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February 2013

Connecting Employees Within The Retail Division Camp Lejeune MCAS New River Camp Johnson Courthouse Bay Camp Geiger Tarawa Terrace Midway Park Stone Bay


Making A Difference With A Simple Gesture What is a smile? Technically, it is the flexing of the muscles at both ends of the mouth in an upward motion. Most of us can achieve a smile without much energy and little effort is needed to form a smile. A more important question would be, “What does a smile mean?” In some cultures it can be mistaken for a sign of dishonesty, confusion, and yes even anger. In North America a smile is a gesture of kindness. It is another way to put emphasis on a greeting or a thank you, or simply to show you are pleased. Not to be confused with the ever popular smirk, a smile to most is comforting and a gesture that can change a person’s day. Many of us smile without thinking of the act itself or of the impact the smile we give affects the recipient of the smile. Could our smiles have a direct effect on our patrons? They are definitely affected by other effortless actions such as frowning, looking tired, or projecting a discontent look. Our customers will be quick to portrait our demeanor that we have shown them as rude, unprofessional, and sometimes offensive. A smile can change that. Often we forget that we are the first social contact of the day for our customers and we often the last impression given before they leave through the base gates. We have the opportunity to directly impact someone’s day and either create a good lasting impression or a bad lasting impression. So the next time you say, “Good morning!” or “Thank you!”, add a smile to it. It will put emphasis on your greeting or salutation, giving the customers more to look forward to the next time. A smile goes a long way and can give a lasting impression. The line may be long but the smile was worth it and the smile will last all day. So smile, it will be the least exhausting task you will do all day!

In This Issue:

Main Store Our employees, the job they do, and our success. Safety Training Back In The Saddle mandatory safety training. Where can you get yours? Building Projects Stores that are being renovated and new stores that are being built. Sales & Events What to look for in the coming month. Employee Highlight Shonie Meadows’story of success and how she is still growing. MTFE We have the first Mobile Tactical Field Exchange. Get a sneak peek.


“MCCS is a great company to grow in. There a Make sure that you stay focused, driven, follow

Safety starts with “S” But Begins With You!

Wow! What an exciting year we have had, not only for the Main Store, but for the Retail Division as a whole. We have finished off the year in fantastic style. This can only be done through the relentless planning, training, and dedication of each of the 682 employees, who are the Retail Division. The success of the Retail Division doesn’t just happen by chance or at a whim. There are countless hours put into strategic planning involving merchandise selection, advertising, promotions, sales, and events. Each area of concern is studied and analyzed for the best possible outcome for our customers, stores, and employees. Our employees are the best trained in the business. Each employee is thoroughly trained on customer service, operations, and the organization they work for. The training lasts two grueling weeks, but prepares them to perform at the best of their abilities. The training not only benefits them for future growth, but also our customers who rely on our employees to have all the answers. Without our dedicated employees we would not be as successful as we are. Through their resilient efforts we had record breaking sales this year. We also ended the year with phenomenal inventory counts. To be successful it takes heart, dedication, and hard work. Our success this y e a r s h o w s t h e d e t e r m i n a t i o n o f o u r Presidents’ Day Sale employees and puts February 15-19 emphasis on how strong our Furniture Sale future success will be. We February 13-march 5 will continue to provide the ultimate service to the men Home & Electronics Sale and women of the armed February 13-March 5 forces because that is what we do. Job well done!

February Events

By now you have seen the VPP banners hanging on the outside of buildings throughout Camp Lejeune. What is VPP, you ask? VPP is a Voluntary Protection Program involving management, labor, and OSHA who work together to prevent fatalities, injuries, and illnesses within the work place. Camp Lejeune VPP initiatives have begun with Back In The Saddle (BITS) Safety Training. This mandatory training is for all base personnel and is provided by Camp Lejeune’s Base Safety Division. Through BITS training we will be able to bring awareness of the prevention of unsafe working environments. There has been quite a few training sessions conducted but if you have not had the opportunity to attend, don't worry there are a few more dates available (listed below) . A safe working environment can only benefit you if you are committed to safety. Be proactive and get trained!

BITS Training

Supervisory February 26, 27, & 28: 8:00-11:00am CG Briefing Rm. Bldg 1 Non-Supervisory February 19 & 21: 8:00am & 1:00pm Base Theater

MCX is mobile!

To better serve our military men and have made our Exchange mobile. Curren Verona Loop, the Mobile Tactical Field E essential items to Marines that are operations who would otherwise not have We are the first base on the East Coast to be able to extend our services to the milit

are so many different areas of growth. w through, and always leave your mark.” -Shonie

Featured Employee

More than twenty years ago To s h a m a l a “ S h o n i e ” Meadows began her journey with the Retail Division as a cashier at French Creek Marine Mart. As her talent began to show she was soon promoted to Head Cashier. Shonie’s development with customer service and retail operations gave her an opportunity to transfer to the Main Exchange in the customer service area. At the Main Exchange Shonie proved herself to be a reliable and dedicated employee. She saw new opportunities and it did not take long for her to earn a position in the Electronics Department, first as a Sales Associate and then later as the department s u p e r v i s o r. T h e r e S h o n i e improved her skills as a supervisor and with here abilities was eventually offered a store of her own. Shonie currently is the manager of IIMEF Marine Mart where she continues to learn. Shonie still has her goals set on bigger opportunities with her future within the Retail Division.

women we ntly set up at Exchange (MTFE) offers training in various field e access to an Exchange. o have an MTFE and are honored to tary in this way . .

Building New & Renovating Old The coming year will bring many changes to the Retail Division. To accommodate our ever growing Marine Corps Base population we will need to expand some of our facilities and in some cases we will need to build larger Marine Marts. Last year we began expansion projects in four locations throughout our military installations. Hadnot Point (HP) Marine Mart recently received an additional 5,000 square feet of merchandising space. They also received new flooring, gondolas, cash register pods, and coolers. This has been a remarkable endeavor while the store remained open during the renovation. French Creek Marine Mart is currently going through a 6,000 square foot renovation of their store. This will be one of the few stores who will receive the MCX Marine Mart facade. The renovation will include new gondolas, flooring, coolers, and cash register pods. Courthouse Bay (CHB) also received our first branded Marine Mart store. Located on Highway 172 at the entrance of CHB. The store includes 3,000 square feet of merchanding space, full food bar, car wash, and fuel services. Onslow Beach (pictured left) received a brand new building. The old store was small and outdated. The new store will include 3,000 square feet of merchandising space and a full food bar. Stone Bay has received a new store with the merchandising space of 3,500 square feet. The store also included a full size foodbar and barber shop. The additional space will allow us to serve our patrons with a broader selection of merchandise which will ultimately increase the convenience of shopping at our Marine Marts. We will continue to grow this coming year with new stores at Wallace Creek and renovations of the Gonzalez Marine Mart. I would like to take this time to thank all of you for the tremendous efforts and sacrifices made during our renovations. Without these efforts we could not accomplish these momentous tasks. Thank you all. Job well done! Retail Operations Manager

Rob Jones

Personal & Career Development Resources Marine & Family programs Russell Marine & Family Programs Center Administrative Office Bldg. 40, Room 121 Phone: 910-451-9381

Behavioral Health

Resilience Education New Parent Support Program Community Counseling Center Military & Family Life Consultants Program Sexual Assault Prevention & Response FOCUS-Families Overcoming Under Stress

Family Readiness

Family Readiness Program Training Readiness and Deployment Support Life Skills Training LINKS-Lifestyles Insights Networking Knowledge Skills CREDO-Chaplains Religious Education Development and Operations Unit, Personal and Family Readiness

Family Care

CYTP-Children, Youth & Teen Programs Exceptional Family Member Program K-12 School Liaison Program

Personal & Professional Development Program Career Assistance Branch Resources Libraries Education Assistance TRS-Transition Readiness Seminar

Contact administrative office for more information about programs.

I encourage each and everyone of you to take advantage of the variety of programs and resources that the Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) has to offer. These programs are designed to enhance mission, individual/family readiness, resilience, and retention. Each program supports the diverse interest and needs of everyone. Whether it is a new career, family care, outdoor adventures, or simply wanting to get into shape there is a program that is right for you. Your health and growth are important to the success of Retail and I hope you take advantage of each and every opportunity that not only Retail has to offer but MCCS as a whole. Retail Director, Carl Mencer

Chief Executive Publisher / Senior Editor Carl Mencer

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MCX-tra February 2013  

Connecting Employees Within The Retail Division.