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Aerie Exceptional Rental Homes was the initial luxury rental home brand created by Alta Vista Communities, consisting of partners Brav, Jaggi and developer Roger Karber. After evaluating the long-term potential of rental home neighborhoods and homes in Arizona and other Sunbelt markets and cities, Alta Vista and NexMetro reviewed the Aerie brand and elected to adopt AVILLA as the future consumer brand for all existing and future rental home communities. “We want to build a strong brand at the enterprise level, at the project level and at the consumer level,” Abrahams said. “Brand consistency is important. We want the consumer to really understand the continuity and integrity of this, like any well-branded product.” MEB Management will lease and manage Alta Vista and NexMetro properties. The regional firm has more than 20,000 apartments under management and 15 years of experience successfully

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managing rental properties, including single-family homes in Arizona and other Sunbelt states. “MEB is part of our team. They truly understand our product and are a key part of our success,” Abrahams said. “They’ve done a terrific job leasing and managing the hundreds of luxury rental homes completed in Tucson and Marana,” Karber said. MEB has been on the job on all Aerie Exceptional Rental Homes communities developed by Alta Vista and constructed by Preferred Apartment Builders. NexMetro Communities is built upon long-term relationships and strategic partners. At the core, the partners of Alta Vista and NexMetro enjoy longestablished business and personal relationships. In addition to MEB Management, strategic partners include the Thrasher law firm, Wells Fargo Bank, Alliance Bank and numerous architects, planners, engineers and marketing specialists. “Valued relationships and teamwork are vitally important when managing a growing enterprise” said Sandoff who

has guided many growth-stage enterprises. Simplified Expression of Design

NexMetro also partners with municipalities, community leaders and nearby property owners where AVILLA neighborhoods are planned. The AVILLA neighborhood is a low- impact land use that can fit comfortably into established residential areas where otherwise traditional apartments or high- impact commercial uses would typically be developed. NexMetro, along with governmental and community partners, seeks to create long- term asset value for the community as well as for its investors and lenders while providing a needed housing alternative. The partners acknowledge there is always risk in real estate investment, yet all those involved in NexMetro “have tremendous range and reach – which serves to help with risk management and protect the downside,” Jaggi said. The construction process is one way that risk can be managed. The integration of construction management into

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