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April 4, 2011


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FROM: Jay Pruehs Wayne Holder SUBJECT: Suggested Sales Samples

In accordance with our distributor agreement, we ask all distributors to provide their sales force with a representative selection of Hycontrol Sales Samples. When Wayne and I interview potential distributors we look for three essential attributes: 1. The distributor’s knowledge of his market. 2. The distributor’s problem solving mindset. 3. The overall professionalism of the organization. Your willingness to present problem solving alternatives to your clients goes a long way in separating yourselves from the competition. A sales presentation with samples illustrating feature, benefits, and materials of construction shows real commitment to the client and the professionalism of your organization. Since the first of the year several distributors have asked for a recommended sample list. We have enclosed a recommended selection giving you both point level as well as continuous level products. Please feel free to adjust the product mix or increase quantities in order to meet your company’s needs.

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