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Autumn RCTM 2019 Report

“We want to make data-driven decisions in all our actions we take and in order to raise next generation aware of their own actions and their ability to prevent and learn from the past�

B2C Analysis

GENERAL PLAN VS ACHIEVED Applicants Plan vs Achieved

GENERAL PLAN VS ACHIEVED Applicants Plan vs Achieved Week by Week

PREPARATION Prepration started during HEAT UP conference at the end of June. We agreed on the campaign, message "Máš na viac" with submessages "Nebuď predavač, buď seller", "Nerob plagáty, rob kampane", "Nebuď tlmočník, buď speaker". During HEAT UP conference we had a traning how to do classshout. We agreed on points that need to be mentioned during CS but everyone could decide how the flow will be. The main parts were: • • • •

• • •

Introduction (Hello, my name is Jožko and I am from AIESEC): 2 questions (Have you ever had a job that you didnt like and you stayed there just because you neeeded money? and "Have you ever had sweaty hands and your knees were shaking when you had to present something in the school? I experience the same but it has changed after I joined AIESEC...) Introduction of FAs (CXY, CXO, CXC) Main benefits of joining organisation (improvement of English, international network, friends, pratical skills) + "We did research about skills you will need in 2020 and these are 5 of them: .... and all of these you can learn in AIESEC Briefly description about selection process + giving paper applications to the audience Any questions? Collecting the paper applications and wishing students good luck


Offline materials (posters, leaflets) were created until the end of July. National Facebook and Instagram posting plan were also created in a advance and LCs used them to create their own for posting in FB groups. There were local FB ads paid by LCs. Offline promo activities with numerical results should have been planned before we started promotion in offline planning tool: iVUe3JgU0/edit#gid=0


LCs were focusing mainly on CSs for 1st year students during enrollments. These activities brought us majority of results. More info about results for each LCs can be found in SONA: yZnnAfAjFw5AtpdY/edit B2C RCTM Roadshow was happening in September.

START, STOP, CONTINUE Start 1. B2C Roadshow - check if everything is prepared one day in advance. 2. Have O2O with every LC VP B2C and check if all of the offline activities are planned with numerical results. 3. Have synergy MTG B2C+TM on weekly basis, track applicants together.

Stop 1.

Do not have 3 message. Have 1 clear RCTM message and use it everywhere.

Continue 1. 2. 3. 4.

Prepare offline and online materials 1 month in advance. Have one national posting plan so LCs can take it and adjust based on their reality. Have B2C Roadshow planned in advance. Have a feedback space after it. Have CS for 1st year students as a main channel of promotion (also decide based on your persona).

Inputs created on DARE from LC VPs TM

TM Analysis RCTM



Membership of Skia at 1st of November


Membership of Skia at 1st of December BA- 29 members – 87.87% BB- 9 members – 90% NR- 23 members - 85.85% TT- 5 members – 71.42% CU- 19 members – 67.85% Skia Overall- 85 members - 80.95%

GENERAL PLAN VS ACHIEVED Selected Plan vs Achieved

START, STOP, CONTINUE Start 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Implementing Non-mandatory Case Studies for keeping the applicants engaged Sending emails straight after IW and AC Helping more the B2C Commission when bottlenecks occur in Offline Promotion Having RCTM Bootcamp in August where to simulate and audit all the processes Have a dedicate chair for ACs, who is not observing the candidates just coordinating the whole AC Putting more knowledge delivery during induction

Stop 1. Having only one person per interview- think of a better way to properly allocate the human resource for RCTM 2. Allocating the people in teams without the LDSB and Recruiters present in the discussion 3. Recruiting people without properly ensuring that they have time for AIESEC

Continue 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Implementation of Assessment Centers Having ACs first and then IWs to filter the applicants 3 people per observer during ACs to proper observe the candidates Have the LCMs with the GTKEO concept 10 days induction period

Inputs created on DARE from LC VPs TM

TM PROCESS Implemented

91.96% (average)



Match global personas with your entity requirements. Plug and play, and create the right personas to recruit.

TALENT PLANNING Align your recruitment timeline with the product timelines to recruit people at the right time. (November 100% - December for Fish/Winter Peak and May - June for Fruit/Summer Peak) Set your Org. Structures to support your product strategy, the ideal rate of X/M in each Product, the JDs

100% and KPIs for all roles.

100% Do your Performance Review, Talent Review and required follow up (Recognition,Probation,Reallocation) to define HR gap.


Plan your Recruitment Campaign, set your goals for Attraction (conversion for leads, candidates, members).

100% Plan your Recruitment Goal, Target, Channel and Message based on your Recruitment Value Proposition. 100% Execute your Campaign and make sure your leads match the personas you’re targeting.

TALENT SELECTION AND ALLOCATION 75% Train your Recruiters to get an objective assessment. 100% Base your Selection on AIESEC Values and Competence. 100% Select people only for Front Office, and base your allocation on the Functional Personas.

100% Identify the candidate’s potential to take up Back Office functions in the future. 100% Give feedback to all rejected and approved candidates and ensure a good candidate experience.

TALENT ONBOARDING Provide all the organisational, functional, managerial/core competence (if needed) required to fulfill initial

100% Job Descriptions and understand AIESEC’s big picture.

100% Make an engagement plan for your new member for the first 10 days consisting of on-the-job tasks, events, meetings, LC touch points and mentorship program.

100% Establish your HR Administrative Process such as your membership database (and track it ongoing).


Main inputs from the New Membership Selection Process Inputs What the New Members Liked • • •

The Concept of Acs The friendly and professional atmosphere during the whole Selection Process The effectiveness of the Selection Process ( fast process time)

What to Improve for Next RCTMs •

Better promotion in terms of posters and offline materials – more visible in Faculties

Main inputs from the New Membership Onboarding Process Inputs What the New Members Liked • • •

Getting to know their teams The knowledge and information recieved The bonding with other new members

What to Improve for Next RCTMs • • •

Improve the knowledge and information that is delivered during Onboarding Tasks included in the onboarding phase Longer time to process and understand AIESEC as an organization

Profile for MC Slovakia

Recruitment Report Autumn 2019  

Recruitment Report Autumn 2019