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gion of smaller communities that send their information to the hub for expert analysis.”


Ann Costello

President Roche Tissue Diagnostics

Dr. Eric Walk

Chief Medical Officer & Senior VP of Medical & Scientific Affairs Roche Tissue Diagnostics Fall 2016 >>>>>> BizTucson BizTucson 193 193


While RTD is globally recognized as a cancer diagnostics innovator and leader, it remains a committed local partner, actively involved in a wide range of community programs designed to enhance science, technology, engineering and mathematics education. “Some of the most inspirational days on our campus are the ones spent sharing our story and our technology with bright young students and college interns who are the scientists of the future,” Costello said. “Initiatives like these, along with our many philanthropic efforts, underscore our commitment to inspiring the next generation of young minds to embrace the promise of cancer diagnostics discovery and innovation.” The company additionally supports local nonprofits working to fight cancer and those that assist people affected by cancer. The University of Arizona Cancer Center, American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen, BAG IT, Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Southern Arizona and Tu Nidito are just a few of the organizations supported. RTD is also “green.” In keeping with Roche’s long-standing belief that only environmentally and socially responsible companies can achieve sustainable financial success, the company aggressively looks for ways to reduce waste as well as lower energy and water consumption. There’s a robust recycling program and donations of old computers and equipment to World Care, a humanitarian relief organization that uses donated items to create usable resources for health, education and sustainable communities worldwide. Costello is excited about the future, both in terms of the company’s extraordinary work in immuno-oncology and cancer diagnostics, and its role as an integral part of the town of Oro Valley. “As we move forward, our focus is to shape healthcare through innovative and comprehensive solutions for our customers and patients,” she said. “Our goal is to make a difference both in the field of cancer diagnostics and in the community where we work and live.”


Committed to the community