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continued from page 163 high rises), on to commercial, then into planned communities. Along the way he redesigned the construction contractor’s role. He likes to smooth the process and control costs by getting involved at the start of a project rather than getting called in when it’s time to break ground. His ability to collaborate across specialties has rewarded him with expanded business opportunities and a work force dedicated to getting it right the first time.

As a developer of single-family homes, he is working with second-generation homebuilder David Williamson, whose oilman father created Fairfield Homes. Williamson is a visionary, who is “good at lot design,” Brav said. “I recognize it when I see it. It doesn’t just come to me without working at it – but David just sees it.” Williamson looks at large parcels of land and has the ability to maximize the attractiveness of each lot as he lays out the home sites. Brav

and Williamson’s synergy is an important key to their business growth. Early On-the-Job Training Brav got his own start in business as a child in Chicago, when this son of Austrian immigrants accompanied his father to work during summers, starting when he was just 5 years old. “I followed Dad around all day and listened to how he handled conversacontinued on page 166 >>>



Sierra Vista Regional Health Center

Carondelet Neurological Institute and Women’s Care Tucson, AZ

704 parking spaces

Sierra Vista, AZ Square footage: 105,000

Square footage: 166,916





Northwest Hospital Parking Structure

Pima Air and Space Museum

El Rio Community Health Center

Joint Technical Education District

Tucson, AZ

Square footage: 26, 574

Tucson, AZ Square footage: 28,000

Tucson, AZ

Tucson, AZ

Square footage: 7,400

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Front row from the left: Erin Stock, Carrie McClafferty, Julie Culver, Lourdes Sykes, Bernice Welch, Ashley Benjamin, JoAnne Klemmer, Leslie Schaefer, Elaine Rosen, Kim MacPhee, Danielle Seiwell – Middle row from the left: Phil Cohen, Tom Smallhouse, Max Mejia, Dan Levitt, Jr., Jennifer Mohs, Jimmy McIntyre, Luis Mendoza, Jeff Freeman, Bill Reynolds, Garry Brav – Back row from the left: Delbert Dittmer, Chris Flint, Steve Richardson, Wayne Anderson, David Williamson, Brad Pavelich, Ken Sand, Dave Winsor – Not pictured: Ken Brandstatt, Gene Parkinson, Ron Kuipers, Robert Dunlop

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