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District Governor’s Message - November, 2012 Well, what a month it has been, starting with Council Meeting in Sydney at the end of August followed by a number of Club visits. On all occasions the hospitality and fellowship afforded by all Clubs to myself and Carol will remain a lifelong experience.

The Convention program has been finalized by the hardworking Committee of our Host Club, the Lions Club of Altona. They have put together a very interesting weekend for all to enjoy, so please come along and enjoy.

Lou Scholten

Thrown in the mix has been a Cabinet Meeting at Altona, followed by Carol and I attending three District Conventions, one in V1-4, one in V5 and one in N2 in Goulburn, NSW. I also attended a meeting in Colac with the Global Leadership and Global Membership Teams to discuss the Region Forums. As a result of this we have commenced this month with two Region Forums, one in Hamilton and the other at Leopold. Other Regions will follow soon. From all accounts they were well received, and “Thank you” to our presenters at those meetings. A job well done! As we progress through the Lions year, or in the words of our International President, “Continue towards the winner’s circle”, we face ever increasing pressures on our membership, but I’m pleased to say we appear to be moving forward. Currently we have had a net gain for the year of 35 as of the end of August. We have also lost a number of hard working Lions. Is it apathy by Clubs, failing to look after the needs of their Members, lack of communication or another reason of which there could be so many? Have you ever asked your Members or your Community exactly what they want from Lions? After all, why did you join Lions? Are those reasons still valid today? You now have that opportunity as part of the Club Excellence Process. This process contains two surveys, one for the Members and an even shorter one for the Community. I urge Clubs to at least carry out these surveys, as you may find the result very surprising! Please contact your Global Membership Team Member for further details.

District Governor



Membership Figures July 1st, 2012 - 1632 31st August, 2012 New Members

1666 3 1669 Dropped 6 Total as at 30th September 1663 Net gain for Year to Date - 31

Are you planning to attend the International Convention in Hamburg in 2013? If so, please contact either Cabinet Secretary Bob Gilchrist or Lion Adrian Miles (5250 2559), as soon as possible, as “J.J.”, our past Operation Friendship visitor from Germany would like to know of any Lions and Partners from V2 who will be attending this event.

Carol’s Chatter


Hi Everyone, I can’t believe another month has passed! The year is going so fast.

Following on from what I wrote in the October District Newsletter I would like to continue to unpack some of the information to be found in “Member Retention a case of Routine Maintenance NOT Rocket Science” developed by PDG Bill Duncanson.

I am feeling a little bit of pressure this time, because I have had a few Lions tell me they actually read this article! And they also tell me that they enjoyed my last one, hence the pressure is real as I have to come up with something interesting. D.G Lou and I have continued onwards and upwards and although all Clubs are doing the same thing, you all go about it in a different way. As I write this we have visited 39 Clubs. We started at Balmoral and the last one was Geelong Breakfast. All Clubs are busy making a difference to the towns and cities they live in. Your projects are as diverse as cutting wood for the elderly, to running a community raffle, to taking flowers to a nursing home.

Commandment 4 – Keep in touch with Members. This is really just an extension of the CLUB CARE, and “we missed you” philosophy. When Members are away on extended holidays, try to maintain contact through email, or if possible a card or letter to a pre-arranged addresses or phone. The latter is not so difficult these days with mobile phones. By maintaining this contact they can be kept up to date with Club activities and Members at home are likewise kept up to date with what is happening with the holidaying Member.

You are all important in your own way, and all of you make a difference to your communities. You are all doing the normal housekeeping and protocol that you do, you all raise money for your projects, and hopefully you will raise some for One Shot One Life, and think about the Rap program as well.

Transport for the disabled, assistance to the unwell, comfort and counsel to the bereaved, and those bearing any sort of tragedy are all part of a Club’s Care Program. A phone link system established within the Club enables a rapid communication on occasions of when illness or grief arises.

We have also been invited to some other District Conventions, and we are about to go to the District 201N4 Convention in Goulburn this weekend, and next weekend we will go to 201V3. We also had the privilege of going to 201V1–4 a couple of weeks ago and last weekend we were at 201V5, so you can see we too are busy. We are still having a great year, although the travelling is not the best and we get very tired.

In times of bereavement, in consultation with family, a Lion’s Member could conduct the special Lions Tribute at Graveside. A special Lions Club message of sympathy and tribute could be placed in the local newspaper under the Lions emblem. Don’t forget to make use of the District Welfare Officer and inform them when Club Members are unwell or there has been a death within the Club. This person also wants to hear about the celebrations in the lives of Club Members, so it is important that a Member be appointed within the Club to keep an eye on the wellbeing of Members so action can take place to demonstrate that we keep in touch with Members.

Enough of me today, see you all at Convention. Ours will be the best! I have it on authority it always is.

Lions Lady Carol Scholten

Phillip Johnson 2nd Vice District Governor – Retention

Environmental Photo/ Peace Poster Competition Unfortunately there wasn’t enough space in last month’s newsletter for me to remind you that I would need all entries for these projects to be mailed to me by the 7th November if you were not attending the Convention. To help out I will not leave home until after the mail delivery on the 9th November. Depending on delivery of the newsletter this may be too late any way. Hope to see you all at the Convention.

Kevin Buck Chairman

Notice – Change of date for MD201 Canberra Convention 2013 Council has resolved to make a minor amendment to the schedule for the MD201 Convention in 2013. The Convention will commence on Friday, 26th April, 2013 and conclude on Monday, 29th April, 2013. This amendment has been made due to difficulties in opening the Convention on ANZAC Day.

Rob Oerlemans Executive Officer

Lions Clubs International District 201V2 Newsletter – November, 2012 Page 3

ANZI PACIFIC FORUM QUEENSTOWN, NEW ZEALAND 31st AUGUST – 2nd SEPT., 2012 The inaugural ANZI Pacific Forum was held on the Gold Coast in 2011 where approximately 700 members of the wider Lions family gathered to interact, learn and exchange ideas about Lions and its work of service to humanity. Following on from the success of this first event, another Forum was held in Queenstown, New Zealand from 31st August to 2nd September this year. While the numbers were not as large as the one on the Gold Coast, it was, none the less, whole-heartedly supported by nearly 400 participants, all keen to learn more about the Lions movement and interact with fellow Lions. Lions from Constitutional Area 7 (Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Norfolk Island and the islands of the Pacific) were in attendance. Past Council Chairman Bruce Hudgson and 2nd Vice District Governor Phillip Johnson were in attendance from 201V2. We were also lucky to have Past International Director AP and ID Sengeeta from India as well as Endorsed Candidate for 2nd International Vice President Yamada (from Japan) joining in with us, so it was truly an International affair. Throughout the afternoon of the Friday, all day Saturday and the morning of the Sunday, a range of informative sessions were provided on a range of topics that impact on Lions Members and the development of Lions within our communities. Issues such as gaining membership, especially younger members; women in Lions; the impact of social media; relevant data from around the world regarding Lions; our impact upon the world through the work of the Lions Clubs International Foundation; the role of Global Membership and Global Leadership Teams and the various projects carried out by Lions were all presented, explored and discussed by participants.

The opportunity to meet fellow Members of the Lions family and learn from each other was an invaluable experience. We also had the opportunity to hear from International President Wayne Madden, Immediate Past International President Wing–Kun Tam and 1st Vice International President Barry Palmer, along with staff members from Lions Club International Headquarters. Next year the ANZI Pacific Forum will be held in Bali, Indonesia and the delegates from that area have promised another exciting Forum to be held from September 6th through to the 8th. Mark the date on the calendar now so Australia and our District can be well represented. 1st VDG Phillip Johnson

and PCC Bruce Hudgson

From the Cabinet Treasurer International, Multiple District and District Half Yearly Dues: I am delighted to report that for the first time that I have held the position of Cabinet Treasurer, all Club Dues were paid before 30th September. I thank all the Club Treasurers who have eased my workload a little by observing timelines and paying all dues promptly. I also thank Zone Chairmen who have raised the importance of prompt payment in the course of their Zone Meetings. Convention City Fund: Whilst this is a Voluntary Donation request sent to Clubs with the first HalfYearly Dues Invoice, 19 Clubs have neither made the donation nor advised me that their Members have opted not to contribute. As I wish to finalise this at the Convention, either a cheque in the mail or advice of “No contribution” would be appreciated.


PDG John Greenwood Cabinet Treasurer.

Lions Clubs International District 201V2 Newsletter – November, 2012 Page 3

Lions Hearing Dogs says “Thanks!” On behalf of the deaf and hearing impaired people of Australia, we thank you most sincerely for your support. Below is a list of contributions from District 201V2 for the 2011/12 year. Some of the monies included may be from the previous year, where they were received too late to be included in last year’s details. These include donations, sponsorships and merchandise sales. Altona $1,881; Lioness Club of Anglesea $100; Anglesea $100; Ararat $500; Birregurra & District $250; Camperdown $200; Casterton $100; City of Horsham $300; Colac $700; Coleraine $100; Dunkeld & District $50; Edenhope $200; Footscray $2,000; Forrest & District $200; Geelong Breakfast $250; Geelong Corio Bay $200; Geelong Hamlyn Heights $300; Goroke $200; Grovedale Waurn Ponds $1,400; Hamilton $500; Heywood $200; Kaniva $200; Lara $200; Leopold $350; Lion Max Begely $948; Lioness Club of Lorne $200; Lorne $500; Macarthur & District $200; Minyip $300; Mortlake $250; Nhill $200; Ocean Grove Barwon Heads $200; Penshurst & District $100; Port Fairy Belfast $250; Portarlington Drysdale $500; Rupanyup $50; Simpson & District $400; Skipton $100; Stawell $100; Sunshine City $850; Terang & District $200; Timboon $500; Torquay $300; Warrnambool $2,250; Willaura $100; Williamstown $100. TOTAL $19,079.00.

District Convention 9th – 11th November, 2012 By the time you receive this Convention will be a week away! Registrations have been coming in very slowly, and well after closing date. There are still a few Clubs we have not heard from. Registrations will be from 1.00pm onwards on Friday, 9th November. These will be in the Supper room at the side of the Williamstown Town Hall, which is in Ferguson Street, Williamstown. They will close at 7.15pm, so if you need your Convention Bag for your tickets for the Informal Reception you had better be there before that. Registrations will be open on Saturday from 7.30 till 8.15am and Sunday 8.30 until 9.00am. Any problems with this, please contact me or organize for other Members in your Club to pick up for you. Saturday night at the Grandstar Receptions, Grieve Parade, Altona, should be great fun, especially with you all in your great costumes. We will be doing the parade of Clubs at the start of the night so you can all relax after that. The winners will not be announced until later in the night. We will need to know if your Club is entering into this. Someone will be at the entrance for you to inform him or her that you will be a part of this and then your Club will be allocated a number. The Lions Club of Altona cannot wait to see you all and to show you great hospitality.

Faye Cook Convention Organizing Committee Chairman Phone: 9369 3666

D.G. Lou’s Visitation Schedule November, 2012

Lion Peter Harrison OAM Chairman Lions Hearing Dogs Inc.

Wednesday, 14th Thursday, 15th Wednesday, 21st Monday, 26th Tuesday, 27th Wednesday, 28th Thursday, 29th

Altona Casterton Werribee Sunshine City Lismore Geelong South Barwon Mortlake

December, 2012 th

Tuesday, 4 Wednesday, 5th

Warrnambool Terang & District

Lions Clubs International District 201V2 Newsletter – November, 2012 Page 3

WHAT IS THE ADVANCED (SENIOR) LIONS LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE? The purpose of the Advanced (Senior) Lions Leadership Institute is to provide Lions leaders with an opportunity to enhance skills in preparation for leadership responsibilities at the Zone, Region and District levels. Participation Qualifications 1) Candidates for this Institute must be from the Constitutional Area VII: of Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Islands of the Pacific Ocean. 2) Candidates must be Lions who have completed a successful term as Club President, but have not yet attained the position of First Vice District Governor. Lions members who are currently serving as Club Presidents will be considered on space-available basis. 3) Candidates must be willing to commit to attending all days of the Institute, including group mealtimes, and understand personal time is extremely limited. 4) Graduates of this Institute are expected to pursue higher levels of leadership responsibilities at the Zone, Region and District levels. The most recent course took place in Queenstown, New Zealand, from the evening of Monday, August 27th through to late Thursday, 30th August, 2012, and Lion Judith Oakes from Camperdown and Lion Phillip Johnson from Colac were participants from 201V2. These Lions participated in sessions designed to enhance their knowledge of leadership fundamentals and membership programs, LCIF, and benefits of diversity. Additional sessions sharpened skills related to conflict resolution, project management, teamwork and delegation. Throughout the Institute, these Lions contributed to a steady exchange of ideas, challenges and successes. Approximately fifty enthusiastic Lions participated in this unique learning experience and were thrilled when International President Wayne Madden and International Director Past Council Chairman Sheryl Jensen visited the group at the conclusion of the program and presented participants with a badge and certificate.

Lion Judith Oakes (YOTY District Chairman) & Lion Phillip Johnson (2 VDG and Retention) nd

International President Wayne Madden presents District Chairman Judi Oakes with her Certificate.

Member Welfare The welfare of our Lions and Partners is very important. We must respect and acknowledge the passing of our fellow Lions, as it is they who have laid the foundations on which our great organization has been built. The sincerest sympathy of District Governor Lou, Lions and Lions Partners of our District 201 V2 are with those who have lost loved ones since the last edition of the District Newsletter. To Lion Suzie McLean on the passing of Lion Campbell, (Charter Member of the Clifton Springs, and former Member of Portarlington/Drysdale); to Lions Lady Wendy Ahern on the passing of Lion Maurice, (Minyip); to Lions Lady Dianne on the passing of Lion Richard Milnes, (Werribee); to Lion Marius and Lions Lady Lorraine (Mortlake) on the loss of Lorraine’s mother; to Lion Mari Heazlewood (Williamstown) on the passing of her mother. To our Members and Partners who are suffering ill health or recovering from surgery, we wish you all a speedy recovery. Get Well Wishes to PDG. Les Rodgers, (Geelong Hamlyn Heights); to Lions Lady Mary Packham and Lion Kevin Shaw (Coleraine); Lions Lady Sandy Hazendonk, Lions Lady Robin Mitchell, Lions Lady Michelle Crocos, Lions Lady Heather Lochhead, Lion Dianne Harry (all from Leopold). District Governor Lou and Lions Lady Carol will be visiting your Club during the coming year, so if you have a sick member who would like a visit from the District Governor, I may be able to arrange a visit, time permitting. To all our Lions and Partners who have celebrated birthdays or special events – Congratulations! Special Birthday wishes to Anne Buck (Coleraine), who celebrates her 60th birthday in November. Lion Chris Posthouwser has become engaged to Reggie Tulod. It is the first such an event for the Lions Club Mary Antonoff of Sunshine in over 60years!

Welfare Chairman

Lions Clubs International District 201V2 Newsletter – November, 2012 Page 5

District Cabinet Secretary’s Report I must thank the Lions Club of Altona for hosting our second Cabinet weekend this month. We had a very pleasant social evening on the Saturday with a positive Business Session on Sunday, and the Partners enjoyed a visit to the market and tour of the town. With the Convention very close, concentration has been on Registration of attendees and, of course, Delegates. It is most important that Clubs register the correct numbers of Delegates they are entitled to, thereby ensuring proper voting rights during Business Sessions. I thank those Clubs who returned the questionnaire sheets promptly, as it helps keep the paperwork flowing. It is hoped that we have good attendances at Convention, not only for the fun and fellowship but we are reminded that this is the District’s AGM and as such we should have as much participation, input and views of Clubs Members as possible. I wish all Conventioneers a fulfilling weekend especially those attending a Convention for the first time. The Cabinet had approved the running of a number of Workshop Forums in various parts of the District and, although some were at short notice, those conducted so far have had favourable comments and results. These are designed to enhance members’ knowledge and give them an insight into the internal operational running of the District and Lions Clubs international.

Hopefully these Forums will be a feature in our District over the next few years. To assist in the preparation of his itinerary, can I remind Clubs to return the District Governor’s Visitation questionnaire as soon as possible, especially those due for a visit in November and December as leading up to the Christmas break is fairly busy time for all. Finally a gentle reminder to Clubs who have not submitted last month’s WMMR’s to please do so, as it is important that they be kept up to date. If you are having problems with this, please let me know and I will assist where I can.

Bob Gilchrist Cabinet Secretary.

From the Editor To anyone sending photos for the Newsletter, could they please be forwarded in ‘jpg’ format as an attachment to an email, rather than in the actual message? This allows easier application into the columns of the Newsletter. Many thanks.

Valda Pritchard Newsletter Editor.

DGs Nov 12 Newsletter  


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