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JV Driver Group Sets Sights on Arizona

Acquires BFL Construction By Jay Gonzales

It didn’t take long for JV Driver Group to decide it wanted to acquire one of Tucson’s leading construction companies last fall, partly because the Arizona market and its growth potential had already been on the company’s radar. JV Driver, an international construction industry leader based in North America with a consistent annual construction volume of more than $1 billion, is now a player in Arizona with the purchase of BFL Construction, a company that’s been in business in Tucson for 45 years. JV Driver is headquartered in Leduc, Alberta, Canada, and has operations all over North America, including a fabrication facility in Phoenix. With the purchase of BFL, JV Driver’s Arizona office will be located in Tucson. Chuck Sanders, president of JV Driver Group, and Todd Patterson, COO of JV Driver’s buildings, civil and infrastructure enterprises, both said Arizona already was in their sights when the door swung wide open during discussions of a joint venture with BFL founder and CEO Garry Brav and its new president, David Larson, last fall. “We had already made a commitment that we were going to be in the Arizona market on the building side,” Patterson said. “We had been talking about it for almost two years, and we were setting things up to enter the market. “When BFL came along, they had a great company, so it just made total sense. They are a great, established company that’s got a great name and a great community presence.” 152 BizTucson


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That community presence is a characteristic prized by JV Driver. It’s a major factor in its acquisition strategy as it expands to other regions. Sanders and Patterson have stressed that BFL still will be managed by the existing management team, in part because they consider BFL’s business model is already aligned with JV Driver’s, and because JV Driver wants to benefit from BFL’s long-established connections in the business community. “We like to do business with people that are similar to ourselves and we feel that they are very similar to ourselves,” Patterson said. “It’s a people game,” Sanders added. “If you don’t have the great people to start with, you’re going to have nothing but trouble all the way through. We look for the alignment of core values as a starting point between us and whomever we’re looking at. “When you find that core value alignment, you know that as things move forward, you’re going to be okay no matter what happens. With David and Garry we saw that right away. It wasn’t hard to pick up.” Bullish on Arizona

Even before connecting with BFL, JV Driver was not a stranger to Arizona. JV Driver Fabricators opened in Phoenix in 2013 to do pressure pipe fabrication, structural fabrication, module assembly, sign fabrication and installation. Its other United States locations are two operations each in Texas and Louisiana.

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Chuck Sanders President JV Driver Group Todd Patterson COO JV Driver Buildings/ Civil & Infrastructure Enterprises

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