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Rendering Customer Services to the International Courier Industry.

There are more than 10 international couriers, serving the people of all over the world in different sectors. So it is clear that there is a great competition among those couriers. All of the courier will not service forever. Only those couriers will service more who cares about their customers, their demands and needs. To do so the courier should find out new and new services that would be offered to them, which they are accepting in mind. Actually competent couriers should see the expressions of the customers and make it available in reality. ARAMEX was founded 25 years ago as a small operation working out of two offices - in Amman, Jordan and in New York. Driven by a young, dynamic and dedicated leadership it has grown rapidly to become an international company with shares traded on the NASDAQ. In addition, ARAMEX has many worldwide global alliances including more than 30 of the world’s best independent express companies. The alliance members function efficiently as a worldwide delivery network. ARAMEX offers its express delivery services on an international basis to both retail and wholesale express clients with the ability to track their shipments on the worldwide web through the company’s web site ( The company’s freight forwarding services offer a wide range of shipping choices, including air, land and ocean freight forwarding, consolidation, warehousing, customs clearance and break-bulk services. The company maintains online communication system for faster shipment tracing and tracking. 1.1 Introduction of the Organization

Expo Express Services Ltd became the Exclusive Franchise of ARAMEX International in Bangladesh with effect from 1st August 2002. ARAMEX was founded 25 years ago as a small operation working out of two offices - in Amman, Jordan and in New York. Driven by a young, dynamic and dedicated leadership it has grown rapidly to become an international company with shares traded on the NASDAQ. Historically, the company started as an international express package delivery operator. With flexibility and innovation, ARAMEX used its solid infrastructure for the development of additional products, including freight forwarding services, domestic express delivery services, logistics and e-fulfillment, catalogue shopping services, and other specialized services. With the incorporation of all these services, ARAMEX has become a one-stop total transportation solutions company.

The ARAMEX-led Global Distribution Alliance (GDA) brings together 40 independent express companies from around the world, each specializing in their own region and together covering the world with the same, unified standards and business procedures. The network has more than 12,000 offices, 33,000 vehicles and 66,000 employees serving alliance customers and attending to the details of their business round the clock, around the globe. In addition, ARAMEX has many worldwide global alliances including more than 30 of the world’s best independent express companies. The alliance members function efficiently as a worldwide delivery network. ARAMEX offers its express delivery services on an international basis to both retail and wholesale express clients with the ability to track their shipments on the worldwide web through the company’s web site ( The company’s freight forwarding services offer a wide range of shipping choices, including air, land and ocean freight forwarding, consolidation, warehousing, customs clearance and break-bulk services. The basic definition of “courier” is simply someone who delivers something from one place to another place. A courier is a messenger, conveying something of importance from the sending source to the receiving source. Within this definitive context, couriers and courier services can come in many different types and styles. In past times, before there were vehicles, couriers were usually just individual messengers, who traveled from one place to another to deliver news, documents, or products. Examples of this were the courier services

of medieval times, which were one or more people who delivered messages or goods on horseback, or the famous pony express riders, who relayed messages or goods across the United States by passing them along from rider to rider until they reached their destination. Courier services, as well as trains also used stagecoaches after they started coming into regular use. As time progressed and the age of technology set in, courier services began to use vehicles such as automobiles, modern trains, and airplanes. Suddenly the words “overnight” and “express” were starting to be used on a regular basis by courier services. Where once it would have taken days, weeks, or months for documents or products to be delivered, suddenly it was all becoming much more streamlined. Running a company that provided courier services was also becoming a lucrative prospect. 1.2 International courier services Though almost all large courier services are international, there is one type of international courier service that stands out as different from the rest. This is the type of courier service that employs one or two actual people to deliver the shipment by traveling to the destination personally. These people are called “international couriers”, and they add a much more direct and personal touch to the delivery. Becoming an international courier can take some time, but the couriers themselves often find this type of work very rewarding. When you are employed as an international courier, you often get to travel to many different types of places for free, or for a greatly reduced cost. Though a large percentage of the time most international couriers do not deliver packages or documents overnight or express, there actually are times when they have to travel at a moment’s notice in order to deliver a shipment within a very short time. Many people, if the logistics of their lives allow for this type of travel, find it a very exciting way to travel, or even make a living. 1.3 Standard courier services The standard courier services that most of us are familiar with are the ones that can involve shipping to places all over the world. These companies have processes and steps that they take to make sure those documents and packages get safely and securely from one place to another. Though from the consumer’s point of view the process of sending documents or packages is pretty straightforward – you give something to the courier service and it arrives where you send it – the actual process is much more involved. For instance, when you bring a package to a large courier service, the first thing that they will do is take down the pertinent information. The name of the person or company that you are sending the package to will be printed out and placed on the package, with a shipping number for tracking purposes. Your name and address will also be placed on the package. The courier service will document information on the package weight, and charges will be applied accordingly. Most packages are automatically insured up to a certain amount, but you can insure it for more if what you are sending is more valuable than that. If you do need more insurance, then an extra charge will probably be added to the shipping price. The price will also be adjusted according to how fast you would like the package to arrive at its destination. Overnight and express shipping will, of course, cost more. Once all of this is determined, the package is then sent by truck, and if necessary, by plane also. 1.4 Personal courier services Personal courier services are usually defined as those services that send actual “messengers” from one place to another. As in the bike messenger example, the courier is usually only one

person, and this person takes the message, package, or document from one place and delivers it personally to another place. These, of course, are smaller courier companies, and in some instances may involve only a few people who provide this service to established clients on a regular basis. When a company has a main headquarters in one part of a city, and an office on the other side of town, or a couple towns away, they can give a package or documents to a personal courier and this courier will use a vehicle to travel to the destination. As mentioned before, in large cities like New York City or Los Angeles, bike messengers are often used to take the shipment from one place to another, since logistics determine that with the traffic in large cities, it could be faster than driving. Many times, however, a personal courier will use a vehicle to transport the shipment when logistics determine that this would be the fastest way to deliver. The courier will be contacted, and will arrive to pick up the shipment, get the pertinent information, and will then drive to the destination and deliver the package or documents in person. 1.5 Business Courier Services: There are mainly the companies which dealing with foreign countries are using international courier. 2.1 Offered Services of ARAMEX: International Express: o Worldwide Document Express o Worldwide Parcel Express o Cash on Delivery o Return Service o Cash Collect Domestic Express: o Same-Day Domestic Service o Overnight Domestic Service o Domestic Document Return o Cash on Delivery o Domestic Distribution Services o Mailbag Services Mailbag Services Freight: o Door-to-Door o Door-to-Airport

o Airport-to-Airport o Expedited Air o Wholesale Co-Loading o Charters o Exhibitions Handling o Special Projects Logistics: o Freight-Forwarding & Custom Clearance o Warehousing o Facility Management Shop and Ship Catalog services Special Service Value added service: o Distribution o Professional Engineering Design o Consulting Services

There are various types of clients ARAMEX International have: Basically the organizations or personnel who are using courier service are our clients. Who are using transportation facilities are our clients. Whose need value added service is our client. 2.2 The specific competition of the ARAMEX both locally and internationally 2.2.1 TOP COMPETITORS IN









Advanced Express Services


Advanced Express

SEKO Worldwide

City Express, Inc.

DEC Express

Diamond Transportation

Unique and Custom Logistics

Air Courier Dispatch


Expedited Logistics Freight

International Bonded Couriers,


Group, Inc.


Inc. (IBC)


Paramount Courier, Inc.


US Express and Logistics, In


2.3 About ARAMEX Department: All over the world there are 66,000 employees are working with ARAMEX INTERNATIONAL LTD and at Bangladesh the number of employees is over 100. SL.


Specific areas


01 02

Country Manager Customer care

Saman Gunawardena


Quality Controller Finance & Accounts HRD

Management Customer services, freight, FDO Monitoring quality of service Accounts, Collection,

04 05 06 07 08

National Sales Manager National Operations IT

Recruitment, selection, T&D, administration Sales & Marketing Dispatching and delivery shipment Manage all kinds of system work

Shah Alam Monshi 01 Mr. Rahat Sikdar Mr. Enayet Hossain Khan Mr. Rahat Sikdar

12 08

Graham Tucker


Shah Alam Monshi


Saiful Islam


Total no. Of employees


2.4 The organizational structure of ARAMEX INTERNATIONAL LTD is tall. ARAMEX INTERNATIONAL LTD is private limited company. 2.5 Culture:

No of Employees 01 08

ARAMEX is driven by a dynamic, active, flexible culture radically opposed to fixed bureaucratic management structures, allowing it to swiftly cut through any barriers that stand in the way of its growth. ARAMEX fosters creativity and entrepreneurship by creating a stimulating work environment where ideas coming from any member of the organization are encouraged, no matter how small. If people were to describe ARAMEX as a person they’d use words like innovative, selfmotivated, ambitious and initiative-taker. 2.6 The management philosophy or corporate culture of ARAMEX The corporate culture of ARAMEX is described below: 2.6.1 Team work: In mid 90’s ARAMEX restructured its sales team and became a team based organization that provide customers with “one stop shop” with: • Multi product offerings • Personalized service • Team is responsible for the full delivery • Each team has its own cycle, P&2 “People one to deal with one company one person”. 2.6.2 Open Door Policy: Open door policy advocates sharing all needed information with their customer’s transparency of information. 2.6.3 Federation structure: The impact of Federation structure re s follows: •

Station operated s independent profit centre

Country/ station managers operate as CEO & make their own decision.

The key reasons of ARAMEX success is for its federal structure.

“People are allowed to do what is best for the company, they are encouraged to be entrepreneurial and take risks within a big fame of rules and regulations that are expected to follow”. 2.6.4 Developing people: It includes: •

Opportunities for students

• Chances for fresh graduate

• Promotion from within “Helping people going up the ladder”. 2.7 Quality Assurance: Quality at ARAMEX is every body’s job. They commit to fully understanding their customers needs, fulfilling their expectations on time and delivering a service that always delight them. ARAMEX believes on Safety the Customers

Understand their requirements

Do it Right the First time every time

Continuous improvement

ARAMEX also believes that “If we don’t take care of our customer, some body else will.” 2.8 System at ARAMEX: Info axes: Express tracking system ACCPAC CRM: Customer management system. DIS: Domestic product. FTS: Freight tracking system. ACCPAC: Finance and account system. HR System: • On line application • Leave system • Travel system

• • •

Payroll system Personnel action Clearance and exit system.

2.9 The legal status of the organization (association, limited, public company, etc) ARAMEX - Bangladesh is a Pvt. Limited company. In June 2005 ARAMEX- International went public on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) as Arab International Logistics (ARAMEX) with its shares traded under ARMX. 2.10 Mission: To satisfy our clients' total transportation needs and meet their expectations by providing global customized logistics and information solutions rapidly, reliably and cost-effectively. 2.11 Vision: We will be recognized by our customers to be the first and most flexible in our chosen markets. We will partner with our customers and suppliers to deliver flexible, cost-effective and quality services by efficiently utilizing our global information network, best people and leading-edge technology. • HRD Department 2.12 Departments Name of ARAMEX • T&D INTERNATIONAL at Bangladesh: • Quality Assurance • Sales Department • Administration • Operation Department • Accounts Department • Customer Care Department

• • • •

2.13 Branches are at Bangladesh: • Mirpur • Uttara • Savar • Motijheel

DEPZ CEPZ Aggrabad (Chittagong) Narayangonj.

2.14 The corporate structure of ARAMEX Station Leader

Service Deliver

Domestic Operation

Express Operation

Quality Council

Freight Operation

Customer Management

Calling Center

Customer Managemen t

Catalog Shopping

Support Functions

Quality Assurance



Information Technology

Credit Control




Receivable & Collections 2.14.1 Decision Maker Station Leader: Station Leader is called Country Manager who is Saman Gunawardana for Bangladesh. He is the main decision maker for any important decision. Finance Manager: He takes the all-financial transactional decision for Bangladesh for ARAMEX. Customer care Manager: He takes the decision about customer care department’s decision. HR Manager: He takes the all decision about HR for ARAMEX. BDM: Business Development Manager takes all the decision about sales department. 2.14.2 Training Program: There does exist a complete training program for ARAMEX employee. If any Department head thinks that the particular employee needs training, then he sent that employee for training through HR manager. Believing its people are its most valuable asset, ARAMEX invests in building knowledge workers rather than employees. ARAMEX trains and empowers its people and prepare them

to act as creative solution provider, as entrepreneurs in their own right. Upon joining the ARAMEX team, employees undergo extensive orientations that familiarize them with the company’s business and corporate culture before they proceed to training in their own departments. Throughout the course of your employment you will receive a number of internal and external training courses to polish existing skills and gain new ones. The request for such training is either initiated by ARAMEX or by employees themselves. 2.14.3 Key Personnel: Every person of this company is playing a very important role for the company. Operation Manager: Every product, which is going out from Bangladesh or coming into Bangladesh, must go through the operation sector. In operation sector has a separate accounting system that give calculation to central accounts. Operation manager control all these things. Sending process of any product from Bangladesh: First client cal for the product pick-up and then ground courier pick that product, come at office, employees record it as its procedure and store it in several sector and then send it to its destination. Customer Care Manager: For giving customer support, solving any problem for customer, a customer care department works all time. Any client can see his products spot situation by internet with the help of his products tracking number (every product has separate tracking number). And customer care manager look after all theses factors so that there doesn’t face any problem. Finance Manager: All payable and receivable must approve by the finance manger. Company makes an agreement with the customer and in that agreement all things about credit facility, transaction system of chargeable amount is determined. So all this type transaction agreement must be approved by finance manager and all this controlled by finance manager. Sales team Manager: BDM is the head of all sales team. There are some sales team consists of sales member. Sales team head is called sales Leader. Every sales leader have to submit his teams monthly report to the BDM. Every sales person daily visit seven to eight client normally. 2.15 Daily Work Plan: ARAMEX international’s employs starts their work at Bangladesh at 9.00am and continuous it to1.00pm. 1.0pm to 2.00pm is the lunch break and after lunch break working time goes up to 6.00pm. Every employee have to work Sunday to Thursday continuously from 9.00am to 6.00pm. and at Friday they have to work for Three hours and Saturday is Weekend. Every Friday held a meeting of every department separately. 3.0 Function of the organization: The services of ARAMEX 3.1 Express: •

International Express:

ARAMEX provides a global solution for moving time-sensitive documents and parcels around the world, door-to-door, within committed transit times that meet your needs and expectations. The International Express service of ARAMEX is available every day of the week to customers worldwide together with the ability to track shipments at anytime of the day through the advanced online tracking system available at •

Worldwide Document Express

The extensive ARAMEX network, short transit times and competitive shipping rates ensure door-to-door delivery of urgent documents to any destination in the world. •

Worldwide Parcel Express

The most valuable objects are specially packaged and handled by ARAMEX, taking it fast through customs to make sure it gets there on time •

Cash on Delivery

ARAMEX collects on your behalf the full value of the sold goods upon delivery. Fees, payment method and schedules are arranged with you on a case-by-case basis •

Return Service

ARAMEX offers this service for retailers who wish to include a free return service with the delivery of their goods and for customers who want to send an item to get it fixed and have the repair company return it without incurring shipping charges. •

Cash Collect

ARAMEX collects the transportation charges from the addressee at destination. o Domestic Express: ARAMEX Domestic Express offers a cost-effective solution for express delivery of time-critical shipments within a country or city. Whether it is an important document, a fragile item, a temperature-controlled package or any other item requiring special care, ARAMEX picks it up and delivers it, in its pristine condition.

Same-Day Domestic Service

Companies or individuals who wish to send a package and have it delivered the same day find this service to be perfect. Provided clear instructions are given regarding closing times at destination, ARAMEX guarantees the shipment is delivered the same day. •

Overnight Domestic Service

Shipments are picked up and delivered within 24 hours in all the major cities (48 hours in other areas within the country). •

Domestic Document Return

If you have a busy schedule, ARMEX offers you this convenient service in which it picks up that important document that needs to be signed, delivers it to the addressee and then returns it without delay. •

Cash on Delivery

This service combines two advantages in one: speedy delivery of your products to your customers and a convenient and reliable payment method in which ARAMEX collects the value of the sold goods upon delivery. •

Domestic Distribution Services

ARAMEX handles the distribution of your monthly invoices, marketing and promotional materials such as brochures, corporate and private invitations or any other mass distribution items. Depending on the number of items and the timeline, we quote a price and set a delivery schedule that is convenient for you. •

Mailbag Services

If your company has a large number of correspondence between its many branches ARAMEX becomes your mailman by handling all incoming and outgoing mail between the headquarter and the branches on a regular basis or as specified by you.

3.2 Freight: ARAMEX has one of the most extensive sea, land and air freight forwarding networks in the Middle East. Teams of cargo professionals provide global services and local expertise to ensure a complete and hassle-free service that includes customs clearance and delivery to the final consignee. Having multiple transportation modes—air, land and sea—allows ARAMEX to provide you with the most cost-effective transportation method that meets your delivery need. Our track and trace technology and our network of offices around the world allow total trace ability and visibility of your shipments from the moment a job is booked till its delivery at the final destination. The multiple freight forwarding capabilities of ARAMEX combined with its logistics, warehousing and domestic distribution capabilities allow you the ability to outsource your none-core supply chain capabilities to one company and to one delivery network. •


This product is designed to offer you a complete, hassle-free transportation service from your door to the consignee’s by combining forwarding, clearance and documentation. •


If you prefer to use a pre-assigned customs broker ARAMEX can arrange pick-up from your door and provide forwarding up to the port of arrival. •


When you purchase goods on FOB or FCA basis, ARAMEX can take over the goods at the port of dispatch and arrange dispatch up to the port of destination. •

Expedited Air

When timing is absolutely critical, ARAMEX can provide you with a next-flight-out service where the fastest flights from airport of departure to airport of arrival will be used. •

Wholesale Co-Loading

For freight forwarders who do not have agents within the Middle East and Asian Subcontinent, ARAMEX makes its network available for providing origin or destination service to include consolidation, customs clearance and freight charges collection. •

Charters For your shipments that must move quickly or exclusively, ARAMEX offer you chartered aircraft services for any weight and to any destination around the world, anytime.

Exhibitions Handling

When participating in exhibitions or when organizing one, the local know-how and extensive worldwide network of ARAMEX allow for effective on-time availability of your goods on the exhibition stand while meeting the local customs rules and regulations. •

Special Projects

Combining its multiple freight handling services, ARAMEX customizes a freight solution to cater to the requirements of any special project. 3.3 Logistics: Aramex supply chain & logistics services: •

Freight-Forwarding & Custom Clearance

Through Aramex extensive freight forwarding network and total transportation solutions, we offer you door-to-door delivery from one or multiple suppliers into the warehouse with smooth delay-free customs clearance. •


We understand the importance of warehousing within the wider supply chain! Aramex will store and manage your inventory in our strategically located state-of-the art logistics centers offering bonded or duty –paid options to cater for the different needs of customers in all industry segments. powered with cutting-edge technology, we ensure that your storage requirements and inventory management needs are met while providing real-time visibility at all levels to help you control your stock levels, streamline purchases and improve your order cycle time. • Facility Management Aramex Facility Management should be your choice, if you have your own storage facility, but feel that it is not operating up to its optimum efficiency level. Here, Aramex facility planning team will take on the task of fully managing your facility, minimizing waste,

creating better space utilization, selecting the right equipment, Streamlining running expenses and raising the service standards. • Value-Added Services We can customize your products closer to the point of sale to ensure orders are fulfilled faster and keep your costs to a minimum. Aramex value-added services range from labeling, kitting, to light manufacturing and software installation. • Distribution Our services extend beyond the walls of the warehouse. You can rely on Aramex distribution service to deliver your products to your customers through a dedicated fleet of GPS-equipped trucks that operate over a massive land network offering comprehensive supply chain solutions and providing visibility through AWB tracking. • Professional Engineering Design Aramex provides you with a complete plan for your warehouse through architectural, electrical, mechanical and piping designs, while ensuring a suitable layout for storage, material handling and operational areas. Aramex will also go the extra mile to prepare your tender documents, send them to appropriate vendors and evaluate received tender application. • Consulting Services •SOPs, JOPs & KPIs. Aramex will develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Job Operating Procedures (JOPs) for your facilities or re-write existing ones, we can also install Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor performance and keep management informed. • Facility Evaluation. Utilizing our experience in logistics, we can evaluate your existing facilities; carry out revamping and setup of new equipment. • Supply Chain Strategy Analysis. Aramex with its advanced operational research models can help you reduce logistics costs while maintaining your promised customer service levels. • IT Services Aramex WMS (OPTILOG). Take your warehousing operation to a new level by using our warehouse management system OPTILOG, which will help you increase efficiency while providing management with visibility and access to information through online portals and various automated reports. 3.4 SPECIAL SERVICE ARAMEX' dedication to customer service is best reflected in its ability to create new ways of meeting wholesale and retail client needs. The Special Services product began as a special favor to some clients and has developed into a growing venture. Due to its existing distribution and information network, ARAMEX station can obtain and deliver a variety of items, be it medication, spare part or computers, from any marketplace in the world, visa and document legalization, flower delivery, repair and return services, sophisticated logistical mobilizations ARAMEX can handle any business every step of the way. • Purchasing services You know what you need; we can help you get it. With ARAMEX offices around the globe, hard to get items are just a phone call away. Your car, VCR or washing machine just broke down and the spare part is not available locally, your favorite band just released a new album, you need special medication urgently and it is only available in its manufacturing country. ARAMEX will deliver. So the next time you are in urgent need for an item from abroad, call ARAMEX. We will look for it and once we find your item, we will tell you the purchasing price, the delivery

charge and any customs requirements before we make the purchase. Upon your approval we will buy the item and deliver it right to your doorstep. • Commercial services The details of your business demand your time and attention but often they distract you from more strategic issues. You're having a hard time locating a supplier for items you want to import, you placed an order with a manufacturer and you need the response urgently, your LC did not clear or your wire transfer was delayed for five days, ARAMEX can help. With ARAMEX offices around the globe we can act as your international business representative, from the initial communication to importing the goods; from clearing the goods through customs to delivering them to your warehouse, we can handle your every business need. 3.5 ARAMEX Supply Chain & Logistics solutions ARAMEX is the leading transportation and logistics company. We combine our local knowhow, state-of-the-art technology and international standards to provide you with a comprehensive solution for your logistics and supply chain requirements. With one of the largest logistics and transportation networks in the region, Aramex is a dependable ally that will relieve you from the burdens of your complex day to day supply chain challenges and provide you with a cost effective tailor made solution for your supply chain. With our end-to -end supply chain and logistics solutions, we efficiently manage the transfer of products, information and funds between your suppliers and customers providing you with that extra needed time to focus on reaching the full potential of your business. Aramex will cover all stages of your supply chain from the moment your inventory leaves your supplier until the moment it reaches your retailer or final customers. 3.6 Shop & ship The ARAMEX Shop&Ship mailbox service allows you to enjoy all the benefits of having a mailing address in the US or the UK without actually living there. This service offers you a personal mailing address in the US and the UK where you can receive your correspondence as well as personal and business packages such as Internet orders, gifts, magazine subscriptions, bank statements and more. ARAMEX then forwards the mailbox contents to you at very competitive rates, saving you time, effort and money. Shop&Ship service is the latest of the customized innovative solutions offered by Aramex. The service was developed as a solution to the difficulties customers encountered while placing their online orders from US UK sites. A great number of these sites either do not offer overseas shipping or charge high shipping rates; to make things more complicated most websites require a local US or UK address to complete the transaction. Shop&Ship mailbox service also caters to the personal needs of people who resided in the US or the UK, and who need to maintain a mailbox address there for personal or business use. Shop&Ship is also ideal for students, and businessmen. Aramex International is the leading provider of total transportation solutions in the Middle East and Indian Subcontinent offering express package delivery, freight forwarding, logistics

and other transportation services. Aramex has in its twenty-one year history formed an extensive global network with presence in most major hubs and cities worldwide. Aramex is the transportation company of choice for tens of thousands of world-class companies in the Middle East due to the unique way Aramex conducts its business and the special advantages it extends to its customers. Aramex is unique in the variety of transportation services it offers under one roof; it is unique in its creative and flexible style of management that enables it to customize its solutions to accommodate the specific transportation needs and requirements of very one of its customers. Aramex and its global alliance of companies cover the world through one of the largest transportation networks; strategically positioned to serve you and attend to the details of your business around the clock, around the globe. The Aramex transportation network utilizes state of the art communication technologies and delivery systems making it completely integrated and online throughout the world 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. 3.6.1 About Shop&Ship: Shop&Ship mailbox will make Internet shopping truly enjoyable; you will no longer need to worry about your favorite site not offering International shipping or charging you high shipping costs. Subscribe today and start enjoying the following great benefits from Shop&Ship: •

Convenience: Whether you’re ordering CD’s, DVD’s, a T-shirt or the latest MP3 player, Shop&Ship is hassle free, fast, and reliable.

Affordability: Aramex will ship your mailbox contents straight to you, three times a week, at very competitive rates.

Tracking: Our online tracking system enables you to monitor your shipments every step of the way from the convenience of your office or home; you can know where your shipment is and what is inside your mailbox at any given time. To complement your Shop&Ship experience, Aramex also offers a Web Surfer Card; which is a pre-paid Master Card that provides you with a secure online payment facility. You can determine the limit of your card and can change that limit at any time. 3.6.2 How does it work •

You can start using your mailbox address in the US or the UK as soon as you subscribe to Shop&Ship and receive your personal mailing address.

Every item you receive at your mailing address will be scanned and the information will be uploaded on the system so you can know what is inside your mailbox.

The packages and correspondence in your mailbox will be collected and forwarded to you three times a week.

The moment your mailbox contents are shipped out, you will be able to monitor your shipment online until it arrives at the Aramex office in your city.

Aramex will notify you via SMS messaging or telephone as soon as your mailbox contents arrive at your country of residence

Shop&Ship offers you convenience and affordable prices backed by the reliability and efficiency of Aramex

3.6.3 Shop&Ship benefits: More than one reason to use Shop&Ship: •

Enjoy shopping online even from sites that do not offer international shipping.

Take advantage of our special and affordable international shipping rates.

Maintain a mailing address in the US or the UK without living there.

Enjoy the special rates offered by online merchants to residents in the US/UK

Follow your shipment every step of the way and know what is inside your mailbox at any given moment.

Friendly local customer service ensures your full satisfaction.

3.7 PACK PLUS SERVICE ARAMEX is pleased to launch the new PACK PLUS service. Whether you are moving house from one street to another, from one town to another, or from one country to another, you can rely on ARAMEX PACK PLUS service. We will pack, crate and haul your household, then deliver, unload and unpack all your belongings at your new address anywhere in the world! Whether you are an individual, a small business or a multi national corporation on the move, ARAMEX has the 'right' package for you. A tailor-made solution to suit your specific moving needs. When leaving the country we will handle all the necessary documentation and custom formalities at ends, origin and destination. ARAMEX PACK PLUS offers you any or all of these services to ensure you have a smooth, swift moving experience Free pre-packing survey. •

Packing and crating of all household goods and personal effects.

Haulage by trucks to the new address, if moving locally.

Customs clearance and forwarding, if moving abroad.

Shipping by land, sea or air.

Insurance recommendations.

Storage facilities.

Unloading, unpacking and setting up your effects.

Removal of debris.

Follow up on your shipment both at origin and destination points.

Door-to-door services.

So the next time you need to move your belongings from one place to another, relax and let ARAMEX do the work. We will be more than happy to serve you. 3.8 E-SERVICES As we all know E-commerce nowadays is vital for all businesses to compete and survive. Aramex makes it easy and affordable for any business to get online and prosper in today's competitive web market place, enabling it to establish an effective, direct connection with its online customers and suppliers. ARAMEX provides a comprehensive suite of e-commerce solutions to buyers and sellers. These solutions include complete "e-logistics" services that provide third party logistics, storage, and shipping. They also include express courier, freight forwarding and distribution and delivery services for everything from components and spare parts to finished products. The first business-to-business e-commerce portal established in the Middle East, placed Aramex at the forefront of the region's e-business market. 3.9 OTHER SERVICES Shop with ARAMEX Enjoy a great shopping experience with Aramex! Aramex provides you with a choice of shopping options to suit your needs. Whether you have a credit card or not, Shopping with Aramex is easy! Aramex @ Home It is free online delivery service! With this exclusive service, ARAMEX delivers food from a variety of the best restaurants in town right to your doorstep. Aramex @ home also delivers flowers, videos and medication. Shop the World Online It allows you to shop from the world's best catalogues and websites! Order the latest in fashion for you and your entire family in addition to home furnishing and accessories, from the finest European and American catalogues and US websites. 4.0 MARKETING STRETEGIES OF ARAMEX ARAMEX, whose marketing strategies over the years have successfully positioned the company as a “Total Transportation Solutions” provider, was proclaimed the winner in the Trading, Distribution and Logistics category. ARAMEX’s customer-driven strategy is also a catalyst igniting growth and widening is customer base; the strategy of the company, its structure, and its investments have always been inspired from and directed towards the market and the customers. Always anticipating the needs of customers in the ever-changing economic environments is what keeps ARAMEX close to the customer and ahead of the competition. ARAMEX, well-known for its intensely customer-driven strategy, is always keen on bonding with customers, and providing services that are tailored to meet unique requirements and exceed expectations. Customers will receive this newsletter directly to their e-mail addresses or can subscribe

to this e-service by visiting ARAMEX International, the region's leading provider of total transportation solutions, has plans to acquire more companies in the courier industry in the Middle East, North Africa and the subcontinent. Aramex recently acquired a leading local courier company Memo Express for a value of around $4 million and thus secured a large market share of the UAE market, especially in the express delivery segment. The Memo Express announcement is the first step in their aggressive strategy that focuses on further acquisitions and expansion. They are capitalizing on their strong brand market and solid infrastructure and moving ahead with confidence and added vigour. They are also focusing on further acquisitions in the domestic and freight business. Aramex is investing heavily to enhance its logistics infrastructure and there are now plans to expand into countries like Lebanon and Egypt. Earlier this year, Aramex opened a new $1 million state-of-the-art logistics facility at Amman International Airport and expanded its UAE facility. The company's investment in technology will continue in areas such as improved tracking and tracing capabilities, in GIS systems for Aramex's domestic delivery service and for stronger fleet and route management. The company's strategy also includes further development and investment in ground services around the Arab world. 4.1 ADVERTISING Advertising can be used to build up a long-term image for a product or trigger quicker sales .It can efficiently reach geographically dispersed buyers. It can be following qualities: • Public presentation • Pervasiveness • Amplified expressiveness • Impersonality There are the following types to evaluate the effectiveness of the advertisement. They are: Print and broadcast ads, Packaging –outer, Packaging inserts, Motion pictures, Brochures and booklets, Posters and leaflets, Directories, Reprints of advertisement, Billboards, Display signs, Point-of-purchase displays, Audiovisual material, Symbols and logos, Videotapes, newspapers, Specially advertising (distribution of such items as matchbooks, pencils, calendars, telephone pads, blotters, gummed labels), Public transportation, Web page, Yellow pages, Outdoor billboards, Direct mail, Other media (handouts, leaflets etc.) ARAMEX International Ltd practices almost all types of advertising Mechanisms to introduce their service in the world. 4.2 SALES PROMOTION Sales promotion, as part of the total distribution system, plays a vital role in inducing the consumer to buy the product. Sales promotion covers so many activities that it is difficult to define it precisely. Sales promotion, consists of those marketing activities other than advertising, publicity, and personal selling, that stimulate consumer purchasing and dealer

effectiveness, such as displays, shows, and exhibitions, demonstrations and various other non-recurring selling efforts not in the ordinary routine. Sales promotions where marketing and sales co-exist and work together most intensely. The sales promotion is a direct inducement, either by offering added value or a direct incentive to the indirect sales channel (such as retailers and resellers), the direct sales force itself, or from the sales force to the consumers. Sales promotion has the following activities: • Communication • Incentive • Invitation • To introduce a new product and attract new customer’s Sales promotion has the following criteria; they are as follows: Contests, games, sweep takes and lotteries; Advance Premiums and gifts, Sampling, Fairs and trade-shows, Exhibition , Demonstrations, Coupons, Rebates, contests and games, Entertainment, Trade-in-allowances, Continuity programs, Tie-ins, Coupons, premiums, point-of-sale retail displays, Personality endorsements such as book signings ), Attractive packaging, Sponsorships, Special offers, Customer demonstrations with giveaways, Gifts , Free products , Extra products, Price discounts, Buy-one-get-one free combinations, Straightforward cash incentives (such as ‘ cash back’ on new mortgages and credit cards), Loyalty points or stamps, free services, Savings schemes, Buy-back guarantees, Low-interest financing of the sale and trade-in allowances on the old product, Handbills, point-of-purchase display, visual ads presentation, Product styling and packaging, Special events sales etc . ARAMEX International uses sales-promotion tools to draw a stronger and quicker buyer response. It can be used for short-run effects such as to dramatize product offers and boost sagging sales. 4.3 DISTRIBUTION ARAMEX today is an extensive network that spans the four corners of the globe. With operations strategically located in major cities and hubs, ARAMEX is able to service the world swiftly, efficiently and on time. The ARAMEX network encompasses more than 200 offices in 35 countries, employing over 3,500 people and offering total transportation solutions to both retail and wholesale customers worldwide. With over 1200 couriers delivering in the Middle East and the Asian Subcontinent, ARAMEX uses 665 vehicles including cars and vans and more than 450 motorcycles for inter-city deliveries. ARAMEX has developed an extensive domestic distribution network for express delivery of documents and small parcels, with the capability to pick-up and deliver shipments from city to city in every country in which it operates – meeting customers’ local distribution and information requirements. Customers for domestic express delivery services include local distributors, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, banks and TV home shopping networks and internet shopping businesses. There has two key opportunities in logistics. One is regional distribution of goods for international clients, and the other is domestic distribution within countries. In the latter area, Aramex has a unique advantage, even over rivals such as DHL. Aramex is the only company in the region with an extensive domestic Distribution network in each country.

Clients for domestic distribution tend to be small to medium sized companies rather than the big international names. Aramex also distributes for pharmaceutical and computer companies too. 4.4 ARAMEX with Global Distribution Alliance (GDA) In addition to its own offices and infrastructure, ARAMEX chairs and is a founding member of the Global Distribution Alliance (GDA), one of the largest express transportation networks in the world with more than 12,000 offices, 33,000 vehicles and 66,000 employees serving alliance customers and attending to the details of their business round the clock, around the globe The GDA is a worldwide network of more than 40 independent express operators using the common procedures, standards and technology of ARAMEX to provide seamless service to customers worldwide backed with comprehensive global coverage and strong local market expertise. With an annual billing of US$7.5 billion, GDA members collectively handle over 10,000 express shipments a day, providing tracking capabilities to their customers using a tracking platform developed by ARAMEX. This cutting-edge track and trace system was adopted by the GDA to act as the technology backbone for the entire alliance, positioning ARAMEX as the technology cornerstone of the alliance. Moreover, ARAMEX functions as the operations and administration manager for the GDA, providing complete support services for all alliance members through a business administration team, which operates from the ARAMEX corporate headquarters in Amman, Jordan. 4.5 GDA Network Policies ARAMEX International is a current Board Member of the GDA Network and is currently acting as the ‘Network Operations Manager’ company on behalf of all GDA Members and Partners. Reference within this GDA Policy Manual of ‘GSO’ relates to the main administrative facility (General Service Office) of ARAMEX International based in Amman, Jordan. The purpose of this policy manual is to provide solid business guidelines to each GDA Network Partner in doing business with the rest of the GDA Network and the GSO. It is also a single reference tool for each Partner to help us establish the agreed rules of the network. It is expected that each GDA Network Partner will apply the policies of the system in the manner that they have been written, which is intended to avoiding grey areas of debate, argument, or misunderstanding. SWOT Analysis: SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Completing a SWOT analysis helps me identify ways to minimize the affect of weaknesses in my business while maximizing my strengths. Ideally, I will match my strengths against market opportunities that result from voids in my competitors' products and/or services. A SWOT analysis confines strengths and weaknesses to my company's internal workings while opportunities and threats refer only to the external environment.

In SWOT analysis Strengths and Weakness are determined by internal elements, while external forces dictate opportunities and Threats. Opportunities and Threats ought to be identified first in order to more quickly highlight the product “Strengths or Weakness”. For example, if it is quickly highlight the product where discovered that a competitor is losing certain licensing rights to a product in the next year, this information could be used to quickly fill that gap in the market. “Strengths and Weakness” should focus upon the following: •

Company’s philosophy or mission.

Product features, benefits or quality.

Product’s competitive advantage. (Is there a competitive advantage?)

Distribution methods or distributor satisfaction.

Pricing structures. (Is it priced much higher or lower than the competition?)

Target market’s awareness of the product.

Target market’s attitudes toward the product.

Target market’s brand loyalty.

Competition’s activities (for example, new service of product launches, price changes, new companies)

• Overall market trends (shifts in needs, trends, and behaviors). “Opportunities and Threat analysis” should focus upon the following: •

What problems do customers currently have with the product that could be addressed by improvement? These improvement areas may not be immediately obvious or explicitly stated.

What steps does the buyer go through the purchase, use, and dispose of the product? This method might be bring to light new product ideas (or just enhancements or packaging), services, or other value options.

What are the consumer’s desires?

Strengths of ARAMEX International Ltd. • Brand recognition and effective marketing and distribution channel. •

Total transportation solution.

Availability of resourceful people.


Congenial environment.

Environmental facilities available.

Continued growth in net income and net sales.

Quality services and good overall reputation.

The strong management team and diversified workforce.

Intensive supervision by management.

Strong marketing capability.

Strong cooperation from channels.

Corporate reputation for quality services.

Transportation facilities are very high.

Increasing sales due to strengthening of the economy.

Leadership in the running courier service sector.

Shift in customers preferences from their demand and needs.


Customer loyalty.

Saving an enormous amount of money.

Positive response to challenge.

Proven advantage of good location.

Ability to make decisions quickly.

Strong desire to succeed.

Resource and capabilities are already known.

Explore innovative marketing at home and abroad.

Development of new technologies with regard to methods, inputs and skills are silently undertaken.

Works well in fast-growth Company.

Improved communication channel.

Reward and personnel.

Collect techniques of technologies to adapt.

• Dynamic in the workforce. Weaknesses of ARAMEX International Ltd. • Not market leader. •

In some countries they have no direct network.

Account Receivable / bad debts amount is high.

Lack of coordinating among a department to another department.

Natural calamity accident.

Lack of proper implementation of effective marketing strategies.

Insurance does not available.

Insufficient equipment.

• Lack in credit control system Opportunities of ARAMEX International Ltd. • Total Transportation Solutions. •

25 years of Innovation.

Well brand image.

Internationally distribution channel.

Lower service cost then other courier services.

Due to growth in international business, courier sector market expands rapidly.

Every time they can expand their business.

Enough opportunity to expand as profit is high.



• Formulate business ideas and concepts. Threats of ARAMEX International Ltd. • Competitors are offering better service. •

Trend of switching better job of resourceful sales people.

Dollar rate increasing highly.

Malpractice in the market place.

Free market economy.

Should be more dynamic to catch their current business

If they do not advertise their products, the people will not buy their services.

Technology is cheaper than people.

Technological evaluation is always makes a good command to these sector.

Risk of administrative barriers.

Dependency on the local suppliers.

Growing up overhead cost.

Does not suit or interfere other companies’ threat.

8.0 Marketing Strategy 8.1 Marketing Policies includes: 8.1.1. Marketing Plan: The present document continuous the basic principles of crises procedures as indicated in the ARAMEX managers guide and some crises communication and media relations guidelines aimed at helping ARAMEX manager an unexpected crisis. The guideline explains the public relation department procedures for handling media and internal contacts during. Fooling sequential had to do • 8.1.2 Market concluding of brand positioning: •

Advertisement in newspaper

Advertisement in media and news

Advertisement in to out door signs

Direct Marketing—distribution of stickers etc. 8.1.3 To build Revenue: •

Projects and programs

Special discounts offer

Distribution of gift gives away to customer/linkage industry customer/reception. 8.1.4 To inanes public relation: •

Press relies

Sponsoring national events

Display events.




Sponsoring different publication for different charitable organization 8.1.5 Marketing intelligence: •

Customer satisfaction survey

Customer comments

Market information through different publication on macro and micro label industry.

Customer behavior and trends through the information of EDP department. 8.1.6 Social Activities: •

Sponsoring different events of CRP

Sponsoring blood donation programs

Donating funds or materials for the flood disaster people. An organization be hit by a crises of some sort a serious incident affecting for example human safety the environment and / or product/service or corporate reputation. To recover those types of crises ARAMEX should follow: 8.2 Advertisement: This is prepared by a business to disseminate information about product or service to be sold. The message is controlled by the business space is paid for. A relatively new phenomenon is a cross breed of news story and advertisement. A business buys space in a supplement or in the general publications in return, articles are prepare that highlight a product or service or industry. Or an advertisement is designed to look like an articles but is usually labeled as an advertisement to alert readers that it is espousing a certain issue or product and it is not journalistically objective. The message are controlled and published.

8.3 By lined articles: These are articles prepared by an exporter not the staff of the newspaper. Editor works with the weather to market it acceptable to both the parties in terms of news content and consistent in grammar with the publication’s standards the message may or may not the slanted to a particular point of view. 8.4 Delivering message: A company’s message can be delivered to the media in a verity way there are some common: • Phone calls • Interviews • Internal luncheon/briefing • Press release or press kit • Press conference • Latter to editor Each of these methods is appropriate at different at time and for different propose. 8.5 News story: reports with the supervision and direction of an editor prepare these types of information. The ideal is to provide factorial, balanced and objectives information on a specific topic that fits in to the definition of news the message is sully controlled by the editors. The editor according to its importance allocates space to readers. 8.6. News Analysis: This is a news articles that contains the conclusion of the reporters. The message I slowly controlled by the editors. 8.7 Editorial: This is a preserver articles that take a specific position on an issues a group of editors and the publisher meet together to determine the news papers position. The newspaper’s top executives control message. 8.8 The workflow of the Marketing Department is following: • Developing marketing plans and strategies to maximize ARAMEX brand awareness and visibilities in Bangladesh. • Take care of ARAMEX brand promotional activities. • Carry out market research, customer satisfaction survey. • Collect and review information on market, top competitors. • Develop and distribute marketing handout, promotional items. • Monition liaison with regional ARAMEX office. • Proper budget and arrange expenses. • Complete product and report when required. 8.9 Marketing Objectives: • To increase sale by specific within one year. • To offer the highest customer service in the industry • Analysis of SWOT for service marketing • Developing specific marketing strategies • Developing implementation program form marketing strategy. • Devising control of marketing plan. • Analysis of the internal resource and capabilities. • Analysis of the capabilities of external forces and their effect on the services marketing.


Scanning of macro environmental force to get a better company of the market, customers’ competitors of the service market.

8.10 Marketing should focus on six pillars of a sound sales strategy: When you have a company that specializes in large-ticket items, marketing -- or getting your name and product frequent exposure -- is one key element of your success. However, the most critical factor is your sales strategy. The best product in the world will go nowhere fast without a carefully-executed, sound sales strategy designed to close the order. There are six pillars that form a solid foundation for a long-term winning strategy. Once you have carefully identified your niche market, if you want the potential to succeed beyond your wildest dreams, include all six of these pillars to support your sales strategy. The pillar of distinctive competence. Strive to position your business as one that is more interested in solving your customer's problems than in just closing the order. Get to know your customer and his/her specific needs. Then posture your business as a partner to help solve those needs. The pillar of customer perspective. If you don't put yourself in your customer's shoes, you will never fully understand your customer's needs -- and you may also miss future opportunities your customer does not yet foresee. Ask for more information on the customer's business. Tour the customer's facility. Take time to thoroughly understand the customer's situation before you begin any sales pitch. The pillar of selling value, not hardware. Thoroughly understand the value proposition of your product or service. What savings or increased efficiency will your customer realize? Do not quote generalities, but have specific examples with precise figures, percentages and time frames to back up your claims. Once you are armed with this information and with intimate knowledge of the customer's specific needs, create a unique approach and tailor your sales presentation to the specific outcome your product can offer your customer. You should use your product data to illustrate how and in what time frame you will solve the customer's problem. Your presentation should evolve around the value you can offer to their business in a specific time frame rather than the cost of your hardware. The pillar of progressing slowly. Never try to rush the close on this type of sale, even if the wolves are knocking at your door. No matter how much customers may like you, if they sense you are pushing to close the order, they may remain polite but they will erect an impenetrable wall between you and securing the order. Early in your process, do not appear excited; lean back in your chair and ask questions. After all, you are in the data-gathering phase. Even if you are confident you have the perfect solution, resist the temptation to lean forward and start your selling process to soon. If you slow down, you should gain their trust and close the order sooner. The pillar of separating the wheat from the chaff. The majority of your calls will not represent good prospects, but you may not know this until you have gathered the facts. Determine how easy individual customers are to work with and how much hand-holding they will require.

The pillar of the "Miracle on 34th Street" principle. If you can't solve their problem and make a profit (or if your solution is too expensive), help the customer find a solution by locating someone who can. Remember, you want a long-term relationship with this customer. If you can help customers find what they need from someone else, rest assured they will remember and want you to participate in future opportunities. If you want an effective sales strategy and stellar performance, you must incorporate all six pillars as part of your sales effort. Otherwise, you can expect your sales platform to be weak and easily overcome by the swift flow of competition. 8.11 Analyzing Market potential: Market Identification: The first step in analyzing a products market potential is to identify its market. Market identification requires finding out 1. Who buys the product? 2. Who use it? 3. Who are the prospective buyers and/or users? Market Motivation: The second step in analyzing market potentials is to detect the reasons why customers buy the product and the reasons why potential customers might buy it. Market motivation studies answer twin questions: Why do people buy? Why don’t people buy? Information from motivation studies helps not only in estimating a products market potential but assist in deciding 1. How best to present the product in sales talks. 2. The relative effectiveness of different selling appeals. 3. The relative appropriateness of various promotional methods. Having identified the potential buyers and their buying behavior, the third step is to analyze the market potential. Using market factors for analyzing market potential is two step process: 1. Select the market factors associated with product’s demand. 2. Eliminate those market segments that do not contain prospective buyers of the product. 8.12 Sales-Sales related marketing policy and personal-selling strategy: Sales-related marketing policy are the guidelines within which the company seeks to reach both qualitative and quantitative personal selling objectives. They provide guidance on what to sell (Product policies) and to whom to sell (distribution policies). Decision on what to sell and to whom to sell shape the fundamental nature of the company and the important determinants of the kind of sale personal and their total number (the two components of personal – selling strategy). Pricing policies, too, have an important impact, especially on the kind of sales staff, sales people have to precut target buyers not only to accept the company’s product but at the price asked. Sales related marketing policies, like personal-selling objectives, vary with the competitive setting. It is important that they be attuned to company’s particular situation under conditions of monopolistic or oligopolistic competition, much more so then when there is not direct competition. Which Salespeople Should The Company Hire? “Hiring salespeople is probably the hardest thing I do,” admits Scott Schuster of Intuitive Technology Consultants in Atlanta. What makes it difficult, he says, is deciding between the experienced person and the inexperienced one. Experienced people cost more, might be hampered by no compete clauses from their last job and may be burnt out or unwilling to try new things. On the other hand, inexperienced salespeople have enthusiasm and come

relatively cheap, but probably aren’t familiar with your business and don’t know much about sales. Getting them up to speed takes both time and money. Having a sales force that is comprised of both experienced and inexperienced people. “The newcomers are excited and aggressive. The experienced staff provides expertise and advice; they’re like mentors.” This blend of experience and inexperience has proved effective for his operation. But success isn’t enough, McKenzie-Goode emphasizes, if candidates lack good self-esteem and the same values she has. To ascertain the former, she asks prospective salespeople if they consider themselves lucky. “Someone with good self-esteem will say, ‘yes,’ because luck is really what you make of it.” Another situation is one in which a customer needs something right away and all the drivers are booked up. She wants someone with a can-do attitude, whose solution would be, for example, to “deliver the product myself.” If you will be hiring a sales force, as opposed to just one person, Bledsoe recommends hiring the sales manager first, and subsequently allowing that person to take on most of the hiring responsibilities. “Hiring salespeople is easy. If they are truly high quality, they will pay for themselves.” Qualities of effective sales executive: Five qualities common to effective sales executives, whatever their fields, can be identifies: 1. Ability to define the position’s exact functions and duties in relation to the goals the company should expect to attain. 2. Ability to select and train capable subordinate and willingness to delegate sufficient authority to enable them to carry out assigned task with minimum supervision. 3. Ability to utilize time efficiently 4. Ability to allocate sufficient time for thinking and planning. 5. Ability to exercise skilled leadership The sales department occupies a strategic position. It spearheads the organization’s effort to supply customers with ever increasing quantities of products at profitable price. To the extent that this is achieved, the company’s reputation rest upon a sound foundation. 8.13 Three important points that influence marketing and sales management decision and program: Three important points about how factors in the environment influence marketing and sales management decision and programs: 1. To be successful, a firm’s marketing plans must be adapted to the influence and constraints imposed by both the external and internal corporate environment. As those environments change, appropriate adjustment must be made in the firm’s marketing strategy. 2. A firm’s sales program is only one part of an integrated marketing strategy. As changes are made in other part of marketing strategy, the sales program must be adjust if it is to remain effective. 3. Regardless of how well conceived a sale program is or how well it is integrate into a firm’s overall marketing strategy, its implementation depends on the willingness and ability of individual members of the sales force to carry out its polices and procedures. Factors in the external and corporate environments can directly influence

a sales person’s action in the field and the rep’s ability to achieve the desired level of performance The need for sales territories: A sales territory is a group of present and potential customers assigned to a sales person, branch, dealer or distributor for a giving period. The key word in this definition in customers. “Good” sales territories are made up of customers who have money to spend and the willingness to spend it. While the key to sales territory design is customers geographical boundaries determined territories in many firms. The sales person might be assigned in several territories because geographically defined territories yield certain advantages, discussed below. There are expectations, though, when firm’s are unlucky to realize advantage from geographic territories. 8.14 The Secrets to Marketing and Sales Success: Carefully formulating and implementing sales and marketing strategies is certainly one of the most important ingredients in ensuring that you business will stand out from the competition and attract—and maintain—a loyal customer base. For Example, Microsoft is not on the leading edge of technology, yet it dominates the software industry. It’s possible to make a carbonated soft drink better than Coca-Cola’s, yet what’s the likelihood such a venture will succeed on a large scale? Is Ben and Jerry’s ice cream magically better than all its other premium quality competitors? The key to success in business is not having a better mouse trap. Microsoft, Coca-Cola and Ben and Jerry’s don’t. The key is to become a marketing powerhouse. If you don’t get your marketing and sales act together, you have as much chance of success as door-to-door encyclopedia salesmen in this age of low-cost encyclopedia CD-ROMs; you will be out of touch, out of sight and out of mind with your target market. Make marketing and sales your holy grail, and you can take a competent if average product or service and turn its dross into gold. And the first place to start is by understanding your market and your product. Where To Begin: A marketing services firm in Dallas, says two basic marketing steps need to be taken initially: 1. Define your target market. “The target market is really the bull’s-eye of the larger segment that is likely to buy from you. That’s where you should focus your activities,” he advises. 2. Define the features and benefits of your products or services. For most entrepreneurs, defining features is easy. You gizmo might be faster than the competition’s. Perhaps you provide a broader range of services. Benefits, though, are more difficult to pinpoint, and here is where entrepreneurs often come up empty handed. They have never really considered how their product or service benefits clients. “Every feature has to have an associated, articulated reason why the customer would want it,” emphasizes Bledsoe.

The quarter-inch drill bit is a classic example. “No one in the world wants a quarter-inch drill bit,” he says, pausing for emphasis. “But a lot of people want a quarter-inch hole. The quarter-inch drill bit is just a way to get there.” Heather Wood, owner of Hardwood Bookkeeping Service, which provides bookkeeping services for small businesses in Salt Lake City, Utah, doesn’t just tell customers what she will do for them—such as recording transactions and balancing their books—but also describes how they will benefit. By having better record keeping, for example, clients can speed up collection efforts and eliminate late-payment penalties on invoices that were overlooked and subsequently not paid on time. Posting all transactions and balancing the books are features that Wood offers; faster collections and fewer late-payment penalties are the resultant benefits. How Am I Different? It’s surprising how many entrepreneurs never really ask themselves how their product or service differs from others. Yet answering this question is essential in formulating marketing and sales strategies. Michael Baber is author of How Champions Sell, and a marketing sales consultant at the Business Development Institution in Lilburn, Georgia. He once operated a janitor’s supply company targeting the hotel market. Baber had lots of competition, but distinguished his firm by developing a bowl cleaner with a higher acid content that was priced less. More acid (hence a faster cleaning process) and a lower price—those were his competitive advantages. “You have to position yourself as giving more value than your competitors.” In this industry, “value” refers to faster, better and a fair cost. The owner of Greene Sperling client, a Manhattan bicycle courier service, insisted there was nothing unique about his firm. After probing, however, Greene learned that it once reorganized a customer’s mail room at a moment’s notice when a water main broke and disrupted the mail function. The tag line Greene created—“The fast thinking messenger service”—has been widely used in the company’s marketing and sales efforts. These examples demonstrate a key factor in business success. Position your product or service so it becomes more than a commodity that is also available from your competitors. Potential Niches: Here are some of the niches your business might address; keep in mind that you can address more than one. Price: When dealing with this issue, you can go high or low in aiming toward your desired market. If you offer a lot of personal service, for example, emphasizing low price would conflict; you should have a high quality image. Besides, it costs money to provide personal service, making it essential to charge higher prices to generate a profit. Service/Convenience: To differentiate herself, Ferlaak offers free pickup and delivery. Heather Wood offers to bring her services to customer locations or do the bookkeeping at her office. She is also willing to take on a wide range of responsibilities, including signing and distributing checks. Selection: Some businesses distinguish themselves by providing large selections, or very specialized selections. Wal-Mart is in the large-selection camp, but so is to a degree, in that

she offers a wide range of office and computer services. Atlanta-based Intuitive Technology Consultants, in contrast, offers a limited range of services, specifically temporary staffing of technology people and software programming, particularly for projects dealing with Year 2000 issues. This is not a company that provides all things to all people, nor does it want to, asserts the firm’s president Al Pond. A retail store that carries just trading cards or a firm that provides only residential cleaning services are additional examples of businesses with narrowly focused selections. Quality: Quality in all about marketing, including her tag line, “When quality really counts!” However, as so many operations today claim to provide quality service and products, it is somewhat difficult to be convincing with this differentiator. But if you back up your claim with truly high quality goods and services, this can prove a valuable competitive advantage. Credibility: With small, relatively unknown operations, credibility is often an issue for potential customers. Why should someone buy from a company they know nothing about? Establishing strong credibility can definitely help businesses stand out in the marketplace. Memoirs Unlimited, Beverly, Massachusetts, is a writing and publishing service that produces business histories and personal memoirs. When owner Webster Bull started the firm, he developed a brochure that described what he did. After obtaining several clients, he asked them to comment on his services and began using these testimonials extensively, which considerably boosted the effectiveness of his marketing efforts. To allay credibility concerns, a company might want to lower the customer’s risk by providing guarantees such as a money-back or easy-return policy. While guarantees do not build credibility per se, they help minimize the fear of buying from an unknown company. Approaching the Sales Process: The discussion so far has focused on setting up a marketing strategy. Once you have defined your market and the message you want to get across, you can begin the next phase—selling. Bledsoe claims that every product or service has a natural sales cycle; where you are on the cycle affects your marketing and selling efforts. Sales cycles range from a few seconds, such as for impulse items purchased at a supermarket cash register, to months for large ticket items like expensive equipment, to years—as can be the case with airplanes, for example. Bledsoe divides the sales cycle into four activities: identification, qualification, education and close. Identification: In this phase, you are looking for people to sell to, called prospecting, and the number of potential customers is at its largest. This is when cold calling is done, direct mail solicitations are sent, and mass marketing such as television and radio are used. A wide net is cast in hopes of capturing the greatest possible number of people who show some interest in your product or service. Qualification: Once responses from potential customers have been elicited, the sales effort moves into the qualification stage, which reduces the number of prospects, since all will not qualify. Questions salespeople ask include: Are you ready to buy now? How large is your budget?

Another consideration is whether the potential customer’s project is a good fit for your business. Fred Anderson owns Anderson Landscape Construction, a residential landscaping firm in Lancaster, Massachusetts. With only five employees, he knows large jobs that must be completed quickly are beyond his firm’s capacity, so he qualifies potential customers by asking for information about the envisioned project. Sales efforts cease immediately if he learns it is inappropriate. Bledsoe calls those who qualify “suspects.” Education: The education phase, which is sometimes called consultative sales or solution selling, is when efforts focus on education prospects about your company and its products and services and, of course, their benefits. Anderson tells potential customers exactly what he will do for them and how he will research every aspect of a project like the grass and plants. He shows them other landscaping jobs he has done, and gives out several letters of recommendation. Wood wants potential clients to get a good picture of what they can expect, so when she attends the first meeting, she brings a sample collection letter and invoice that use phrases and buzzwords typical of the prospect’s industry, rather than generic collection letters and invoices. In so doing, Wood demonstrates that she knows something about their industry and can comfortably work with a company such as theirs. Close: The close occurs when you actually make a sale. Closing techniques are discussed below. Keep in mind that during the sales process, you want to involve your salespeople as late in the cycle as possible. Their efforts should be expended where they will produce the greatest payoff, which is typically during the education and closing phases. Identification and qualification are ideally done by lower level (and less expensive) employees. The Most Effective Strategies: Print and mass media advertising, telemarketing, direct mail and many other sales and marketing strategies are worth considering, but for smaller businesses, a few of them are particularly effective. Don’t mistakenly view word of mouth as a passive marketing strategy, where you sit around waiting for someone to do you a favor and make a referral. “It helps if you give these attorneys referrals as well,” “It’s not that anyone keeps score, but people should believe they are getting something in return.” Another often overlooked strategy is getting business from existing and past customers. As a rule, your best prospects are current customers, to whom you can most easily cross sell and with whom you have the greatest chance of success. Your second best prospects are past customers who have not bought from you for a year or more. Those who have purchased products or services similar to yours, but from someone else, rank third. The hardest sell are people who have never bought the type of products or services you offer. Keep in mind the sales cycle mentioned above. If someone has purchased a product or service similar to yours, you know they are qualified and have been educated. The further afield you go, the harder the sell. For Wood, a company that uses a CPA for taxes but has

never used a service to maintain its books is a better prospect than a company that has never used an accountant. An even better prospect is a firm that has hired a bookkeeping service in the past. Make selling to current and past customers a defined piece of your marketing strategy. “Never lose contact with clients,” recommends Greene. “Touch base every six months. Keep mailing to them [articles, brochures, newsletters] even if they move out of town.” Greene is also very direct in asking clients for referrals. He may say something like, “I sense you’re seeing a benefit in our services. Is there anyone else you know who could use them?” When he works for a division of a large company, Greene actively seeks opportunities at other divisions within the operation. “Take care of them with your first sale. You’ve got to do a real good job from the beginning.” After surveying the some courier company’s and after analyzing I found that the sales process must include: Good communication whether it over phone or direct communication but the communication should be clear such that the message sent from the seller is the same message received by the receiver. Seller language always be positive that means seller always have to tell about what the seller want them to do but not what the seller can’t do. At the selling time the seller voice must be: 1. Alive 6. Understandable 2. Confident 7. Clear 3. Knowledgeable 8. Warm 4. Interesting 9. Friendly 5. Audible And the processes of customer acquisition process like this: Scope: This procedure covers the process of researching, activating and acquiring a customer. It also covers the process of creating a customer file, and utilizing the information contained in it. Introduction: For every prospect, the CMT members needs to research and gather as much information about the prospects and his business need. Responsibility: The customer management team members are responsible for researching and acquiring the prospect customer, in addition to mentioning information about the prospect’s the company and business needs. Reference: 1. Customer profile 4. Copy of customer company 2. Customer contact business card registration/ID 3. Copied of signed credit shit 5. Signed officers/quotations

Process flow: Weekly sales scheduling

No Identify a lead

Yes CC updates customer profile & eWare with the rejection reason

Searches to obtain the minimum required customer profile information


Credit controller accepts lead?

Record the info. On the customer profile Wear & Review lead with SMM

C.C. checks prospect is credit worthy, Registration no. Exists

SMM checks if fit within CRM strategy and all info. is available?

SMM hands over the file to credit controller

Yes CC changes the status of the lead to prospect

CC updates the hard copy profile and update eWare with credit limits.etc.

CMT follows CMT ensures hard upon the copy file has prospect, minimum contents understands and hard file to need, prepares SMM quotation SMM: Sales and Marketing Manager C.C.: Credit Controller

SMM checks the file and change the status from prospect to account customer

SMM returned the file to the CMT for filling

Prospect research and activation: Based on the information obtained, the CMT teams creates and print the lead file, reviews it with sale and marketing manager to make sure the lead:  First fits with CRM strategy.  The minimum required information about the lead is available as per the e-ware customer profile. According the sale sand marketing manager hands over the file to the credit controller to check the credit worthiness of the lead by verifying if lead has an existing receivable account and whether the registrat8ion number of the company exist as per the accounting procedures. If rejected by the credit controller, the credit controllers update the customer profile and eware with the rejection reason.

If approved by the credit controller, the credit controller updates the hard copy profile, changes the status of the lead to a prospect and updates e-ware with credit limit, credit terms, and status (accepted/rejected). According the CMT follows upon the prospect, understand his/her needs and prepare quotation/contracts as per the officer/contract procedure. Changing Prospect status to account customer: The sales & marketing manager checks the file and changes the status on e-ware from prospect to account customer and returns the file to the CMT team member for filling. Customer file layout: Section 01: Customer Information • Business card • Copy of signed credit sheet • Customer company registration or ID card Section 02: Contracts and offers • Signed offers/agreement Section 03: Miscellaneous • Any other document sales person think are important with respect to customer Contact Review: Customer management team should review offers/quotations before submitting them to the customers to make sure that we meet all the requirement stated by the customers in our proposal. Consult with the other parties in the station if needed to make sure the company can fulfill the service request by the customers. Conduct the review with the help of the team leader and obtain his/her approval on offers/quotation as per company process. Processing shipper letter to instruction: After making contract with customer sales person have to confirm that each shipment should contain a shipper letter of instruction. If the customer has regular traffic with the same specification then one SLI is enough to move the shipments. No quotation is required if the client has standard offer that covers charge for the requested service. Create a new pickup request in FTS detailing the names and address: Shipper, consignee, and third party in addition to the product information and shipping instruction ensuring to fill the correct selling rate and pickup time. Finalize the pickup information and send the pickup request to the cargo center. The system will automatically generate the following update. Tracking Code CLFN


Description Collection finalized(Auto generate update)

8.15 Customer service behavior of a sales person includes some facts:

Procedural: This includes that how well known I am about my job. If a salesperson don’t know about the main work which he have to do then that service seller never sale that service to customer. Personal: salespersons always have to polite and friendly and the success will vary on the salesperson’s behavior. If we want to see a sales person’s working ratio, it should like this: Initial Sale stage 30% Service 70% Selling Repeat Business 70% Service 30% Selling And the sales process like this:

Get Information

Give Information

Gain Commitment

For a successful business a company must be aware abut complaint-handling process. Complaint handling process like this: This procedure covers the process of handling, processing and analyzing the customer’ complaints including all the stages of investigation and review, in a prompt, professional and satisfactory manner. A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction that needs a response, as such handling complaints is as much part of the job as providing the service, allowing us to learn and improve our service and reflect our commitment to customer care and building customer loyalty. The CMT and quality coordinator are responsible to handle the customer’s complaints in a satisfactory manner. The customer handling process includes:

A. Record and study customer complaint: Complaint received by the CMT, QR or calling center from customer should be handled following below steps: 1) Listen carefully, patiently and sympathetically. Acknowledging the complaint and log the complaint details using e-ware capturing as much details as possible. 2) Send e-mail to the CMT, quality representative and station manager briefing the complaint. 3) If QR did not receive the complaint he researches the complaint by reviewing the complaint log and calling CMT for clarification. 4) He calls the customer, introduce him, listen patiently and somatically without interruption, promise him that the complaint will be handled with care and investigation outcome relayed to customer promptly. 5) QR send and acknowledgment letter to the customer using the standard letter in eware/internet. B. Resolve customer complaints: Through this stage, update the complaint records and attach all written communication with the parties involved. 1) Investigate the complaint with concerned parties keep the customer informed about the progress of the investigation. 2) If the complaint warrants, keep the station manager and CMT involvement at all times and obtain their approvals on all written communication with the clients. 3) If compensation is required by customer, then a claim should be initiated and submitted by the customer in writing. C. Root cause investigation, analysis and corrective action: Once the complaints is resolved, the QR should make sure that: 1) He conducts detailed investigation and checked for trend analysis. 2) If the complaint was due to a problem within the station or a local supplier, communicate wit the concerned to agree on corrective and preventive actions to be taken. 3) If the complaints were to a problem at another company station, assign the investigation to that stations QR using the help desk. If the complaint was due to a problem at an agent or partner controlled by the GSO assign the investigation to the GSO’s quality assurance team. 4) Close the complaint by updating e-ware with the root cause, corrective action or the assignment to another QR within the network. D. Conduct follow up customer service: Once the complaint is closed: 1) The QR e-mails the CMT and Station Manager with complaints status for CMT to conduct a follow-up call/visit to ensure customer is satisfied. This is important to gain customer loyalty. CMT should update e-ware with call/visit outcome as per the sale visitation process. Up date should be simple. 8.16 Sales Lead Management: Sales lead management is a business activity that tends to be cast aside when the going gets good. When the current revenue stream is flowing great, sales lead management is the farthest thing from people's mind. Unfortunately, when marketing activities are put on hold the likelihood that they need to be used increases. One of the most dangerous things that happens to professional service businesses when they

start generating lots of revenue, is that sales lead management suffers. Typically what happens is the owner starts to work more and more hours. This results in lots of billable hours. But, an increase in billable hours often comes with a decrease in marketing hours. Poor Sales Lead Management Is Poor Business Practice Sales lead management is neglected when there is less time available. Attending networking events and doing follow-ups and sales calls almost disappear. Phone calls from leads remain unreturned for days, even weeks at a time. Slowly, concern for the business diminishes and is replaced with concern about writing invoices. This lack of sales lead management is a sure sign of future death. You need to be constantly adding new opportunities to your funnel. Going to more networking events, getting new people in your database, and getting more proposals out there. Not all sales lead management activities, though, need to be this time intensive. Direct mail is an excellent sales lead management technique that can run on autopilot. It is also financially affordable. Regardless of what type of sales lead management you use, you need to be spending much of your time on getting people into your funnel. Qualifying leads as prospects. Getting the prospects and getting them signed up for work. You never know when you will need to turn those leads into paying customers. It is much easier to do so when they are already part of your marketing efforts. The type of sales lead management technique you use is not the most important issue. The important factor is that you use sales lead management consistently, regardless of where your business is at in terms of sales and revenue volume. When you have hardly any customers, to when you have more customers than you think you can handle, your sales lead management will make a difference in your long term success. Conclusion: ARAMEX today is an extensive network that spans the four corners of the globe. With operations strategically located in major cities and hubs, ARAMEX is able to service the world swiftly, efficiently and on time. ARAMEX offers its express delivery services on an international basis to both retail and wholesale express clients with the ability to track their shipments on the worldwide web through the company’s web site. Though there are some drawbacks in implementing Credit facilities in ARAMEX International Limited, it can be further developed in light of the recommendations being discussed above. Finally it can be argued that the results achieved so far not dissatisfactory, real marketing strategy is a modern technique for enhancing ARAMEX International limited strength and there lies the opportunities to make it more effective in the future.

10.0 Recommendation: At first we want to say that ARAMEX should have a specific Marketing Department which will work under the supervision of the Executive Director. This department consisting of Marketing Specialist whose main job are planning and implementing of marketing activities such as advertising, promotional campaigns, public relations, providing market information to sales department. ARAMEX should sponsors sporting events, fairs; trade shows etc for keeping the relationship with the public as its Marketing strategy. The Major activities of this department can be listed as follows: •

Develop marketing plans and strategies to maximize ARAMEX Brand awareness and visibility in Bangladesh.

Take care of ARAMEX brand promotional activities.

Carry out market research, customer satisfaction survey.

• Collect and review information on market, top competitors. Courier is a service-oriented marketing. Its business profit depends on its service quality. That’s why the authority always should be aware about their service quality. One of the business strategies is promotion. Successful business depends how they can promote their products or services to the customer. In this connection to improve the business status company should introduce more promotional programs such as discount, special rates, as well as motivational tools like ARAMEX clock, mug, note pad etc. The authority should be conscious about their marketing strategies. Should need more advertisement in the content of whole Bangladesh focused on TV, billboard, print media, and web ad. etc. The company should offer special rates for special countries where shipments deliver in frequently. Need regular communication among clients and sales persons. Customer service should be more efficient than the others company. To provide quality service to the customer it is necessary to have a trained team of an organization or an institution. For this reason the company should recruit more fresh, Bright and energetic persons such as MBA, BBA, etc. The company should offer more facilities to the customers as per customized requirement. Data Base Networking is the most modern technology to transfer data from branch to branch or branch to head office and vice versa. So they should use upgraded technology in IT Department of the company. The company should have to ensure good use of fund. ARAMEX should increase the number of vehicle. ARAMEX is a Service oriented company, the name ARAMEX have to put into all people so that when ever they think about courier; the name ARAMEX comes in their mind. For more advertising ARMEX can write name that means can paint of ARAMEX

logo on the vehicle not only uses by ground courier but also the vehicles which used by the top management of ARAMEX. Credit collectors should be more alert about the outstanding payment. To play a more active role and increase co-operation in shaping the future of trade in the region. BIBLIOGRAPHY Reference Books Business for the 21st Century Skinner Ivancevich. Marketing Management Philip Kotler-Eleventh Edition. Fundamentals of Marketing Stanton and Etzwl-Ninth Edition. Marketing Research Noresh K.Malhotra-International Edition. Strategic Management Alex Miller-Second Edition. Business Organization and Management M.C.Shukla-Eighteenth Edition. Articles ARAMEX EXPRESS Second Quarter 2005 First Quarter 2004 Second & Third Quarter 2004 Fourth Quarter 2004 Second Quarter 2003 Third Quarter 2003

The aramex rendering customer services to the international courier industry  

There are more than 10 international couriers, serving the people of all over the world in different sectors. So it is clear that there is a...

The aramex rendering customer services to the international courier industry  

There are more than 10 international couriers, serving the people of all over the world in different sectors. So it is clear that there is a...