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General Banking Activities and Loan Disbursements process of Uttara Bank Limited.

Executive Summary For existing in the competitive banking industry Uttara Bank Limited needs to know how much satisfy their

Customers and also comparing with providing service’s (Loan scheme) perceived

performance in relation to customer’s expectations for future improvement of the business. have done the internee in Uttara Bank Limited, Tongi branch. The worked all department especially in General & loan department. This report is reflected of customers’ satisfaction and their expectation from the UBL. As a private commercial bank they have very little known about customers’ beliefs, feelings, behavior and intention toward banking in UBL. The objective is to find out the General Banking Activities & Loan Disbursements process of Uttara Bank Limited and their observation about services received from the bank to meet their banking requirement. The result of this identification may help the management of the bank specially Tongi branch. UBL management can evaluate the effectiveness of present product and service also predicting products acceptances, and facilitating the development of marketing programs. From the research finding it is very clear that most of the customer’s are not satisfy and feeling good in different aspects of the bank. But most of the customer wants to get new product and services from UBL especially in loan scheme. So can recommend that if UBL management committee makes any decision for their business they can follow or check this research result, which can help to make right decision. Chapter -1 Introduction Part INTRODUCTION: Uttara Bank Ltd. is a profit making institution that holds the deposit of the individuals and extends credits facilities for different business. By this way it plays a crucial role in challenging economic environment and socio-economic changes of a developing country. In the past decade there has been a rapid change in the economy in Bangladesh for increasing the number of commercial bank. At the sometime banking area is becoming wider to extends credits facilities and attract the new customers towards them.

OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The study has been carried out with the following objectives: 1. To identify general banking activities of Uttara Bank. 2. To describe loan disbursement process of Uttara Bank. 3. To identify problems related to general banking and loan disbursement process of Uttara Bank, Tongi Branch. 4. To make some recommendations to overcome the problems. METHDOLOGY Types of research: This is an exploratory research. Sources of data: There are two sources of data used to conduct the study.

1. Primary source: Primary data have been collected from the individual employees. 2. Secondary Data Sources: The required secondary data have been collected from following sources. •

Different reports and journals of Uttara Bank Ltd.

Brochures and leaflets of the bank

Head office circulars

Web site of the bank

Target population: The target population refers to the all employee of Uttara Bank in Tongi Branch in various departments. Sample size: The sample size consist of nine (9) employee of Uttara Bank in Tongi Branch. Sampling method: The sample is selected by simple random sampling technique. Methods of data collection: There are following steps has taken to collect the data from sample of population. •

Discussion with employee.



Chapter -2 Organizational Part HISTORY OF UTTARA BANK LIMITED:

Organizational background is so much important for any organization. UBL is a new generation private commercial Bank which has various tools. UBL presently operating through 2009 branches located in Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, Sylhet, and Barisal provides a comprehensive banking service to its customers, which includes wealthy individuals, corporate clients and financial institution. At first it was established as Eastern Banking Corporation on January 28, 1965. Within the six months it was listed as schedule Bank and got full membership of clearing house on September 17, 1965. In 1972, it was activated as Uttara Bank instead of Eastern Banking Corporation as per rule of the government and totally handled by the government. It started its activities by the primary capital of TK. 20 lac. To inspire the privet sector business and to develop the national economy it renamed Uttara Bank Limited and started its activities as public limited company by signing with government under banking rules and regulations UTTARA BANK AT A GLANCE Name of the company: Uttara Bank Limited. Legal Form: Uttara Bank Limited had been a Nationalized Bank in the name of Uttara Bank under the Bangladesh Bank (Nationalization) order 1972. Formally known as the eastern Banking Corporation limited which was started functioning on and form 28.1.1965. Consequent upon the amendment of Bangladesh Bank (Nationalization) order 1972. The Uttara Bank was converted into Uttara Bank limited as a public limited company in the year 1983. The Bank limited was incorporated as a Banking company on 29.6.1983 and obtained business commencement certificate on 21.8.1983. The Banking floated its shares in the year 1984. It has 2009 branches all over Bangladesh through which it carries out all its Banking activities. The Bank is listed in the Dhaka stock Exchange Ltd. And Chittagong stock Exchange Ltd. As a public quoted company for trading of its shares. Registered Office: 90, Motijheel Commercial Area, Dhaka -1000, and Bangladesh. GPO Box: 818&217 Telephone: PABX 99551162 Telefax: 88-02-716876, 88-02-9553081, 88-02-9560820& 88-02-956841 Cable: Banker Swift code: UTBLBDDH E-mail: Uttara,,ubmis@Uttarabank .com Web site: www.Uttara bank –bd .com Dialogue: “Nourished by the age hold heritage of Bangle” Logo: Number of branch: 209(up to 27 November) Chairman: Mr.Azharul Islam

Vice Chairmen: Mr.Iftekharul Islam Managing Director: Mr.Shamsuddin Ahmed Company Secretary: Mr.SS Md.Fazlur Rahman Auditors: M/S Ata Khan Co Chartered Accountants &M/S Rahman Mostofa &Co Chartered Accountants. Legal Adviser: Mr.M .Moniruzzaman Khan Mission of the Bank To develop the products, manage customer experience, deliver quality services that contributes to brand strength, establishes a competitive advantage and enhances profitability, thus providing value to the stakeholders of the bank. Vision of the Bank To be the premier organization operating locally & internationality that provides the complete range of financial services to all segments under one roof. UBL’s Philosophy Quality performance Product innovations Chapter -3 Project Part GENERAL BANKING OF UBL (TONGI BRANCH, GAZIPUR.) This branch is situated at Tongi Bazar. It is situated the 1 st floor beside the Wasa Majabor Market and Inaugurated on April, 24, 1984. The consumers of this branch are also well indeed. It carries/holds so many well reputed companies account. Consequently, this branch is increasing profit day by day. Banking business is like a service oriented business. In general banking department UBL Tongi Branch provides different kinds of services to customers. ACCOUNT OPENING DEPARTMENT Current Account: Current Account is an important account by which many parties can get benefit by opening this account. In general, the business persons, business corporations open this account for immediate cash or deposit. Nature of Current Account: o

Any time can withdraw cash by issuing cheque


Any time can deposit money


No interest is available on this account

Type and requirements of Current Account: There are four types of current account provided by the Uttara Bank Ltd. to all. They are basically as follows: Individual Account: It requires: 1. Name 2. Father’s Name 3. Present & permanent address 4. Date of birth & age 5. TIN no. (If available) 6. Phone no (if available) 7. Photocopy of the passport (first four pages)/Word Commissioner certificate/character certificate of the Union Parishad Chairman. Private Business Holder: It requires: 1. Trade License of the Business 2. All related documents of account conductor. Limited Company: It requires: Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association, Decisions of the Board Meeting, Director’s Message and the necessary information of the account conductor. Club/ Association/ Limited Society/ Non-Government/ School/ College: It requires: 1. Office Employees Description, By-Laws, Certificate of Registration, and Introduction of the Members of the Governing Body or Managing Committee etc. Savings Account: This account also gives benefit to the account holder. Generally business organization or limited company cannot open this account. Savings Account is opened by those person/people, who are interested to collect money from his account every now and then as well as want to get interest on deposited amount. Nature of Savings Account: •

No one can collect money from his/her account more than two times per week. Generally week is denoted from Saturday to Sunday.

Inter is given to this account. But if the given interest of six months is less then TK. 10 will not be added in the account.

At least TK. 1000 has to be kept as balance by the depositor.

Interest is counted two times meaning after six months after.

Categories of Savings Account: Basically savings account has no types. But it can be opened by•

Individuals Savings Account

Joint Savings Account

Requirements of a Savings Account: •

Two copies of passport size photo.

Character certificate by the chairman/commissioner certificate/photocopy of the passport (only first four pages).

Personal information of the organization (if opened with minor).

Details information of the organization (if needed).

Signature in the account opening from/card must be same with the signature of the passport.

Interest Rate: The interest rate of Savings Account is 6.5% annually. But this it is calculated two times per year. Steps of opening current and savings account:

Account opening from fills up by the clients

Submission of the form with necessary to the bank

All documents care checked by the account opening officer

Giving signature officer then manager to open

Checking the specimen signature of the clients

If it is accepted then entry in the Opining Register Book

Issuing cheque against this account

Entry in the computer database for individual profile

Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR): The FDR account is an important account. The interest rate of this account is higher then other account but it depends on the period of time. The more you hold your money in the bank, the more you get as interest. So many people keep their money as FDR basis in the bank. The UBL also invites a lucrative fixed profit for account holders who are more interested to open these types of account.

Nature of FDR: There are some information is given below: •

Any Bangladeshi national residing home or abroad may open FDR with UBL.

FDR may be opened single/joint name for a period of 3, 6, 12 and 36 months.

UBL offers attractive/competitive rate of interest in FDR.

Interest is given periodically.

If any account holder wants to receive money from his account without the covering of maturity he must not be paid any interest by the bank. But it is said that if any account cross the three (3) months he must paid on three months interest.

Table: Interest Rate of FDR: Period 3 months 6 months 12 months 36 months

Interest Rate (%) 8.25 8.50 9.00 9.25

Procedure of opening FDR:

FDR slip fill up by the depositor

Entry in FDR Register Book

Depositing money in the cash counter

Filling up FDR Block slip

Checking specimen signature on card

Giving Block slip to the client

Entry in the computer

Short Term Deposit (STD): This account is also an important for many organizations. This account requires a large amount. Generally there is no basis difference between the Current Account and the STD Account. The only main difference is that STD A/C provides interest but Current A/C does not do it.

Characteristics of STD: Some features of STD account are given below: •

Govt., Semi-Govt., Autonomous organization and an individual may open STD Account with UBL.

UBL offers attractive/competitive rate of interest in STD accounting.

After opening this account cheque is issued.

Account holder can withdraw money from his/their account at any time.

7 days notice required to withdraw big amount.

Requirements of this account (STD): It requires (For Individuals): 1. name 2. Father’s Name 3. Present & permanent address 4. Date of birth & age 5. TIN no. (If available) 6. Phone no (If available) 7. Photocopy of the passport (first four pages)/Word Commissioner Certificated/Character Certificate of the Union Perished Chairman. It requires (For Limited Company): 1. Certificate of Incorporation 2. Articles of Association 3. Memorandum of Association 4. Decision of the Board Meeting 5. Director’s Message and the necessary information of the account conductor. It requires 9Club and Other Organization): 1. Office Employees Description 2. By-Laws 3. Government Authorization Letter (if registered) 4. Certificate of Registration 5. Introduction of the Members of the governing Body or Managing Committee etc. Interest Rate of STD: The interest rate of STD account is five and half percent (5.5 %.) per year. PROCESS OF OPENING STD:

Account opening from fills up by the clients

Submission of the from with necessary to the bank

All documents care checked by the account opening officer

Giving signature officer than manager to open

Checking the specimen signature of the clients

If it is accepted then entry in the opening register book

Entry in the computer database for individual profile

Issuing cheque against this account

CASH DEPARTMENT Actually cash maintenance is vital portion of a bank. Because it is the risky deed one. All the employees should understand the activities of cash department to make self development to be a complete banker. But it is common to all branches that maximum employees are far from the cash function to avoid the risk. Generally, Assistant manager is the main responsible person to handle the remittance function. No one can go out of the Bank until and unless cash is sent to the volt. Overall functions: •

Receiving cash from the depositors.

Payments of cash to the client as demanded.

Checking all areas of deposit slip whether it is clearly written or not (name, account no. amount).

Verifying the payment cheque when to pay the money to the clients whether the information is available or not like date, amount, account number etc.

All the received and payment money must be written down in the receipt & payment register along with account number.

Cash register must be maintained by the Cash Officer.

Maintenance of daily cash balance.

Preparation of monthly cash balance statement

CASH RECEPTION ACTIVITIES: There are some activities to be performed step by the Assistant Officer (cash). This procedure has been given below:

Receiving cash with deposit slip

Calculating of cash carefully

Entry in the main cash Register

Entry in the Receipt Register

Deposit slip sent to the another officer

ACTIVITIES OF CASH PAYMENT: Similarly, the activities of cash, there are some orderly deeds must have to be by the officer when to make payment. These activities have been shown below:

Acceptance of clients’ cheque

Verification of the cheque clearly

Calculation of exact amount to pay

Again entry in the main Cash Register

Then payment to the client hand to hand

Entry in Cash Payment Register

DAILY CASH MANAGEMENT: Every day cash management has to be maintained by the Cash Officer. But how cash is maintained that is shown in the below:

Opening balance Add: Total Received Less: Total Payment Closing Balance

*** *** *** *** ***

(Note: This Closing Balance is the Opening Balance of the following day).

REMITTANCE DEPARTMENT This department is absolutely important for bank. It covers near about fifty percent of profit of a bank. Consequently, all the branches try to provide this service to the clients as much as possible. Basically, these services are for cash transfer. TYPES OF DEPARTMENTS There are four areas from where remittance comes in general. The names have been given below: •

Foreign Remittance

Payment Order

Demand Draft

Telephone Transfer

Foreign Remittance: The Money which comes from others country is called foreign remittance. UBL transfer foreign money to customer. Foreign remittance comes in different forms like Money Gram, Instant Cash, Express Money. By these way customers are getting money very easily. Payment Order: Payment Order is a real document for paying money from one person to another. There is no risk concerning this matter. Sometimes many people do not want to believe on cheque because account may be out of lowest balance, may be suited by the bank. Demand Draft DD: Demand Draft is purchased when one person wants to pay money somebody who is living out of this area and bearing an account with another branch in this bank. For instance, a person is living in Dhaka. He wants to give some money another person of Chittagong who bearing an account with the UBL at Chittagong. But he does not want to pay in cash. In this case he may purchase a DD (A/C payee only) in favor of him. Telephone Transfer:

Telephone Transfer means that the fund will be transferred over telephone. In this criterion the fund is transferred quickly from one place to another. This service is provided by the Bank for a commission basis. Bank earns a lot from this sector. COMPUTER DEPARTMENT Now Computer Department is in all branches by which Bank is providing a special service. It is the recent invention of UBL. All the employees are not experienced in this matter. But UBL has engaged an individual computer analyst to all branches to serve the clients as quick as possible. Even Bank is doing so. It is the great achievement UBL is maintaining their activities very quickly. Functions of Computer Department: There are so many functions that the Computer Department does in general. These functions are discussed in the following: •

To check all the vouchers whether the amount is right or not.

To entry all the amount in the parties A/C carefully so that it does not go to another party A/C.

If any party requires seeing his transaction balances computer is compel to say by expressing by mouth or by giving a print out copy of the transaction balance.

It is a vital deed for this department to check all the clearing cheque whether the amount is available or not. If not is must have to seal of Insufficient Fund and if available it will place the Posted seal.

This department must have to remember all the transaction code.

After the transaction time this department prepares the Daily Journal of Current Account, Savings Account, STD A/C, Loan A/C and Cash Credit.

Associating with these transactions it also prepares the negative balance of the Current Account, Loan Account and Cash Credit Account.

After completing the all print out copy it must have to take the Break Up for avoiding risk.

ESTABLISHMENT DEPARTMENT This department works a lot. It is also an important department for all banks. Every bank holds this department. Functions of this Department: There are so many functions under this department that are discussed in the following: CHEQUE ISSUE: All the cheque is issued by this department. The process of Cheque issue is giving below:

Receiving the Cheque Slip Giving cheque to the party

Check the Verification signature Taking signature of the party

Place the A/C No. on Cheque Entry in A/C Register Book

Note: If any individual comes to take cheque on behalf of another party Cheque must be given to the individual by giving an Acknowledgement Paper. The Cheque will not be effective until the Acknowledgement Paper is returned to the bank. Sundry Deposit Account: It maintains the Sundry Deposit Accounts. Sundry Deposit is that when a party unfortunately deposits his money to another account but this account is not in the bank. In this case, Bank holds this amount in Sundry Deposit Account. By submitting an application to the Manager party may collect his money from this SD A/C. when Party comes to collect his money this department prepares the following vouchersSundry Deposit A/C …………………. Dr. Party A/C ……………………………. Cr Maintenance of Transfer Scroll: Every day it maintains the transfer Scroll Book. Since, in a Bank transaction is two types. The first one is Cash and another is Transfer. All transactions of Transferred are debited as well as credited by this department. After the daily transaction it must be checked with Daily Clean Cash Other Activities: Under other activities it includes: •

It prepares all the monthly Profit and Loss Account Balance and sends it to the Head Office.

It prepares the Schedule that includes all incoming and outgoing TT, MT, DD, HO/ID, and Cig. Sent & Returned and SC. It must be sent to the Head Office.

It also prepares the entries Charges Account voucher as Convenes, Business Development and Entertainment etc.

Sundry Statement is maintained by the department also in each month and so on.

ADVANCE BANKING OF UBL, TONGI BRANCH Banking business is like all other profit-oriented business. It depends mainly on how much profit they can make. Profit is the yardstick for the Bank to move on. Banking is a business that deals only with money and credit. They work as reserves of “savings” of the community and also as leaders or investors for trade business and industry.

Banks are profit oriented. They invest their funds in many to earn profit. Huge amount of income derives from loans and advances. Banks make loan and advances to traders, businessman and industrialists against the security. The banks should take proper caution in lending otherwise the risk of default in repayment may arise. Present state loans and advances of the branch are as follows: Target Clients of UBL, (TONGI BRANCH) •

al Salaried Person.

Sole Proprietorships Person.

Partnership Firm.

Private Limited Company.

Public Limited Company.

Government and Semi-Government Organization.

Bank employee

Forms of Advances: Bank generally offers different kinds of credit facilities to their customer. They are in different forms with different categories. The credit facilities may be broadly classified into three categories. These are as follows: a) Loan b) Cash Credit c) Over Draft Information Collection: The loan and advances division gets a form filled by the party seeking a lot of information. The information is listed below: •

Name and address (present and permanent).

Constitution or status of the business.

Date of establishment and place of incorporation.

Parties of properties, Partners and Directors.

Background and business experience.

Particular of personal asset, name and subsidiaries, percentages of share holding and nature of businesses.

Details of liabilities in name of borrowers, in name of any directors.

Financial Statement for the last three years.

Nature and details of business/products.

Details or requested credit facilities.

Other relevant information.

Proposed debt equity ratio.

Process of Loan: (a) Application for loan: Applicants apply for the loan in the prescribed form of bank. (b) Getting credit information: The Bank collets credit information about the applicant to determine the credit worthiness of the borrower. Bank collects the information about the borrower from the following sources: •

Personal investigation.

Confidential report from other Bank Head Office/Branch/Chamber of the Commerce.

CIB report from the Central Bank.

(c) Analyzing this information: Bank then starts examination that whether the loan applied for is complying with its lending policy. If comply, then examines the documents submitted of the loan applicant is very important. If the analysis reflects favorable conditions and submitted for the loan appear to be satisfactory then Bank goes for further action. EXISTING PROCESS OF HANDLING LOANS:

Get loan personal from party

Collection of information

Regarding Project

Evaluating project and proposal

Regarding Party

BR. Level Evaluation

Legal Assessment

Evaluation of Collateral

Evaluation by Agents

Branch Level Decision Head Office Level Usual Recovery

Recovery of the Loan

Supervision of Loan

Sanctioning and Disbursing Loan


Legal Recovery

Loan: In case of Loan, the banker advances a lump sum for a certain period at an agreed rate of interest. The entire amount is paid an occasion either in cash or by credit in his current account or savings account, which can draw at any time. The interest is charged for the full amount sanctioned whether he withdraws the money from his account or not. The loan may be repaid in installments or at expire of a certain period. TYPES OF LOAN OFFERED BY TONGI BRANCH:

There are three types of that UBL offers in general. This area.

Agriculture loan


Personal Loan for Salaried Person (PL)


Uttaran House Building Repairing Loan (UHRBL)


Uttaran Small Business Loan Scheme (USBLS)

Lending rate :(Tongi Branch) 1.Agriculture Loan i.




Agro based industry


2.Special Loan i.

Consumer Loan


Personal Loan


Small Business Loan

3. House Repairing Loan

14% 14% 14%


Agriculture Loan : Uttara Bank provides agricultural loan to customer for economic change of our country. Required Documents for agriculture sector: •

For crops: o

Two copies passport size photographs (who draw the loan)


Six copies pictures of the land with crops


Balance sheet of income and expenditures (related to crops)


Location of the map and amount of the land

Special Features: o

Must be a professional farmer


Have at least 2 years experiences in this sector


No security is required.


Simple rate of interest.


Quick sanction.


Maximum Loan amount Tk.50,000/-


One person can take maximum 4 loans at a time.

Agro based industry: Tongi Branch (UBL) normally offer a loan to develop agro based industry especially in this area. Because in this area there is lot of agro industries. Installment system in case of agriculture loan: If the Loan amount Tk.50, 000/- then the installment is 4710/- taka per month. If the Loan amount Tk.25, 000/- then the installment is 2350/- taka per month Large And Medium Industries Loan: Required Documents: o

Two copies passport size photographs (who draw the loan)


Six copies pictures of the industries.


Last three years balance sheet of income and expenditures (related to agro based)


Map Location and amount of the land (if it is own)


Deed agreement of rental shop.

Special Features: 

Maximum Amount of loan TK. 500000.

Maximum period of loan Up to 3 years.

Total loan account in case of large and medium industries is 120 people. Personal Loan for Salaried Person: UBL started personal loan scheme for salaried officials of reputed organization from 1999 to meet: •

Emergency expenses for own marriage of a service- holder or his dependents.

Emergency expenses of urgent surgical operation/medical treatment.

Emergency educational expenses of the children for admission/purchase of books, examination etc.

Special Features:

Any permanent salaried employee aged between 20 to 55 years is eligible to get loan.

No collateral security is required.

Maximum Amount of loan TK. 100000.

Maximum period of loan Up to 3 years.

Uttara House Building Repairing Loan (UHRBL): UBL has offered a great opportunity to takes house repairing loan. It offers also a lower interest rate @ 13%. Charge Requirements of UHRBL:

Application with two copy passport size photo.

Photograph of the Building (3).


None encumbrance certificate.

Valuation certificate.

Original Title Deeds.

Up to Date Rent Received.

Uttara Small Business Loan Scheme (USBLS): It is also offered by the UBL @ 14% interest rate. Those who are interested to take this loan he may proceed on depending on the following characteristics. Charge Requirements: •

Application with two copy passport size photo.

Photograph of the Shop.

Trade License and Income tax.

Statement of the stock and furniture.

Deed agreement of rental shop.

Valuation certificate.

Drug License if it is Pharmacy.

Synopsis of the business.

Cash Credit: Cash Credit is given through the cash credit account. Cash Credit account is basically a current account, however a little different exist between them. The distinction between a Current Account and Cash Credit Account is the former is intendment to be an account with credit balance and the letter an account for drawing of advances. Operation of cash credit is same as that of overdraft. The purpose of cash credit is to meet working capital need of traders, farmers and industrialist. Types of CC A/C: There are two ways that any business man can open a CC A/C. these are discussed in the following: (i) Pledge: Pledge is to like lien but here Bank enjoys more right. Bank can sell the property without the intervention of any court, in case of default on loan, but for such selling proper notice mist is given to the debtor. To create pledge, physical transfer of goods to the Bank is must. (ii) Hypothecation: Particulars Pledge Hypothecation Table : Interest Rate of CC A/C:

Interest Rate 14% 14%

In this charge creation method, physically the goods remained in the hand of debtor. But documents of little of goods are handed over to the banker. The method also called equitable charge. Since the goods are in the hand of borrower, Bank inspects the goods regularly to judge its quantity and quantity for the maximum satisfy of loan. Over Drafts: Over Drafts are those drawings, which are allowed by the banker in excess of the balance on the current account up to a specified amount for definite period as arranged for. These advances may be clean or secured. If secured it is called SOD. The loan can freely draw money from these accounts up to the limit and can deposit money in the account off course; this loan has an expiry date after which renewal is necessary for enjoying such facility. Any deposit in the SOD account is traded as repayment of loan. Interest is charged on the balance outstanding on quarterly basis. Over draft facility is given to the businessman for increasing their business activity. Sometime it is given to the party against the Shan-Choy pata. The interest of the loan is 14% per annum. Chapter -4 Concluding Part PROBLEMS IDENTIFIED: 1. Lack of modern technology. 2. Higher educated and smart employees are not present. 3. Sitting space for customers is not sufficient. 4. The decoration and environment of this branch is poor compare with other banks. 5. Workloads on the employees are too heavy; it also creates problems to provide proper services. 6. This branch has no customer services department. 7. Customer turnover is high. 8. This branch offers only a few loan schemes to customers. RECOMMENDATIONS: Uttara Bank Limited is successfully doing their business in Bangladesh. From the findings it has been found that the overall position of the bank is satisfactory. But in some case it has been found that their performance is below the optimum level. As an old bank in Bangladesh, UBL can follow the following recommendations to improve their business. 1. Uttara bank Ltd (Tongi Branch) should use modern technology to provide better services and attract to customers. 2. UBL should be needed to provide standard payment structure. It will be very easy to attract and retain higher educated employees.

3. UBL should need to increase sitting space for customers by this way customers will be satisfied and attracted. 4. The authority of UBL should decorate it nicely both inside and outside of the branch. 5. To reduce workloads of the employees the bank should use latest technology and provide training to employees. 6. UBL should open customer care department within very short time customer so that customers get there required information easily. 7. UBL should open ATM card, debit card, marriage loan, home loan, educational loan, car loan; it should open different types of schemes to reduce the customer turnover. 8. UBL should offer all types of loan scheme which is already offers by the other branches, like commercial lending (Export, Import, Internal trade). CONCLUSION Uttara Bank Limited is an old bank. It is committed to provide high quality financial services to contribute to the growth of GDP of the country through stimulating trade and commerce, accelerating the page of industrialization, boosting up export, creating employment opportunity for the educated youth, poverty alleviation, raising standard of living of limited income group and overall sustainable socio-economic development of the country. On the other hand, Uttara Bank Limited is facing several competitions from other key players like Islamic Bank Bangladesh Ltd., Social

Investment Bank Ltd., Mercantile Bank Ltd. and Shahjalal

Bank Ltd. So we can be said that Uttara Bank Ltd. is growing fast and its contribution in our economics also considerable. hope that Uttara Bank Ltd. will expand its products/ service by expanding its branch allover the country.


Annual Report of Uttara Bank Ltd.

Different Catalog of Uttara Bank Ltd.

Bank Vouchers.

News Papers of Uttara Bank Ltd.


General banking activities and loan disbursements process of uttara bank limited  

Uttara Bank Ltd. is a profit making institution that holds the deposit of the individuals and extends credits facilities for different busin...

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