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as some of the heavy civil works, as a growth area for us,” Sanders said on a recent visit to the BFL offices. “Looking all over North America, we look for opportunities like BFL. When you find those opportunities, you get to know them and you’ve either got a good alignment or not. We fell in love with BFL right away. It wasn’t hard to see the value that can be created in terms of having the team of BFL and their great people inside our organization.” Right Place, Right Time

To use Brav’s analogy, Larson has gone from coaching an NCAA basket-

ball team to being the president of an NBA team. The resources at his disposal now are massive. The opportunity is greater, but so is the responsibility. Larson said he arrived in 2017 comfortable with BFL as a company and comfortable with what it stood for. “You want to be with a company that shares your core values of integrity and honesty and fiscal responsibility,” Larson said. “Garry has a great vision for the future. Having somebody like Garry as a mentor was an important thing to me.” At the time he took the job, Larson

already had a vision to grow BFL into a company that could be strong locally and expand regionally. Brav’s financial strategy – to always be in a strong cash position with no long-term liabilities – was conducive to a potential growth strategy, Larson said. In addition, Larson saw a company where people stayed and built careers. “During walks around the office, 50 percent of the staff had been here for 10 years or more,” Larson said. “That says a lot about a company. You know that you’re going into a company that has something to work with, some great continued on page 144 >>>

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