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What is your perspective on the importance of talent and workforce development as a key economic driver?

Tucson has not been an easy place to recruit big-league talent, despite our weather and our quality of life. Recruits often are concerned that their significant other will have difficulty finding quality employment here. They are often concerned about their ability to move to another employer in the same sector. Our sectors are not very deep. We need to develop talent, recruit our colleagues and create a rich spin-off environment so risk-takers see upward opportunity in our region. Nothing is more important.

A: Q: A: Fletcher McCusker CEO Sinfonia HealthCare Corporation

Q: A:

Why does Sinfonia HealthCare invest in and support economic development initiatives?

A high tide raises all ships. If Tucson thrives and grows, our business grows. The government has not proven to be an effective economic driver, and these efforts are better off in the private sector. Regarding the TREO Blueprint Update, why is the committee you serve on in this strategic planning initiative important to you?

I chair the Healthcare Committee, which is an inspired group of system executives. We believe the time is right for Tucson to become a major healthcare destination, focused on wellness and prevention, education and state-of-the-art medical care systems. What is the outlook for the healthcare industry and Sinfonia HealthCare in 2014?

Healthcare in 2014 is facing a revolution. As the Affordable Care Act rolls out, millions of people will become eligible for insurance. Home healthcare will grow dramatically as patients and payers look to innovative new delivery models based on the new demand.

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