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May 2015

May dates for your diary Friday 1st May Dean’s Study Leave begins Easter V Sunday 2nd May 10am Sung Eucharist from the Reserved Sacrament. Preacher Brenda Sunday 10th May 10.30am Joint Christian Aid Service at the Parish Church Thursday 14th Ascension Day. Services at 7.30am, 1.00 pm and 5.30pm at the Cathedral. Service at the Good Shepherd to be confirmed, watch the pew sheet or listen out for the notice. Ascension Sunday 17th 10am Sung Eucharist. Celebrant & Preacher the Rev’d Hilary Naish Pentecost Sunday 24th May 10am Sung Eucharist. Celebrant & Preacher Rev’d Hilary Naish Tuesday 26th 2pm The afternoon service - all welcome. Saturday 30th 3.30pm Messy Church at the Parish Church

Trinity Sunday 31st 10am Sung Eucharist from the Reserved Sacrament. Preacher tbc June Wednesday 3rd June 10am Holy Communion Services resume.

The Epistle to the Flock Welcome to the ‘Merrie Month of May’. May has always been associated with Spring and it has always seemed to me, to be quite a ‘happy’ month. A month when the earth stretches itself and new life springs into being. With the thoughts and sights of new life it is appropriate that May always falls within Eastertide. Those 40 days of celebration that we keep as ‘high festival’ in thanksgiving for the resurrection of Christ are proof of our salvation. Eastertide is important and observing it fully up until Trinity Sunday should fill our souls with glee and hope. Every day in Eastertide is a celebration of the resurrection. That can be said of every Sunday of the year. But during Eastertide we celebrate more completely because the resurrection of our Saviour is the most amazing event in human history. When Christ rose from the dead, he was the first person to do so and the last. He rose to new life simply because it was a way in which God could prove to us the magnitude of his love for each and every one of us. How does it feel to you to know that you are loved beyond measure by your Creator?

I hope that it makes you feel valued and wanted. Each and every one of us is the ‘apple of God’s eye’ (as we are told in the words of the antiphon in Prayer Book Compline). I personally have come to understand more fully what this means since I became a grandfather - those who are the ‘apple of your eye’ are incredibly special and important individuals for whom you would do anything. Once you realise this, you can then get an insight into how deeply you are loved by God and how deeply God loved his Son. Yours aye Dean

From the Rector’s Desk Dean’s Study Month During May I am on study leave, taking time to read, write and research. I hope to write the material for the Cumbrae retreat in July, and to come up with a few new ideas for us to try. I will be contactable by email and the mobile telephone (text is best) so please do not hesitate to be in touch should you need to be. During my absence the services will be taken by Brenda, Rosie and Hilary. However the 10am Wednesday service will not take place during this period. Keeping fit in Murrayfield A new exercise class with a difference has started in the hall of the Parish Church on Tuesdays at 10am. It is called Carobyx Legend and is based on exercises used by people in the Caribbean. The class is aimed at those 60+ and a donation of £2.00 is suggested. The teacher Leei John is a specialist in exercises for the more mature body and his enthusiasm is infectious. Go and give it a go. Christian Aid Joint Service and Door to Door Collection. This year’s MCT joint Christian Aid Service takes place in the Parish Church on Sunday 10th May at 10.30am. Volunteers are sought for the door to door collection. If you can help please contact Isobel MacKenzie (0131-337-6702) or Judith Scott (0131-337-5981). Many thanks. Messy Church Saturday 30th May This month’s Messy Church takes place 3.30-5.30pm at the Parish Church. Rosie’s Ordination to the Priesthood On Saturday 27th June at 11am, Rosie will be ordained priest by the Bishop in the Church of the Good Shepherd. There will be a drinks reception afterwards. Please put this date in your diary and come along to support Rosie. Rosie will preside at the Eucharist for the first time the following day.

Letters of Renewal Thank you to those who have sent in their return forms. A reminder to those who have yet to do so. I am hoping everyone will respond! Graeme Thom (Treasurer)

Book Group The current book is “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society� by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. This gives an insight into life on Guernsey during occupation during the war. In spite of the subject it is a light-hearted book in the form of correspondence between the various characters. Please let me know if you would like to join the group. Graeme Thom

From the Rectory Cat Basket Of late I have been surrounded by some rather ‘fluffy’ beings. The DogCollar has been growing his beard longer to emphasise the white bits. I overheard him saying that there was in his beard more white than black nowadays and that keeping it too short made him appear as though the beard was disappearing. For some reason he seems to think that this is a bad thing. Personally, his beard drives me mad as he does insist on rubbing it on my back when I am trying to sit on his shoulders. It is not the grooming I mind it is in fact the white hairs he leaves in my lovely brown fur. I am terrified that an admirer might think that it is I who am going grey and not him. The other one too had appeared to be increasingly hairy until a return from London showed me that he had been shorn to resemble the late King George V. A rather regal look I approve of, so long as he does not get ideas above his station. The fluffiest member of the household has in fact been Archie. Normally, he has quite sleek, soft black fur but of late he has been sporting what I can only describe as a frizzed perm! This is not however, an intentional look but one forced upon him after an unfortunate accident in the bathroom. He fell into a full bath! When I say fell, he actually jumped in not realising that the said bath was full. The Dog-Collar had drawn a bath and was ‘phaffing' about in his bedroom when Archie, who loves investigating at high levels decided to discover where the sound of running water had come from. He told me later that he was trying to act out Livingston’s discovery of the Victoria Falls and in doing so fell in the bath. It was not the getting wet that particularly bothered my companion (as you know he does quite enjoy sitting in a damp sink with the tap on) it was what happened next. What actually came to pass was a sudden and violent rubbing with towels and then an attack with a hairdryer and it was the latter that has caused his fur to spike up. At the moment he looks like he did when he chewed the Christmas lights last year the only difference being that this new style seems to be somewhat longer lasting.

Oh! Poor Archie. He does look a state and the giggles of the associated Dog-Collars are doing nothing to improve the situation. I do try to re-assure him that his fur will return to normal – eventually but it is not easy for I too get the giggles when I look at him and to think some people pay good money to have their hair on end. It will never be a style for me rather like I hope the Dog-Collars will never adopt those long Victorian beards that so many of our rugby players seem to sport at the moment. I know that men are supposed to be hairy BUT there are limits! Yours with the giggles (but don’t tell Archie) The Lady Gladys Fortescue de Monceau

SUMMER FRUITS 2015. Look out for news of this year’s fabulous Summer Fruits. and please book the date of Thursday 9th July 2015. A poster will soon be displayed in the Church Porch and Hall. There will definitely be scrumptious strawberries and cream….and sparkling wine…a satisfying supper…and lively artists. If you wish to volunteer help please contact Geoffrey Lord (3377623) or Elizabeth East (3132593).

Who We Are The Rector The Rev’d Canon Dean J.B. Fostekew 0131 346 4127 07968 099470 therector@uwclub.net The Rectory, 9 Upper Coltbridge Terrace, Edinburgh EH12 6AD Deacon The Rev’d Brenda Johnson 0131 333 1742 07713 154744 The Rev’d Rosie Addis 07795 225098

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The Church of the Good Shepherd has charitable status and is registered as Scottish charity no SC00357 in the Scottish Charity Register. Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd.

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Church of Good Shepherd May 2015  

May 2015 Magazine of Church of the Good Shepherd, Edinburgh

Church of Good Shepherd May 2015  

May 2015 Magazine of Church of the Good Shepherd, Edinburgh