Greenview understands the need to develop communities using FireSmart principles and looks forward to helping residents ensure their families and homes are as safe as possible. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to share them by calling or sending emails to one of our Development Officers.

FireSmart also outlines three priority zones. The first is found within 10 meters of the house. Within this area, it is suggested you remove all materials that could easily ignite from a wildfire. This includes trees, fire wood, and other combustible materials. The second zone extends from 10-30 meters of the home. In this zone, it is important to thin and prune trees, while cleaning up fallen branches, dry grass and evergreen needles. Finally, the third zone exists between 30 and 100 meters from the home. Here, you are advised

Greenview, Alberta


Alberta Wetland Policy The Alberta Wetland Policy went into effect on July 4, 2016. This policy is being implemented by Alberta Environment and Parks to ensure we sustain the environmental, societal and economic benefits provided by Alberta’s wetlands through the conservation, restoration, protection and management of these areas. Highly diverse and productive ecosystems, our wetlands form an integral part of Alberta’s landscape while playing host to an estimated 400 species of plants – some rare, threatened or endangered. Wetlands provide the basis for a variety of human activities, such as: ecotourism, recreational pursuits as well as cultural and traditional uses for many First Nation and Métis groups. Recognizing their importance, the province will utilize this policy with the hopes it will play a big role in the preservation of our wetlands. The Alberta Wetland Policy defines wetlands as “Land saturated with water long enough to promote wetland or aquatic processes as indicated by poorly drained soils, hydrophytic (water loving) vegetation, and various kinds of biological activity that are adapted to a wet environment.” Examples include bogs, swamps and marshes. It is important to keep in mind that some wetlands may not be “wet” all year long. The Wetland Application Process is triggered when a development is to take place on or near a suspected wetland. The application will involve various assessments by the applicant and a Qualified Wetland Science Practitioner (QWSP) with the goal of confirming the presence or the absence of a wetland. Identifying and delineating wetland boundaries, producing impact reports, species surveys and more will be required during this process. These evaluations are necessary to ensure the preservation of our wetlands. Essential to the Wetland Application Process is the Wetland Mitigation Hierarchy which has a great influence on the outcome. Throughout the process, the applicant must adhere to the Wetland Mitigation Hierarchy which initially challenges the applicant to find alternative sites for development in order to avoid the wetland(s). Where unavoidable, the applicant should look to minimize the impact of their development on the wetland(s). Finally, if the wetland must be disturbed, the applicant must provide a plan to replace the wetland or pay a fee in-lieu of replacement.


Summer 2017


The primary and preferred response is to avoid impacts on wetlands.


Where avoidance is not possible, proponents are expected to minimize impacts on wetlands


Where avoidance and minimization efforts are not feasible or prove ineffective, wetland replacement is required The Wetland Application Process is divided into four parts: 1) 2) 3) 4)

Planning and Legislative Alignment Wetland Assessments, Application Submission Wetland Restorative Replacement.

The following diagram provides a very brief summary of what is required at each of the four stages. The province has suffered an estimated loss of 60 to 70 percent of wetlands in Alberta’s settled areas. Recognized as a key component to maintaining healthy farms, acreages and communities, they are now being seen as something we need to retain and enhance. The Alberta Wetland Policy plays an important part in both recognizing the value of wetlands and retaining them on our landscapes. Should you require any additional information, please visit: You can also contact Thorsten Hebben at Alberta Environment and Parks, or one of our Development Officers. Thorsten Hebben, Director Surface Water Policy, Environment and Parks 780.644.5302

Operations Department Update Summer 2017 Dust Control Even with a delayed start due to a late lifting of the seasonal road bans and other uncooperative weather we are pleased to say that, besides ongoing applications on the Forestry Trunk Road, the application of calcium is complete and ahead of schedule this year.

Roadside Ditch Cleanup Incentive Program Greenview had 30 successful applicants for our Roadside Ditch Cleanup Incentive Program. We thank all successful applicants for completing their selected or designated areas. Your hard work and perseverance with the inclement weather is greatly appreciated. Each group completed 10km (5 km on both sides of the road) for a $1000.00 incentive. Thank you for participating in Greenview’s Annual Ditch Cleanup and we look forward to working with the qualified applicants in the future.

Snowplowing Season YES the “S” word in July! There may be some changes coming into effect for the snowplow service offered by Greenview. ALL RESIDENTS, including current snowplow sign holders, may be required to fill in our newly updated form for the Snowplow Service. Applications must be received in the Operations Office by Friday, September 29, 2017. We will inform you at a later date through the monthly invoicing mail outs. • •


Road Maintenance The Gravelling Program will be commencing soon and continuing throughout the summer months. The Ditching Program will be beginning late June to early July. Our Brushing and Mowing Programs are in full swing. Sign installations and upgrades will commence later in the summer. ***FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL GREENVIEW EMPLOYEES AND CONTRACTORS WORKING IN YOUR AREA, we would appreciate your co-operation in respecting posted signs when travelling through construction zones. Thank you, and have a safe and enjoyable summer!

Greenview, Alberta


MD of Greenview’s Top Ten Weeds Canada Thistle

Perennial Sow Thistle

Purplish flower with distinctive fluff in late summer. Leaves are prickly.

Prickly leaves, hollow stems with milky juice. Flowers are yellow that turn to fluff.

Scentless Chamomile Multiple daisy flowers. Leaves are fine and feathery.

Ox-eye Daisy Single flowers on long slender stems. Shallow roots and wide glossy leaves.

Tall Buttercup Glossy yellow flowers in clusters. Hairy leaves, deeply-lobed into three to five segments.

Yellow Toadflax Flowers resemble snapdragons. Reproduce by seed and roots.

Common Tansy Cluster of yellow “button” heads and deeply-toothed leaves.

White Cockle Five white, deeply-notched flower petals, prominent oval leaves.

Orange Hawkweed

Spotted Knapweed

Multiple flower heads with red orange petals. Leaves are spatulashaped, narrow and hairy.

Single purple flowers with several “eyelash” type bracts at the bottom of the flower. Deeply-lobed leaves.

Contact Information for Planning Department


We recognize that your time is valuable and we want to make sure someone is available to answer your questions. We encourage you to set up an appointment with one of our Development Officers by calling or emailing them ahead of time.

Price Leurebourg, Development Officer Wards 2, 3 & 4 (Little Smoky, Valleyview & Sunset House) 780.524.6078

Lindsey Lemieux, Development Officer Wards 1 & 8 (Grande Cache & Grovedale) 780.524.7643

Leona Dixon, Development Officer Wards 5, 6 & 7 (New Fish Creek, DeBolt & Crooked Creek) 780.524.7639

Summer 2017

Greenview Regional Multiplex: An Investment in Community The Greenview Regional Multiplex (GRM) has come a long way since the conceptual design was unveiled to the public on May 6, 2015. Construction has been steady throughout 2017 and is nearing completion. The multiplex is expected to open early this fall and construction is entering its final stages. Sponsorship tours and events were kicked off in June and excitement is building as the countdown to the grand opening begins. The building will be a prominent landmark in the Town of Valleyview at 7,622 square metres, with 206 accompanying parking stalls, on a 13.8 acre site area. It will have a swimming pool, fieldhouse, walking track, commercial kitchen, children’s play area and a fitness centre. The fieldhouse will be able to accommodate three cross courts of basketball or one competition size basketball court, the equivalent of nine badminton courts, with six team style change rooms. Flooring is already installed on the impressive 136 metre, third floor track which runs around the fieldhouse. The aquatics area will have a 350 person capacity, including a 25 metre pool with four lanes as well as a leisure pool with lazy river. A fitness centre is also included which will accommodate 80 people.

The scale of the building is only matched by the opportunity for the community that it provides. The 36 million dollar facility is a partnership between Greenview, the Town of Valleyview and corporate sponsors. Greenview has proudly contributed 20 million dollars to the project which truly is a regional facility. The Greenview Regional Multiplex is expected to be a community hub that gathers together the existing community members and draws new families and professionals to call the area home. As we eagerly look forward to the opening in the coming months we will be hosting further public fundraising events over the summer. Valleyview area non-profits will be fundraising for public donations through the Friends of the Greenview Regional Multiplex campaign. Corporate sponsorships are also underway. There will be opportunities for a variety of funding levels to fit budgets of all kinds so that you can put your mark on the biggest thing in town. Greenview would also like to extend its thanks to all sponsors. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the fundraising and sponsorship. A full list of sponsors will be announced at the Grand Opening. We look forward to seeing you in the fall at the GRM!

It’s not only a sports facility. As an event centre the field house will be able to accommodate 575 people. The commercial kitchen located along the fieldhouse will be capable of catering large events. The children’s play area will have a two storey play structure with a tots’ area. Adjacent to the pool is the multipurpose party room which will be a wonderful space for community events and special occasions.

Greenview, Alberta


Environmental Services Many things are happening now that the summer has arrived! Greenview has almost completed upgrades on the Ridgevalley water treatment plant. Once completed, the new plant will be supplying reverse osmosis treated water to the entire Hamlet of Ridgevalley as well as the Crooked Creek water point. A second reverse osmosis system has been added to the DeBolt water treatment plant along with significant electrical upgrades. The Puskwaskau water point upgrade is on the agenda and administration has started conceptual pre-design work. Greenview continues to work on design and location options for the new Grovedale water treatment plant. Two wells have been drilled that are expected to supply the area with potable water. Design has started on the new water treatment plant, which will provide water for the area residents to fill portable water tanks, and supply Landry Heights and the Hamlet of Grovedale. Distribution lines will be constructed to Landry Heights starting in 2018. Construction of the water distribution and waste water collection systems for Grovedale will be started in 2019. Water point prices are: Non-Potable Water

Potable Water


Residential / Ag. $3.50/m3 Commercial $8.50/m3

**Refer to Greenview’s Schedule of Fees for more service prices

Potable and non-potable water points are: Potable Water Points

Non-potable Water Points

Sunset House

Crooked Creek

Sweat House

Commercial $8.50/m3

New Fish Creek

Goodwin Puskwaskau

the Grovedale evaporative lagoon will begin this summer, and the plans for expansion of the Sturgeon Heights lagoon have started. Both lagoon projects will be completed in 2018. The Municipal District of Greenview is taking steps to reduce our environmental footprint. Greeniew transfer sites have established nine recycle areas which accept a variety of materials. We ask that residents separate these items from their regular household waste. There are five sets of recycle bins located at Little Smoky, Sunset House, Crooked Creek, DeBolt and Grovedale where you can drop off glass containers, plastic containers, clean tin cans and miscellaneous paper. We cannot accept auto glass, window glass or ceramic glass at these locations. Greenview`s sites also accept metal, appliances, wire cable, wire fencing, wood, cement, fluorescent tubes, empty propane tanks, asphalt shingles, wood, gyprock, tires, batteries (household to vehicle), empty printer cartridges, paint, and household electronics such as TV’s, computers and printers. We will also accept old vehicles and farm equipment if the fluids as well as the tires have been removed. We take household hazardous waste, waste oil, filters and containers at our Sunset House, DeBolt and Grovedale transfer stations only. Please note the Take-It or Leave-It sheds located at Greenview transfer stations. These areas are designated for items still in working condition that could be reused by another member of the community. All Greenview transfer sites will have Take-It or Leave-It sheds in the future. We have on-site attendants who are able to assist you in disposing your items and providing information for your questions or concerns. Any input that the Public has to offer would be appreciated, and we will continue to strive in adapting Greenview to becoming more eco-friendly.

Sandy Bay Sturgeon Heights (currently closed) South Wapiti Grovedale Plans are moving forward with the construction of the industrial lagoon and septage receiving station, which will be located between Little Smoky and Fox Creek. The decommissioning of


Summer 2017

Please bag and tie all household garbage!

Bagging helps to avoid garbage blowing over the transfer stations sites….

Facilities Maintenance Summer has arrived! Greenviews’ staff are heading out in full force to show off Greenview. In addition to seven permanent staff, additional seasonal staff members have joined us until late August. They will travel from the Grande Cache boundary sign up to the Puskwaskau transfer station, south again to the Fox Creek boundary sign and to all the facilities in between. There are a few additions to the maintenance roster this year which include the Grovedale and DeBolt Public Service Buildings. The maintenance team will be tending to landscaping for the Public Services Buildings later in September.

Grovedale Office

Grovedale Office

Debolt Public Services Building

Greenview, Alberta


Majestic Grande Cache Lake In 2016, Greenview acquired the recreation lease for the Grande Cache Lake Day Use Area. Located on Highway 40, five minutes south of Grande Cache, this popular site has a beach, picnic tables, fire pits, and a playground. A popular destination for local residents, this beautiful spot, right off the highway, is frequently visited by tourists and visitors alike. In June 2017, Greenview added a new floating dock that enhances the usability of the lake. This dock is a new revolutionary system called EZ Dock and is approximately 40 feet long with individual boat slips, vessel tie down cleats, and bumpers to protect user’s boats. The new dock is just the beginning of upgrades to the day use area. The site will also see a new washroom facility this year. The new facility will be a concrete building with two individual wheelchair accessible restrooms to accommodate both men and woman separately. Its design will allow for easy maintenance and will stand up to extreme elements. Future upgrades will include new fire pits, picnic tables and Molok waste systems, including a fish-cleaning station and under-ground garbage receptacle. Moloks offer a more hygienic, efficient, and sustainable means of collecting waste, which allows for more storage capacity within less space and fewer odours from lower temperatures underground. The result is that these containers need to be emptied less often, reducing truck traffic and lowering emissions. Working with the local community, Greenview has contracted Aseniwuche Development Corporation out of Grande Cache to look after the weekly maintenance of the Day Use Area.

Greenview Hosts Blanket Exercise Green View FCSS joined various partnering agencies to host Valleyview’s first Blanket Exercise on May 29, 2017 with over 40 people in attendance. The KAIROS Blanket Exercise is a participatory workshop in which participants experience over 500 years of history and explores the relationships between Indigenous and non-indigenous peoples in Canada. Standing on blankets that represent the land, participants travel through time and explore impacts of colonization, treaty making and modern legislation. As the exercise progresses participants and blankets are removed or added reflecting events that have taken place in history. By engaging participants on an emotional level, this workshop is a powerful tool for increasing empathy and understanding. For more information go to


Summer 2017

Summer Day Camp Dates *Art camps open to children ages 8-12. Registration closes one week before each camps’ start date.

August 22-24

Little Smoky

LS Community Hall

9:30 am —4:00 pm

Y Squad Summer 2017

Greenview, Alberta


New Ag Equipment The Agriculture Department has added a few new items to the rental fleet! To rent equipment from Greenview please call Agricultural Services at 780.524.7621.

Bale Hauler

Grain Vacuum No-Till Seeder

New Wildfire Protection Regulations in Effect Enhancements to the Forest and Prairie Protection Act regulations took effect March 31, 2017 and include: •

 ew penalties for infractions such as leaving a campfire N unattended or burning without a permit

 estrictions on the use of fireworks or exploding targets R in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta without written permission from a forest officer

Improvements to flammable debris disposal and other industry-based requirements

Under the enhanced regulations individuals who knowingly contravene the Act by starting a wildfire could face fines of up to $100,000 or face imprisonment and industrial users could be fined up to $1 million.


Summer 2017

Officers will be authorized to issue tickets for contraventions, like leaving a campfire unattended. Depending on the infraction, individual fines for specific violations could result in tickets ranging from between $172 and $575. Get the most up-to-date wildfire information for the entire province by downloading the Alberta Wildfire app for Android or Apple devices.

Road Construction With summer well on the way, Greenview has a variety of construction projects in the works for the 2017 season. Greenview`s Road Construction department will move forward with projects including Township Road 672 Landfill Connector and the Economy Creek Slide Realignment Project. The finishing

touches will be put on the DeBolt Public Service access road, the Forestry Trunk Road Simonette Hill project and the stabilization sections. Greenview will be paving Range Road 230 as well as working on numerous bridges, residential and farmland access roads.

Economy Creek Slide

Twp. Rd 672 Connector

Simonette 9 Hill

Greenview, Alberta


Council Highlights: March 2017 to June 2017 Grants and Sponsorships To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada’s confederation, Greenview is offered $150,000 in Greenview Canada 150 Grants to community organizations for events and projects that build community pride and celebrate our history in 2017. Grants were approved by Council for the following organizations: Canada 150 Grants Fox Creek Municipal Library

Total Approved $4,500

Cranberry Rodeo Association


DeBolt & District Pioneer Museum


Mountain Metis Nation Association


Grande Cache Griffith Trail


Grovedale Community & Agricultural Society


Pioneers of Grovedale Area Museum


Sunset House Community Hall Society


Valleyview & District Agricultural Society


Valleyview Municipal Library & Valleyview Well-Being Coalition


Willmore Wilderness Preservation & Historical Society

Community Services Grants


Total Approved

Valleyview and District Agricultural Society


Alberta High School Rodeo Association


Grande Prairie Stompede Grande Prairie and District Victim Services Teepee Creek Stampede Association Little Smoky Cemetery Committee Grande Prairie River Rat Association

$25,000 $1,000 $10,000 $20,565.50 $5,000

Tenders and Contracts A cap on the number of work days Expression of Interest Contractors can provide on Greenview projects will be fixed at approximately twenty working days.


Summer 2017

An industrial lagoon and septage receiving station will be constructed by Howitt Construction for $3,238,700. The lagoon is located between Little Smoky and Fox Creek on Tony Creek Road.

Organizational Updates Meetings regarding Seniors Housing were held in DeBolt and Grovedale. DeBolt residents discussed a slope stability issue which led to the closure of the existing facility operated by Grande Spirit Foundation in partnership with Alberta Seniors. As requested, Council agreed to send a letter supporting restoring the DeBolt Senior Housing Units and allowing their continued use. Community Seniors Housing Committees will be formed in both DeBolt and Grovedale. Greenview has offered to assist. Council adopted the revised Terms of Reference for the Greenview Regional Multiplex in Valleyview (GRM). Council appointed Reeve Dale Gervais and Councillor Les Urness to serve as Greenview board members on the GRM Board. Progress on the multiplex is going smoothly and is on track to open in early fall 2017. The fundraising committee has begun contacting potential sponsors. Council voted to discontinue the audio and video live streaming of public meetings held in Council Chambers due to low usage.

Delegations Encana provided an update to Council regarding their activity in Greenview in the past year. They are active in the Montney and Duvernay plays in Alberta. In 2017 Encana’s capital investment in Duvernay is $65 million, with plans to complete 10-14 wells in the next year. In 5 years they plan to drill 200 additional wells. Work will focus in the Simonette South area. They are working on multi-well pads averaging 68 wells per pad to minimize surface disturbance and ensure efficiencies. Shell provided a presentation regarding their 2017 plans in Greenview. Their work is focusing on the Duvernay and Montney plays in the Grande Prairie, Fox Creek and Drayton Valley areas. Shell has established an office in Fox Creek with an intention that full time staff will live in the area. At peak activity in 2017 there will be 200 contractors per day in the Fox Creek area of Greenview. The Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta’s CEO Tracy Vavrek provided a presentation to Council regarding the Grande Prairie and Area Vital Signs Report 2017. Vital Signs is a public opinion and research project that examines the quality of life in Northwestern Alberta. Greenview is contributing $10,000 to support survey delivery, report development and distribution.

The report measures community vitality through economic and social indicators. Fox Creek RCMP and Valleyview RCMP provided presentations to Council regarding 2016 statistics within the Municipal District of Greenview. Service calls and new files in Valleyview are down. Fox Creek RCMP are working with local industry and putting strategies in place to address issues that arise when there is a large influx of non-residents. Keyera representatives provided an update to Council regarding their Wapiti development near Grovedale. The project will take 2 to 2.5 years for construction and is an investment of $600 million. The construction will utilise up to 500 contractors. Long term operations will have 17 full time personnel in working in operations, maintenance and the field with an annual operating budget of $9.8 million projected for 2020. Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation provided an update to Council regarding their work and thanked Greenview for the grant funding of $100,000 that is being provided in 2017. The hospital construction is planned to be completed in 2018. Greenview’s donation will contribute to the campaign for equipment which is not provided by Alberta Health Services. Council will provide a response to the Town of Fox Creek indicating that Greenview is willing to partner on a helipad up to 50 per cent or $250,000 (whichever amount is lower), subject to an approved memorandum of understanding being signed by both municipalities. Council approved an updated boundary map for the Gold Creek Tri-municipal Industrial Partnership with the City and County of Grande Prairie. The partnership area will cover approximately 313 square kilometres, approximately 2.35 times the size of the City of Grande Prairie (133 square kilometres). Ryan Dick of Terrapin Geothermics and Dr. Jonathan Banks provided a Geothermal Analysis report to Council regarding the best areas for geothermal commercial development in Alberta. Greenview is identified as an ideal location due to forward looking political leadership, geothermal resources available, abundant wells in the region that could be retrofitted. The Grande Cache Site Identification Study was tabled until the Grande Cache Viability Study is complete. The proposed study would identify recreation opportunities and potential residential or other development opportunities outside of the boundaries of the Town of Grande Cache. Waste Management in the Co-operatives & Enterprises will provide a level of service that is similar to the waste transfer stations available

in other areas of the municipality. Transporting garbage to the Grande Cache Landfill was identified as a challenge following community consultations. Greenview will provide funds to the Town of Grande Cache to purchase a truck and bins; maintained and operated by the town.

Events The 2017 Greenview Golf Tournament will be hosted at the Silver Birch Golf Club in Fox Creek on August 25, 2017 with funds being raised for the Fox Creek Food Bank. A public land sale will be held on for tax recovery purposes on September 14, 2017 in the Council Chambers. Details will be advertised in local newspapers and on Greenview’s website.

Road Construction and Maintenance Greenview has received Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program (STIP) funding from the Government of Alberta for $3 million. Council approved the use of the grant funding for the preliminary survey, design, tender and contract administration of the Forestry Trunk Road Phase 4 Upgrade. Following the success of the Take It or Leave It areas at the Grovedale and New Fish Creek Transfer Stations, Council directed Administration to implement Take It or Leave It areas at all Greenview transfer stations.

Bylaws The public hearing for Land Use Bylaw (17-779) is scheduled for August 22, 2017. Greenview worked with a Citizens’ Panel to guide the updates to the Land Use Bylaw. Some of the main considerations in the revisions include ensuring the Land Use Bylaw is a user friendly document with increased clarity and certainty for landowners. Bylaw 17-780 Tax Rate Bylaw was approved following second and third reading. The bylaw maintains the 2016 mil rates of 2.7000 (Residential/Farmland) and 7.8280 (Non Residential). Greenview’s mill rate remains among the lowest in Alberta. The Grovedale Area Structure Plan (Bylaw 17-785) received first reading. A public hearing for the Grovedale Area Structure Plan will be held in Grovedale at the Public Service Building on August 21 at 7:00 p.m. The existing plan was adopted in 2005 and amended in 2011. A Citizens’ Panel also provided input into the process to update the Grovedale Area Structure Plan. The revised plan is built on a fifty year vision for future growth and development.

Greenview, Alberta


Ratepayer Barbeques Here are some photos from our 2017 Ratepayer Barbecues (Valleyview, Grande Cache, Grovedale and DeBolt). Thank you all for joining us. We look forward to seeing you next year!


Summer 2017

Landfill & Transfer Station Hours of Operation SITE NAME



Little Smoky Transfer Station SW 34-69-08 W6M

Monday, Thursday, Saturday

11:00 am to 6:00 pm


Legend Household waste

Sturgeon Heights Transfer Station NW 13-70-25-W5M

Metal Monday, Wednesday, Sunday

Wire Cable

11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Wire Fencing South Wapiti Landfill SW 34-69-08-W6M

Appliances Wednesday, Friday, Sunday


11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Cement Sunset House Transfer Station NW 23-70-21-W5M

Grovedale Transfer Station SW 22-69-06-W6M

DeBolt Transfer Station SW 02-72-01 W6M

New Fish Creek Transfer Station NW 16-72-21-W5M

All Batteries Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday


11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Computers Printers

Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday


11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Paint Household Hazardous

Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

Waste Containers

11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Waste Oil Containers Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

Used Oil Containers

11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Empty Pesticide Puskwaskau Landfill NE 36-74-26-W5M



11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Commercial Industrial Sweathouse Transfer Station SW 04-70-19-W5M

ONLY Friday, Sunday

11:00 am to 6:00 pm Bagged Household

Sandy Bay Transfer Station NW 09-71-23-W5M

Greenview Regional Landfill SW 18-67-20-W5M

Garbage ONLY Walk-in access available all hours

Monday to Friday

8:30 am to 4:00 pm

All locations are closed on statutory holidays.

Consult our website for more information: Greenview, Alberta


COMING SOON Paperless Invoicing Greenview is pleased to announce that in October 2017, we will be offering paperless invoicing. This enhancement will add convenience and flexibility for our clients. If you are interested in having your invoices and statements emailed, please advise us via email to: Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at 780.524.7600

Debbie Matteis

Grovedale Pioneers Museum

Tim Clough

Greenview, Alberta, Canada


From Meadows to Mountains - Summer 2017  

Summer 2017 issue of Greenview's From Meadows to Mountains newsletter. Cover photo of Grande Cache Lake by Tara Zeller