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S/S 14

S/S 14

Project Aims: To familiarize students with computer Aided Design Software Kaledo Prints, Knits and Weaves. Encourage use of experimentation using a broad range of mixed media and techniques. Produce an imaginative and exciting range of design ideas. To develop processes and issues associated with design development. Develop a collection of a professional range of fashion textile swatches for Spring/ Summer 2014. Demonstrate market awareness. Thoroughly research a given theme. Encourage development of creative project presentation. Develop the concept of self-evaluations. Learning Outcomes and Required Work: The learning outcomes enable the student to demonstrate a development in technical knowledge and skill in CAD Software Kaledo Prints, Knits and Weaves, and the ability to self-initiate research. The criteria used to assess the work include research analysis, creative development, technical skills, market awareness, design realization, self-management, presentation and evaluation through in one on one and group critiques.

Reflection/ Self Evaluation S/S 14

I had a previous CO-OP where I worked in the CAD department, using all Kaledo programs. I find it very interesting how prints, weaves, and knits are developed and made through computer technology and also found that though I do enjoy creating original prints and patterns, I find more joy in the creative research part of the process. This project was frustrating since we had many obstacles to jump through. Whether it was color correcting the files on SpoonFlower, so our prints we spent many hours on making would be printed on fabric correctly, or going through the step by step process of creating Kaledo Prints, it was no easy task to accomplish in a short amount of time. Saying this, I wish we had more time to work on the project, and had a better knowledge of what the final outcome would be. I felt very blind sided for most of the semester on this project. Our teacher was as helpful as she could for the class which was much appreciated, but still I wish we had more time to work on creating the prints, weaves and knits rather than spending weeks on creating mood boards and critting them. All in all, seeing the final master piece pull together has been an amazing experience, especially knowing how much time and effort I have put into this. It has given me more knowledge in Kaledo, woven me into an immaculate time manager, and made me more aware of the children’s wear market. It is refreshing to learn new skills and be pushed to new levels of learning that incorporate tasks I know I will help me get ahead as an independent fashion designer.

Market Research S/S 14

ABOUT STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS Stella McCartney Kids focuses on fun, modern and playful styles for boys and girls ranging from newborn to 14 years. The kids’ collections reflect Stella McCartney’s signature modern aesthetic and ethical values, focusing on, as Stella puts it, “basic pieces that are comfortable and that address a child’s needs, without sacrificing the fun and carefree elements.”A mother of four herself, Stella McCartney decided to create her own kids collection, noting that “As a brand with many working parents in the team, I wanted to create a desirable, fun, wearable kids’ collection that was affordable. I feel like all the timeless childrenswear is reserved for the expensive brands and that did not sit well with me. Kids, parents, aunts, uncles, friends, should all be able to have access to Stella McCartney Kids clothes.”The collection is made from the best possible fabrics, all carefully sourced for both style and function, built to last and to have fun in. These include super soft 100% organic cotton onesies and Stella McCartney’s signature knickers of the week. Stella McCartney Kids focuses on wearable styles loved by parents and children alike. As Stella McCartney notes, “the whole idea was to make clothes that kids will enjoy; and that are not restrictive.” Why I did research on Stella McCartney’s Children’s Line I imagine the line I created to be sold under Stella McCartney’s name. Her children’s line is the essence of what “Strange Magic” wants to encompass, which is fun, carefree designs that little girls gravitate towards.

Target Market S/S 14

Target Market: Young girls that are 6-10 years old

Consumer Identity: Sam, an artistic young girl who has the spirit of her crazy Aunt Nancy and the appreciation for living life like it is a magical kingdom. She is a spunky girl that likes to get her hands on everything and will always be found giggling about something. Her mother is in-tuned to the world of fashion, so this artistic chic is always well dress and finds ways to sneak in her signature style of miss matched clothes, that ironically mirror her far out imagination

Favorite Colors: Blue because the sky and ocean are blue. Orange because her freckles remind her of giraffes. Green because she loves climbing trees and the leaves are green. Purple because she found a special magical rock that she painted purple.

Mix-and-match Street spirit Carefree styling

Main Attractions: Mix-and matched outfits with cloned or complimentary colors. Achieving this through singular and layered garments, giving the girl a carefree, wild appearance.

Print-mix layers

Research S/S 14

Theme S/S 14

Theme: Taking children’s movie’s with women protagonists and taking inspiration from the characters and their lives. Originally there were 10 that were being focused on, but once making prints and patterns, many were shuffled out and four were landed on as main inspiration for the line. The four children’s movie protagonists settled on were: Pippi Longstocking, Coraline, Matilda, and Harriett The Spy. The line’s creative direction came directly from mixed media based on these movies. Once made, the mixed media was meticulously crafted into vibrantly disguised art that was then printed onto fabric. The idea behind the prints was that they could all be mix matched to enhance the creativity and liveliness of the imaginative young girls.

Creative Research S/S 14

Pippi Longstocking: a girl with an imagination that is for sure. She lives on

her own in a small Swedish village, sharing the house she calls “Villa Villekulla” with Mr. Nelson (her monkey) and Alfonzo (her horse) as her father is out at see. Pippi befriends two neighbor friends who go on adventures with her. The friends parents disapprove of Pippi because of her lack of education, but later realize that she would never put the children in danger.

Coraline: The young explorer. She is intelligent, curious, resourceful, and

courageous. Coraline is often irritated crazy grown-ups (as they all seem to be), and not being taken seriously because of her young age and quiet

demeanour. She’s described as being “small for her hunger”

Matilda: a very sweet and extremely intelligent 6 year old girl, who is the exact

opposite of the rest of her family and is eager to finally start school. She finally reaches the age to attend, but with her luck, it is no escape from her miserable home life. The principle, Ms. Trunchbull, is out to get her. Matilda befriends her school teacher, Miss Honey, who soon realizes Matilda’s talents, but is later amazed to see the full extent of Matilda’s telekinetic powers .

Harriett the Spy: an aspiring young spy, dedicates her life to her future

career. She goes around on what she calls her “spy route” every day observing people in the neighborhood and writing everything down in her “private” diary. Harriett is very accustomed to having structure in her life, which all changes when she comes home one day to find out that her parents have fired her nanny, Ole Golly. Harriett’s life gets flipped upside down due to this, but by the end, she learns to cope with change and is appointed editor of the class newspaper.

Original Mixed Media S/S 14

Original Mixed Media S/S 14

Original Mixed Media S/S 14

Button details

Large-scale blocking


Hi-Lo hem

Large, Bold Print

Peplum top

Ties everywhere

Silhouette Design Research S/S 14



Large Blocking

Asymmetrical hem


Exposed Zipper

Baseball Neckline

Pretty Neckline

Main Color’s in Prints S/S 14

Main Colors seen in prints

Sha-Zam Muted Mule Blue Ice Grass Stain Infused Moss Surly Shine Sunburst Creamsicle collision

Fabrications S/S 14

Cotton Poplin

Organic Cotton Interlock Knit

Heavy Cotton Twill

Design Aesthetic S/S 14

Color Board S/S 14

Strange Magic S/S 14

Strange Magic S/S 14

Color Call Outs

Color Call Outs

Color Call Outs

Color Call Outs

Margaret McShaffrey

“If you dont know where you are going, any road will get you there.” -Lewis Carroll

Reasearch found on the following sites:

C.A.D Project: Strange Magic