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David Smallhouse Managing Director Miramar Ventures Vision for Economic Development

Innovation is at the core of creating a vibrant economy in Southern Arizona and it’s the engine that keeps an economy competitive for all business ventures, according to Smallhouse, who serves as an Innovation liaison. He said all sectors must constantly strive to improve if they are to prosper, and complacency is the enemy of prosperity, as competition will sooner or later drive margins down. A culture of innovation must be a priority if we are to grow our economy. 2014 Industry Outlook

Smallhouse sees the slow growth of the Gross Domestic Product contributing to the current trend of decreased risk taking by financial institutions, businesses and investors. Recent IPO activity in select technology sectors, however, may be the beginning of a new era of liquidity.

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Teri Lucie Thompson Senior VP for University Relations & Chief Marketing Officer The University of Arizona

Matthew Wandoloski VP, Corporate Strategy and Analytics Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

2014 Industry Outlook

Vision for Economic Development

From a university viewpoint, Thompson continues to witness higher earnings and lower unemployment rates among college graduates, making higher education a valuable long-term investment. Unfortunately, lower federal research funding, a slowdown in household income and more student debt are affecting opportunities in higher learning. On the positive side, The University of Arizona is positioned to capitalize on its research strengths, attract well-qualified students, deliver on its land grant mission and partner with its sister institutions, businesses and government.

Winter 2014

Development and growth of Tucson and the Sun Corridor are Wandoloski’s passions, offering future graduates from Arizona universities and colleges more opportunity to remain in the state. These goals complement his professional philosophy of improving the lives of residents both in Southern Arizona and around the state. Wandoloski serves on TREO’s Healthcare Committee. 2014 Industry Outlook

The longevity of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona – in business since 1939 – demonstrates how health insurance in the state has kept pace with the growth of its population.

Raymond L. Woosley President AZCERT Vision for Economic Development

Serving on TREO’s Healthcare Committee is important to Woosley as it addresses how the community will be affected by current healthcare changes. His company has similar goals, as well. AZCERT focuses on safe medication use and is founded on the belief that personalized prevention of illness will be a cost-effective alternative to the nation’s current focus on illness care. 2014 Industry Outlook

Woosley’s forecast for healthcare is that its availability will likely increase, but the quality of care will depend on whether the community is prepared to deliver the most cost-effective and scientifically-based medicine. AZCERT is forming healthcare collaborations to define the path to optimal physical and economic health for the people of Southern Arizona.

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