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BizMILESTONE continued from page 172 do another job. Six months later they wanted me to open an office there. I was working on a desk made from a door laid on cinderblocks and a file cabinet in the corner of my bedroom.” The space he chose in the building was 6 feet by 7 and cost him $42 a month. “It was perfect,” he said. He bought a desk for $70 at Super City and moved in his adding machine and files. “I was really in business now.” He made tenant improvements to the Home Federal Building at 32 North Stone Ave. and to Arizona Bank Plaza at 33 North Stone. As it was just being finished he was introduced to a New Yorker whose company was going to get the contract for all of the tenant improvements from Cushman and Wakefield for the new building. “We hit it off. I took him to dinner at Palomino. We shook hands and formed a new company – BFL. The company went from $289,000 in revenue to $2.5 million in the first year. In 1984, Brav

bought out his partner. Building for Bioscience, Education & Healthcare Brav soon branched out into highly specialized areas – bioscience, education and healthcare. Ventana Medical Systems, which develops and produces human pathology diagnostic tools, chose BFL to build its world-class research facility in Oro Valley in 2000. Mara G. Aspinall, CEO and President of Ventana, said BFL also “successfully handled two strategic expansion projects to accommodate our global market growth.” She added, “Nestled close to the base of the magnificent Santa Catalinas, the campus provides an inspiring, welldesigned and constructed workplace for our 1,000-plus employees – and a treat for community members who visit for our cancer educational events or to enjoy the Ventana Art Gallery.” With BFL’s sister companies, Brav is growing again, anticipating the needs of investors and communities for differ-

ent types of construction. He is building high-end rental homes in Tucson and Phoenix with lavish interiors for an emerging class of renters, single-family homes near Vail, as well as affordable housing for veterans and people who are physically or developmentally challenged. That construction is subsidized by government funding. The residents will be supported by local social and behavioral health services. After 40 years Brav still enjoys watching a vision become reality and is eager to embrace the next opportunity. Over four decades his businesses grew to $60 million annually, shrank and bounced back to $60 million. “We’re set to come roaring back as the market changes, and go to the next level,” he said. What is most important to him is BFL’s good reputation. “It’s important to perform,” he said. “My relationships are based on performance. I can always look people in the eye and know I took care of them.”


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