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continued from page 54 honesty, ethics, integrity,” he said. Armed with solid life lessons, Sarver created a bank that helped save businesses during the crushing recession. “We were there to try to provide the needed resources for businesses, including small businesses. Small businesses are still the backbone of the state in terms of employment. And that is really the niche we fill,” he said. “If you’ve got a business that wants to bank with a company that’s a little bit smaller and more personalized in terms of the services, we’re that option. But at the same time we have the resources, sophistication and the products of the larger banks. We provide credit services to businesses all the way up to $40 million.” How was Alliance able to grow when other institutions faltered? “We were fortunate in that we were able to raise a significant amount of capital early on in the process which enabled us to have the resources to provide credit and actually grow our franchise significantly during the down times,” Sarver said. Duane Froeschle, president of Alliance Bank of Arizona, oversees opera-

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Duane Froeschle President Alliance Bank of Arizona tions from his Tucson office. Froeschle previously worked with Sarver at National Bank of Arizona for 15 years. “When Alliance Bank was formed, we decided there was an opportunity to have a different presence in the market, a way to fill a unique need,” he said.

“We rely on experienced local bankers that understand the marketplace and have a complete underwriting presence in dealing with clients locally,” Froeschle said. Clients have direct contact with top decision makers who know them and understand the Tucson market. The average banker at Alliance has 20 years of banking experience, with 15 of that in Tucson. Because of its resources, Alliance has migrated through tough financial times and is poised for expansion, Froeschle said. The bank now competes against the three big national banks that dominate market share, he added. Jan Rowe, senior VP and director of marketing for Western Alliance Bancorporation, said the bank’s commitment to service – and responsiveness – sets it apart. “The same model we started with is resonating even more today. People want a real relationship with a banker who is committed to them and can think outside the box,” Rowe said. “It’s the right model for the right time.”


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