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August 2013

CHAMBER NEWSLETTER Building Strong Community Partnerships

The Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce Of Florida, (HACCOF) was established as a catalyst for change. Our Mission:   To   serve   as   a   resource   for   its   members,   partners  and  businesses,  dedicated  to  serving  their  needs   and   the   economic   development   of   the   broader   Haitian-­‐ American  community.      

HACCOF is   the   leading   organization   to   bring   businesses   together  and  acts  as  an  advocate  for  Haitian  and  Haitian-­‐ American   enterprises.   We   are   the   premier   voice   for   the   business   community   to   the   public,   the   media   and   government  entities.   HACCOF   mobilizes   concerned   entrepreneurs   across   Florida,  the  U.S.  and  Haiti  when  important  legislation  and   regulations   are   planned   or   debated   that   may   potentially   affect  the  broader  Haitian  business  community.   HACCOF   promotes   partnerships   and   alliances   within   communities   throughout   Florida   and   Haiti   to   build   healthy   business  climates,  foster  investment  opportunities,  create   employment   growth,   and   encourage   public   and   private   sector  collaboration.  

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Mission & Objectives Chairman’s Welcome Message Welcome New Members Meet Our New Board Members Get to know your Board Members: Bios What you missed: Monthly Meet & Greets, Collaboration Events, Annual Member Meeting Become a Member Upcoming Events Thank you sponsors

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Chamber Information: 1510 NE 162nd Street North Miami Beach, FL 33162 Phone: (305) 733-9066 E-mail: Website:

August 2013

Officers, Board members, Founder & Executive Staff OFFICERS Pierre A. Saliba Chairman Jeff Lozama Vice-Chair Raoul Siclait Treasurer Patrick Martin Secretary BOARD MEMBERS Carl-Henry Salvant Charles Fombrun Daniels Films-Aime Jr. Donard St. Jean Henri-Claude Müller-Poitevien Lucien Barrau Mary Estime-Irvin

A Message from our Chamber Chairman… Dear Chamber Members, April, May and June were very busy months for the Chamber and our members. This quarter you, our members, helped us provide opportunities to work together, network, engage and make business connections that influence one another. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all the support we have received. If you haven’t attended one of our monthly “Meet & Greet” networking events, you should not miss the next one. Thanks to our supporters and sponsors, our monthly events have been a great success! Plenty of informative sessions and essential business opportunities that help provide support to you, your business and our community at large. As many of you may have noticed, we have increased our marketing efforts and used our member’s feedback as our guide to better serve your needs. The chamber’s goal is to continue to provide assistance towards your success. Please feel free to reach out to us for a chance to promote, connect or build new business relationships. Join me in welcoming our newly elected board members: Lucien Barrau, Daniel Fils-Aime Jr, Mary Estimé-Irvin and Donard St Jean. They add great expertise to our board. I would also like to thank our members and board members for the privilege to continue to serve as your chairman for another term.

Munir Mourra, PHD.

Thank you for continuing to support the Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida and providing your fellow members with invaluable information!



Michaël Vorbe

Philippe R. Armand, MBA EXECUTIVE OFFICE Paola Pierre, MBA, HRM

Pierre A. Saliba, Chairman

Executive Director


August 2013

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Chamber Objectives… Our Objectives:   Promoting  business  &  economic  development  interest  in  our   members.   q Promoting  and  facilitating  business,  professional  and  social   relations  and  cooperation  among  our  members.   q Forming  alliances  with  members,  business  and  civic  leaders,  other   chambers,  associations,  agencies,  government  officials  and  foreign   dignitaries  to  accomplish  its  goals.     q Promoting  educational  seminars  and  conferences  for  the   improvement  of  our  members  and  the  betterment  of  our   community.     q Hosting  educational,  local  and  international  trade  forums.   q Organize  and  facilitate  networking  programs.   q Engaging  in  dialogue,  cooperation  and  understanding  within   Haitian  communities.   q   In  keeping  with  our  objectives,  HACCOF  serves  as  the  advocate  for  the   Haitian-­‐American  community  as  well  as  a  resource  for  consumers  and   businesses  dedicated  to  serving  the  needs  of  our  members  and  the   economic  development  of  our  community.   q

ADVERTISE IN OUR HACCOF QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER Share your business events and important news with all our chamber members, friends and community leaders. For advertising opportunities contact us at:

The Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida would like to extend a warm welcome to all the 2013 chamber members. We are happy to have you join our chamber family! You are now part of a large network of strong business and community leaders. For a full list of our 2013 (Jan-June) new members, See Page 4. 3


Corporate & Preferred Members: Contact us for FREE advertising opportunities available to you through your membership!

* Member listed through June 2013

August 2013


Estime & Irvin Associates

Caribbean Advisory Group, LLC

Global Solutions Agency, LLC /

Guixens Food Group, Inc.

Koze Fanm

Haitian Culinary Alliance & Members: •

Belinda Roy, Madichon

Carline Saint, HCA

Christine Lubin, Leela’s Restaurant

Cynthia Verna, Thia’s Cuisine

Fabienne & Shawn Innocent, Bel Amour Banquet Hall

Gaelle Lissade –Au Gratin

Jean Jules, Med Life Institute

Ketina Moussignac – Au Gratin

Myriam Charles, Divine Cupcakery

Pierre B. Moise, Fritay Lakay

Raoul Ade, La Bakery

Sandro Flores, Mr. Siwichi

Vanesa Jerome, Sophisticated Delectable Treats


REGULAR MEMBERS Alix Desulme Allstar HR Consulting Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Champagne Law Firm Erigene Belony, Esq. Gang Alternative Inc. Haitian American Community Development Corp Margaret Gachelin/AFLAC MC Virtual Professionals

MOCA Café & Lounge

Northeast Second Avenue Partnership (NE2P)

Oleta Partners, LLC SunTrust Bank

Philippe Neptune

United Professionals Realty, Corp

Renaud Pierre-Charles RSC Media Group


Carol Keys Attorney at Law

Jean Pierre / Florida Atlantic University

Elizee Hernandez Law Firm, P.A.

Martiza Mignon / Mon Papillon Events Inc.

Stacey Silvera/Office Express 4

August 2013

Meet Your Newly Elected Board Members !

(From left to right)

Lucien Barrau, Daniel Fils-Aime Jr., Mary Estimé-Irvin and Donard St Jean. We’ve added  a  few  more  voices  for  you.  These  four  new  board  members  bring  great  expertise,  strong  values  and   commitment  to  HACCOF’s  mission.  They  are  a  great  addition  to  our  existing  elite  group  of  board  members.  If  you   missed  the  annual  chamber  member’s  meeting,  you  can  get  to  know  them  a  little  better  on  Page  6  and  7.  You  can   also  meet  them  at  one  of  our  “Meet  &  Greets”  events.  Please  stop  them  and  introduce  yourself.

Submit An Article Become a guest author for HACCOF HACCOF encourages all members to submit articles from their field of expertise for our quarterly newsletter. We are committed to being an information resource for our members and welcome all article suggestions. Please send all submissions to Management will review all articles before publishing. 5

August 2013

Lucien Barrau Lucien Barrau operates both Sign-A-Rama and Alternative Management Solutions. Sign-A-Rama is a sign franchise that has been serving the community for the past eight years. Their broad customer base serves both the USA and Haiti. Alternative Management Solutions provides distribution channel management as well as customer services for an insurance company. They have been in business and operating for over two years. Mr. Barrau works with the Haitian community in Haiti and here as an on-going part of his business management.

Mary EstimÊ-Irvin Mary C. Irvin is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Estime & Irvin Associates. Under Mary’s leadership, Estime & Irvin Associates has become a leading recruitment and staffing agency in South Florida by offering superior services to help meet business personnel temporary or permanent needs. Prior to founding Estime & Irvin Associates, Mary has worked in various leadership roles with businesses and political campaigns. Mary is a native of New York City. In the late 1980’s, her parents relocated to the North Miami surrounding area. She attended North Miami Senior High School and Greater Miami Academy. She studied Management and International Business at Florida International University. Mary is a member of the American Staffing Association, North Miami Chamber of Commerce, Haitian-American Chambers of Commerce and Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce. Mary serves on various community boards including North Miami Police Athletic League, North Miami Community Redevelopment Agency, North Miami Personnel Board and North Miami Senior Foundation. She also served on the North Miami Code Enforcement Board. Mary is known for her work to promote community interests of North Miami. Her dedication and leadership in various sectors including education, minority businesses, and neighborhood safety have earned much recognition from community leaders and residents. As a resident of North Miami and a minority business owner, Mary understands the urgent need to create jobs and business opportunities in our city. She is committed to improving the safety of our neighborhoods and advancing our quality of life. Mary will bring many years of experience to the City of North Miami Council. Her experience and leadership with different businesses and community organizations have provided her with the tools to run the city effectively. Mary is a fan of traveling and books. She has a son named Patrick Irvin, Jr. He currently resides in North Miami.


August 2013

Daniel Fils-Aime Jr. Daniel Fils-Aime, Jr. is a graduate of Florida International University with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Civil Engineering. He also holds an International Marketing Certification from Miami-Dade College. Mr. Fils-Aime, Jr. served as production manager at Miami Bottling and Packaging, Inc. for seven years. As a production manager he coordinated and supervised production, quality control and compliance with Federal and State food safety regulations. Today he is a brand manager for Guixens Food Group, Inc. His current role includes research, development, marketing and distribution of new products. He manages corporate accounts and the international sales and distribution division.

Donard St Jean Donard St. Jean is a graduate of the University of Miami with a Masters in Business Administration, specializing in International Business and Finance. His education also includes: • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a minor in business administration from Barry University. • Certifications in A+ and Network+ MCSE and CISCO from BorderCom International • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from ESIH (Ecole Supérieure d’Infotronique d’Haiti) • Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering from Faculté des Sciences Appliquées Donard St. Jean is the President & CEO for Compu-Design USA (d.b.a Dade Institute of Technology). His experience and expertise were utilized in the past as: • Systems Engineer, Knight Ridder • Contractual Network Engineer, Kaplan University • IT Director, Katz Barron Squitero Faust PA • Network Administrator/System Engineer/IT Trainer, DF Technology, Inc. • Computer Quality Control, Helpdesk Technician, Alienware PC systems 7

August 2013

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August 2013

Our “Meet & Greet” Events

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August 2013

Our “Strength in Unity” Event

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Haitian Heritage Month


August 2013

August 2013

Collaboration Events


August 2013

Collaboration Events


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August 2013

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August 2013


August 2013

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Business card size advertisement on the Chamber’s Website Link from the Chamber’s website to the corporation’s website A Technical Assistance visit per year (per request) Free listing in the Chamber’s annual publication Advertisement in the Chamber’s Newsletter Listing in Chamber’s Directory Membership certificate Chamber-to-Chamber discount programs Invitation to the chamber’s Functions Quarterly newsletter

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August 2013

JOIN THE CHAMBER TODAY! Please send your completed application and membership dues to: Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida 1510 NE 162nd Street North Miami Beach, FL 33162 Company Name President/Owner Contact Person



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Business References (Business Name, Contact Person, Telephone and E-mail) 1. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I hereby make application for membership in the Haitian American Chamber of Commerce of Florida. When accepted, I will abide by the Chamber’s by-laws, support the Chamber’s objectives and pay the prescribed annual membership dues until such time as I may desire to terminate by formal written notification. All Applications are subject to Board approval. Signature ____________________________________________________

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Name on Card: __________________________________ Credit Card # _______________________________________ Exp. Date _________ Security Code __________ Your cancelled check is your receipt. Please complete and sign the application form and attach your check made payable to: Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida. Tax ID 20-2373322

Membership Levels: Corporate: $750.00

Preferred: $450.00

Regular: $200.00

* New Members please add a first year, one-time $50.00 administrative fee. 17

Professional: $100.00

August 2013

Upcoming Events: Job Fair: Medical Expo C-Sponsored by: HACCOF Date: Wednesday, August 21st, 2013 Time: 11:00 am -2:00 pm Location: Clinton Brown Hall 18501 NW 7th Avenue Miami Gardens, FL 33169

Grand Re-Opening : Haitian Historical Museum & Archives Art Exhibit: Thursday, Aug 22nd, 2013 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: Friday, Aug 23rd, 2013 Times: 7pm (both events) Location: 645 NE 127th Street North Miami, FL 33161

Women In Production: Business Development Seminars Sponsored by: HACCOF & Miami-Dade County Save the Date: Thursday, August 29th, 2013 Location: Azure College 1525 NW 167th St Miami Gardens, FL 33169

2013 Black Enterprise Golf & Tennis Challenge Date: Labor Day Weekend, Aug 29th – Sept 1st Time: 11:00-1:30 PM Location: PGA National Resort & Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Leaders and Professionals Fun Day - Picnic Date: Saturday, August 31st, 2013 Time: 11:00 am – 4:00 pm Location: Oleta Park, 3400 NE 163rd St. North Miami, FL 33160

Doing Business in Haiti Hosted by: PADF, USAID, HACCOF & Consulate of Haiti in Miami Save the Date: Thursday, September 12th, 2013 Location: Little Haiti Cultural Center Working the Maze of Certification 2 Hosted by: Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce Date: Thursday, September 26th, 2013 Time: 11:00-1:30 PM Location: Carrie Meek Entrepreneurial Education Center 6300 NW 7th Ave Miami, FL

The 6th Annual DAC Awards Gala & Fundraiser Proceeds to benefit: The Chief Sandrell Rivers Arts & Education Scholarship Fund & the Diaspora Arts Coalition

Date: Saturday, October 26th, 2013 @ 6:30 pm Location: Miami Shores Country Club 10000 Biscayne Blvd Miami Shores, FL 33138 18

August 2013

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April 2013

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Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida 1510 NE 162nd Street North Miami Beach, FL 33162

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