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District Governor’s Message - May, 2013 Hi to all Members of the Lions Family. We hope that you all had a enjoyable Easter. We spent our Easter with family at St Leonards - very enjoyable. Since the Easter break we have attended the Youth of the Year State Final at Wangaratta. Our District finalist, Matthew Bray representing the Lions Club of Horsham, performed very well, but did not win the State final. The winner was Laura Gollant from V5 District. Laura will represent the “V” Districts at the MD 201 Convention in Canberra at the end of April. Laura spoke very well on the day and, in fact, won both the Public Speaking and the Prepared Speech. Good luck, Laura, in Canberra. The Shadow Cabinet Meeting has been held in Geelong, with a good attendance and a number of new members who have joined the Cabinet. DGE Stewart is preparing for his year in office, and we wish him and Lions Lady Carol all the best for the upcoming Lions year. We will again take the “Incoming Officers’ Schools“ to a place near you. Please come along and attend the School, as there are a number of changes that we need to pass on to you, and I am looking forward to seeing you at one of the “Incoming Officers’ Schools” in Terang, Hamilton and Geelong.

Membership At present we have gained 120 new Members. This has been a great success; however we also have lost a lot of Members due to a variety of reasons. Please let us try to finish this year on a positive note, by increasing our membership in our Clubs and our District. “Thank you” to all the Clubs that have gained new Members.

Lou Scholten, District Governor

Membership Figures This Month Opening balance: Add Members

1632 5 1637 Dropped Members 1 Closing Balance 1636 Net Gain/Loss:


This Year 1632 129 1761 125 1636 4

Congratulations to all the new Incoming Executive at the Clubs. Most of you would have heard me speaking at your Club about the “Bionic Institute” to raise funds. We have received a number of donations, and I would like to thank you for this. However I would like to ask you if your Club has not done so to date, could you please consider. By the time that you will receive this Newsletter we will have attended the MD201 Convention in Canberra. This will also be my last MD 201 Council Meeting, and this will followed by the Convention. I am looking forward to seeing as many Lions and Partners from V2 at Canberra. More on this in the next Newsletter.

Attention Club Treasurers Does your Club intend contributing to the Voluntary Donations forwarded with the 2nd Half Year Multiple District and District Dues? If so, please forward your Club cheque without delay, as I wish to finalise these and send cheques on to the relevant organizations. Any queries, please contact me on 5250 2122.

John Greenwood, Cabinet Treasurer.

Carol’s Chatter


As you may or may not realize we have had a year of deadlines - always watching the clock and checking our calendars.

Following on from what I wrote in the April District Newsletter, I would like to continue to share some of the information to be found in “Member Retention a case of Routine Maintenance NOT Rocket Science” developed by PDG Bill Duncanson.

Today is one of those deadlines. It is the eve of the Shadow Cabinet {and that means welcome Stewart and Carol), but it is also the deadline for the District Newsletter. It seems to me unbelievable that it’s Shadow Cabinet time already! Where has the year gone? I am approaching it with mixed emotion. On the one hand I am pleased I can now go back to being a member of my very close family, but I’m sure I will miss my Lions Family. I have told you all many times that I have enjoyed the experience immensely, and I am sure that it has changed my life for the better. But on the other hand my personal life has gone on the back burner. As some of you will remember I lost my Mum at the very beginning, and now I have to deal with that. My weight has fluctuated; and my hair colour has changed three times! As I said earlier I have family and friends to catch up with and I have to put my own house in order, so to speak. But on the positive, I feel we have both grown. I certainly am more confident than I thought possible, and it’s all because of V2. So may I say “Thank you” for the experience.

Lions Lady Carol Scholten

Incoming Officer Training This is your last chance to register for the Incoming Officer Training for all Incoming Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers and interested Members from ALL Clubs. Venues: TERANG - Sunday 5th May - Terang Civic Centre, Princes Highway (main street). HAMILTON - Sunday 19th May - Hospital Auditorium (Entrance in Kitchener Street) followed by lunch at the Lions Clubrooms.

Commandment 8 – Be Interested in People – Acknowledge Achievements. This all starts with good leadership, observant Bulletin Editor and observant Tail Twister, all with a lot of help from the whole Club membership. The grape-vine has to work for this to have greatest effect and to make sure no-one is missed. Wedding anniversaries; birthdays of Members, Wives, Husbands and Partners; birth of grandchildren and academic or sporting achievements of Lions or members of their families are all worthy of note. Be sure to acknowledge appointments of your Club Lions to District or Multiple District offices, and awards they may have received. This includes Civic awards as well as those from Lions or other community bodies to which they belong. Many Lions wear many hats, and it is good to recognize the outstanding service Lions are able to give to others as well as a commitment to their Lions Club. Regular social gatherings usually manage to loosen tongues and information about anniversaries and good deeds seem to spill out. The important thing is to make a note, or pass it on quickly to the relevant Lion who has the responsibility for appropriate announcements such as a Welfare Chairman. Don’t forget to then pass the information onto the current Welfare Officer at Cabinet level.

Phillip Johnson, st

1 Vice District Governor Elect – Retention

Scooter For Sale Pride Mobility have generously donated one of the two scooters/gophers used in Peter ”Muddy” Waters’ Sydney to Melbourne Scooter Bash to the Australian Lions Children’s Mobility Foundation.

Members should register through their Secretary or direct to Incoming Cabinet Secretary Derek Challis

The scooter is the top of the range from Pride, yellow in colour, has full suspension, hydraulic brakes, headlights, turning indicator, rear view mirror, pneumatic tyres, two speed gear box and a carry basket. The scooter has been fully serviced by Pride since returning from Sydney, to the extent that they are giving a full 2 year warranty.

Please register early to allow Host Clubs to arrange for lunches ($10 per person)

The price of the scooter is $3,500. For further information please contact:

GEELONG - Saturday 25 25 Regent Street, Belmont.


May - Masonic Hall,

Trevor Hirth 52572214 or 0429964204

Lions International District 201V2 Newsletter – May, 2013 – Page 2

New Members

Hearing Dogs

District Governor Lou and Members and Partners of District 201V2 welcome the following new Members, and thank their Sponsors for introducing them into the Lions family.

I have stated previously in reports that it can be a long wait from the time a person enquires about applying for a Hearing Dog to the actual delivery of the dog.

New Lions Club of Ararat John Stevens


Sponsor Robert Sanders

Lions Club of Clifton Springs Denise Ainsworth Lyn McInnes Kevin Ainsworth Paul Taylor Amanda Webb Nola Deane

November 2011. Ruth received an application form, general information pamphlet and a letter to take to her Doctor. Also at this point it is emphasised to her that what she is applying for is not a pet, but a working Hearing Dog.

Lions Club of Colac Guurtje Bell Ivan McCallum Jeneve Steele

Robin Catley Graham Newcombe Keith Fegan

April 2012. Ruth was notified that her application was now being assessed, and, if approved, the next step in the process is to be interviewed in her home.

Lions Club of Geelong Gayle Kelly

Ian Petersen

Lions Club of Goroke Dorothy Smith

Neil Walter

Lions Club of Hamilton Gavin Harrip Aditya Kangala Kaylene Sandford

Roger Dimond Peter Tew Roger Dimond

Lions Club of Little River Maryann Howard

Mal Colledge

Lions Club of Lorne Charlene Ross

Margaret Cartledge

Lions Club of Ocean Grove/Barwon Heads Pina D'Amico Howard Deane Lions Club of Port Fairy/Belfast Ryan O’Dwyer Keith Gibson Lions Club of Torquay Frank Wheatland

William Ryan

Peace Poster Hi all, by the time you read this I should have Peace Poster kits available. The kits will be $20 + Postage and all cheques are to be made out to “District 201V2” and posted to the Cabinet Treasurer. Just a reminder there will be No Zone prize at this stage, and if posters are not picked up at the Convention, they will not be returned by mail.

Kevin Buck Peace Poster Chairman

May 2012. Ruth’s local Lions Club is sent a questionnaire which in order to complete, they must arrange a personal interview with her at her home. The results are sent back to the Training Centre to fully assess her application and she is notified as soon as the Assessment Panel has made a decision. At this stage the Local Lions Club is asked to sponsor this placement if approved. Sponsoring is three half-hour visits each week for 12 weeks by Lions or Partners. This is very important after a dog has been delivered because the Owner knows they have support, and the Club and Training Centre know that the dog is working, is happy and cared for. December 2012. Ruth advised her application has been approved, and she is now on a waiting list for dog allocation, which may be several months before next contact from the Training Centre. At that time they will send photos of one of the dogs in training for her approval. March 2013. Ruth receives photos of “Meg” for her approval. “Meg” is a Silky Terrier Cross aged 2½ years, and all being well will have completed all her training and should be ready for delivery late in April. April 2013. Fantastic News! “Meg”, Hearing Dog No. 503 is ready to be delivered. Her Trainer will be bringing her to Ruth and will be working with Ruth for five days from 9am to 4pm, teaching Ruth all the commands she must use, all about Meg’s vet visits, feeding requirements, and everything else she needs to know about owning and caring for a Lions Hearing Dog.

An absolutely fantastic outcome, we wish Ruth and “Meg” many happy years together.

Maureen Capizzi District Chairman Hearing & Lions Hearing Dogs Ph: 03 5562 1551 Email: maureencapizzi@bigpond

Lions International District 201V2 Newsletter – May, 2013 - Page 3

Walk for a Cure I received a phone call from my first Lions Club outside our District this morning, (Toora in South Gippsland, District V3) and they are donating a sum of $500 to the Walk, so that takes our total to $16,000 plus, and I know there are a few little amounts still to come in. Once we receive these amounts we will do a final summary and then I'll be in a position to do our summary for Clubs.

Camp Koala To help keep costs to a minimum for both overseas and Australian youth, could Clubs please consider sponsoring an event (or making a donation) again this year to Camp Koala. The events below can be sponsored in your Club’s name:

There may be a few others that off the top of my head I cannot name.

$200 YMCA “Fire of Friendship” ceremony $325 Team building / leadership $325 “Discover Queenscliff” challenge $350 Indoor Olympics $650 Sovereign Hill, Ballarat $800 Bellarine Steam Train trip $700 Ballarat Wildlife Zoo (NB some of these costs are subject to confirmation)

So having raised over $36,000 in the two years is a pretty good effort, and I know that the Clubs have been really generous with their contributions, and time. Close to $5,000 was donated by Lions Clubs.

Alternatively, it would be great to sponsor your Zone or Region Winners to Camp – the feedback we receive tells us that Australian youth really appreciate the opportunity, and get a lot out of the experience.

Clubs that have already participated to date are: Geelong, Geelong Breakfast, Leopold, Winchelsea, Ocean Grove/Barwon Heads, Portland, Torquay, Geelong South Barwon, Grovedale/Waurn Ponds, and Toora.

Mick Harris Lions Club of Geelong South Barwon. Walk Co coordinator

For further information please call Lion Adrian Miles, Camp Director, 5250 2559 or 0417 556 086 District Chairman for YE, Lion Sue Eyton, 5284 1471 or 0408 588 841.

Leos Clubs Program With regards to the District Leos Chairman role, DG Lou has asked me to take up this position, for the remainder of the 2012-13 Lions year; I thank him very much for the opportunity to be involved with a Lions programme that is very dear to me.

Lions Club of Werribee Inc. Installation of 2013-2013 Board of Directors Friday, 14th June, 2013 6.30 for 7.00 p.m. Hoppers Crossing Sports Club, 180-200 Pannam Drive, Hoppers Crossing (Melway Ref. Map 202 G11) President Mark Dodge and Incoming President Bruce Hudgson invite you all to join Werribee on this evening. Installing Officer Council Chairman MD 201 Lou Onley $38.00 Per Head (Special Meals available on request) Drinks at Bar Prices Dress: Men Lounge Suit, Ladies after Five RSVP TO: Lion Ian Joss, Secretary by 7th June at latest with payment Mobile : 0417 536 637 P.O. Box 163 Werribee 3030

If any club wishes to receive any information regarding the formation of a Leos Club, then please don’t hesitate to contact me, either by phone 035352 3348 or 0427504221 or by the internet at I will be delighted to visit your club, in order to explain anything regarding this wonderful program. Cheers,

PDG David Lowing “If you educate a man you educate a person, but if you educate a woman you educate a family.” (Ruby Manikan, Indian Church Leader)

Lions International District 201V2 Newsletter – May, 2013 - Page 3

State Final – Wangaratta Another successful District Youth of the Year Quest has come and gone and we now anxiously await the results of the National Final that will be held at 3pm on Saturday, 27th April, 2013 at the National Convention in Canberra. The State Final, held in Wangaratta on Saturday, 6th April, 2013 saw very well prepared students from across the state present their topics of choice with great conviction, enthusiasm and knowledge. The audience was challenged with such problems as the hurtful repercussions of “Cyber Bullying”, where young people fit into society in “Teenagers Today”, the need for schools to forcefully monitor lunches in “Allergies” and even pricking our consciences re the disrespect we afford timber in modern manufacturing processes in “Woodwork”. All students were ably supported by Members of their Host Clubs, the City of Melbourne, Horsham, Balnarring, Sandringham and Walla Walla (NSW), family, friends and teachers and enjoyed the camaraderie of their fellow contestants during the course of the day and the evening’s quest. Our State representative will be Laura Gollant who attends Mentone Grammar, and represented Sandringham Lions Club. Good Luck Laura!

New Website for District 201V2 The new Lions District 201V2 Website has now been launched into the public domain, and, as with anything that is new, will take some time for people to adjust to it and get used to using it. The current Lions generic site has given some headaches and problems, but the new site will be simpler and will be not be a resource centre, but more of a communication tool reflecting the District Governor’s Newsletter and be able to be more up to date with notices from the District Cabinet and Clubs. In the end, it will mean that whoever is the District Communications Officer, he/she will find this site easier to maintain without having to change all the District Chairmen on an annual basis and updating the duplication of the MD201 site. Presently, there are no links within the site, these will be added in due course as the site fully develops. However, it has been designed primarily as a communication tool and this it will do splendidly. I hope you all find the new site crisp and clean and easy to use. Until it is used enough, it will not show up on a Google search, so until it does you will have to type into the URL address line (NOT the Google search line) the following: This should open up the new site and I suggest that you save the site in your Favourites directory. Please contact me if you are having difficulty in opening the new site on: or use the contact number in the MD Directory. I wish everyone who uses the new website a happy, fruitful and rewarding experience and long may it serve us well.

Guest Speaker Elizabeth Smart, a previous year’s contestant who shared her experiences of the winners’ tour, also captivated the audience. Elizabeth continues to be a wonderful ambassador not only for young people but Lions as well. At every level and on every occasion the quest is held, it is without doubt that every contestant is a winner and they can be justifiably proud of their efforts.

Lion Judi Oakes

Jeff Cahn District Communications Officer

My son has a new nickname for me, “Baldy”. I’ve got a new word for him, “Heredity.” Dan Savage.

Youth of the Year Chairman Lions International District 201V2 Newsletter – May, 2013 - Page 3

“Bank of Ideas” Award


Does your Club have a community project which you think is somewhat unique?

Your Global Membership Team Coordinator has been very busy over the last few weeks, in particular handling Internet Membership Inquiries.

Would you like to share it with other Clubs in our District and, at the same time, possibly gain some funds for your Activities Account? Then contact Cabinet Secretary Bob Gilchrist to find out the criteria and obtain an Entry Form for the “Bank of Ideas” Award. This Award has been in operation for quite a few years in our District and has showcased some excellent projects from our Clubs. .

Lions District 201V2 Changeover Saturday, 20th July, 2013 Buckley’s Entertainment Centre, Fellmonger’s Road, East Geelong 6.00 for 6.30 p.m. Come along and thank District Governor Lou and Lions Lady Carol for their great work and welcome Incoming Governor Stewart Pyers and Lions Lady Carol into their year of office $31.00 Per Head (Special Meals available on request) Drinks at Bar Prices Dress: Men: Black Tie/Lounge Suit, Ladies: After Five RSVP TO: PDG John Greenwood, P.O. Box 184, Leopold 3224 by Friday, 5th July at latest, with payment

After experiencing a slight drop off just prior to Christmas, interest has again surged and I have spent a lot of time with a telephone glued to my ear and my email typing fingers aflame. We have the potential to make a real impact on the overall numbers of our District if we handle these inquiries correctly. Having said that, I was at Incoming District Governor Stewart Pyers’ Shadow Cabinet Meeting over the weekend of the 13/14th of April in Geelong, and I was informed by our Current District Governor Lou and Stewart that 201V2 is the bench mark nationally by which other Districts are measured when it comes to the way we handle Membership Inquiries. I have developed a formula which has been published nationally in the Global Membership Team Newsletter and the article itself can be accessed on the web. People are interested in our organisation, but we only get one chance to make a first impression. When I pass on an inquiry to your Club, what do you do with it? I do get feed back from a very small proportion of the inquiries I forward, but this is improving ever so slightly. However effective the internet is though, don’t forget that as a Lion, there is potentially no better ambassador than yourself. In most cases, all you have to do is ask someone you recognise as a potential Member and let nature take its course. Don’t forget, I am here as your resource, so make use of me.


District Global Membership Team Coordinator.

DG Lou’s Visitation Schedule May, 2013 th

Friday, 10 Saturday, 25th

Sunshine 60th Charter Geelong 60th Charter

“According to a news story, if global warming continues, in 20 years the only chance we’ll have to see a polar bear is in a Zoo. So, in other words, nothing is going to change.” Arthur Carlson.

Lions International District 201V2 Newsletter – May, 2013 - Page 3

Member Welfare

Congratulations, Grace!

Hello everyone, once again it has been a quiet month for welfare. I am hoping that that is because we are all in good health! The sincere sympathy of District Governor Lou, Lions and Partners are with those whose loved ones have passed away since the last District newsletter. To the family of Lion Mick Beevers, who recently passed away (Life Member of the Lions Club of Footscray); to Lion Dale Funke on the loss of his father in law (Minyip). To all of our Lions and Partners who are unwell we wish you a speedy recovery. “Get Well” wishes to Lion Alan Barry (Minyip), Lion Dagan Pereira, Lions Lady Eunice Deckert (Nhill), PDG John Greenwood recovering from recent surgery (Leopold). We wish all Lions and Partners who have birthdays or special anniversaries around this time our congratulations and best wishes. To Lion Wally Kozaczek (Leopold), best wishes on his recent 90th birthday, to Lion Alf Frith (Simpson & District), on his 70th birthday, to Lion Don Barby (Geelong Corio Bay) on his 80th birthday, and to Lion Alf Frith and Lions Lady Denise (Simpson & District) on their 47th Wedding Anniversary

President of the Horsham Leos Club, Grace Ostapiw, a Year 11 student at St. Brigid’s College, finished Runner Up in the Victorian section of a national ANZAC Day Simpson History Prize. She was one of about 1000 teenagers across Australia who entered the competition.

Mary Antonoff

Grace was in Canberra recently to accept accolades with State Winners and Runners Up.

Welfare Chairman

Federal School Education Minister Peter Garrett congratulated all who competed and said these top performers showed an impressive depth of understanding about Gallipoli and the ANZAC history.

A Message from LEHP: How are your eyes? Has anyone given a thought to learning more about eye health, or passing on the message of eye health? How simple it is to put a few pamphlets in Medical Clinics, Chemists or medical areas. Since taking on LEHP Chairman, I have had nothing but positive responses to these requests. I would love to be invited to your Club to spread the message on eye health, and give Members some ideas.

Biddy Weel, LEHP Chairman

If you don’t hear the knock of opportunity, build a door! Anon.

Well done, Grace!

Preliminary Notice Lions Club of Geelong Breakfast Inc 12th Changeover Dinner Friday 28th June 2013 Pre Dinner Drinks 7pm Lyndon Grove Reception Centre, Grovedale RSVP - Secretary Mark Crane

You can’t stay young forever, but you can be immature for the rest of your life!

Lions International District 201V2 Newsletter – May, 2013 – Page 7

District Cabinet Secretary’s Report I hope everyone had a pleasant Easter break. “Thank you” to all Clubs for your cooperation in returning your Incoming Officers’ details (PU101 forms) promptly. I was a bit concerned with two or three Clubs who were a bit late, but I am happy to report that the District spreadsheet has been completed and forwarded to Lions Headquarters. I can only again request that when Club Secretaries receive notices with specific time lines that they respond promptly to the requested dates. It greatly assists in keeping schedules up to date and reduces the risk of important data being overlooked. The Multiple District Convention should be about over when you receive this report, but at the time of writing there were 49 V2 Lions and Partners representing 18 Clubs attending. There were also 28 attending the ‘V-T’ Districts social function. As this Convention commences on April 25th we will see for the first time Lions who are Ex-Servicemen and women represented as a group in the ANZAC Day parade. It should make it a very special occasion for those Lions participating. We are in our final three months of the 2012-13 Lions year, so don’t forget to submit your Club’s entries for the “Bank of Ideas” and the “Brian Priest” Awards. I would also ask that all Club Secretaries submit the WMMR’s and Activity Reports regularly and, of course, register your new Club Officers on the MYLCI website. At the time of writing, twenty Clubs had not yet done so.

The District Changeover is scheduled for Saturday, 20th July, 2013, at Buckley’s Entertainment Centre in Fellmongers Road, East Geelong. All Lions are encouraged to attend to acknowledge the retiring Cabinet Officers and to welcome the new Cabinet team for 2013-14. Numbers are limited, so you are encouraged to book early.

Bob Gilchrist Cabinet Secretary

8th Annual Otway Soupfest Forrest Public Hall Sunday, 9th June, 2013 A Winter Festival paying homage to all great soup chefs in the form of a homemade soup completion, as well as jams & conserves, Relishes, Pickles & Sauces AND homebrew Beer & Wines. Taste the Lions Soup for lunch or enjoy the BBQ lunch. Other activities will include market/information stalls (not food service), featuring the Otways and Otways produce, entertainment (Picco the Clown, Children’s Animal Farm, Music), a ride on Stumpy the Train along the Tiger Rail Trail and much more. For more information and Entry Forms, email:

DGs May 13 Newsletter  


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