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HAF Equipment Smart powder process solutions

Moovinator Convey-N-Weigh HL

Model 1200 through 3200 Series FG/GI/UD Food Grade, General Industrial or Sanitary USDA Dairy accepted Conveys, weighs and dispenses very accurate batches (any size) of dry solids Gain-in-weight fill Loss-in-weight discharge Integrated vacuum volumetric feeder Integrated live discharger Robust construction Standard housing rated for –17� Hg Tool free quick take apart design Side loaded filter media Available with filter socks or cartridges Oversized compressed air header(s) Tube sheet easily hinges out of the way Quick remove filter retainer keeps media in place Domed clean air plenum with heavy- duty flange and integrated handle Optional integrated blower (1200-2400) Butterfly valve, slide gate discharge. Optional controls package 1200-2400 available as completely selfcontained with controller. Modules can be ganged in groups of up to (6) Un-limited options

HAF Equipment, Inc. 2005 Gateway Circle Centerville, MN 55038

Moovinator Convey-N-Weigh HL Food Grade/ General Industrial/ USDA Dairy

The Original Convey-N-Weigh Housing Constructed of minimum 10 ga stainless steel. Standard housings are continuously TIG welded inside and out. EZ Slide Allows for simple plenum slide out for access. Solid bars ride in linear bearings‌effortless

Domed Top Curved surface is seamless and provides strength and ease of cleaning.

Scale Integrated to entire Clean Air Plenum Simple slide and hinge clear

Filter Media Ergonomic horizontal removal makes cleaning fast and safe

Filter Media Snaps in place-no tools and no clamps

Live Bin Discharger Densifies and promotes consistent powder flow Feeder Drive Hollow shaft quick disconnect for easy cleaning

Volumetric feeder Provides very accurate discharge of powder

Moovinator Convey-N-Weigh HL Food Grade/ General Industrial/ USDA Dairy Model





Filter Area Filter Length Max inlet size A/C intermittant Max Air flow Shell Dia O.A.Height No elements No S-valves Comp Air Req @ 90 PSIG Aprox Wt.

1.0 sq ft 8” 1.5” dia NA 75 CFM 12” 40” 1 1 1.0 SCFM

4.7 sq ft 12” 2.0” dia 26:1 125 CFM 16” 46’ 3 1-3 2.0 SCFM

16.4 sq ft 18” 3.0” dia 15:1 250 CFM 24” 62” 7 3-4 4.0 SCFM

34.5 sq ft 24” 4.0” dia 13:1 450 CFM 32” 78” 11 3-5 6.0 SCFM

450 LBS

600 LBS

750 LBS

800 LBS

-CNW standard controller combines an Allen Bradley PLC with Hardey scale module -Compressed air for reverse pulse jet cleaning of media must by clean and dry. -Standard filter supplied with a 120/1/60 NEMA 4 enclosed sequential timer -Standard shells are constructed of 10 ga material. -Flanges are constructed of minimum ¼” plate. -Optional rear door is availble

Specifications Mode(s): Hsg Rating: Compressed Air: Type Filter: No. Solenoids: Seq. Timer: Enclosure: Comp Air:

Intermittent or batch To 17” Hg 80-100 PSIG Snap band-no clamp (1-5) 120/1/60 enclosed (1) 120/1/60 enclosed NEMA 4 UL Listed 1 – 6 SCFM at 80 PSIG

Std. Materials of Construction CAP: DAP: Contact Welds Lugs: Venturis: Blow Pipes: Enclosure: EZ slide

Stainless steel Stainless steel Continuous In/Out Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel

Notes: Dimension subject to change Other materials of construction are available Shown with oversized discharge Unit shown is right hand configuration, left hand configuration available Optional electrical enclosures and ratings are available Custom hopper configurations including live binsurge option available XP Panel-suppression system available Endless options and configurations are available. Call for requirements not listed or shown.

Moovinator Convey-N-Weigh HL Food Grade/ General Industrial/ USDA Dairy Founded in 1994, HAF Equipment has built a reputation of innovation and quality. Our process equipment and systems are intelligently applied to food, dairy, chemical and plastics applications. Moovinator Intermediate sized process convey filter receivers for both vacuum and pressure convey systems. Range in sizes and configurations. Convey-N-Weigh Modular batch conveying and weighing systems. Precision batching through densifying and scale controlled metering. Bulk Bag Unloader Robust bulk bag unloaders, modular in construction. Features that include scales, bag massagers, live hoppers and integrated dust collection. Bag Break Station Quick clean and tool free take apart with side loading filter media. Two sizes and available with integrated scalpers. Volumetric Feeders All quick take apart-quick clean. Modular construction with several styles of screw and tubes. Airlocks Quick tool free take apart valves including easy slide rotor assist. Dust Collectors-Filter Receivers Range of process dust collectors and receivers for process convey systems. 50 Pound Bag Filler Quick take apart modern filler with large single auger. Designed for custom bagging operations requiring 2-3 BPM. USDA Dairy accepted. Process Convey Systems Complete systems with a range from 2� line to 6� line sizes. Controls, platforms and installation.

HAF Equipment, Inc 2005 Gateway Circle Centerville, MN 55038 PH: 651-653-5098 FX: 651-653-4035

Moovinator Convey N Weigh brochure  

HAF Equipment, Inc. Model 1200 through 3200 Series FG/GI/UD 2005 Gateway Circle Centerville, MN 55038 Smart powder process...

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