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Model MSF-S Volumetric Screw Feeder Handles a wide range of material bulk densities at low to medium feed rates.

THAYER Model MSF-S Volumetric Screw Feeder The unique combination of vertical-wall supply hopper, preconditioning trough/chamber containing a special horizontal agitator (optional), accounts for the Model MSF superior performance and reliability. The Model MSF is designed for fast, easy and thorough clean out. Feeder completely disassembles without tools in less than one minute. High quality, rugged, stainless steel construction assures years of reliable, trouble free operation even in the most severe industrial environments.

An important factor in achieving high accuracy using volumetric screw feeders is consistent material bulk density. This can be achieved by a properly designed and selection agitator located in the conditioning zone of the feeder trough. The agitator de-aerates the material to a uniform density and breaks any bridges or rat holes. This combination with a wide section of agitator designs allows a greater cross-section of materials to be fed very accurately.

The agitator and screw drive gearmotor are very quiet, wear-free and lightweight. The particularly short design and the aluminum housing make for a very compact and lightweight package. The wear-free gearing and the life-long lubrication facilitate long periods of maintenance-free operation.

Key Benefits • Dependable and Reliable Feeding • Wide Range of Capacities • Easy to clean • Low noise • Economical operation • Life-long lubrication

The stainless steel open end metering tube is welded to a mounting plate made of materials compatible with the feed chamber. The mounting plate is held in place by stainless steel wing nuts allowing quick removal for chamber clean out and maintenance. Sealing is accomplished using a a food grade quality EPDM Polymer gasket . Optional features for metering tubes include: extra length and a variety of specialized end fittings to suit individual application requirements.

8" [203]

10" [254]

13" [330.2]

20 25/32" [528.0] 11" [279.4] 5 1/2" [139.7]

10 13/32" [264.0]

13" [330.2]

3" [76.2]

9 1/4" [235.0] 8 1/4" [209.6] 10 1/4" [260.4] 20" [508.0]

19" [482.6]

12" [304.8]

MSF Maximum Feed Rate SCREW DIA. in inches (MM)



3/8” (10 mm)



1/2” (13 mm)



5/8” (16 mm)



3/4” (19 mm)



1” (25 mm)



1 1/2” (38 mm)



2” (951 mm)



Testing THAYER test facilities are available for clients wishing a performance test prior to purchase of any THAYER Feeder. Alternatively, feeders are available for hire to clients requiring more detailed testing on site or on any hazardous materials.

To determine Lb/Hr (M3/Hr) feed Rate multiply Ft3/Hr (M3/Hr) x Product Density Typical Turn Down is 20:1

SPECIFICATIONS Volumetric Capacity: Up to 23 ft³/hr (0.65 m³/hr) at a material bulk density of 50 lb/ft³ (0.8 gr/cm³). Consult factory for higher feed rates. Screw Sizes: Range from 3/8” Ø. (variable pitch) to 2.0” Ø (variable pitch) open helix. Hopper Capacity: Hoppers available as an extension of the feed trough, 0.50 Ft³ hopper expandable to 2.0 Ft³. For larger hopper sizes consult factory. Feeder Drive: 0.5 HP, AC, Inverter Duty, TEFC, 230 or 460 VAC. Trough Agitator: Independently driven, constant speed, horizontal mount with 0.25 HP, AC motor 230 or 460) . Continuously conditions material to aid in de-aeration & maintain a uniform bulk density.

Material Contact Surface: 2B Mill Finish (material contact parts), 304 and 316 Stainless Steel, other finishes available. Non-Material Contact Surfaces: Carbon steel painted with primer and industrial grade enamel paint (special coatings and stainless steel available upon request). Temperature Range: Material: 32°F (0°C) to 130°F (55°C) standard. Consult factory for other temperatures. Accuracy: 1.0% to 2.0% of set rate ±2 sigma based on thirty consecutive, 1 minute samples.

Weighing, Totalizing, Feeding and Controlling Flow in Bulk Material Handling Processes

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