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Region’s Attributes Attract Array of Industries By June C. Hussey As any experienced salesperson will tell you, if you knock on enough doors, eventually one is going to open. The challenge is having something to sell – the total package – once you get the customer’s attention. Southern Arizona has generated significant economic development momentum by putting all the pieces together necessary to attract companies for relocation or expansion like Accelerate Diagnostics, Pharos DX, HomeGoods, Comcast, Caterpillar, ADP, Raytheon Missile Systems, Hexagon Mining, GEICO and Amazon over the last several years. Those companies’ decisions to relocate or expand in Southern Arizona have added 44,560 new jobs with an economic impact of $24.7 billion since 2005, according to Sun Corridor Inc. “I feel like people forget sometimes how many major corporations we have in Tucson – Raytheon, Roche, Honeywell, Texas Instruments, Amazon, HomeGoods, GEICO and Caterpillar,” said Ian McDowell, VP and regional director for Sundt Construction in Tucson. “That is a pretty good resume of companies for a community our size.” While the full brunt of that level of economic impact takes years to materialize, it bodes well for the strategies that have been in place and the track record 40 BizTucson


Fall 2018

the region has established filling the needs of large and highly visible companies. To say nothing of what it does economically for the region. For example, Raytheon Missile Systems’ decision to expand its Tucson operation with about 2,000 jobs, most of them high-paying tech and engineering jobs, is expected to have an economic impact in the billions. With most of those jobs already hired, according to Raytheon officials, that impact is already taking place. The economic growth in the region the past two years doesn’t just happen overnight. Nor does it happen in a vacuum. It takes a talented and nimble organization like Sun Corridor Inc. working together with strong community leaders, sophisticated site selectors and other local and regional entities, to make it happen. Savvy site selectors dig deep to determine if a location is the right match. Sun Corridor Inc. quarterbacks the region’s projects, which include analysis of demographic, industry and real estate data, coordination with jurisdictions and more. Site Selection Process

Site selection is a sophisticated business. According to consultant Dennis J. Donovan, principal at Wadley Donovan Gutshaw Consulting, companies hire

site selectors for their experience, expertise and judgment. They have the siteselection process down to a science and can sift through analytics while their clients stay focused on the day-to-day challenges of running their businesses. From his perspective as a site selector, Donovan cites metro Tucson’s top strengths as:

1. Breadth and depth of talent pool 2. Ability to relocate talent from around the country including California

3. Lower-cost alternative to California 4. University and community college resources 5. Competitive cost of energy 6. Attractive and reasonable cost of living 7.

Excellent logistics including an inland port

8. Proximity to Mexico 9. Moderate taxation (business and personal)

A cross section of business and community leaders who work with Sun Corridor Inc. agrees that Southern Arizona has the assets many site selectors are seeking. Topping the list is the steady river of talent flowing out of the University of Arizona, Arizona State

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BizTucson Fall 2018 Sun Corridor