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Vibratory Equipment for Food Processing JVI manufactures equipment for feeding, dosing, elevating and screening - including thermal processing options, for handling dry bulk solids materials in the food industry. Screens for classifying and separation of particles.

Vibratory Pan Feeders

Spiral Elevators for gentle vertical conveying. Dosing Feeder with Hopper

Tube Conveyors JVI specializes in stainless steel Dosing Feeders with highly accurate batching capabilities.

JVI is familiar with the many regulations in the food processing industry. Providing feeders with reliable and accurate feed rates and excellent repeatability is our promise to you. JVI feeders and controls out class the competition when it comes to reliability, adjustability and durability. JVI manufactures vibratory equipment for the food industry that is designed to the specific application requirements and our testing facility in Houston, Texas will ensure that feeders meet precise batching requirements. Call or visit our web site to request a specific catalog for more detailed information about each machine. JVI Vibratory Equipment ♦ Po Box 40564 ♦ Houston, Texas 77240 ♦ Ph. 832-467-3720 ♦ Fax 832-467-3800

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