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McVeigh Parker the best in our field

McVeigh Parker fencing, farming and equestrian supplies was founded in 1979 for the supply of agricultural equipment and fencing to farmers and associated industries. The company has grown significantly since then and now has seven depots nationwide, all extensively stocked and ready for fast and reliable delivery by our own delivery fleet. We offer an extensive range of products for a vast array of applications at very competitive prices. Much of our business is from returning satisfied customers and new clients often by referral. McVeigh Parker is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001. We purchase from leading mills with full FSC & PEFC certification, showing full compliance with the highest social and environmental standards in the market.




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Post & Rail



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Stakes & Stobs

P 20

Domestic Fencing



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Clipex Fencing

P 21



Troughs & Drinkers

P 13 -14

Clipex & X™ fence® P 22


Cattle Equipment

P 15

Wire Kits

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Water Harvesting


Sheep Equipment

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Premium Wire

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Working With Water


Electric Fence

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Rights Of Way

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Fencing & Wire

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Notes & Security



• Delivery FREE over £250.00 within a 70 mile

radius of our depots.

• For nationwide delivery under 20kg only £9.50* • Next day express delivery if required, charged at


• Collection from branch • Outside our depot radius, extra costs may apply * Price may vary depending on location and package size.

Tel: 0845 120 7755 Email:

Ways To Contact Us

Phone - Experienced manned phones at all seven branches between 7:30am - 5:00pm Monday Friday excluding Bank Holidays

Email - We endeavour to reply within one hour to a maximum of 24 hours See back page

MP Wholesale

A dedicated team with specific products designed to offer trade stockists and contractors the very best rates in order to compete in a competitive market. If you would like to discuss buying in volume on a regular basis please in the first instance contact our trade division on Tel: 0845 120 7766 email: For full branch details please see back cover




Rylock Products McVeigh Parker are pleased to announce that we are a UK stockist for Rylock products throughout the UK. Offering the full range from barbed wire to 500m rolls of HT8/80/15. For more information please call 0845 120 7755

Forge Knot

Xtralife Line Wire

Forge Knot is the new economical galvanised alternative to X™ fence®

Alu/zinc coated 2.5mm HT lasts three to four times longer

Visqueen Silage Sheets

BPI Visqueen sheets now stocked

Barbed Wire

Petrol Post Driver

The easy petrol post driver, portable, lightweight and powerful, ideal for small or long runs and those awkward to get at places.

Beckart Benzinal® coated black twin strand high tensile 2.0mm barbed wire. It lasts 3 to 4 times longer than traditional galvanised wire.

Clipex 30 Year Guaranteed Post

More details online

Clipex fencing revolution, fences being supplied to all corners of the UK and Ireland.

More details online

Prices valid until 31st of May 2015 or whilst stocks last. Correct at time of print, subject to change E & OE. Prices excludes VAT & Carriage Subject to T&C’s


HARVEST Harvest Products

Stockist Of Leading Brands • Quantity Discounts • Group Rates • Special Terms Continuity Of Service And Price • Early Season Deals • All Products Guaranteed

Super Strength Silage Sheets Code: SS


Code: SS4

“Bristish Made” Look online for more details and sizes.

• Manufactured in 100 and 200 microns • Designed to offer great mechanical properties and excellent resistance to tearing and impact


Code: SS2

• 40 micron clear sheet used in

conjunction with silage sheets creates a better fermentation process which in turn produces higher quality feed.

• High tack level and long life ensures trouble-free wrapping

“No More Tyres”

Silage Covers

• Protecting silage sheets without the use of tyres


Code: SS3


Code: SS5

Tapes & Patches • 75mm and 100mm tape • 220 patches per roll

• Side to side technology guarantees full bale coverage

MP Silage Nets

Code: SS6

• Cordex twines offer a consistently high performance • Various sizes available • Giant spool now stocked

“Whether it's straw, silage, hay or maize, we have it covered” Protect your investment – from foxes, badgers and birds. Prices exclude VAT and Carriage. Subject to T&C’s.


TROUGHS & DRINKERS Galvanised Water Troughs

10 Gallon Plastic Trough





Code: JFCDT10

Code: WT302

• 2270 litre (500 gallon) • Complete with integral service box • 3.0m x 1.2m x 0.6m

• Tamper proof sealed box • Standard H.P. ball valve. • 10ltr/Min at 3 bar pressure

30 Gallon Plastic Trough

“Thousands of troughs in stock”

Trough Kit


£92.37 Code: KWT06

327 litre (72 gallon) Trough set • 1.8m Trough • Part 2 ballvalve, float and elbow

Concrete trough supports and pavers available at extra cost

Universal Drinkers

• Tamper proof sealed box • Easy access valve box • Standard H.P. ball valve. • Fast flow H.P. ball valve. • 10ltr/Min at 3 bar pressure • 175ltr/Min at 3 bar pressure. • Also comes with two drain ONLY plugs




Code: JFCDT30


Micro Bowl






Code: WTB010

• 9.87 litres (2.17 gallons) • c/w ballvalve • Galvanised



• 4 litres (0.9 gallons) • Twin wall for added strength and insulation

Over 40 sizes to choose from in both plastic and steel

Prices exclude VAT and Carriage. Subject to T&C’s.


CATTLE EQUIPMENT Dexter / Yearling Cattle Crush

Crusader Easy Access Cattle Crush




Code: TC40005

£1119.25 Code: TC41465

• 4 removable rails for easy access • Yoke as standard Crusader crush • Suitable for calf fostering • Rear gate as standard

Cattle Hurdle kit

“27 designs to choose from”

• Designed for smaller breeds such as Dexter or Yearling animals • 2.050mm l x 660mm w x 1560mm h

Chieftain Rotating Rump Bar Cattle Crush





Code: TC41230

Code: KCH

• Fully welded flat tread plate floor. • Pallet fork points • High 1900mm x Length 2620mm

• 10 x 3.05m x 1.525m heavy duty cattle hurdles • Includes coupling bars

Calving Hurdle Deluxe


£323.89 Code: TC3250

• An indispensable hurdle • 3050mm long

Portable Handling System


£1140.79 Code: KCHS

• 10 x 3m x 1.5m high cattle hurdles • 3 x race arches, 2 with gates • 15 x drop rods


CATTLE EQUIPMENT Calf Creep Feeder Heavy Duty

Tombstone Feeder





Code: TC2150

Code: TC8155

• Fork lifting facility • 3 point linkage

• 2.2m dia standard • Heavy duty standard

“Special Deal”

4.57m Portable 2 in 1 Unit Trough


“Special Deal”




Code: TC1120

Code: TC1160

• 4575mm long x 1255mm high complete with 610mm wide trough

• 4575mm long x 1255mm high complete with 790mm wide trough

“Whilst Stocks Last”

High Density Feeder

Free Standing Feed Trough




£131.02 N.B Image shows badger roller kit not included

Cattle Feed Trailer

Code: TC2180

Code: TC6145

Badger protection roller kit available, sold separately • 24 feed spaces • Timber base available • 3.0m x 1.5m

Calf De-horning Crate




• 4.57m x 1.8m • Feed trailer with 30 spaces • With retractable tow bar

Code: TC8200

£1870.00 Code: TC2330

• Large 1185 x 1195 x 480 • Wheels and handles extra

Prices exclude VAT and Carriage. Subject to T&C’s.


SHEEP EQUIPMENT Sheep Circular Feeder

Cradle Hay Feeder





Code: TS2200

Code: TS2110

• 24 feed spaces • 1.24m x 1.70m x 0.9m, galvanised • Lid available (extra cost)

Ewe -Turnover Crate


£685.00 Code: TS7100

Sheep Feed Trough



EACH Code: TS4140

Ordering 10 + Code: TS4140


• Safest and easiest way to handle your sheep.


• 2.7m Sheep feed trough heavy duty galvanised.

Timber Feed Trough


Lamb Weigher




Code: TS4000

Code: TS7200

• 3.0m long. Only available in Store, Scotland

• Fits into race • 100 Kg scales

Sheep Wheeled Hayrack 2.4m


Lamb Creep Feeder

£194.00 Code: TS3210


£268.56 Code: TS3335

• New and improved design • 2.4m trolley. 3.0m also available

Economy Portable Sheep Race

• Easy exit ladder for safety • 234 litre hopper • 2.4m long


£468.62 Code: KSRE

• 2.4m hurdles • Drafting and guillotine gate Prices exclude VAT and Carriage. Subject to T&C’s.


ELECTRIC FENCE Electric Fencing For: Containment

Temporary Or Permanent Mains / Battery / Solar


We offer a full range of products to offer you a simple, effective and complete electric fencing solution. With our bulk buying we can offer you the very best prices available in the market, along with informative expert advice.


“Star buy”

Rope 6mm

Electrified Netting 50m



£73.50 Code: KEF05

• 0.5 joule Battery / mains Duo • 3 Year warranty • Plus 40 FREE screw insulators

Green Horse Multi Strup

• 6mm monofilament polyethylene • 6 x 0.2 stainless wires

Off Set Insulator 100mm


Screw In Ring Insulators

Code: EF9045

• 1080mm high • Includes support posts • Also available in 50m rolls

Spring Gate Kit

100+ ONLY



52p e

Per 50 Code: EF1015

• Ideal for temporary electric fence • 1.55m long


Code: EF3034 Green / White or White only


“Equates to £1.70 each”



Code: EF4010

Code: EF2036

• Also available in 200m and 600m

100+ ONLY

15p e

“Full brochure available online or in store”

• Stretches up to approx 5m

Rabbit Electric Netting


£71.50 Per 50m Code: EF9002

Code: EF2025

• Screw in insulator

• 50m length • 65cm high

“Equates to 15p each” Prices exclude VAT and Carriage. Subject to T&C’s.


FENCING & WIRE Fencing - Wire - Security - Domestic - Agricultural

Top brands at low prices • Over 10,000 rolls of barbed wire in three sizes Over 50 sizes and gauges of hexagonal wire • Over 60 types of hinge joint and X™ fence® wire to suit all budgets and projects • Over 1 million metres of coiled wire

Hinged Joint

X™ fence®

Wire Netting

Chain Link






Per Metre

Per Metre

Per Metre

Per Metre


Welded Mesh FROM


Light Welded Mesh

Forge Knot


Rylock Wire






Per Metre

Per Metre

Per Metre

Per Metre

Barbed Wire




Per Metre

* Metre rates are an indication only of what is available, these can change subject to specification and quantity.


Line Wire




Per Metre

Prices exclude VAT and Carriage. Subject to T&C’s.

TOOLS Ezepull Ultra Crimp 5-1 Tool

Gripple Contractor Tool





Code: A1518

Code: A2247

Gripple Torq Each



Crimps to suit 1.6 to 4.00mm wire

Code: A1510 The all metal Gripple Contractor tool is strong, robust and built to withstand everyday wear and tear.

Knipex Cutters, Model

Galvanised Spinning Jenny





Code: A2200

Code: A2043

The professionals choice, cuts components like bolt, nails and rivets upto 5.2mm. Chrome vanadium heavy-duty steel, forged, oil-hardened.

Maun Pliers



Folding Spinning Jenny The simple and effective way of unrolling coils of line wire.

Netting Pliers Offer

Code: A2020

Vertical jaw wire cutters, the professional tool


£62.65 Code: A2201


£44.00 Code: KNGD

Rapid gun ABS with glass fibre design. Cartridge capacity 50. • One gun • 3 boxes of clips

Simple Wire Pullers


Chain Grab Strainer



Code: A2245


Hook Chain Strainer

Code: A2215

Boundary Clamp Kit




Code: A2210

£254.00 Code: KSBC

Clevis hook chain strainer c/w hook ends and 6m chain. Prices exclude VAT and Carriage. Subject to T&C’s.


STAKES & STOBS Most customers spend time deciding what specification of wire to buy and what labour to use when planning their fencing requirements. Whilst this tends to form the main expenditure of their project, the timber stakes are an afterthought with their cost usually the main issue prior to purchasing. Stakes are as important, if not more important, to the longevity of the fence and time should be taken to fully consider the options available before commencing. This very competitive market has numerous variants and knowing exactly what they are is complex. We have listed some of the options available to you with a brief description on their make up and their expected longevity.

Clipex Steel Post

Creosoted Pressure Treated (Redwoods only)

UC4 – User Class 4 (Redwoods only)

• 600grm zinc coating • Quick clip fixing (no staples required) • 30 year guarantee on Clipex posts*

• Selected redwoods only • Timber kiln dried • Sticked packs • Desired life in excess of 20 - 25 years

• UC4 branded • Timber kiln dried • Sticked packs • Guaranteed to BS8417 • 15 year desired life

Chestnut Timber

Merchantable Quality Mixed Species


• UK Coppiced • Longevity, winter cut should give a desired life of 10 - 15 years

• Ideal for pipelines, rented ground or where initial cost is a priority • Variable service life

• 75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm stobs stocked in Scotland branch

Stocked Timber Round • Half • Quarter • Sawn Posts • Rails • Gate Posts

Sawn Timber

Numerous timber sizes stocked throughout the Uk • Sawn UC4 Timber • rails and gate posts stocked in various profiles *30 year guarantee online

Prices exclude VAT and Carriage. Subject to T&C’s.


CLIPEX FENCING No stapling required


- 30 year guaranteed fencing*

Clipex fencing solution - 50% quicker to erect

Surprisingly cost effective - Life time savings upto 50%

. generations re tu fu r fo g Fencin ? Why gamble


Push the wire into the slot putting pressure on the keeper.


Push the wire down, the keeper will automatically close.

Have you had enough of …. Replacing fencing stakes on a regular basis, collapsing wire, hide damage, head entrapment and wool collection.

By using a good quality high tensile wire netting with a one piece vertical wire you can save by reducing the quantity of intermediate stakes. They can be spaced up to 4.5m apart or greater as terrain allows. By using a good quality long lasting stake, such as Clipex, you won’t have to replace it for over 30 years. By using Xtralife line wire or Benzinal black coated HT barbed wire top line, you can be sure to have a fence that will out perform other brands. This fence life is unrivalled and unlike many misconceptions is a minimum of 50% cheaper than current specifications when taken over a 30 year period, with the advantage of being quicker to erect.

30 YEAR Guarantee on Clipex posts

· Bekart Black Benzinal coated triple life barbed wire · 24% stronger abrasive X™ knot

· 600grm galvanised zinc coating

· Alu/zinc Xtralife coated wire

· Dacroment coated clip

· One piece vertical wire StaYFast Strainers Simple all steel design, quick and easy to install.

· Stainless steel rivets · 450 Grade high tensile steel · Strengthening base plate

30 Year

· Anti lift device

*30 year guarantee online

More details online Good quality timber can be used as an alternative strainer.

Call for further details 0845 120 7755 12

CLIPEX & X™ fence® Clipex Standards, StaYFast strainers and Lamb friendly X™ fence® with Benzinal® black HT barbed wire 1000m+ from £2.86 per metre

30 Year

Clipex Standards with Lamb friendly X™ fence® using timber UC4 strainer 1000m+ from £2.57 per metre


Clipex Calculator Clipex ECO with HT hinged joint and HT barbed wire

Deer X™ fence® with Clipex Deer Standards and StaYFast strainers Clipex railway X™ fence® with HT barbed wire and HT line wire. Also suitable for cattle fencing.

Pasture Post

Eco Post

Ask for a quote today

Standard Post

• High 1.5m • High 1.8m • Ideal for electric strip grazing • Suits hinged joint 8-80 • Demarcation post • Plus two barbed/plain wire


• High 1.8m or 3.0m • Suits X™ fence® Stock 8-80 / Deer 13-190 • Plus barbed/plain wire

CLIPEX & X™ fence® Just some of the high profile projects that have used Clipex and X™ fence®....

Clipex and Livestock X™ fence® c/w top line wires

Emergency repairs Clipex line wire and barbed wire

Clipex with Rabbit netting

Clipex and Poultry X™ fence®

Clipex and Deer X™ fence® with StaYFast strainers 1000m+ from £3.68 per metre

Beefy Post

Rock Post

StaYFast Strainer

• High 2.0m or 3.0m • Suits X™ fence® 8-80 / 13-190 • Plus barbed/plain wire

• High 1.5m • Suits X™ fence® 8-80 • Plus two barbed/plain wire


• High 2.4m or 3.0m • Quick long life all steel strainer • Quick to install

WIRE KITS Why not speed up the project, quicker erection and longer lasting using Clipex intermediates. All Cipex posts come with a 30 year guarantee

Premium Lamb Friendly Boundary Kit 1000m

Kit contains: XHT8-80-22 X™ fence®, Benzinal barbed wire, UC4 timber or Clipex inters and StaYFast strainers. The wider mesh reduces head entrapment and tag loss. Based on spacing of 4.5m inters, 150m strainers

TIMBER 30 Year



£2.84 mtr


Offer per metre



Offer per metre



£3.98 mtr

£2.12 £2.86

Regular Rabbit Protection 500m Package

A fence suited to the job at a very competitive price. Taller and heavier gauge versions available. Clipex inters at 6m centres and timber strainers.

TIMBER CLIPEX Economy Boundary Kit 1000m


KRRP1 Code



Offer per metre


Offer per metre

£2.23 mtr £3.08 mtr

£1.52 £1.95

Economical choice lightweight cost effective mild hinge jointed fence and 2 rows of barbed wire. Using UC4 timber stakes and strainers. Based on spacing of 2.4m inters, 80m strainers. Also stocked in HT X™ fence® and heavier gauge versions. Ideal for temporary or rented land.





£2.10 mtr

Offer per metre


Pheasant / Poultry Pen Kit - 100m x 100m

Posts, galvanised netting, line wire, staples, clips and electric fence deterrent system complete kit. For a 100m square pen enough for 750 birds maximum. 1050 x 18g base netting, 1200 x 19g top netting. FREE netting clips and gun with first order Full details online or contact us for alternative specifications

“Plastic deer and game bird net stocked”


Prices exclude VAT and Carriage. Subject to T&C’s.






Offer per metre


Offer per metre

£3.94 mtr £7.10 mtr

£2.87 £5.26

PREMIUM WIRE NETTING The ORIGINAL X™ fence® Premium wire netting

"Often copied but seldom equalled" Why is X™ fence® the premium wire netting of choice? • It’s only manufactured from 100% primary metals • The Alu/Zinc coating offers greater longevity, up to four times

longer. • The coating makes the wire more malleable, making it easier to tie off without snapping prematurely. • 24% stronger non-abrasive X™ knot joint. • One-piece vertical wires.

What does the above mean to you?

• Consistent tensile strength on every wire, every time. Retains tensile strength for life. • Longer life, outlasts normal galvanised wire by three to four times. • Stronger non-abrasive joint means minimal vertical wire movement and no hide damage or

wool collection.

• Saving - One piece vertical wire and prime high tensile wire allow you to have intermediate

posts up to 6 metres apart, even at 4.5m there is still a 40% saving in materials and labour.

• Peace of mind – Once erected you will have a fence that will look good and be as effective

years later.

30 Year guarantee – Combine X™ fence® wire with Clipex all steel fencing system and you will have a fence that offers unrivalled performance. Quicker to erect, longer lasting than other alternatives, over 30 years life with a minimum 40% saving in both materials and labour.



“Main agents for CentreWire and IAE products throughout UK”


Galvanised tubular steel field gate with integral self closing pedestrian step through gate and auto latch. Field gate installed height 1.2m. Width as required. Integral step through gate. Height 0.95m. Width 0.7m. Step over Height 0.2m. With pedestrians able to pass through the self closing step gate, the field gate can remain closed or even locked if required. An old idea applied to field gates. It is particularly suitable where there is insufficient room for separate field and kissing gates.

Woodstock - Pedestrian

Woodstock - Medium Mobility

“From £217.00 per set” H-Frame provides rigidity and ease of installation. The gate self closes and latches automatically, developed for where space is limited.

Galvanised steel hoops, MARLOW heavy-duty galvanised mesh gate with integral H-frame posts, self closing gate system and auto catch.

Hingless Barrier

Bridle Gate

Featuring all the security features of a Rectangular or Triangular Barrier gate manufactured from 100 x 50 RHS but with the addition of ‘hingless’ opening system making the gate even less susceptible to vandalism.

H-Frame system provides permanent alignment of latch and gate and is easy to install. Easy Latch and self closing gate system enables the gate to be easily opened from horseback.

Cattle Grids

Cattle grids are becoming an increasingly popular solution to containing livestock movement in areas where gates are otherwise not required. We are able to order grids ranging in capacity from 10-40 tonne. Important notice: The capacities above rely on support walls in the correct position.



“All steel and wooden gates available in 0.9m - 4.8m lengths”

Trio Field Gate Offer

• 3 x 3.6m Seven rail Spring bolt gate, sleeved eyes • Box braced, box end stiles • 3 x 114mm hanging post, galvanised OFFER • 3 x 114mm slotted post, galvanised D-Loop available at extra cost


“Equates to £116.33 per set” Wooden Gate Kit 3.6m

Code: KMG12

Yeoman Entrance Gate 3.6m





Code: KWG712

Code: KWG512

Gate kit includes: • 1 x 3.6m Softwood Yeoman entrance gate • 1 x 3.6m wide x 1.2m tall softwood gate • 1 x galvanised fittings • 1 x 2.4m x 175mm x 175mm UC4 four way • 2 x 2.4m x 175mm x 175mm UC4 four way posts weathered post also available in sustainable hardwood finish • 1 x 2.1m x 175 x 175mm four way weathered post N.B. When ordering please state if you require left or right hand hanging gates, these are specially made so delivery times may • 1 x 600mm adjustable hanging kit plus spring vary. catch set - galvanised

Metal Field Gate Pair 7.2m

Deer / Security Meshed Gate 3.6m





Code: KMGPR12

• Seven rail gate with padlockable dropover frame and drop bolt • 7.2m overall pair, complete with 114mm reversed pin hanging post for extra security

Barrier Gate Set 4.57m

Code: KMGD

• 1.86m high with padlockable sliding bolt c/w Timber posts and fittings • Metal posts available


Wooden Kissing Gate

£322.63 Code: KBG15


£140.00 Code: WG910

• c/w inverted metal hanging posts • Padlockable


• Simple wooden kissing gate set

POST & RAIL Post & Rail Half Round 180m 3 Rail

The most popular and cost effective paddock fencing • 3 rail fence (2 & 4 rail options available) • 150 x 3.6m 100mm / 125mm Half round rails • 101 x 1.8m 100mm / 125mm Half round stakes • Larch or pine only

“Equates to £4.87 per metre” KIT OFFER



£1110.00 KHR02 Sawn Post & Rail (3 rail) 180m



Clean looking fence that is a familiar sight along many roadsides. • 3 rail fence (2 & 4 rail options available) • 150 x 3.6m x 87mm x 38mm rails • 101 x 1.8m 125mm x 75mm pointed posts • UC4 in ground contact posts




£1308.00 KSPR Pressure Creosoted 180m


“Equates to £6.03 per metre”


Used around many equine establishments to prevent horse cribbing, whilst also offering a good service life. • 3 rail fence (2 & 4 rail options available) • 150 x 3.6m x 87mm x 38mm rails • 101 x 1.8m 125mm x 75mm pointed posts • Pressure creosoted pine only




“Equates to £10.99 per metre”





Cleft Chestnut Post & 2 Rail Fencing 87m

Coppiced from English woodland - rustic and long lasting. • 60 x Quality chestnut cleft rails, ended • 31 x Quality chestnut cleft posts, twin mortices 3 rail option also stocked Softwood or oak post also available.

“Equates to £9.10 per metre”








N.B Smaller quantities will incur additional costs and carriage.

Prices exclude VAT and Carriage. Subject to T&C’s.


DOMESTIC FENCING Waney Edge Panel 18m Kit OFFER £20.05 Per Metre KWP6

“Great for gardens” 18m of 1.8m tall panel fencing. Waney panel fencing is probably the most common and economic domestic fencing. This form of fencing is both easy to erect and gives immediate privacy. Includes: • 10 x 1800mm x 1800mm standard garden fencing panel • 11 x 2400mm 100mm x 100mm treated UC4 posts • 1 x 2kg 50mm nails • 40 x panel clips Don’t forget to order your quick set post mix

1.8m Closeboard Panels c/w Concrete Posts, 18m Kit OFFER £27.18 Per Metre KWP7

• 10 x 1800mm x 1800mm closeboard framed panels • 11 x 2400mm 100mm x 100mm slotted concrete posts • 10 x Concrete gravel 1.8m x 150mm boards Stronger longer lasting fence.

Don’t forget to order your quick set post mix

1.8m Standard Closeboard 30m Kit OFFER £22.14 Per Metre KCB

All pressure treated softwood. • 11 x 2.4m 100mm x 100mm ½ b/w morticed posts UC4 • 30 x 3m x 75mm x 75mm ended arris rails • 10 x 3m 150mm x 22mm gravel boards • 10 x Peg 0.6m x 50mm x 50mm • 20 x Cleats • 390 x 1.65m x 100mm x 22mm feather edge Premium kit available with capping and larger posts Add an extra £3.34 per metre KPCB1

Parkland Fencing OFFER £28.80 Per Metre KPF4

A Victorian style estate parkland fencing. • 5 rail fence in hot-dip galv finish for longer life • Supplied loose in 5m sections for on-site erection

“Great for estates”

Hazel Wattle Hurdles 18m Kit

N.B Smaller quantities will incur additional costs and carriage. Prices exclude VAT and Carriage. Subject to T&C’s.


OFFER £20.35 Per Metre KHH6

These hazel panels provide a strong, quick and natural screen. Approx life expectancy is 3-5 years. • 10 x 1800mm x 1800mm hazel hurdles • 11 x 2400mm 75mm UC4 round posts • 1 x Coil tying wire

EQUINE Riding Arena 40m x 20m

“Other sizes available”

All you need to erect your own arena, just add your choice of £2365.85 topping and hardcore (not supplied). • 3 rail fence 87mm x 38mm x 3.6m rails KRA • 2.1m x 125mm x 75mm posts, UC4 • 35mm thick retaining boards, 300mm deep • 3.6m Universal gate, posts and fittings • 1350m² woven membrane, for base layer • 900m² spun membrane, for top layer • 225m perforated land drainage pipe


Dog Pen


Stud Rail

FROM £27.63

OFFER £329.88

FROM £1.47



Per Metre

• Recycled plastic board 2.44m x 1.22m • 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm thickness stocked

• 2m x 2m x 1.95 high • Supplied in modular form

Ring Mats

Stable Mats

• 7.5mm or 100mm wide • White or brown with two high tensile galvanised line wires • Safe, secure and easy to install Chew resistant

Corn Bin

OFFER £22.73

OFFER £29.92 e

OFFER £176.61




Per Mat

• 1m x 1.5m x 23mm • Non-slip rubber mat • 25mm holes • Multi purpose anti slip mat

Thoroughbred Barrow


• 1800 x 1200 x 17mm heavy duty rubber • Provide a dust free, hygienic and easy to clean environment

Filly Barrow

• 3 compartment, 335kg/ 630 litre • 10 other sizes to choose from

Tipping Trailer

OFFER £97.50

OFFER £66.36

OFFER £575.00




• Thoroughbred 250 litre twin barrow, puncture proof tyres. • All steel wheels

• 130 litre single wheel barrow with Galvanised frame puncture proof tyres. 500 litre plastic pan • All steel wheels Prices exclude VAT and Carriage. Subject to T&C’s.


LANDSCAPE Permeable Plastic Pavers Kit 50 Sq/m²

Grass Protection Kit 120 Sq/m²



ONLY £5.76

Sq/m² KPPP1

Sq/m² KGP1

“225 free fixing pins" • New improved fixing • The ecological answer to concrete • Maximises surface drainage • Simple ground preparation • Fill with your choice of topping • 450 x 330mm x 330mm x 40mm plastic pavers Look online for installation guide

Oak Sleepers

An economical way to extend grassed areas to semi hard standing, overspill car parks, caravan parks, pathways, access routes, gateways. • 3 x 2m x 20m Grass protection mesh rolls • (15 x 15 mesh) Green • Heavier grades stocked

“Free box of sleeper screws”

Membrane Kits - min 1300 Sq/m²

OFFER £22.41 10 +

FROM 24p Per Metre



• 2.4m x 200mm x 100mm green oak • Ideal for lightweight landscaping and planters • Other sleepers stocked in treated softwood and reclaimed hardwood creosoted in sizes 250mm x 125mm and 250mm x 150mm

Aluminium Lawn Edging

This a is durable and tough woven ground support fabric. Don’t get stuck in a rut, use MP membrane when applying a granular layer to any soil foundation. This will prevent intermixing of the soft sub grade with the granular layer. This will SAVE on aggregate, reduce long term maintenance costs. It’s quick and easy to install.

FROM £7.45 Per Metre SPECIAL

Permanent - no maintenance required • 102mm x 2438mm, (14 per pack) • Easy to install • Saves hours of future edging work • Keeps your garden, estates and parks at their best • Available in natural, brown and green aluminium

Prices exclude VAT and Carriage. Subject to T&C’s.


WATER HARVESTING Harvest more than once a year with rainwater harvesters. Save water, save money!

Pasture Pump Kit With the Water Frame Directive and the Catchment Sensitive Farming Delivery Initiative, water is becoming a more valuable ONLY essential resource than ever before. Costs of £270.75 providing water are set to rise in the future. Code: KPP Harvesting this natural supply is one way of controlling your expenses whilst also supporting and improving the environment. More details can be found on • Ideal for riparian zones, reduce livestock downloads from watercourses • Comes with pipe and fittings • PDF and video online for full details

Rain Water Harvesting Kits


£CALL • Tank, filter, siphon overflow, inlet and internal pipe

Non-Potable Water Storage Tanks









Code: OTD1272

Code: OTD1270

6250 litre single skin

10,000 litre single skin


25,000 litre single skin

WORKING WITH WATER Guttering & Fittings

From roof to soil we have a plastic product to suit your needs.

“Huge Savings

Domestic 110mm Industrial 160mm Coming soon! Industrial 180mm Cast Iron effect also available

Onduline Roofing Sheet black

Twin Wall Pipe Perforated 6m x 225mm



20 + OFFER

Code: LDPTW10


Code: RS300


£48.17 £42.00e

Green and red also available, nails and ridges stocked.

• Twin wall land drainage pipe 6m lengths • 150mm, 225mm, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm diameters stocked - available up to 1200mm dia • Couplers extra

Land Drainage Perforated 80mm

Septic Tanks



Code: LDP080




£78.00 £72.00e

Code: OT6010

3 x 100m x 80mm perforated 60, 100 and 160mm also stocked

Treatment plants up to 300 persons also available

MDPE Water Pipe

Stoptap Chamber



Per Metre


Philmac Polygrip Stockists

£18.00 MDPE water pipe 20mm,

"The connection you can trust"

Code: JFCSTC 25mm, 32mm, 50mm and

63mm dia available

110mm x 6m BS Single Socketed Underground Pipe



Code: BM4406



Fittings and other sizes stocked Prices exclude VAT and Carriage. Subject to T&C’s.


TANKS Fuel Dispensers • A bunded tank with integral pump, auto nozzle and hose • 240 volt. (Battery version also available) £1142.13 • Comes with a floatation gauge OTD1046 • Flow meters are also available as an optional extra

V1340 ONLY

V2350 ONLY

£835.00 OTD1043

“Limited stocks at this price, buy now”

9400 Diesel Dispenser



450 Litres

1235 Litres

1340 Litres

2500 Litres

5000 Litres


Code: OTD1064



£696.99 Code: OTD1010

• 9400 diesel dispenser • Mechanical overfill valve • Electronic overfill alarm • Bund alarm • OCIO contents gauging • 10 micron water and particulate filter • Lead light • Drip tray • Lockable door • Low level fill with non return valve • 60 litres per metre as standard (faster 100LPM available)

Steel Tanks

£POA Bunded lockable steel tanks available


NEW smaller footprint 2500 litre Bunded Derv dispenser with metal external frame only 1.2m x 2.0m footprint

Optional extras: DMS - diesel management system Retractable hose reel


Bunded Tanks For Home And Commercial SL1000


• 1340 litre storage tank






NOTES & SECURITY Concertina Barbed Tape


10 + ONLY

Code: F2021

Code: F2021

£23.56 £20.42 A simple and effective way of protecting your premises. 450mm dia x 10m coils

Mesh Systems



Per metre when buying 300m + Ask for more details

Above offer is for 1.8m high PPC green mesh system


Prices exclude VAT and Carriage. Subject to T&C’s.


In Store Stockist Offers

Collected in Store or Stockist only – carriage extra. Sheep Hurdles Hayfeeder Baskets EACH




Buying 20 +

Buying 5 +

Code: TS1120 Interlocking heavy duty– fully welded quality hurdles plastic capped 1.8m x 0.968m

Code: TS1100 Double sided heavy duty galvanised feeder. 475mm x 475mm x 490mm

Offers all plus VAT. Offers only valid for the month of March to April 2015, collected in store or stockist.

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Over 5 Million Pounds Worth of Stock


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