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Introduction • If you and your family are moving across the country, or

even to a different country for work or some other reason, the mere thought can be overwhelming. • The concept seems simple enough, but when you

consider that every aspect of your life must be moved such a long distance, you can feel the stress start to build.

• Luckily, you can help yourself out a little by following

these tips as your long distance move approaches.

Plan Ahead • The best way to keep the stress of moving a long distance

to a minimum is to start the planning process as far in advance as possible. Sometimes, with work-related moves you won’t have an awful lot of time, but be sure to take whatever you do have.

Plan Ahead • The TLC ‘How Stuff Works’ website suggests gathering

information about schools, local laws and bylaws, car insurance and anything else that’s related to your new town or city, in advance. You’ll also want to start shopping around for movers ahead of time, so everything will organized and you won’t have any booking issues when the time comes.

Plan Ahead • Once you know you’re definitely moving, create a moving

schedule on a calendar or your computer, so you can visually see the days that remain, and will stay on track with all you must do before the big day gets there. When the activity of a move starts going in full-swing, it’s easy for time to get away from you and the days to fly by, and a schedule will help you keep it all in order and get it all done in time.

Pack Properly • Proper packing is essential for any move, especially if

you’re moving a long distance. Canadian movers McWilliams Moving and Storage offer these tips for packing up your home: • Start packing smaller things far in advance. • Use strong boxes and containers with proper lids. • Don’t over pack containers.

Pack Properly • Identify the contents of each box for easy unpacking, on top and

the side. • Make sure boxes weigh no more than 40 or 50 lbs. • Remove heavy and fragile items from

dresser drawers. • Place ‘Fragile’ stickers on boxes with

fragile items to alert movers.

Pack Properly • Pack lamps and lampshades separately. • Allow movers to pack large mirrors, paintings and glass tabletops. • Don’t wrap anything in newspaper or the print may rub off. • Pack smaller items like kitchen accessories in smaller boxes, then

in a larger box. • Ask your movers if they dismantle furniture and beds as part of their service.

Double-Check on Moving Day • Anyone who has moved a long distance and left

something behind knows the value of double-checking that you have everything on moving day. • Once the movers have taken everything out of the house,

look through each room, the basement, attic, garage, closets and anywhere else something may be left. • This way you can leave your old home and start your new

adventure without wondering if you’ve left anything behind.

Keep Everyone Honest • One way to make a long distance less stressful is to

reduce the amount of stuff you have to move. And a good way to do that is to purge items that you no longer use, or won’t need in your new location. • Have everyone in the family go through their things and

offer up items they are willing to part with. TLC suggests using the ‘One-year rule’ which means states if you haven’t used it in over a year, it’s ready for a new home. Donate the purged items or hold a garage sale before you move to make some extra money.

Arrange for Storage • Chances are, if you’re moving a long distance you’ll need

storage of some sort. • Even if you successfully purge a lot of extras and even if

it’s temporary, you’ll need something. • Speak to your movers about storage, because many will

offer it as part of their service. Sticking with the same company is convenient and will remove a little bit of the stress.

Tips for Long Distance Moves  

McWilliams Moving and Storage 215 Frobisher Drive #2 Waterloo, ON N2V 2G4‎ (519) 725-3060 - offering moving solutions to customers looking t...

Tips for Long Distance Moves  

McWilliams Moving and Storage 215 Frobisher Drive #2 Waterloo, ON N2V 2G4‎ (519) 725-3060 - offering moving solutions to customers looking t...