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October 2015

October dates for your diary Sunday 4th Trinity XVIII 10am Sung Eucharist. Preacher: Dean Genesis 2:18-24; Hebrews 1:1-4, 2:5-12; Mark 10:2-16. Family values are a strong feature of these readings. Jesus seems to he taking a hard line but knowing that the authorities are out to trick him he simply states the law of the day. Jesus then sets everything into context when the children come to him and uses them as the example of how to enter the Kingdom of God. Wednesday 7th 10am Holy Communion Thursday 8th 7.30pm Vestry meeting at the Rectory Sunday 11th Trinity XIX 10am Sung Eucharist. Preacher: Rosie Amos 5:6-7, 10-15; Hebrews 4:12-16; Mark 10:17-31. Does wealth make one happy or more generous? How does wealth affect our faith and why is the faith growing in the poor parts of our world and not in the affluent areas? Wednesday 14th 10am Holy Communion Thursday 15th Marriage of Alice Turnbull (Ritchie’s sister) to Fraser Seywright Sunday 18th St.Luke’s Day 10am Sung Eucharist. Preacher: Rosie Acts 16:6-12a; 2Timothy 4:5-17; Luke 10:1-9. St.Luke is the patron saint of many occupations not least doctors and artists but he is also the Church’s historian; the recorder of the life of St.Paul and the development and spread of the Early Church. In his Gospel account we are told that the Good News is for all people regardless of who they are. Wednesday 21st 10am Holy Communion

Sunday 25th Bible Sunday 10am Sung Eucharist. Preacher: tba

Isaiah 25;1-11; 2Timothy 3:14-4:5; John 5;36-47. The bible is still the most sold book in the world and the most banned. It is a dangerous book to some and a source of inspiration to many others whether read literally or metaphorically. No one can doubt its influence or magnificence, its unity and its diversity. Today celebrates all that Scripture offers us. Wednesday 28th Ss.Simon & Jude (apostles) 10am Holy Communion Thursday 29th 5pm Diocesan Synod at Haddington Saturday 31st 3.30pm Messy Church at the Parish Church.

The Epistle to the flock I have always liked the month of October and not just because it is the month of my birthday. It is something to do with transition, moving on or beginning to change place that attracts me. It is the month that sees the end of warmth and regular sunshine and the move firmly towards winter. It is the month that moves us from one time of the year to the next. It is the month that tidies things up and being someone who likes tidiness, October suits me well. It is also the month when we get to see some of nature's most glorious colours and nature never fails to amaze and surprise me. In October there are no major festivals or commemorations, Harvest is gone and All Saints, All Souls and Remembrance have yet to dawn but tucked way in the middle of the month is a saint’s day of great significance but one that often gets missed. That is the Feast Day of St.Luke the Evangelist. St.Luke, often called the physician, seems to have been a medic of some description and he was a great friend of the apostle Paul. He was also alongside Paul in prison when Paul was arrested for preaching the Good News of Christ (2Timothy 4) in Rome. Legend also tells us that it was Luke who painted the first icon of Mary. Luke, we believe, wrote his version of the Gospel and the Book of Acts and in both he is at pains to tell us that the good news of salvation is for all, regardless of background, race, gender or social position. It is a message that remains as true today as it was in the first century A.D. and it is a message that the world still needs to hear. As St.Luke’s day approaches on 18th October pray for the outreach and in-reach of the congregation and ask God to help us all discern where it is that he wants us to go and what it is that he wants us to do in this bit of his kingdom. Yours aye Dean

From the Rector’s Desk Coffee after the Sunday Service. There are quite a few Sundays when we will be having coffee at the back of the church, this is due to an increase in hall bookings which generate a very welcome income. Most of the bookings are by the Royal School of Scottish Country Dancing. It is always good to have a change of venue for coffee as it helps us to get to know each other better. On Sunday 25th October coffee will be foreshortened a bit to enable the choir practice to go ahead at 1130. I promise I will preach a short sermon. Reviewing our progress Over the summer the Vestry did some blue sky thinking and reviewing where we are as a congregation by exploring what we are good at and where we need to improve. As a vestry we are always ready to hear your views too. Are there things you would like to see developed or started? Are there things you might like to see changed? If so let us know. This review process is ongoing and in the near future we will be encouraged to engage with the new mission programme of the Diocese. Yours aye Dean

MCT Book Group Our current book is “Not in God’s Name” by Jonathan Sacks. Please let me know if you wish to join the book group. Graeme Thom g.thom@virginmediacom

Film night at Saughtonhall Saughtonhall Film Crew will be showing the movie War Horse on the big screen, 31 October 2015 at 6.30pm. Refreshment tickets £5.00 from Liz Swinburne 0131 337 8086. All welcome

Ecudare Strawberry Tea – recalling an MCT event A very enjoyable Strawberry Tea was held in the gardens of The Church of the Good Shepherd on Sunday 16th August. We were very lucky that we had a dry afternoon and were able to sit in the garden for tea and chat. Everyone enjoyed a tea of egg and cucumber sandwiches, strawberry and cream scones, shortbread biscuits and fairy cakes washed down with plenty cups of tea or coffee. A small raffle was also held. A big thank you to all who helped in providing and preparing the Tea, and to the Murrayfield Club who made the bunting. A very good £500 was raised for Ecudare. Kath Anderson, MPC representative on MCT.

Messy Church Our next Murrayfield Churches Together Messy Church will be on Saturday 31st October at 3.30pm to 5.30pm in Murrayfield Parish Church and Saturday 28th November at 3.30pm also in the Parish Church.

The afternoon begins at 3.30pm with a welcome song, this is followed by creative crafts on the theme for the day, and these are suitable for all ages. We then move into a time of celebration before ending with a sit down meal together. We aim to finish about 5.30pm. If you think you might like to be one of our helpers please do drop in and see what we are doing. We need a few more helpers from The Good Shepherd, so if you think this is something you may like to be involved in please speak to Brenda or drop in to Messy Church. You’ll also find us on Facebook. Sue Kirkbride

Festive Lunch Wednesday 16th December 1pm Norton House Hotel Three-course Festive Lunch -£23 You are invited to join some of your friends from the Good Shepherd for a Festive Christmas Lunch in the Norton House Hotel – situated in beautiful grounds 5 miles west of the Church. Transport can be arranged for those without cars. If you would like a lovely festival meal in attractive surroundings, with good company, please return the slip below with full payment of £23

--------------------------------------------------------------Name………………………. Phone ……………….. Address……………………………………………... I require transport ………….. I can offer transport for …….. people Return slip to Brenda by Sunday 18th October 2015

Cheques made payable to The Church of the Good Shepherd. If you have dietary requirement please let Brenda know. The Menu will be available shortly.

From the Rectory Cat Basket I was very pleased recently to have had a clean bill of health following my annual ‘MOT’ so to speak. The delightful young vet ‘Scott’ told me that I was in prime condition and nothing like my actual age. I always knew keeping my size zero figure would pay off as he was amazed when told my actual age. My age is not something I am going to reveal in this column as a lady should never be expected to do such a thing and no genteel person would ever dream of asking. Any way all this aside I have decided to start practising my ballet moves again. As you know I have a petite frame and am well suited to lifts and jumps in ways that dear Archie and many other female cats (not naming any names - ‘Lady Georgina’!) could only dream of making. I now run up the stairs pointing my toes and then leap onto the banisters and end with a pirouette. If I may say so myself it is all quite glorious. (ed. actually it is more hilarious than glorious as madam is very good at pirouetting and falling off things like the banisters. Like all Burmese cats the phrase ‘slightly clumsy’ applies in bucket loads to herself BUT please don’t tell her!)

All this has spurred me on to once again think of returning to my modelling career. The career I gave up when I moved north and into the Rectory. The prizes I won, the adulation and the sheer fun of ‘strutting my stuff’ as they say was so exciting. Until now I had not realised how much I missed it all. ‘Is it time?’ I keep asking myself to return to the limelight and the catwalk? We will see, we will see. Mind you, being realistic it will have to involve the Dog-Collar transporting me to these events and I am not sure that he has the dedication needed to enable the spotlight to fall on me once again. So I suspect that this is all a ‘pipe-dream’ but then there is no harm in that and no one can ever stop me dancing at home. Yours lost in her dreams The Lady Gladys Fortescue de Monceau

Ways of giving to the Good Shepherd Graeme Thom, our treasurer, writes: I am sometimes asked what is the best way to give to the Church. There are several ways and you should decide what is best for you. 1 A weekly donation of an agreed amount by way of a freewill offering envelope which is put in the plate. 2 A regular donation by standing order. The period can be as you choose eg. Annual, monthly , quarterly or whatever suits your circumstances. 3 A donation by cheque or Charities Aid Foundation voucher to the treasurer whenever you wish. 4 A donation of cash. The Treasurer’s preference? Monthly standing order. This gives the Church a regular income – and nowadays most people receive their salary or pension monthly. If you are a taxpayer, as a charity we are able to recover tax on your donation – an extra 25% for the Church. Please let me know if you have not already completed a Gift Aid form and would like to do so. Under the Government’s Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme cash received (excluding cheques and also notes with a value of over £20) can qualify for gift aid up to a limit of £8,000 pa. This can include cash in the plate, donations at coffee time and the use of our Buckets Scheme. We would encourage you to give small change which you may find a nuisance or of little value. Buckets have been placed in the Church and hall for this purpose. Last year we only raised half the limit. Please contact me as Treasurer if you wish to discuss these options. Graeme Thom

Who We Are The Rector Rev’d Canon Dean J.B. Fostekew 0131 346 4127 07968 099470 The Rectory, 9 Upper Coltbridge Terrace, Edinburgh EH12 6AD Deacon Rev’d Brenda Johnson 0131 333 1742 07713 154744 Curate Rev’d Rosie Addis 0131 669 9231 007795-225098 Lay Members of the Good Shepherd Rector’s Warden Ian Spence* People’s Warden Sheila Brydone* Vestry Secretary Mary Wilkinson Lay Representative Pat Gordon* Treasurer Graeme Thom * Director of Music Pat Warren Property Convener Ian Spence Garden Carol Wands* Sunday Coffee Rosemary Bouch Church Hall Pat Gordon Magazine James Buxton 2015 Group Kate Doyle *indicates member of vestry

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