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TechNation magazine has announced its inaugural 40 under 40 spotlight feature powered by Young Professionals at MD Expo (YP at MD). The 40 professionals in this feature were nominated based on their professional achievements, earned merits and the positive influence they bring to the HTM industry.

YP at MD influenced the idea of starting the TechNation 40 under 40. Established in 2019, the purpose of the YP at MD networking group is to provide a space where younger professionals can network with their peers to share ideas, build relationships and feel empowered to grow in their professional roles. The networking events, social media groups and now the TechNation 40 under 40 are what make up the YP at MD brand.

“We are pleased with the exposure and growth that our group has gained, and hope to be a resource for young people who are wanting to start a career in HTM,” YP at MD Founder Megan Strand said.

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40 UNDER 40


Biomedical Technician 1 at Houston Biomedical Mission Statement: I want to learn all I can from anyone who will teach me. I don’t feel like I’m doing enough if I’m not learning. Fun Fact: I love to play video games, draw and spend time with my friends and family.


Biomedical Equipment Technician III at UNC Rex Healthcare Mission Statement: A graduate from Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans and University of Maryland, University College, who always wanted to help people. From working with the American Red Cross and to now working at UNC Rex Healthcare, that dream has come to fruition. The cherry on top is that besides graduating from the Biomedical Technology program at Durham Technician Community College, she is also an adjunct professor for the Biomedical Technology program. In the classroom, Allison is able to bring real life hospital scenarios into a classroom environment. While a student at Durham Tech, she realized that the equipment they were using was out of date. Once I graduated, my goal was to work on getting updated equipment similar to what the students would see at their future employments. She has been successful in doing just that, by networking with various vendors in the HTM industry. As an African-American woman in a male dominated field, Allison is an example that we can succeed and is helping to break gender barriers. Her mission is to bring light to a field that is not advertised in high schools, colleges/universities, and job fairs. To show high school girls that they too can repair and maintain medical equipment side by side with their male counterparts. Fun Fact: Allison enjoys yard work. It makes her feel good to look out the window and see a fresh cut lawn and picture perfect flowerbeds.



40 UNDER 40


Area Director at TRIMEDX Mission Statement: From a young age, Amy has been interested in problem solving and creating solutions. Her curiosity to learn how to apply engineering principles to enhance healthcare inspired Amy to study Biomedical Engineering at Vanderbilt University, and she graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering and a Master of Science. Her introduction to the Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) field started after grad school and she was instantly drawn to how HTM empowers healthcare professionals to provide the best patient care. Her insatiable desire for learning and professional development led her to become a Certified Clinical Engineer (CCE). She is forever grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the HTM field. Amy wants to bring more visibility to help inspire others to join this field and to continue to develop and expand the impact the HTM industry has on improving healthcare and driving positive patient outcomes. Fun Fact: Amy has a four-year-old Australian Cattle Dog that she loves to take on outdoor adventures. Social Media: amy-klemm on LinkedIn


Owner/BMET at Maple Tree Biomedical Mission Statement: Andrew started his career as the solo IT tech for a large beverage distributor in Vermont. While looking for a change a friend suggested joining the National Guard as a 68A Biomedical Equipment Specialist. Leaving Texas as the honor graduate for his class, he returned home and served in the Vermont Army National Guard. Concurrently Andrew worked for the University of Vermont as a field service technician. He became the primary Laser and Anesthesia technician for a region roughly 10 hours wide. That’s not to say that’s all he was working on. Andrew continued to service audiometers, centrifuges, sterilizers, monitors and everything an onsite technician would see in-between his frequent trips. In 2015 he earned his CBET and in 2017 received the Fred Cook Biomed of the year award from the University. In 2012 and 2018 Staff Sergeant Whyte traveled to Senegal in joint military missions to service medical equipment in the developing world. Andrew left the National Guard and the University after ten years to start Maple Tree Biomedical LLC. Two years in and MTB is going strong. Andrew is keeping busy with an inventory of over 3,500 devices. He enjoys the freedom operating independently gives him. “Yes, starting your own business is incredibly stressful. But I get to do things the way I think they should be done. That freedom alone made this worth it.” Fun Fact: Andrew is an avid home brewer and to date has visited 244 different breweries. Social Media: @MapleTreeBiomed on Facebook



40 UNDER 40


Clinical Engineering Director at Sodexo HTM Mission Statement: “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life!” Fun Fact: In my down time, to de-stress, I like to work on house projects. It helps take the focus off what I’m stressing about. Social Media: angela-bennett on LinkedIn


Sales & Marketing Soma Tech International Mission Statement: I aim to decrease the costs associated with medical spend by making alternative equipment solutions an acceptable norm for large healthcare entities. I do this by being a responsive partner who can get solutions to facilities as quickly as they need them. Fun Fact: Immigrated to the United States when I was 21. During my travels I’d rather visit a speakeasy than a museum. Social Media: @somatechintl (Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest)



40 UNDER 40

BEN SCOGGIN Director of Clinical Engineering at Duke Health Technology Solutions Mission Statement: My primary professional goal is to make it as easy as possible for the clinical staff to provide quality and empathetic healthcare. My daily objective is to ensure that my customers, colleagues, coworkers, and employees are all glad that I came to work that day. Every voice and perspective deserves to be heard and understood whether the next step is to implement something, correct something, address something (this can include misconceptions), or simply listen. Fun Fact: I am one of a small number of HTM professionals that plays the banjo and can deadlift 500 pounds! Social Media: benjamin-scoggin on LinkedIn


Lead Technician, SPBS/Podcast Host, Bearded Biomed Mission Statement: The Bearded Biomed Podcast exists to create awareness, inspire the next generation, discuss industry issues, and build comradery within our profession. I strive to provide insight to those not privy to the amazing work biomeds facilitate every single day. The biomed is the backbone of the medical system and plays a direct role in ensuring optimal patient care/patient safety. It’s no secret that our field is in dire need of new blood to meet the coming demand in the next few years and that isn’t gonna change unless we roll up our sleeves and do something about it. I love this field and I’m going to do all I can to make sure the world knows how rewarding being a biomed can be. May the beard be with you! Fun Fact: Retro Video Game Collector, Antique Litho Windup Toy Collector, & Army Veteran Social Media: @BeardedBiomed on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter



40 UNDER 40


Director of Cybersecurity at Sodexo North America Mission Statement: The moment he was introduced to the buzz of the hospital environment, Chris knew that was where he wanted to spend his career. Chris knew as a biomedical engineer, at the center of the choreographed chaos, was well designed workflows, curated technology solutions, and the most skilled and resilient people on the planet. After finishing his MS degree at the University of Connecticut, where he now teaches as an Adjunct Professor, Chris specialized in Clinical Engineering and found himself managing complex healthcare technology projects for the Veteran’s Health Administration. In 2016 when Chris had the opportunity to lead the technology innovation program at Kaiser Permanente, he was introduced to Design Thinking and the potential to harness creativity in healthcare. Since then, Chris has focused on “solving complex problems through the intersection of Engineering (left-brain) and Design Thinking (right-brain)” he says. In 2019, a confluence of emerging security threats to healthcare pulled Chris into the world of Internet of Things (IoT) cybersecurity. He hasn’t looked back since. The rapidly evolving challenges in healthcare cybersecurity are as Chris describes it, “a perfect sandbox for innovation through engineering & creativity, and the benefits of advancing the protection of patient care are enormously rewarding.” Fun Fact: Chris is a trained chef and writes his own recipes. Social Media: @FalknerCreative on Twitter


Program Director at Crothall Healthcare Mission Statement: After deciding that a career in construction wasn’t for him, Codi obtained a degree in Biomedical Equipment Technology. Starting his career as a biomed at the age of 20, he quickly determined his true passion for helping others. Later, while working on the North Carolina Biomedical Association’s Board of Directors, Codi found another avenue for serving; by assisting in the development of talent within the HTM community. Now with 15 years of experience in the HTM field, Codi is a current NCBA President, an adjunct instructor at Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute, and an Advisory Board Member for Central Piedmont Community College; he continues in the development of talent in the HTM field as Crothall Healthcare Technology Services Program Director. In his current position, Codi is developing and implementing the AAMI Apprenticeship Program within Crothall HTS and is the primary instructor for all Apprentices within the organization. He says AAMI’s apprenticeship program will allow us to diversify our talent pipeline further and ensure our company culture, protocols, and processes are instilled in our team from the very first day. Fun Fact: Codi enjoys serving others through church and community, spending time with his wife and two children, and playing music. Social Media: codi-nelson-cbet on LinkedIn



40 UNDER 40

CONNOR WALSH Biomedical Engineer at Veterans Affairs Mission Statement: Biomedical engineer and hybrid IT professional with nearly ten years of progressive experience in healthcare technology management (HTM) and information technology (IT). Currently employed by the US Department of Veterans Affairs as a biomedical engineer at the Office of Functional Champions (OFC) HTM Electronic Health Record Modernization team assisting with the Cerner EHR rollout nationally. Certified as an Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) for Routing/Switching and also CompTIA Network+. Active cybersecurity columnist for TechNation magazine. Past experience includes supervisory biomedical engineer responsible for building the clinical engineering networking team at VA Boston, and working at the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Healthcare System (SLVHCS) assisting in the activation of the new one-billion dollar medical facility. Fun Fact: Secretly Taylor Swift’s biggest fan Social Media: connor-walsh-cissp on LinkedIn


VP of Healthcare Technology Managment at AAMI Mission Statement: To give back to the field that has given me so much by supporting, empowering and elevating those around me. #IamHTM Fun Fact: I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts with the longest named lake in the world: Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg. Social Media: daniellemcgeary on LinkedIn



40 UNDER 40

DJ PATEL Imaging Informatics (PACS) Manager at Deborah Heart & Lung Center Mission Statement: I believe that I need to bring my everything to my job, my knowledge, my heart, and my morals. I want to make sure I do everything I can to put our patient’s interests first, both in my mind and in the minds of those I work with. I love to listen to people and help them out as much as possible. I also want to motivate and reach out to the younger generation and make a difference by serving as a good role model. One of the goals I have accomplished this year was to complete my MBA. My new goal is to achieve additional professional growth so I can continue to make even more of a positive impact on patients and my team members. I also want to help my organization grow its relationship with the community and support any efforts and initiatives to give back. Being here at this time -- with this team and this organization-presents me with unique opportunities to make a real difference. This is a gratifying experience, and I appreciate the organizational support that helps my professional growth and enables me to mentor the next generation, build quality team relationships, promote community involvement, and ultimately serve our patients with the highest possible level of care. Fun Fact: Favorite hobby: Listening to music | Favorite Vacation spot: India Hidden Talents: DJing | Favorite Food: too many to name, but anything my mom’s and wife’s cooks are always favorite and amazing Languages I speak: English, Gujarati, Hindi

EDWARD (EDDIE) MYERS Director, Cybersecurity at Crothall Healthcare Mission Statement: Eddie’s true passion is for medical device safety and uninterrupted patient care, which continues to drive him forward, always innovating and evaluating new technology as it emerges. His start in the healthcare field had a very humble beginning. After a college football injury, Eddie decided to make a move to Beaumont, Texas, and started his healthcare career in housekeeping. Technology has always been a part of his life, and he quickly moved to the IT department. He always struck up a conversation with IT when taking out the trash in the department. In 2005 Eddie’s eyes were truly opened on how technology impacts patient care when Hurricane Rita slammed into the coast of Texas. It wasn’t until 2008 when Hurricane Ike also made landfall on the Texas coast that he got a chance to work more closely with Biomed and then decided to join their team as a PACS administrator. When the hospital system moved to outsource biomed to an ISO, Eddie stepped away from PACS administration and into cybersecurity and the HIPAA regulation as it applies to medical devices with the new ISO. With 18 years of experience, and many industry certifications, Eddie now leads Crothall’s HTS cybersecurity division, which also includes Crothall’s IT training for technicians. Fun Fact: Eddie enjoys spending time with his family and watching his daughter play club soccer. 40 Under 40 | DIGITAL SUPPLEMENT


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40 UNDER 40

EMILY MENGEL Clinical Engineer at WakeMed Health & Hospitals Mission Statement: Emily received her Bachelors in Engineering from Mississippi State University in 2011 and her Masters in Biomedical Engineering in 2017 jointly from North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In 2017 Emily began her HTM career as a Biomedical Engineer at the Carl Vinson VA Medical Center in Dublin, GA, transitioning to WakeMed Health and Hospitals in Raleigh, NC in 2018. As WakeMed’s only Clinical Engineer, Emily provides high-level support throughout the hospital system where she develops solutions to clinical and technical problems as they arise. She also works with Information Service in evaluating and researching new technologies from concept to implementation. In 2022, Emily was selected for a 2022 Health Care Leadership Award by the Triangle Business Journal (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC) in the Rising Health Care Leader category. When asked what motivates the work she does, Emily stated, “The patients and families that WakeMed serves as well as the clinical staff that I support. I know that if I can improve a process or utilization of existing technology in a way to better assist clinical staff as they care for patients, then I have played a small part in ensuring our patients have safe, quality care.” Fun Fact: Emily loves European style board games and attending sporting events with her husband. Social Media: emilyjmengel on LinkedIn

GREG CZAJKA Support Services Operations Director at Advocate Aurora Health Mission Statement: I knew within a few years of joining the HTM industry that I wanted to move into leadership to be a positive force for a safer patient experience and to build an environment where people wanted to work. I have found that this is best accomplished through networking, attending conferences, being open to new ideas, and never being afraid to ask for help. No one knows everything but I won’t settle for being a jack of all trades. I want to learn as much as I can about everything in the healthcare field so I can be that resource for others. There is no shame in asking questions if it helps you learn something new. Fun Fact: Living proof that you can learn to build anything with enough time on Google and YouTube. Social Media: greg-czajka-chtm on LinkedIn



40 UNDER 40

JAMES LINTON Professor & Coordinator at St. Clair College Mission Statement: Growing up with an “Old School” mentality, one of the things I was always taught was to leave things better than when you found them. Well, the world of Biomed has been changing at a rapid pace so it’s not been an easy feat to say the least. My mission has always been to have the greatest positive impact on the healthcare industry so that it is in a better place when I leave then when I arrived. Fun Fact: I am ranked in both Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, as are both of my daughters. Social Media: @TheBiomedProf (Twitter, Youtube) and @jlinton01 (LinkedIn)

JENNIFER VAZQUEZ Biomedical Technician II Crothall Healthcare Mission Statement: Jennifer Vazquez graduated from DeVry University with a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering Technology, one of two remaining graduates of the Biomedical Engineering program in the Orlando area. After attempting to apply herself in the workforce for quite some time, she eventually landed an internship with Universal Hospital Services, now known as Agiliti Healthcare. There, she slowly developed a repertoire working on the industry’s standard BMET I taskwork. Over a period, she developed a knack for patient monitoring and slowly developed a comfortability working on small-end devices. Slowly, she became familiar with various departments and clinical processes recognizing areas to introduce cost-saving opportunities. She worked with the client to lower damage fees and procurement costs, invest in smart capital purchasing, and provided education to prevent repetitive service calls to lessen “operator error” occurrences in the field. Over time she sought to invest in her own education, not just in different equipment modalities, but also in professional development, achieving AAMI’s HTM Leadership Certification and White Belt Six Sigma. Seeking a more foundational understanding of leadership and its impact in equipment management, networking with others, and applying the sole principle that she was taught “providing well-deserved customer service and attention to detail” she claims to define the course of her career to supply nothing short of decent patient care, as most of us in HTM strive to do every day. Fun Fact: Jennifer actively serves as a chair member of the Central Florida Biomedical Instrumentation Society.



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40 UNDER 40

JOSH VIRNOCHE HTM Quality Leader at GE Healthcare Mission Statement: Engrain a passion for quality, ethics, and advancement for HTM in a new generation of HTM professionals. Challenge the status quo, drive progress, and create new solutions to the evolving world of medical devices. Do the right thing even when it’s the harder option, without question, without hesitation. Every time. Fun Fact: Heavily obsessed with indoor rowing and video games. Social Media: joshvirnoche on LinkedIn

JOSHUA LEASURE, MBA Director of Clinical Engineering Project Management at Comprehensive Equipment Management Corporation Mission Statement: I wish to have a positive impact on the people I work with and the outcomes for endeavors for which I’m involved. For this reason, I aspire continually to develop professionally and position myself to be viewed as a valuable resource in the field of Biomedical Engineering. Fun Fact: I enjoy experiencing new places as well as outdoor activities, such as mountain hiking and scuba diving, with my family. Social Media: joshua-leasure on LinkedIn



40 UNDER 40

JOSHUA (JAY) LEWIS Director, HTM at Sodexo HTM Mission Statement: After graduating from the Department of Defense BMET program, Jay found his calling in healthcare technology management. After leaving active duty he began working as a technician, then transitioned to leadership. “I knew from an early age that I wanted to be in healthcare,” Lewis says. “In this field I’m able to contribute to improvement along the continuum of care at all levels, and it feels amazing to be part of that process.” Fun Fact: Jay’s fitness goal is to run 500 miles by the end of the year, and his personal goal is to do a cross country ride on his Harley Davidson motorcycle. Social Media: @j_lewis001 on Instagram

KAYLEE MCCAFFREY Sales Specialist at Avante Health Solutions Mission Statement: Kaylee McCaffrey has partnered with the HTM industry for more than a decade. Her career began as the very first hired employee within, a medical equipment support network. It is within this role that Kaylee really mastered her craft of utilizing social media to create a community of biomeds working together to advance the company mission. Kaylee was able to parlay this skillset and add more value to the biomed community with her current role at Avante Health Solutions as a Biomedical Equipment Sales Specialist. She integrates social media into her daily interactions with customers, creating a positive environment within the biomed community. Kaylee is committed to the success of her biomed family and demonstrates a clear understanding of the services they provide within the hospital. Implementing a strategy to plan your work and work your plan, Kaylee stands ready to address her customer’s needs while achieving company and personal goals. Her success within the biomed community was recently recognized by receiving Rookie of the Year Award, along with Salesperson of the Year at Avante Health Solutions. Kaylee’s future plans include fostering lasting relationships within the HTM industry, exceeding company objectives, and coaching sales professionals within the industry. Fun Fact: Kaylee is a certified scuba diver, crossfitter, and a mom to twin girls Social Media: kayleemccaffrey on LinkedIn





40 UNDER 40

KYLE MCGUINNESS Biomedical Equipment Specialist at U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Disease Mission Statement: Since joining the U.S. Army in 2014, I have found my passion in the the healthcare technology field. Solving complex problems, building efficient processes, sharing knowledge and contributing to the field. The tools and equipment that we support provide significant relief for patients and we should be proud of our work. Fun Fact: I have taken off in a helicopter but never landed in one. (I roped out). I have never lived anywhere for longer than 5 year Social Media: kyle-mcguinness on LinkedIn

LANCE DIXON CEO & Owner at Precision-Med Biomedical Solutions, LLC Mission Statement: Precision-Med Biomedical Solutions LLC was founded in 2018 by Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician, Lance Dixon. Lance earned his degree in Electronics with a specialization in Avionics in 2009. After completing college, he was employed by a government contractor repairing highly sophisticated military aircraft. After building a career for over five years in the avionics industry he was laid off and decided to change career paths. Lance joined a hospital as a biomedical technician repairing medical equipment and found a true passion in medical equipment repair. Realizing his passion for the medical industry Lance set out on a journey to build his credentials and gain more specialized education in this field of study through the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, successfully becoming a credentialed Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician. Deciding to take his career a step further he joined a radiology repair company working on radiology equipment. As fate would have it, Lance was laid off again. This incident would become the springboard for the future of Precision-Med Biomedical Solutions. Lance wanted to start a medical equipment repair company that not only focused on the importance of medical equipment repair and calibration, but also on the real-life everyday emotions of healthcare. The inner-circle motto at Precision-Med Biomedical Solutions is, we service every piece of medical equipment as if our family member will be the next to use it because someone’s family member will be. To use his words, “we’re changing the industry, one calibration at the time.” Fun Fact: Lance is an avid reader, loves the outdoors and spending time with his family. His goal in life is to leave the world a better place than he found it. Social Media: @precisionbiomed113 on Facebook






Congratulations to Sodexo Healthcare’s TechNation 40 under 40 winners


Robert Milward, CHTM

Director of Cybersecurity

Joshua Lewis Director of HTM

Client Executive, HTM

Tiana Richardson, CBET BMET II HTM Field Service

At Sodexo Healthcare, we build trusted partnerships with health systems to support quality care delivery. As part of our mission, Sodexo Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) helps clients improve their patient outcomes through integrated technologies and operational efficiencies with flexible solutions to meet their needs.

Angela Bennett, CHTM, BS Client Executive, HTM

Integrated Software Platform Cybersecurity Capital Planning Supply Chain Regulatory Compliance Talent Management

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LARRY NGUYEN CEO & CTO at Summit Imaging Mission Statement: I am motivated by creating solutions that solve problems in a complete, repeatable and scalable fashion. Creating and implementing hardware and software technologies to develop sustainable solutions is my method of choice as I believe it results in a broader base of healthcare facility customers benefiting from our sophisticated capabilities. Fun Fact: My hobbies have significantly changed in the last 2 years. I enjoy gaming and the latest PC hardware that enhances the experience. With latest advances in hardware technology, it has transformed how games can be enjoyed today. I also enjoy modifying my electric bike to increase its performance. It’s amazing what some of the performance e-bikes can do and its fun to push the envelope on what is possible with them. Social Media: lawrencenguyen on LinkedIn

LARS AAGAARD Head of Futuring & Global Trends at Shop Med Parts Mission Statement: To make people think different about their purpose in life. To change people from ordinary to extraordinary. I want every day of your life to count for something. The experiences we share together are the most valued part of my life. Do what makes the best story! Fun Fact: I enjoy making people happy and feel loved, regardless of the personal implications or gains. Everyone is very special in such a unique way and I love to see it. I want people to be weird and be comfortable being themselves. Get weird. Get loud. Be yourself. Make an experience! I am never not being myself, regardless of the situation. Social Media: @i_be_lars & @shopxrayservice on Instagram










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40 UNDER 40

MAYRA BECCERA BMET II at Memorial Healthcare System Mission Statement: My mission is to share knowledge about HTM and inspire women and young people in the STEM world. I am reaching my audience through social media channels on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, where I am known as TheBiomedGirl. Fun Fact: I have trained and competed in duathlons and half marathons. Social Media: @thebiomedgirl on TikTok & Instagram

MICHAEL GARLAND Program Manager/Senior Clinical Engineer at IR Solutions LLC Mission Statement: Throughout Michael’s 13 year career in the medical device industry, one approach has consistently managed to hold true across all borders which has become his personal mission: To protect the patient and the environment of care from adverse events by striving for continual improvements to the healthcare system’s support infrastructure and, when necessary, to question and challenge the status quo. It takes one person to begin the work towards improvement and change. While it can and many times will be uncomfortable at first, it is a necessity to ensure the success of any organization. Fun Fact: Since 2004, Mr. Garland has not lived in one house or apartment for more than 3 years. Social Media: michael-garland on LinkedIn






40 UNDER 40

MICHAEL HEUSSER Manager of Clinical Engineering at Middlesex Health Mission Statement: In 2007 Mike attended the University of Connecticut and like many students he was unsure of what he wanted to focus towards for a degree. As part of his Introduction to Engineering class he learned of Clinical Engineering from a presentation made by Dr. John Enderle and Frank Painter. The idea that much of what occurs in a healthcare system could be improved with a Clinical Engineer helping to navigate between the manufacturers of a device and the clinical users fascinated him. This fascination led to Mike applying to the Clinical Engineering Masters degree program at the University of Connecticut. This program gave him a unique opportunity to intern at Middlesex Health while attending classes towards his degree. “This real world experience was invaluable in shaping my knowledge and abilities for the future of my career”, he says. Mike was the first Clinical Engineer the organization hired and this started him on a path that ultimately led to him becoming the Manager of Clinical Engineering at Middlesex Health. “The most rewarding moment of my career was when our CNO at the time, Jackie Calamari, told me that I have made a difference in my time at Middlesex and she wanted to see me here long term”, Heusser says. “I feel like I have been successful at showing the relevance of a Clinical Engineer, knowing that the work I have done and continued to do is making a difference at all levels of the organization.” Fun Fact: Mike will frequently make movie or tv show references during meetings or in conversation.

NATSUMI SHIOTANI Assistant Director, Medical Device Integrations & Projects at Healthcare Technology Management Crothall Healthcare at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago Mission Statement: Natsumi was given the opportunity to be the pilot for a Healthcare Technology Management Fellowship by Crothall Healthcare at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago in March of 2016. Upon completing her fellowship which allowed a fast track to management, she and her leadership team determined a gap within the Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) Department — particularly, in leadership for medical device integration and projects. As the industry evolved into increasing quantities of networked equipment, cybersecurity, and project-based work, Natsumi founded the Medical Device Integration & Projects team within HTM, which works in parallel with the Operations team. Today, her team consists of Medical Device Integration Analysts and a Project Manager to support the client and the ever-growing number of medical equipment systems, software, and servers, acting as a liaison between IT teams and clinical departments. She has desires to grow this team to a regional and national scale within Crothall Healthcare within other accounts. Fun Fact: Natsumi enjoys spending her free time traveling and experiencing different cuisines. Social Media: natsumi-shiotani on LinkedIn





40 UNDER 40

PRIYANKA UPENDRA Senior Director, Customer Success at Asimily Mission Statement: Healing the Devices that Heal. This is Asimily’s mission statement that resonates with my core values. We are a technology community that heals devices from cybersecurity risks in a reliable manner so patients and clinicians’ workflow is not interrupted. Fun Fact: I hold 2 state records in powerlifting and 1 national record in backstroke swimming. In 2020, I started my food business catering Indo-Fusion food to East Valley in PHX metro area. Social Media: priyanka-upendra on LinkedIn

RANA HELOU Biomedical Engineer at Crothall Healthcare Mission Statement: How can a female be an unsung hero? That is the first question I asked myself, and my answer was integrity, passion, optimism, and most of all make a difference in the field that many healthcare providers depend on. A mission in the healthcare field cannot be completed without a domino affect in everyone’s role, and in every gender. As we faced the pandemic it was a mission to work in silence as the unsung heroes, and keep the healthcare field alive as the sound to our cheers. Equity and diversity to change the way we apply the tools to grow our field for better health outcomes. Fun Fact: I started college at an early age in graphic designing, and took the art and merged into the beauty of biomedical completing my degree in biomedical engineering. The view of biomedical is an art piece. Social Media: LinkedIn is where I find myself socializing, learning, communicating, getting help, helping others, and living with quotes that I hold myself too.






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RHIANNON THURMOND Biomed Operations Manager / FSE at Ultimate Biomedical Solutions Mission Statement: Rhiannon Graduated from TSTC Waco in 2006 at the age of 19 years old and got her start as an in-house biomed with ARAMARK. Rhiannon worked in every area of the hospital and also managed biomed at several smaller healthcare facilities in her tenure. She started in the NICU specializing on Infant security, then trained into Respiratory managing the Ventilator PM’s and Spirometry. After a decade as an in-house biomed Rhiannon opted to get into Field service, bringing her valuable knowledge with her and setting the bar high for her colleagues. Rhiannon since has climbed the leadership matrix rapidly as a biomed Manager with Ultimate Biomedical Solutions. While working as a leader, Rhiannon still gets her hands dirty in the field as an OR Specialist- Focusing on Anesthesia, Surgical PM’s, & C-Arm Repairs. She has built her career path to be indispensable to the Ambulatory Surgical Centers across the state of Texas. Rhiannon is highly skilled in leading, mentoring and pinpointing deficiencies and coming up with ideas to improve the bottom line. Fun Fact: I played Roller Derby across the state of Texas for nearly a decade. Alias 1: Direct Current # 200mA Alias 2: Fleetwood Smack # 200. Social Media: rhiannon-thurmond on LinkedIn

ROBERT MILWARD Client Executive at Sodexo HTM Mission Statement: As healthcare continues to advance, HTM and the professionals of this industry will continue to light the path with innovation, insights, and ingenuity. In 2013, as a lead Biomedical Technician, Robert completed his preventative maintenance of a labor and delivery unit at Winnie Palmer Hospital in Orlando, FL. One week later, his daughter was born in the very same delivery room. Shortly after being born, she was placed on an infant resuscitator he performed maintenance on. Today, she is a healthy 9-year-old soccer player, but the importance of our trade and the individual effect each and every one of us has, left a lasting impression. This fueled a desire to bring best-in-class HTM to Healthcare Organizations, which Robert now does as an AAMI Certified Healthcare Technology Manager and Client Executive for Sodexo HTM. In 2016, he was nominated for a Rising Star award with Sodexo HTM. From there, Robert went on to be recognized as Director of the Year in 2018 and 2021 AAMI Bright Ideas award winner in partnership with Health First on the department’s efforts to implement new Digital Dashboards. HTM Departments are only beginning to scratch the surface of the future of the patient experience and HTM is leading the charge. Fun Fact: Robert is a sports enthusiast who enjoys watching, playing, and coaching teams with his wife, Melissa, and their four daughters. Social Media: rmilward on LinkedIn








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The biggest difference is that there is actually someone there, an actual live human, not just some algorithm chat bot. – E. Messenger, now BMET with Renovo Solutions


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Agiliti, TRIMEDX, OSF Healthcare, MXR Imaging, InfuSystem Inc., Canon Medical Systems, Banner Health, Renovo Solutions, and Sodexo HTM

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SAMANTHA DAWS Quality Manager, Clinical Engineering Supervisor at ChristianaCare Mission Statement: My love for technology goes back to when I was in middle school. I fell in love with problem solving and working with my hands in technology class. I was lucky enough to find my way to a career in Clinical Engineering. Being able to solve a problem and fix a machine that will be used in patient care gives me so much satisfaction. I was fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to work at ChristianaCare, a place that would allow my career to blossom. I started as a biomedical equipment technician and transitioned into servicing diagnostic imaging equipment. I was promoted to Clinical Engineering Supervisor and now have the privilege to lead some of the best radiology service technicians in this field. Most recently, I also took on the responsibility of Quality Manager for the department. I work hard to make sure the department continues to maintain high quality standards and our ISO 9001:2015 certification. At this juncture of my career, I have held nearly every position within the clinical engineering team, while simultaneously being active and present with my family. With every promotion, my real mission is to inspire my children to strive for greatness. Fun Fact: I am passionate about music. I can play multiple instruments, but the saxophone is my favorite.

SEAN DALEY VP & COO at Seaward Group USA & Rigel Medical Mission Statement: I will always strive to be a leader my team wants to follow. I firmly believe that if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers. I have and will continue to foster a culture of; Team, Customer Service and Innovation. I encourage my team to work together and to bring forward innovative ideas and forward-thinking, so that we can create solutions and new products that will make our customers lives easier and safer. Fun Fact: While living in Downtown Miami I was in 4 episodes over 2 seasons of the TV show Burn Notice. I was an FBI Agent, private security and Miami PD. Acting was not something that I was pursuing on a serious level. However, I was not going to pass on a chance to be in my favorite TV show at the time. It was an amazing experience that most people don’t get the chance to do. Social Media: seanrdaley on LinkedIn






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SHEA LUNDEBY Project Manager at Lucky Contracting LLC Mission Statement: In 2016 Shea was introduced to the medical device world while working with the late Mike Boska in the Radiology Research Department at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Shea worked with Mike as an MRI engineer focused in utilizing 3D printers to design MRI coils. “Their endless opportunities to be creative were very exciting,” Shea says. “In the end it was just a matter of not having enough time, or funding...” During this time Shea worked for Berkshire Hathaway Media as an Electronics Specialist and was pursuing his Executive MBA at the University of Nebraska Omaha. After completing his graduate degree Shea took a position with Catholic Health Initiatives managing the Clinical Engineering department for the critical access hospitals, clinics, and Mercy Hospital. “It was great to be able to support the nurses and directors, although things got pretty interesting when adapting to Covid at various sites”, he says. After 3 years with Catholic Health Initiatives and short stint at Sodexo HTM as the Director of Technology Shea has been on sabbatical. “I’m not sure I’d call it a sabbatical because I’m building decks and retaining walls for various friends, it’s been pretty great,” he admitted “the sun is a nice change”. Fun Fact: My son and I recently made our way to the summit of the tallest peak in the Rocky Mountains. Social Media: shealundeby on LinkedIn

TIANA RICHARDSON BMET 2 at Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center Mission Statement: I am an AAMI-certified CBET and newly promoted BMET2 at Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center. I started out as an Electronics Technician in the Navy, servicing avionics radar systems, and found a Biomed program when I returned home. As a female in the electronics repair field, I always found myself working twice as hard to prove myself a competent technician, and sometimes questioning whether I even belonged. I was qualified on paper, but dismissed in person, so I was driven toward constant self-development. This has resulted in many ambitious achievements as a BMET 1. I passed the CBET exam on the first attempt, I was project lead for our telemetry system upgrade/installation, I am System Administrator for our medical device network, and I am the Biomed ambassador on the Environment of Care committee. My experience has led me to be a mentor and STEM advocate, especially for young girls who face the same obstacles I have overcome. My vision for the next few years is to connect underprivileged youth with opportunities to become BMETs. I aim to show young people who can’t afford a college education that they still have a chance at a decent career, with the biomed field. This would keep so many kids off the streets, while solving our current HTM staffing shortage. This path I’ve taken has introduced me to new levels in my career. Without the help and support of my family, and my team at Wellstar AMC, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Fun Fact: I love to sing. As a freshman in high school, I played Eponine in our production of Les Miserables. I have written songs and shared them with my 3 YouTube subscribers. I also play the piano, ukulele, guitar, and violin.

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WEBB CLARK Account Sales Associate at iMed Biomedical Mission Statement: I provide planning and support to hospitals, healthcare networks and surgery centers across the United States to help them identify and achieve their HTM goals. My mission is to understand our client’s vision and implement a catered solution that brings these goals to fruition through an exceptional customer experience – minimizing downtime and maximizing cost savings as an alternative to OEM support. iMed Biomedical is an ISO-certified, veteran-owned company based out of Dallas, Texas. Our core competencies include sterilizers, dialysis, anesthesia, injectors, mammography, oxygen blenders and general biomed. In addition to my role at iMed, I am also the President of the Healthcare Technology Management Association of North Texas. HTMA-NTX offers a unique place for HTM professionals from all over Dallas-Fort Worth to network and share their creative ideas and processes. Our members are kept up to speed on industry trends and are provided with opportunities for continued education through CEU accreditation, as well as direct access to an array of industry leaders. As our organization continues to grow, my dream is to connect our chapter in DFW with HTM societies in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, as well as West Texas to create a robust community of HTM professionals across the Lone Star State. Fun Fact: Native Texan who loves golf, guitars, fly fishing, hunting, and horses. Social Media: @imedbiomedical on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube

CLINT CREAL Sales at Pioneer Biomedical & Adepto Medical Mission Statement: Trying to be the biggest and next best thing, all that seems to be highly overrated. It’s the small differences we make in others’ lives that create a generational difference. We’re all blessed with our own gift, find that and own it. Never try to be someone you’re not, we were designed with a purpose in mind, live out that purpose with grace and humility! Everybody is facing their own battles on a daily basis, imagine a world where we give and serve others with an open heart instead of for personal gain. My mission is to live out the life of Jesus in the best way that I can and to support others to live out their mission as well. We have the perfect example to outline for us, it will just take daily effort and small changes to create a global impact! “In this world that’s growing older faster, humility will keep your spirit young” - William Prince Fun Fact: I’m named after Clint Eastwood and have a twin brother. Social Media: @ClintCreal






40 UNDER 40 INNOVATUS IMAGING Centers of Excellence for MRI Coil Repair, Ultrasound Probe Repair, and Design and Manufacturing Pittsburgh, Tulsa, and Denver Mission Statement:

Generate substantial savings for

healthcare facilities and improve upon the quality of patient care by extending the lifecycle of imaging devices. Innovatus Imaging’s Center of Excellence for Ultrasound Probe Repair is founded on a 35+ year heritage leveraging the expertise and vision of Dennis Wulf, the company’s Chairman. Wulf pioneered ultrasound probe repair in the mid-to-late 1980s, years before others entered the industry. In those early days, many 3rd-parties outsourced their probe repairs to Wulf’s facility in Tulsa, OK. Having performed over 175,000 repairs since 2000, Innovatus is recognized as the premier ultrasound probe repair provider. On a similar timeline began the legacy of Innovatus’ MRI Coil Center of Excellence. Once a contract manufacturer and service center of MRI coils for several OEMs, the company expanded to include service to multi-vendor coils. Still a service center for several OEMs, Innovatus brings an OEM standard of quality to the 3rd-party market. The company’s capstone is the Center of Excellence for Design and Manufacturing. The FDA-registered facility is a contract manufacturer of ultrasound probes and ultrasound related devices for several well-known OEMs.

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The facility’s cGMP’s (Current Good Manufacturing Practices), engineering expertise, and acoustic testing lab assist to verify and validate repair processes for the Tulsa Center of Excellence.

How to Hire and Retain the Next Generation of HTM Professionals The next generation of HTM professionals are getting ready to enter the work force, and they have skills you want and need in your organization. However, to hire and retain them, you need to know what THEY want and need in their career and the work environment. This webinar will feature a panel of HTM educators and their students who will discuss what younger people entering the HTM industry are looking for in a job that may be different than what older generations were looking for. The panel will also share what new skills today’s HTM students are learning that will add value to your organization. The panel discussion will be facilitated by Ben Person, Chief Marketing Officer at Nuvolo. Panelists include HTM educators David W. Braeutigam, James Linton, Phillip E. Pash, and their students.

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n 2019, young professionals at MD Publishing (YP at MD) came together to work on building a networking group in the HTM industry. The goal was to build a community of individuals who were up-and-comers in the biomedical world. We started by building out a Facebook and LinkedIn group where we could have conversations, share important industry news along with the occasional meme or fun Friday gif. YP at MD also has a monthly e-newsletter to keep group members informed regarding important and useful information that will not only help their HTM career, but hopefully their life in the outside world, as well.

When our digital presence started to take off, we decided to host our first YP at MD event. It took place at the fall 2019 MD Expo in Baltimore, Maryland. At our first event, we had over 50 young professionals join us. Since the first event, we have hosted four more networking opportunities for attendees and exhibitors who are 40 and under at MD Expos. We have built a strong networking group of young people who want to thrive in their place of work, help each other grow and who now have multiple people in the industry that they can call a friend. For those who may not know, we have a leadership summit (TN20) that takes place at our MD Expo. The

leadership summit is an event where high-level professionals in the HTM industry come together to discuss successes, problems and share perspective on a multitude of topics that pertain to their careers. I’ve personally been able to sit and listen in at multiple leadership summit talks, and the amount of information I am able to learn is worth more than you can imagine. At our most recent MD Expo in Las Vegas, I learned from our leadership summit participants about how important it is to invest in young people within the biomedical industry. I found it refreshing (being someone in my 20s) to hear people I respect state how important it is to hire young people and help them acquire the skills and tools needed to keep the HTM industry going strong for years to come. I know how intimidating it can be to start your career in a new industry. My top three suggestions, after the four short years I have been in this industry, are below. They have helped me tremendously. They are: •L isten more than you give your opinion: The amount of knowledge I have gathered by taking in conversations over dinners, during educational sessions and by asking questions has been a wealth of information. • S ay “Hi” to that person you don’t know: Some of the best advice I have received from leadership at

MD Publishing is network, network, network. The number of people who have taken me under their wing or have invited me to their table just because I introduced myself is astounding. • Join the group, go to the event, put yourself out there: Go to that state association meeting, attend that conference, come join us at YP at MD. You will not Register regret the Kristen connections you will make. I hope you will hang out with us on social media or come to one of our events in the near future. The connections and friends you will make are valuable to your career. I promise you will already have one friend in me if you join us. Follow us on our social media channels and sign up for our monthly e-newsletter below to stay up to date on all things YP at MD!


Johnson Facebook –Kameryn YP at MD (


LinkedIn – YP at MD ( E-news – Sign up for our monthly e-newsletter ( Megan Strand is a senior account executive at MD Publishing and coordinates YP at MD events.











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YP AT MD VIP AREA AT LARS-A-PALOOZA! MDExpo | SoCal | October 13, 2022 The stage is set for what might be the greatest last night finale party in the history of MD Expo! Lars-a-palooza, sponsored by, will have the feel of a true outdoor musical festival atmosphere and will bring attendees and exhibitors together for a one-of-a-kind experience.

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