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Dr. John Yu

1 to 30 employees SmileMore Dental The practice is among one percent in the nation that use two unique technologies – one that creates crowns and delivers them the same day, eliminating the goopy impression process, and the other an imaging system that captures a 3-D radiograph of the jaw that allows for accurate measurement. SmileMore owner and dentist John Yu said he is proud to be at the forefront of contemporary dental practice. The new technology provides precise restorations in one office visit and the imaging system measures the height and thickness of the jaw to help the dentist properly place dental implants.

James Millerd

31 to 75 employees 4D Technology 4D designs and manufactures laser interferometers, surface roughness profilers and interferometry accessories for accurate measurement of optics, optical systems and precision-machined surfaces. The products can be deployed in production environments even in the presence of severe vibration and turbulence. 4D instruments are used in aerospace, astronomy, optical testing and other industries, including in space-based projects. Receiving the award was 4D President James Millerd.




Winners of the 2013 Tucson Metro Chamber Copper Cactus Awards

Howard N. Stewart

76 to 250 employees AGM Container Controls AGM provides environmental control hardware to protect missiles and other moisture-sensitive equipment in defense, aerospace, electronics, optical, industrial, automotive and commercial markets to protect and extend the life of critical equipment. The company is employee owned and in 2009 was recognized by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as America’s Best Small Business. AGM has been a gold-level supporter of United Way for 14 years. “Winning this award was a big surprise for us, but a very pleasant one,” said Howard N. Stewart, president and CEO.


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