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Q: A:

Why does Ventana Medical Systems invest in and support economic development initiatives?

Q: A:

Regarding the TREO Blueprint Update, why is this strategic planning initiative important to you?

It is the only way to succeed. Tucson and the region are hidden gems and we need to tell the world about our strengths. Economic development brings in new companies, people and resources to fuel innovation and technology breakthroughs that will benefit our community for generations to come.

First, we need an integrated Blueprint to ensure that the business community and government are aligned in the priorities. I serve on the Healthcare and Talent Committees. Like many employers in Southern Arizona, we find it challenging to attract and maintain a professional talent pool when complementary opportunities for new recruits’ spouses and partners are lacking. TREO’s Gateway Tucson program was formed to address these issues. The Talent Committee will provide strategies for other equally important issues – including working with our schools and universities to help ensure that our young people are developing the 21st century skills needed to meet tomorrow’s business demands.

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What is the outlook for Ventana Medical Systems in 2014?

Strong and expanding. We are growing in every part of our business in every part of the world. We are the fastest growing business area within Roche Diagnostics. Our mission at Ventana is to improve the lives of all patients afflicted with cancer. We fulfill our mission through enabling accurate and timely diagnoses and customized treatment options for cancer patients. We are committed to advancing personalized healthcare by developing diagnostics for targeted new drugs. The value of this approach is rooted in positive outcomes for patients — saving lives and improving quality of life. With Ventana and the Roche Group together, there is no better company in the world to make this approach a reality.


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Ventana Medical Systems depends upon Southern Arizona’s strengths in science, engineering and skilled manufacturing, as well as a host of supporting professions. Our business is growing very quickly, so developing and retaining talent is a critical component of our success. If we are unable to bring in and keep the stellar talent we require, Ventana and other businesses could be at tremendous risk. We must make Southern Arizona attractive to the best and brightest in the nation and world.

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Mara G. Aspinall Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.

What is your perspective on the importance of talent and workforce development as a key economic driver?

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