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Capture the feeling of summer The smell of grass, dry sand and the sea.I love the feeling of the wind seeping around my shoulders when biking through meadows and summer woods. One of those days where it´s wonderful to wear a light summer dress without sleeves. Those days are few in this part of the globe. Seize the moment and enjoy it. For this collection I looked for fabrics which supports the sense of summer. The natural faded linen, the linen knit, the coolness, the light and airy fabrics. The more structured natural linen and the bubbly indigo japanese style fabric, which I´m totally in love with.

I design dresses which have the potential of becoming one of those dresses you just love to be reunited with every summer. Blouse • Style Mc647 A Dress • Style Mc647 D

Crispy and light Blouse • Style Mc647 A A-line dress • Style Mc647 C Dress • Style Mc647 E

A fabric inspired by the ocean and time. A fabric with a touch of shallow water. Dress • Style Mc644 D

Linen structure and heavy durable fabrics Long shirt • Mc650 B Linen top • Mc644 A

Fabric can tell more than a thousands words‌ I love when fabrics are telling me a story. Like when you find a flowered piece of linen in an old summer cottage. A piece of fabric which has witnessed many years of history. The sunbleached flowers, the softly washed linen fabric which falls beautiful. In coorporation with our textile designer we achieved this expression in this printed linen for a handful of poetic summer styles.

Summerprinted linen with a nostalgic touch Dress • Style Mc648 D Scarf • Style Mc648 G

White crispy viscose/cotton in a delicate combination with structured indigo linen and a printed summer skirt Indigo shirt • Style Mc646 B White shirt • Style Mc649 B Skirt • Style Mc648 E

The importance of a good summer coat Some summers you are lucky, some summers you are not…… - one thing is certain, the nordic summer is unfaithful so you must be prepared. I love designing coats which makes you feel well dressed whether you are on the way home from the beach or you are waiting for a bus on a rainy afternoon in April. We are taking great care in selecting colours and fabrics for this part of the collection so you still keep the sense of summer and ”easy to wear” feeling.

Water repellent fabric and relaxed design Coat • Style Mc640 C Knitted dress • Style Mc643 C

Almost white Jacket • Style Mc640 A

The colour of the lagoon - water repellent and oversized in the cosy way.. Coat • Style Mc640 B

Linen knit, indigo blue and structure in perfect combination Jacket • Style Mc646 C Linen knit • Style Mc643 B Trousers • Style Mc646 H

Maxi dresses and small details Dress • Style Mc646 E

Everybody knows that the Scandinavian summer is unreliable. This summer was no exception. We had to move the date for the photoshoot several times and ended up with a nice monday in June, representing all aspects of the Danish summer. For the first time in the almost 30 years of McVerdi´s history this date coincided with my vacation to wonderful Iceland. A very positive experience to see how things resolves themselves when you leave it to your trusted team. The team that day was photographer Jeppe Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, stylist Jannie G. Andersen, my right hand and my very important design assistant and daughter Juliane Marie Honoré The well known face of McVERDI Malene, together with Anne Sofie. They went to a secret spot near the sea and did all these delicate pictures with which my friend Tina Saaby and I created this catalogue. Thanks again to all McVERDI team. Thanks for making me laugh so much and thanks for taking care of the company as if it was your own. Thanks to all our loyal costumers – you are the true McVERDI ambassadors. Lotte Honoré

Always feel welcome to visit our web shop, one of our three shops or contact us for a retailer near your. The three shops: Nordre Strandvej 153, 3140 Ålsgårde Østerbrogade 112, 2100 København Ø Guldsmedgade 24, 8000 Århus C Contact details: Telefon +45 70204540

Spring/Summer 2017  


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